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Full text of "The parish register of Burnsall-in-Craven. Missing portions recovered from the transcripts at York; together with the more antient inscriptions on monuments in the Church and Churchyard. Entries of the marriages of Burnsall folk in other registers, and such as refer to them in Paver's Licences. Some notes of the rectors and other clergy who have ministered in the parish"

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3 1833 00727 1767 



Missing Portions recovered from the Transcripts 
at York; together with 

The more antient inscriptions on monuments in 
the Church and Churchyard. 

Entries of the marriages of Burnsall folk in other 
registers, and such as refer to them in 
Paver's Licences. 

Some notes of the rectors and other clergy who 
have ministered in the parish. 


W. J. STAVERT, M.A., F.S.A., 






Edited by ^Y. J. Stavert. 

Burnsall Rcoistcr 


, . vol. 


.... vol. 


Bolton-by-Bolli.nd Register, ,, 

Gargrave Register 

Burnsall Parish .A.ccouts 

1 .. 

.. 1550-1700. 


.. 1701-1739, 1763-1S12 

3 .. 

. . Transcripts, &o. 

. . 15C7-1S12. 

1 .. 

.. 159-2-16S0. 

2 .. 

.. 1680-1771. 

3 - 

.. 1745-1812. 

.. 159-4-1812. 

1 .. 

.. 1577-1GS6. 

1 .. 

.. 1553-1724. 

2 .. 

. 172.5-1812. 

.. 1558-1812. 

.. 1704 17C9. 


When in 1S03 the writ-.n- of these notes published a volume of 
the parish registers for the period 1701-1812 he had to lament that 
there is a largo gap in the MSS. at Burnsall, and that owing to the 
fees charged at York he was unable at the time to have any tran- 
scripts copied that might be found there. The present book contains, 
he is happy to say, all that ^Yas missing, excepting the record of a 
single year, 1753, of which no trace can be found. His success in 
recovering so much, encouraged him to make a search for the 
transcripts of the smaller portions which have disappeared from the 
register of the earlier period, 1559-1700. The results of this search 
will also be found in the images which follow, and the procedure 
described will account for the order, or disorder, in which they have 
been printed. The ISth centuiy transcripts were copied by the Eev. 
W. Ball Wright, M.A., the others by Mr. R. B. Cook. There still 
remain unrecovered, and it is feared unrecoverable : — 

18 entries of baptisms on the first pag-; in the year 1559, which 
have been rubbed out with the exception of a word or two. 

From Midsummer, 1569, to Midsummer, 1570. 

From Lady Day, 1673, to the end of December. 

In 1684 all the weddings and baptisms, and the burials till 
Aug. 8th. 
• From Lady Day, 1G96, to Lady Day, 1G97. 

From Lady Day, 1699, till October loth. 

From Lady Day, 1753, to Lady Day, 1754. 

All the monumental inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard 
have been copied, and those of them which bear dates earlier than 
1813 are printed in this book. 

There will also be found iu it the marriages of Burnsall people 
which have appeared in those Yorkshire registers which have been 
printed, together with a few entries which have been kindly sent to 
the writer by his neighbours and correspondents. 

For the extracts from Paver's Marriages Licences, which have 
been printed by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society in their 
Journal and Record Series, he is under obligations to that society, 
and in particular to his friend, Mr. J. W. Clay, F.S.A. 


I>:;r.r.i: the twenty-four years of his residence at Burnsall tlie 
writer r..j< round out a good deal more about former rectors than he 
was aK-:- to publish in a list he gave of thcni in an earlier volume. 
The S-iii li>r was to a great extent borrowed froni that given in 
Whitaker's History of Craven, with a few coi'rections supplied bv 
the lat^- C;\non Raine. Dr. Whitaker seems to have relied for tiie 
earlier vor;:on of his lists on Torre's MSS., and did not always copy 
from his authority correctly. And Torre although accurate is not 

\Yhitaker says that Henr. & Adam Personae de Brinshale occur 
in the Coucher Book of Fountains Abbey without date. 

In the Chartulary of Fountains (vol. i., p. 133) Richard p'son, 
of Brynneshall. appears as witness to an undated deed, probably 
about T-OO. 


John he Kirkby. — In 1867 the Surtees Society published a 
transcript of the Survey of the County of York by John de Kirkby 
temp. Kdw. I., commonly known as Kirkby's Inquest. The book 
was edited by Mr. H. Skaife, and what follows is extracted from the 
preface to his work. John de Kirkby was of an antient Leicester- 
shire family, which took its name from Kirkby Belers in that 
countv. He was the eldest son of Sir William de Kirkby, of 
Melton Mowbray, by his wife Emma de Gorham. The date of his 
birth is not known. In 1265 he became Dean of Wimborne Minster. 
and for two months in 126S held the living of Thorpe, near Newark, 
In 1270 he was presented to Buriisall. In 1272 he was Archdeacon 
of Coventry ; in 1278 Rector of St. Berians, in Cornwall. In 1279 
he was collated to a prebend at York, which had been held by 
Cardinal Hugh de F.vesham. In 1280 Archbishop Wickwaine 
directed that " dominus J. de Kirkeby regis clericus familiaris " 
should not have his benefices sequestered. On several occasions he 
was entrusted with the custody of tlie Great Seal. In 1283, being 
then Archdeacon of Coventry, he was elected Bishop of Rochester, 
but r(Miounced his right in the same year. In that year also he was 
appointed Lord Treasurer, and hold the office till his death. In 
1286 he was elected to the bishopric of Ely. At this time he was 
only in deacon's o'-l(>rs. On Sept. 21 he was ordained priest, and 
consecratinl on the day following by the Primate, John de Peckham, 
at Canterbury. He died at Ely on Palm Sunday, 1290, and was 
buried in his c;itliedral church "coram cruce ex parte boreali chori 

ante altare Sancti Johannis Baptistae." He died seized of lands in 
the counties of Leicester, Middlesex, Herts, Cambridge, Northants, 
Southant?;, IJedford, Huntingdon, and Lincoln. His next heir was 
his brother. Sir William de Kirkby, then about 30 years old. 

In Abp. Giffard's Register (Surtecs Soc, vol. 109) is the 
following:— 8 .May, 1270. London. Presentation of John de 
Kyrkeby, elk. to a nioiet}' of the church of Brinsale in Craven by 
doni. Robert de Neville. Letter of Inquisition. 

John Fitz Henry. — It is not known at what date Kirkby 
ceased to be Rector of Burnsall, but it would seem that he had re- 
signed at any rate before 26th Aug., 128G, for on that date there is 
an entry in the register of Archbishop Ronianus that " Dns. John 
filius Henry rect. med. eccles. de Brunsale " had to answer for 

Adam de Herwekton.— There are two notices of this rector 
in the register of Abp. Romauus. 17 Jan. 129J:-5, Bishop Burton. 
Institution " nomine custodie sequestri " till next ordination of 
Adam do Herwerton, acolyte, to the church of Brinsale. 24 Feb., 
1294-5, Adam de Herwerton, sub-deacon, instituted to a moiety on 
the presentation of Sir Hugh, son of Henry, knt. According to 
Torre he vacated his benefice by his death. 

William de Bullmer. — 23rd May, 1309. clerk ; presented 
by Henry, 1st Baron FitzHugh ; died (Torrej. 

John de Bowes. — 7th Jan., 1322-3. priest; presented by 
Henry, 1st Baron FitzHugh ; died (Torre). Abp. Thoresby's Reg. 29th 
Nov., 1369. Mem. quod Joh'es de Bowes Rector Medietatis ecclesie 
de Brinsall quia est tanquam corporis iniirmitate detentus quod pro 
cura medicorum querenda oportet eum a dicta medietate sua ad 
tempus absentare .*k; habuit licentiam abseiuatidi se a dicta medietate 
suaper unum annum i noncomparendiin sinodis preserdum tamenper 
procuratorem sutlicientem compareat in eisdem. Ita eciam quod 
dicta medietas delictis non defraudatur obsequiis nee aniraarum 
cura in ea negligaturA quodxlividat procurationem in eadem Sc quod 
interim faciat domos (t clausuras dicte medietatis debite reparari it 
unam marcam suis parochianis pauperibus errogari, alioquin quod 
liceutia nuUius penitus sit vigoris (fol. 156, d.). In 1337 John de 
Bowes, p'son of B., is said to liave given to Henry de Herthngton 
and Agnes liis wife half the manor of Nunwick. 

Adam de Cari.kton in Lyndiuckk.— Abp. Thoresby's Reg. 
13th Mat., 1369-70. Institution of Ailam de Carleton in Lyndricke, 
priest, on tin.' pirsentatation of Henry [2nd Baron] FitzHugh to a 
niediety of the cliurch of Brinsall, vacant by the death of Sir ,lohn 
de Boghes, the last Rector. 6:c. (fol. 157 d.) 1st Oct.. 1371. Mem. 
q'Jod Dus. Adam de Carleton Rector medietatis ecclesie de Brin-^ail 
"abuit licentiam absentandi se a dicta metlietate sua per biennium 
cotisideracione domini Henrici FitzHugh militis obsequiis interim 
'nsibtendo cum clausa proviso quod faciat domos Rectorie sue infra 


dictum tcnipus congrue reparari k quorl faciat en'o;:jari pauperibus 
parochie sue prout ipskis in hac parte suppcditent facultates (fol. 

John de Laton.— p. assignat. alterius benef. (Torre). Mr. 
E. B. Cook notes that in eases where Torre states that a man has 
resigned for another benefice it nearly always turns out that there 
was an exchange with the man whose name follows in the list. It 
would seem in some cases that there may have been no institution 
before the excliange was made and this would account for the fact 
that no record of it is forthcoming. Whitaker reads the word in 
Torre's MS., which has been copied for the writer " assignat," as 

TnoM.AS DE HuDE. — 26th Apr., 1392, priest ; pres. by the 
attorneys of Henry, 3rd Baron FitzHugh ; resigned (Torre). 

WiLLi.\M Appit^ton. — 19th Apr., 1-ill, priest; pres. by Henry, 
3rd Baron FitzHugh ; resigned for the vicarage of Brun (Torre). 

William Gregges. — IGth Oct., 1425 ; resigned for the 
vicarage of Salt Fleetby (Torre). 

Henry Craven. — 2nd May, 1426; pres. by William, 4th 
Baron FitzHugh ; resigned (Torre). 

Thomas Kirkham. — 22nd July, 1438; capellanus ; pres. by 
William, 4th Baron FitzHugh ; died (Torre). His will is dated 24th 
April, 1454, and was proved 16th Aug. following. He is to be 
buried in the high choir of the church of St. Helen in Sta\nesate 
in York. He bequeathes 6 lbs. of wax for his burial to burn about 
his body, and 2 torches of the value of 10s. to the high altar of the 
said church to be carried before his body at his burial. To the 
Vicar of the said church 12d., and to every other chaplain of 
the same 4d. To his parish clerk 6d. To each order of the 
friars mendicant in York 5s. To the use of the church of Byrnesall 
one vestment of blue (i)lodioj if it seem expedient to his executors, 
but not otherwise. To the church of St. Margaret, Walmgate, 
York, his second best sacerdotal vestment. To the Guild of St. 
Christopher, York, 3s. 4d., to that of Blessed Mary and St. Martin 
3s. 4d., and to the friars of the house of St. Robert of Knaresborough 
38. 4d. To Tliomas Cotes his best piece of silver and cover. To 
Agnes, the wife of Thomas Cotes, 6 silver spoons and 6 best cushions. 
To his servant Margaret 1 mazer and the bed in which he lay in 
the time of his infirmity. Residue to Thomas Cotes, who with 
Margaret are made executors (Reg. Test. Ebor. II. 298 in latin). 

RoiiERT Coke.— ^nd May, 1454; priest; pres. by Henry, 5th 
Baron FitzHugh ; died (Torre). His will is dated 21st Apr., 
1469, and was proved bt'fure the Duan ol Craven on May 3ist. He 
leaves his soul to God, Blessed Mary it All Sts. it body to be buried 
in church of St. Wilfrid of Burnsall and his be.^t beast (averium) 
with saddle and bridle as mortuary. To buy a portiforium for the 


church at Bunisall 6Gs. 8cl. For 4 trentals of St. Gregory's mass 
to he siiid for his soul "iOs. Nd. To repair a glass window near his 
mother's tomh '20s. To huy a structure for the vestments of the 
said church. 8s. To the fabric of St. Peter's, York, 3s. 4d. To the 
4 orders of mendicant friars 6s. 8d., viz., to each order 20d. To the 
friars of St. Robert of Knareshorough, :20d. To the fraternity of 
St. Anthony 12d.. to tliat of St. Thomas of Rome 12d. To every 
godchild " de sacro fonte levato " 12d. To. Willm. Vavasoure Rector 
of a medietv of the said church 6s. 8d., Henry Jiurnsall chaplain, 
John Wilkynson chaplain, Henry Thornberg chaplain each '201. 
Richd. Burnsall chaplain his green gown, Willm. Thornberg chaplain 
his surplice, John Dyghton Yicar of Kirkbymaloghdale 63. bd., John 
Philipp canon there 20d., Hen. Thomlynson chaplain 20d. To his 
father John Coke 20 marks " de optimis averiis." To the children of 
Roi^ert Spenser 30 sheep, to those of Willm. Nunfrey 30 sheep, to 
those of Willm. Holme 30 sheep, to those of Ric. Wyndeson 30 
sheep. To his servant Alice 1 cow and all the sheep in her mother's 
hands. To Willm. Burgh 1 mare with foal & 2 cattle (boves). To 
Willm. Lawson a good trotting mare k to Ric. Elys a 2 yrs. old 
mare. To his servant Elizabeth 1 ram, to John Parkill, 13s. 4d.. 
Willm. Holme 13s. Id., Ric. Banks his best bronze dish. Residue 
to John I'arkill i Wm. Hohne whom he makes executors and Ric. 
J>anks supervisor. Witnesses : Dns. Peter Toller Rector of Mediety 
of Lynton, Dns. John Dytton Vicar of Kirkbymaloughdale, John 
Cuke, Robt. Spenser, Wm. Nonfrere (Reg. Test. Ebor., IV. 133, 
in hitin). 

Thomas Sutton. — 14th May, 14G9 ; ? M.A. ; pres. by Henry, 
•0th J5aron FitzHugh ; resigned (Torre). 

Edwakd Pudsky. — 9th Jan., 1471-2 ; capellanus ; pres. by 
ilenry, 5th Baron FitzHugh; died (Torre). 

Thomas Swvft. — -oth July, 1505; priest; pres. bv Sir Henry 
Willoughby (Torre). The will of Sir Thomas Swifte, Rector o'f 
Wikerslev and Burnsall, is dated 8th Feb., 1524, and was proved on 
the 23n( Feb. of that year (Dio. Reg. vol. 27 (Wolsey), fol. 157). 
E.Kordium " I Sir Thomas Swifte preist as a true Cristen man fast in 
the faithe of Cristc and his church, make my Will &c. First I 
h(-<|ueath my saull to hym which created & redemede the same, 
Cnsto Jeshu, beseechyng humbly Allmyghtie God, Sone, and the 
Holy Gost, thre persones and one God, to have mercye of me synfull 
creature, praying his Godhed to have pyte of me, and of his 
Inlinite mercy to put his moost excellent passion betwix my saull and 
his rightwise Jugement, and if I for my manyfold synnes and 
trespaces have not made true Confession, dew contricion and 
satisfaccion as I ought to have downe, I therefore aske grace and 
ft'rgivenes, mek..Iy beseeching the moost gloriose virgyn Our Ladye 
Sancte Mary all Angellus, Archangels, Apostels, Evangelists, Marters. 
Confessors, and virgynes, with all the Celcstiall ci;izens and the 
glorious company of bevyn to be my Advocates to pray for me unto 


God for remission of my synnes that my saull may be savyd and 
and come to the hlisse which never shall have ende." Body to be 
buried in the church at Rotherham before the doore of our Ladyes 
qvhere. To churche workes and nedes 20/- ; mortuary according to 
the custom of the country. To church of Wikersley towards the 
making of ther stcple and liallowing of thcr hye alter £7. To Sir 
John Addy a fether bed he lyeth on with bolster tester and sciller 
with a gowne. Also to him to syng 8 yeres next after the date 
hereof for my saull. for the saull of my maister Geffray Symon, for 
the saulles of my fader and moder and all Christian sauUes, for every 
yere vii marcs which amountethe to £37 6 8 which some I will shall 
be kept in the College of Jeshu in Rotherham under the custody of 
the prest and felowys of the same and they to pay to the said JoIju 
Addy vii marcs yerely, and if he dye same to be given to another 
prest electe by my executors. And I will my said prest shall say 3 
tymes in the weeke placebo, dirige and com'endacions, also to say 
messe in the weeke, one of the Trenitye, the 2nd. of our Ladye, the 
3rd of Requiem, and in other dayes to say as he shalbe disposed. 
And I will the said preste syng within the church of Rotherham for 
the said S yeres. To Thomas Swifte John Swifte and Humfray 
Walker god childer each 6 S. To John, William and Anne children 
of William Swifte £1. To my 2 servants Thomas and John a year's 
wages and to Thomas a mattres. a pair of Pjlankets, a coverlet, a 
shorte gowne, a ledder dublett, a pair of hoos, a sadle and bridle. 
To Jennett my servant my spleditt cowe with a year's wages. To 
William Oke -10'-. To the church of Burnesaull where I was parsone 
100/- it to be taken of such dettes as ys owing by my procurator there. 
To the amending of the gate in Tynsley -40/-. To the chapel of the 
same a vestyment of bodkyn with pertinences to the intent my saull 
be prayed for. To the Monastery of Rufford a pare of great saltes, 
sylver with a cover gilt, for thintent that they shall syng yerely 
about the day of my obite Placebo and Dirige with a Messe of 
Requiem for the performacion of whicli I will the Abbot and Convent 
be bounden to my Executors in an obligation of 20 marcs. And if 
they refuse, the .?altes to be otherwise disposed for my saull. To my 
broder John 6 sylver spoons and 40/-. To Jane Walker a fether bed, 
bolster and covering. To the Lord Abbot of Rutford a V3lvet girdle 
with hames sylver and gilte. To Jane Storke, my servant a pott, 
the best pan, G dublers 6 dishes A 6 sawcers of pewter, 2 coverlets, a 
pare of sheets it 20 - for hir true labor and service to w.e. To 
Master Robert Nevile, provost of the College of Jeshu of Rotherham 
for his laljor my best gowne Ci'em>yn furryd with martyncs, my best 
surples, a bag of blake velvett with ryng of sylver and gilt. Also a 
girdle harnesiied with sylver i)l- gilt having a tlowre in the bucle & 
another in the pendent. To Robert Swifte of Rotherham a macer 
with a cover of sylver »n; gilt having a roobuke. Residue to Master 
Robert Neville lit Robert Swifte whom I make exors. Sc give to them 
40/- each. Witnesses : — Sir John Addy, prest, Sir Nicholas Frankish, 

prest, Sir Richard Bradshaw, Scole maister, John Greene and Thomas 
Svvifte, my servant Alexander Levesay with other. Prohate granted 
to exors. 

William IIkghflld. — Vacated henefiee by death (Torre). 

Anthony Holgate. — 3 1st July, 153!) ; capellanus ; pres. by John 
Lambert, of Calton ; deprived (Torre). Holgate was married and very 
likely owed his deprivation to the fact. 

Richard Somf.kscales. — 10th Sept., looi ; pres. by John 
Lambert, of Calton (Torre). He was instituted on the deprivation 
of Holgate, and in 1559 was in turn dispossessed when Holgate was 
restored to the benefice. (The Elizabethan Clergy and the Settle- 
ment of Religion 155S-G4, by the Rev. Henry Gee, D.D.) 

Anthony Holgatk (restored). — 1559; institution after depriva- 
tion ; Ant. Holgate, Burnsall (Gee). The parish register contains 
the entry of the baptism of a daughter Susan in 1561, and it is quite 
possible that ]*]llen, Margai'tt. Isabel and .Anne Holgate, who were 
marri(^d in 1565, 1576, 157S, and 15S6, may all have been his 
children. A*- the time of his death he was Dean of Craven. He 
was buried at Burnsall cJrd May, 1569, and administration of his 
goods was granted to Isabella Holgate, his relict, and Robt-rt 
Holgate, his son, 27th ^iav, 1570. (Reg. Test. Ebor.. vol. 30, 
fol. 80.) 

Humphry Dodgson. — 2-4th May, 1570; presented by John 
Lambert ; resigned fTorie). Humfray Dodgson, clerke, married 
Issabeli Holgaite 30th December, 1578. He was buried at Burnsall 
31st Aug., 15rt8, and his widow 17th Eeb., 1594-5. 

Bkn.tamin Holgate.— 6th Nov., 15b2 ; clerk; presented by 
John Lambert on the resignation of Humphry Dodgson (Raine). It 
is not unlikely that he may have been the son of Anthony Holgate 
and the brother-in-law of his immediate predecessor. He had a 
family : — Nathaniel, Bezaleel, Damaris. Rebecca, Sarah, Anne and 
Martlia. He was buried at Burnsall 20th June, 1596. 

John TorHAN. — 29th Jtdy, 1596 ; presented by John Lambert 
of Calton, I^squiie, on the death of Benjamin Holgate (Raine). He 
was. there is no doubt, the same John Tophan.of Cracoe, wlio, taking 
orders in 1568, served the chapel at Rilslon. A successor appears 
tliere for the first time in 1597. He seems to have been Dean of 
Craven in 1599. He held his benefice at the time when Sir William 
Craven built the School and repaired the Cliurch. He was buried at 
Burnsall 30th Jan., 1618-9. His will was dated 31st December, 
1618. To be buried in the chancel of the Parish Church. To 
Henrie Tophan of Crt;coi) and Thomas his son a- grange meadow ^ 
etc. at West Dolmehouse in Nidderdale, he to grant a lease to 
Xtofer Tophan and John his son at the rent of £12. To Henry 
Toplian all the interest of G cattlegates in Coweside and Hardtlaske 


in the Ijfi. ship of Darnbrook. To John To{)han of Hetton 
clerk B.A. and to John hig son all my copie hold (2 lar^'e and long 
pages of legacies of lands). To my cosen Eliz. Burton wief of 
George Burton, to Thomazin Wilkinson, to Henry, Jane and Su=;an 
Tophan John Tophan's wief each an 11/- piece of gold. To Mr. 
Bland a Jacobus peece of gold desiring him to make a sermon at my 
buriall. To Laui'ence Layland my workeday hatt my jerkin mv 
workeday dublt-tt and bi'eeches with a paire of my stockings and 
shooes. To George Burton my best cloak. To Mr. Tophan mv 
mourning cloake, my worst black cloake and both my gownes. To 
Eich. Wilkinson younger my worst cloak. The rest to George 
Burton's seven childreii (Jolm excepted). (Reg. Test. Ebor. vol. 
31, fol. 200.) 

Thomas Tophan, M.A. — 6th ^lar., 1G18-9; clerk; presented 
by Tliomas Tophan senior of Cracoe co. York yeoman on the death 
of John Tophan (Raine). Thomas Toplian was appointed master of 
the Grammar School at Burnsall on the resignation of the first 
master Laurence Tayler in 1608. The legacies in tlie will of John 
Tophan leave no doubt tliat he was the nephew of bis predecessor 
and the son of the man who presented him to the living bv Isabel 
Morvilo his wife. He gave up his post of schoolmaster on being 
presented to a mediety of the adjoining rectory of Linton in 161-5. 
He married in 1619 Martha Hoyie. He died 11th Jan. 1651-2 and 
was buried at Linton. His will is dated 22nd Apr., 1645. and was 
proved at Westminster 1st July, 1654. Body to be buried either 
at Linton or Burnsall at whether place it falleth in the Chancel of 
the Parish Church. To son Tymothy Tophan half mansion house 
at Greston, Beckside, hemp garth, etc., and all my ground above and 
below Linton Bridge as well as my lime kiln lands. To daughters 
Dorothy. Peace and Martha goods at Greston Hall except the 
seeling in the great chamber which I give to Timothy. To said 
daugliters all goods at Lynton (except a steel bow to nephew John 
Tophan of Crecow) all goods at Burnsall parsonage the lower 
ground and half mansion house at Greston and the silver cameo 
pledged to me for £4 belonging to my brother William Hovle if be 
does not loose it. To daughter Peace fuur gates in Thorpe and gate 
and a half in Gale she paying to James Simpson £14 at St. James's 
Da}'. To the poor at my interment Id. and 2d. each. To sarvant 
Will. Buuihie 10 -. Connnend tuition of four children to Mr. 
Christopher Lancaster and Jolm Tophan whom I make exors. 
(P.C.C. 154 Alchin). 

Christopher Lancaster. — On the death of Thomas Tophan 
the mediety he held of the Burnsall rectory fell to Christoptier Lan- 
caster, but hy what process he was appointed to it the writer has not 
been able to liiul out. LanouTfer was from 1642 to 1648, and periiaps 
longer, Hector of Bolton by Bolland, and 12th June, 1642, married at 
Linton Mary Tophan, the daughter of his predecessor. He had at 
least eight cliildren. one of whom, Christopher (1644-82), buried at 

Burnsall, was Vicar of AysLjarth. He is said to have resigned the 
livinj^ in or about 1G89, and he was buried at Burnsall 30th Dec, 
169-i (Abp. Sharp's MSS., Paver's Licences, the registers of Burn- 
sall, Linton, and ]-5olton). 

Peter Alcock. — IGSO ; pros, by John Alcock (Abp. Sharp's 
]\iyS.). — Peter Alcock was ihe son of Peter Alcock of Burnsall (d. 
K)77), and the patron was his brother John (1645-1715). He was 
christened at Burnsall 6th Aug., 1658, and buried there 4th June, 
1707. He married 9th Aug., 1683, Ellen Lancaster, the daughter of 
his predecessor. They had a family of five children, of whom the 
two sons, Peter and John, were in turn rectors. His widow- 
presented to the living in 1733. 

TnoM.\s Cr..-^PH\M.— lOth July, 1707; clerk; prcs. by John 
Alcock, gen., on the death of Peter Alcock, clerk (Abps' Institution 
Books). Thomas Clapham, B.A-.,Camb., was school-master 1694-8, 
and Thomas Clapham, of Bradford, clerk, arbitrated in a parish 
dispute in 1707. These may be all the same person. As regards 
the rectory he seems to have served as a " warming pan," as he re- 
signed a year after his appointment. 

Peter Alcock. — 20th Sept., 1708 ; clerk : pres. by John 
Alcock, gen., on the resignation of Thomas Clapham, clerk (Abps.' 
Institution Books). Peter Alcock, student of Pembroke Hall, Camb., 
was elected schoolmaster in 1703, and probably held the post until 
his brother John was appointed to it in 1719. He was born 24th, 
christened 27th June, 1684; married 9th July, 1721, Mary, daughter 
of John Barker, of Percival Hall, and was buried at Burnsall lOth 
Oct., 1733. His will is dated 24th Sept., 1733, and was proved 
20th Nov. in that year. To be buried in my Chancel according to 
the Kubrick of the Ch. of Eng. As to the next presentation of the 
One Rectory of Burnsal I give it to my Dear Mother Ellen Alcock 
hoping she will give it to my Dear Brother John Alcock gratis it 
that he after Induction will not suffer my wife ct child to live like 
Orphans but will allow them the Glebe land house v.t barn <t some 
little perquisite for a small living. As for the perpetual Advowson I 
leave it to my son John it his heirs for ever but if he die without 
Issue then to my Brother John &, hh heirs for ever. If my 
brother's kind allowance will not support my wife & child I empower 
them to borrow money on the Advowson. If my son John live 
till my Brother resign to him which we hope will be at 24 years of 
age a vear after Induction I order him to pay my wife his mother 
£15 a vear or it i^hall be lawful for her to seize upon the Advowson 
upon ne<jlect of payment. As to my Bills it Bo'.ids Quick Goods 
Hay it Straw Husbandry Gear it all Household goods I leave them 
to my wife and son John it I appoint them joint exors. and my wife 
trustee over my child as long as she continues my wife. As for the 
HtUe money I owe the School &: my mother I order the Advowson 
to pay it. I hot otdy en)power my wife it son to borrow money on 

the Adv. but to sell it if necessity urge tlicni, but I wish they may live 
witiiout ii-.cuiubrance on it I't take up money on it for his education. 
Lastly considering my Brother will be very old when he rcsi^na I 
appoint mv son to ullow him £15 a year during his lift. (Abp's 
Dioc. Reg.," vol. 35, fol. 13-2). 

John Alcock. Isl.A. — 6th Dec, 1733 ; pies, by Pollen Aleock 
widow, on the death of Peter Aleock (Kainc). He was cbristenecl 
at ]^urnsall 10th Mar., 1GU"2, and was married. His son Chri.stopher 
('1732-82) was in orders. In 1719 John Aleock, B.A., Jesus College, 
Camb., was elected schoolmaster, a post he seems to liave 
relinquished on hisappointment to the living. His licence wasgranted 
17'2S. From 1716 till 17-44 the name of John Aleock appears 
regularly in the register of the parish of Linton as serving there, 
and 9th Sept., ]725, John Aleock, M.A., is licenced to peiform the 
oflice of curate there at the yearly stipend of £25. In 1743. in 
answer to the visitation questions issued by Archbishop Herring, he 
says " I do reside personally upon my Cure but not in the Parsonage 
Plouse because the Widow I't the Son of the late Rector live there." 
He resigned the living 7th June, 1753 (Kaine), and he was buried at 
Burnsall 8th, 1760. On 17th Feb., 1761, administration of 
goods, il-c, of ihn Rev. John Aleock. clerk, Vicar of Otley, was 
granted to Ann Aleock, widow and relict. This may or may not be 
the same man. John Aleock, of Burnsall. had two daughters; the 
elder of whom, Ann, died in 1790, and the younger, Ellen, married 
John Batty, of Thorpe. They had an only child, P'Jizabeth, who 
married the Rev. Henry \Yiglesworth, Vicar of Slaidburn. 

John Alcock, B.A. — 18th June, 1753; pres. by Rebecca and 
Dorothy Heber, of Marton, spinsters, on the resignation of John 
Alcock (Raine). He was the son of Peter Alcock and Maiy, daugluer 
of John Barker. The date of his birth is uncertain, but his parents 
were married in 1721, and had a child, Mary, who was born and died 
in the following year. He was buried at Burnsall 25th Nov.. 1^10, 
having resigned the living some time before. He is described as of 
" Highhoil." John AlcocK was licenced to thecuiacy of Burnsall at 
£30 a year, to be paid to him by John Alcock, the Rector, 25tli Mav, 
1752 (Dio. Institution Books). 

RicH.\KU WiTHNKLL.— 28th March, 1810. Richard Witbnell. 
clerk, instituted on commission by John Porrin, clerk, M.A., Vicar of modiety of the rectory of Burnsall, vacant by the cession 
of John Alcock, clerk, on the presentation of Robinson Chippen- 
da e, of Skipton (Abps.' Institution Books). He was for many years 
assistant curate at Skipton. His name first appears in the registei 
there in 1771. He is dcscribt\i aj the son of Thomas Withnell, of 
Whitile-le- Woods, co. Lanes., and ho married Esther, dau. of 
William Chippendale, of Skipton, mercer, 1st .\pr., 1784. The 
baptisms of four daughters are recorded in the register there. 


John Baixks Ghaham, M.A. — 1st Feb., 1H:J2 ; clerk ; instituted 
on his own presentation on the death of Kichard Withnoli (Abps" 
Institution Book>^). He resigned. 

Gkegoky Rhodks. — 16th Felj., Ib38 ; pres. by the Kevd. J. B. 
Graham. He resigned. 

William Jkuv, M.A.— 14th Feb., 1839; clerk; pres. by the 
Kevd. J. B. Grahani. He died 10th Feb., 1875, and was buried at 

Cai'Kl Wolseley, B. a.— 27th Nov., 1875 ; clerk ; pres. 
by Susan and IVlary Graham, spinsters. He resigned. He was 
of T. C. D., and later was Eector of Sacred Trinity, Salford. 

Henhy Theodore Cavell. — 3rd May, 1876 ; pres. by Susan 
and Mary Graliam, spinsters. He resigned, was of St. Bees, and 
later Vicar of Gresley, Lichfield. 


William de Eeddemere. — In Archbishop Gray's Register 
(Surtees Soc, vol. 56) is the following: Otinton, 6 July, 122S. 
Institution of Wm. de Keddemere, clerk, to the church of 
Brunnestal (? Brunnescal) at the presentation of Wm. de 

KiCHAKu DE Kkolle. — The following notices occur iu the 
registries of the archbishops: Abp. Gitfard's Reg. fSurtees' Soc, vol. 
lO'J), 28 Apr. 1270. Caveat by Adam de Sutton proctor of Hugh 
de Neuton against the archbishop appointing anyone to a moiety of 
the church of Brineshale as William de Ebor the patron had bound 
himself as soon as there was an opportunity to confer an 
ecclesiastical benefice on the said Hugh. 29 Apr., 1270, Presenta- 
tion of John Sampson to the church of Brineshal by dom. Elyas de 
Rilleston. Letter of Inquisition. 8 May, 1220, Presentation of 
Richard de Knollo to a moiety of the church of ISrineshale by Will, 
til. Nich de Ebor. Letter of Inquisition. Abp. Romanus's Reg. 
28 Aug. 1286 Ric. de Knol rector of Burnsall is summoned to show 
his dispensation for holding more than one benefice. W^illiam de 
Ebor and iiis kinsman EHas de Rilleston had a lawsuit about the 
patronage which was settled in 1273 in favour of the former. If 
Saiiq)S()n was ever instituted to the benefice he must have given 
place very shortly to Richard de KnoUe. 

Adam dk Lincoln. — Ai)p. Romanus's Reg. lias the following: 
12tli Nov., 1291, Bishop Burton, Mandate to induct "nomine 
custodie sequestri " until the oi'dination before Xuias, Adam dc 
Lincoln elk. into the chinch of Brinsale on the presentation of 
William de Eboraco. 15 Dec. Beverley. Institution of Adam de 
Lincoln subd-.acoa to a moiety of the church of Brinsale. In the 
Calendar of Patent Rolls 28"Edw. I., A.D. 1300, p. 552, it is said 
tliat Adam de Lincoln p'son of Burnsall hunted with Hugh de 

Swynlington p'son of Linton in the five cliafic of John de Mowbray 
of Nydderdale and carried away deei". lie made his will on the 
feast of St. ^'alentine, 1347-8, and it was proved on the Lady Day 
following. He left his soul to God and blessed Made and his body 
to be buried in the choir of the churcli at lirinsal and all his goods 
" Agneti uxori \Yiiri Clcrici do J^rinsal et omnibus tiliis suis videlicet 
Thome. Henrico, Sc Johanni " (Reg. of Al)}). Zouche, 1340-53, fol. 
324, in latin.) 

nuGo Howell. — 12th Apr., 1348 ; capellanus ; pres. by Sir 
Eichard do Hebden ; died (Torre). 

WiLLL\M DE Hebden. — 28th Aug., 13G7 ; pres. by Sir Kichard 
de Hebden ; died (Torre). 

WILLLA.M Almote. — Abp. Thorcsby's Reg., 13th June, 1369, 
Institution of William Almote, priest, on presentation of Sir Richard 
de Hebden, knight, to a mediety of the parish church of Brinsale, 
vacant bv the death of Master William de Hebden, last Eector 
thereof (Archd. York, fol. 152 d.). 24th Aug., 1370. Sir William 
Almote had licence absentandi se from the said church per 
ti'iennium monasteria trahentis infra regnum Anglie i^ dimittendi 
fructus ad lirmam & non comparendi in Synodis dumtamen per 
pvocuratorem, dc., cum omnibus clausulis (Archd. Xoitm. fol. 
272 d.) 

WiLLiAjr DE [3Eii>;YGH.\M. — Abp Thoresliy's Reg., 27th Feb., 
1370-1. William de Bekyngham, priest, exchanged livings with 
William de Kirkesall, Vicar of Edenstowe. There is nothing to 
show that he was ever instituted to Burnsall. He later, IStli Aug., 
1375, exchanged the vicarage of Edenstowe for that of Askham 
Kichard (Abp. Alex. Neville's Reg.). 

WiLLL\M DE KiRKES.\LL. — Ab}). Thoresby's Reg., 27th Feb., 
1370-1. Institution of William de Kiikesall, priest, on presentation 
of Sir Richard de Hebden, knight, to a mediety of the church of 
Brinsall quara dns. Wills, de Bekyngham primitus optinuit per 
resignacionem ejusdem ex causa permutationis facto cum vicario 
ecclosie de Edenstowe (juam tu (Kirkesall) pnmitus optinuisti 
(Archd. York, fol. 160 d.)- 17th Sept., 1371. Mem. quod Dns. 
Wills. Kirkesall, Rector mediotatis ecclesie de Brinsall habuit 
licentinm absentandi se a dicta medietate sua per triennium in forma 
consueta cum clausulis nocessariis c'v; consuotis (fol. 162). 

John de Suthwell. — The living was vacant by his death 

Thom.\s Nkwsome. — 9th Jan., 1389-90; clerk: presented by 
William de Newsome (Torre). 

John Guynton. — The living was vacant by his death (Torre). 

William Vavasoi-h.— lOih Dec, 1431; priest; presented by 
John Hebden, Esquire (Torrej. His will is dated 9tb Jan., 


1 171-:^, and it was proved on the Ith Feb. following. He leaves his 
Soul to Clod .-Mniiglity lilesscd Mary and All Saints and his body to 
1)0 buried in the Choir of the parish church of Burnsall. To the 
fabric of tlie Cathedral of Blessed Peter York 12d. To the fraternir.y 
of St. Robert 2s. to that of St. Anthony 12d. To the Carnieliee 
I'riars of York 6s. 8d. I't to each of the other 5s. To Bus. Ilerjry 
lUirnsall chaplain 20d. Dns. John Wilkynson 20d. Bns. Henry 
Tronhur;^'!! 20d. Dns. Eic. Burnsall 20d. the parish clerk Gd. Dns. 
Henry P)urnsall for 1 years salary £i. Agnes Flyntt Gs. 8d. i a cow, 
bis other servants 3s. 4d. each. Piesidue to his executors Henry 
]H;kwilh, Richard Vavasour i*v; Henry Vavasour by the Supervision iV 
assent of John Vavasour of Newton & Willm. Vavasour of Thornton. 
Witnesses : Dns. Peter Toiler & others ('not named) (Peg. Te>,t. 
Ebor. IV. 174 in latin). 

Palph Rrdclyffe. — 5tli July, 1472 ; clerk ; presented by Sir 
Roger Clifford and Thomas Tempest, Esq. (Torre). 

RoHKRT TALPiOT. — PHest ; vacated the living by death (Torre). 
Whitaker says, on the authority of the Townley MSS. that his 
brother Edmund Talbot, of Bashal, Esq., bequeathed him an annuity 
of 2Gs. 8d. for life by the name oi Sir KoberC Talbot, Parson of 
liurnsall (1519-20}, 11 Hen. VIII. John Talbot, who left his body 
to be buried in the church at Burnsall in 1475 (Peg. Test. Ebor. 
vol. IV. 102) is said by Whitaker to be another brother, but in 
Foster's Yorkshire Pedigrees he appears as the uncle of Edmund. 

Nicholas Paver, M.A. — 13th Jan., 1545-6; pres. by the Assigns 
of Sir Richard Tempest; died (Torre). Whitaker gives a rector of 
the same name in his list of the rectors of Linton, who is said to 
fiave died at the same time. He may be the same man and may 
have held both livings. 

George Ellyson, M.A. — 25th Sept., 1551 ; on the death of 
Nich. Paver (Abps. Holgute and Heath, Reg., vol. 29,45) ; on the 
pres. of the Assigns of Sir Richard Tempest (Torre, who gives him 
the degree of S.T.P).). George Ellisson, M.A., elected Master of 
I'niversity College, Oxford, 30th Nov., 1551, was instituted to the 
vicarage of Arnchtfe 19th Oct., 1552, on the presentation of the 
Ciilloge (Abps. Plolgate and fleath, Reg. 29 48). He died in 1557 
(cf. University College, by William Carr, M.A.) The dates of his 
d<'grees are B.A. 22nd" March, 1542-3 ; M.A., 1545 (Foster's 
Alunitu Oxonienses, p. 459). 

Henuv ]-]lso. — 21st June, 1557; clerk; pres. by Sir John 
ToMip.-st, knt. (Torre, who gives the date wrongly as 1552), on the 
death of George ICUisson (Holgate and Heath Reg.'vol. 29/122). He buried at Burnsall 14th Oct.. 15G3. His will is dated 12th Oct. 
in tliat year. Soul to God my Maker it Redeemer. Body to be 
lusriod ill the Church at Burnsall in such place as shall be tleemed 
convenient. Forgive Anthony Younge xx' owing trusting him to be 
good to my brother Peter, also give him a brown colve. To each of 

his children not married one sliepe. To my brother William one young 
oxe and to each of his children one shecpo and to Agnes his wyfe 
a short violet gowne. To my brother Peter's wyfe my best violet 
gowne and to each of his children a sheupe. To Sir Anthony 
Holgaite Ueari of Craven one sheape. Half quarter of barley to 
the poorest of the parish against Xremas next and the same against 
seed time next year. Also one quarter of haver against next seed 
■time to the poorest that sowetli corn, liesidue after payment of 
debts etc. to mv brother Peter wliom I make exor. (Reg. Test 
Ebor. vol. 30, loL 35). 

Thomas Brogden, B.A.- — 12th July, 1569; student in the 
Academy of Cambridge ; pres. by Williaiu Byenam, of the City of 
York gent, patron of the mediety of the rectory of Bunisall in Craven, 
vacant by the death of the last incumbent. (Abps' Institution 
Books ) Canon Raine added B..-\. to the name in the list I sent liim. 
He resigned the living. 

William Brogden or Brockdf.n. — 5th May, 1579 ; clerk ; 
pres. by James Brockden, of Stoke, co. York, yeoman, on the 
resignation of Tliomas Brogden (Raine). He was buried at Burnsall 
31st August, 1619. His will is dated 30th August, 1619, and it was 
proved on the 10th March following. It is very long, and there is 
nothing of special interest. He is to be buried in the chancel of 
Burnsall parish church under a long stone lying there partly before 
his accustomed seat. His sister's daughtei' is the widow of Sampson 
Kidd, and they have seven children. His sister Alice, boitig old and 
impotent, receives an annuity of £3 for her life. He leaves to his 
successors a piece of land he bought on which to build a tithe barn 
•for Appletreewick if they build the barn with reversion to Robert 
Craven if they don't. Mentions nephew Henry Brogden, Anthony 
Johnson, sister's son. I-eaves 10s. to the poor of the parish, his books 
to Thomas and John Waite, £5 forgiven to Richard Tennant, 6s. Sd. 
left to Mr. Tophan, 10s. to Mr. Tennant to make a sermon at his 
burial. It would seem that he was unmarried. (Abps' Ptegisters, 
vol. 31, fol. 202). 

Richard Tenant, M.A. — 31st August, 1619, clerk; pres. by 
Henry Tenant, of Mawaterhouses, co. York, yeoman, on tlie death 
of William Jk'ogden (Raine). He married at Rilston 13th June, 
1637, Isabel Walker, and she may have been »;, second wife, as 
Mary, wife of Richard Teiuiut, clerk, was buried at Burnsall 2nd 
May, 1635. This is not however certain, as at this time there was 
living at Burnsall another Richard Tenant, clerk, who may have 
been his nephew and who outlived the rector by some 22 years. It 
is likely that the former of the two is the subject of the notice in 
the Royalist Composition I~'apers (Yorks. Arch. Soc. Record Series, 
vol. xviii., p. 211), No. 2S6 : liichard Tenant of Burnesall, clerke, 
G. 212, p. 731, Report — Ilis delinquency that he did assist the 
forces raised against Parliament ; he is seized in fee of the moiety 
of Rectory impropriat»; of Kettlewell of the yearly value of H", 

29 May, 1049— Jo. Rea<lin<,'e, D. Watkins. Fine at a tliii-a 70" 2 June, 
1G19 (G. G, p. 87). If ifc \v;is the parson who was involved in these 
proceedings ho may have hocn trying to escape from trouble to come 
in allowing himself to lie elected schoolmaster at Christmas, loo2. 
He was buried at Burnsall loth May, 1553. 

J.\:\iKS Tkn.\nt.— Ho succeeded his brother, but how he was 
appointed does not appear (Abp. Sharp's MSS.). He was man-icd, 
and the baptisms of two sons and four daughters are recorded in 
tlie parish register — one of the latter with the unusual name of 
Zervia in 1G62. The eldest of the children, Eichard, christened 
18th June, IG-JS, may well have been the second Richard mentioned 
above, who was l)uried lltli March, 1675-G. It is believed tliat 
James Tenant kept a school at i)urnsall, and during vacancies he 
several times supplied the place of master of the Graminar School. 
He was in ordei's before becoming rector. He was buried at 
Burnsall 4th Sept., 1G8G. 

Richard C.\Hn, B.A. — 3rd Feb., 168G-7 ; clerk , pres. by Sir 
William Craven, knight, on the death of James Tenant, clerk (Dean 
I't Chapter's Vacancy Act Book, fol. 26). Richard Carr was of the 
family of Carr of Stackhouse, and there is a large pedigree in 
Foster's " Yorkshire Pedigrees " which does not agree with the more 
modern one in Burke's "Landed Gentry." He was a non-juror 
and resigned his living, and is said to have practised medicine in 
London. He is described in the will of his brother Thomas in 
170G as Richard Carr of London, clerk, and the terms of a bequest 
to him suggest that he was in narrow circumstances. Burke puts 
the date of liis death at 1723. Foster says that he was born in 
1G55 and was M.A. of Peterhouse, Cambridge. 

Rohf:ut Tovham. — 1GS9 ; pres. by Sir William Craven, knight 
(Abp. Sharp's MSS.) ; l)uried at Burnsall 9th Apr., 1690. 

Richard Carr. — 1G90; pres. by Sir William Craven, knight 
(Abp. Sharp's MSS.) ; buried at Burnsall 14th August, 1734. 
Administration of alt goods, Sec, was granted to William 
Carr, clerk, son of the deceased (Anne Carr, the widow, and 
Klizabeth, wife of Richard Stackhouse, Mary Carr, Anne Carr, 
and Richard Carr. children, renouncing), Gth March. 1734-5 (Abps' 
Dio. Reg., vol. 35, fol. 151). Tiiat this gentleman was of the 
Stackliouse family is fairly certain, but the connexion is not made 

William Carr, M.A. — 2Sth August, 1734 ; pres. by William, 
3rd Baron Craven, on the death of Richard Carr. He was the son of 
his predecessor. He was christened at Burnsall 2Gth August, 1G97 ; 
educated at Threslitield School, and from there proceeded to St. 
John's College, Cambridgt>, where at the age of 15 he was admitted 
sizar for Mr. Simpson ; tutor and surety Mr. Anstey ; 19th June, 
1713; B.A. 1717; M.A. 1721. In 1743 he states in answer to 
Archbp. Herring's visitation questions that he commonly resides 

one week in four at the P;u-sonaf;o House (at Bunisall) and the rest 
of his time at his curacy of Jlolbock, in the parish of Leeds, and 
that he has a residing curate who lodges in the Parsonage House, 
and to whom lie allows £30 a year. He was l)uried at Burnsall 6th 
August, 1754. llis will is dated 24th Jan., 1754, and was proved 
10th Oct. in that year. To my 3 sisters Eli/ahetl), Mary and Ann 
£140 in trust to pay interest for maintenance of brother Eichard for 
life, at his death £"20 to he spent in Communion plate for the church 
at Burnsall and €20 to be given to the poor there. Interest of the 
£100 remaining to my sisters for life and at the death of the survivor 
the said £100 to niece Margaret Stackhouse. Pesidue to wife Marv 
whom I appoint executiix. (Abps' Reg. (Dioc), vol. 36, fol. 156i. 
M.I. in the chancel of the church at Burnsall, the inscription on 
which is given in this book. 

M.\TTiiEW Knowles, M.A. — 11th Nov., 1754. clerk; pres. by 
Fulwar, 4th Baron Craven, on the death of William Carr (Abps" In- 
stitution Books). He first appears in the register at Burnsall as 
"Mr. Know. Curate for Mr. Carr" 6th Feb., 1734-5. He was 
elected schoolmaster in 1746, when he is described as of Christ's 
College, Cambridge. He v/as licensed to the school 7th August. 1747, 
and as assistant curate, with a salary of £30 a year, 25th Mav. 1752. 
On 11th Nov., 1747, he married " Mrs. Mary Carr gentlewoman," 
piobably the sister of the then rector. She was buried at Burnsall 
5th April, 1764, and he 20th Nov., 1776. Adraon. granted to Martin 
Knowles, Marmaduke Knowles, Agnes Armistead and Elizabeth 
Kedman, brothers and sisters 5th March, 1777 (Abp. Markham's 
Keg., fol. 3). 

Joseph Atwell Sm.xll, M.A.—2Gth June, 1777, clerk ; pres. 
by William, 6th Baron Craven of Hampstead ^^larshall, on the death 
of Matthew Knowles (Abps' Institution Books). The son of John 
Small, of Cirencester, matr. 4th July, 1764, aged 16, and sojourned 
at Exeter College, Oxford, from that'date till 13th Julv. 1770: was 
fellow 1770 till he married 1778 ; B.A. 30th June, 1768; M.A. 2nd 
July, 1771; B." and D.D. 22nd June. 1781. He was Vicar of 
Congresbury ; elected B.C. of St. James's, Bristol, by the corpora- 
tion 178] ; chaplain to the King 1792; preb. of Gloucester 1794; 
and died at B.ristol 12th Apr., 1814 (Reg. of Exeter Coll., O.H.S., p. 
151). He resigned the living of Burnsall in 1796. His name 
appears three times in the register there — once in July, 1777, and 
twice in August, 1779. 

George Hickes M.A. — 22nd April, J797 ; clerk; belonging 
to the donation of the Arclibishop by lapse on the cession of Joseph 
Atwell Small. He resigned tl^.e liviiig (Aijps' Institution Books). 

WiLEE\M }'>iH\, M.A. --16th April, 1S39 ; pres. by William, 2nd 
Earl cif Craven. He had been two months before appointed to the 
Otlier inedietv, and he held both till his death in 1875. 

Chaules IIp^nuy Cablislf:. — 13th July, 1875 ; pros, by George 
(irinisloii, 3rcl ]-]url of Craven. On the division of tlie old parish l)y 
Older in Council '21st July, 1876, into the new parislies of Burnsall 
and Kilston-with-Coniston he chose to I'emain at Burnsall. He 
rt'signcd at Michaelmas, 1888, on being appointed to the rectory of 
8tanton-bv-Bridgc, in the county of Derbv. He died at Stanton 
lUlh April, iy08, aged 79. "' ' 

The assistant clergy of the parish include, no doubt with 
many others : — 

1352 liichard Page, cap. 

1-lGG 1-lichard Clerk, chaplain to Henrv de Hertlington. 

14G6 Henry Ikirnsall, cap. (1469, 1471). 

1469 John Wilkynson, cap. 

1469 Richard Burnsall, cap. (1471). 

1469 Henry Thornbergh. cap. (1471, 1472). 

1469 William Thornbergh. 

1473 William Deyn, ? chaplain to William de Hertlington. 

lo34 Jiobert Laylande (1545). 

1519 William Si'lson (at Rilston 1556-1568). 

1568 John Tophan of Cracoe (at Rilston till 1596, when he was 
appointed Rector of liurnsall). 

1597 Richard Smithson (at Rilston till 1602). 

1602 John Tophan, B.A., ordained deacon 24th Apr., 1602; priest 
31st Mav, 1607 (at Rilston till 1661). 

1619 Mr. Ibbotsone? 

1647 Robert Inman, M.A., ordained priest 1643 ; later Rector of 
High Hoyland, and ejected as a non-juror; later kept a 
school, and died 1689, aged 66. He may have been the 
son of Matthew Inman born at Burnsall 1620. 

16()2 Jeremiah Wade (at Rilston). 

1669 John Barnett (at Rilston). 

1691 Mr. Parr. 

1723 William Stackhouse ? 

1723 Henry Wilkinson (at Rilston till 1731). 

1725 Stephen Robinson (at Rilston till 1732). 

1729 James Robarts (at Rilston till 1732). 

1732 Robert Lupton ? 

1732 William Cragg of Rilston ftiU 1734 for Mr. Carr). 

1733 William Thompson, B.A. (till 1746 for Mr. Alcock) ; school- 

master 1734-46. 

1731 Matthew Knowles, MA. (till 1754 for Mr. Carr; lie. to Mr. 
William Carr 28th July, 1748, at £30 a year); school- 
master 1716-76; Rector of Burnsall 1754. 

1752 John Alcock, B.A. (lie. to his uncle, John Alcock, 2oth May, 
1752, at £30 a year) ; Rector of Burnsall 1753. 

1776 Matthew Metcalf "(till 177b). 

1778 Cbristopher Navlor, M.A. (lill J780 ?) ; Keclor of I.inton 


1779 John WiUon (till 1611; lie. to Mr. liickes 1797 at £36 a 

180-4 William Lister (at Kilston, 1805). 

1810 Joliii Dentliam (at Kilslon, 1811). 

1811 Stephen Bland (till 1850; lie. to Mr. Hickes 13tli Sept. 1811) ; 

schoolmaster 1812-19; A^icar of Kiikby Malliam 1811-02; 
died 1862. 

Some notice has been given in the earlier books of the School 
at Burnsall, which was founded Ijy Sir \\'illiam Craven, and o])enfd 
in March. 1G03. The following is a list of the schoolmastovs : — 

1603 Laurence Tayler, Master of Skipton Grammar School 1015-9 ; 

perhaps longer. 
1608 Thomas Tophan, M.A. ; Kector of Linton 1615-51 ; Eector 

of Burnsall 1618-51. 
1615 George Bland, B.A. 
1619 William Helis, B.A., till 1624. 

Usher, William Hunter, 1620. 
1624 Thomas Wilkinson. B.A. 
1632 Eobort Mason. M.A. 
1639 Matthew Bradford till 1652 (? admitted from Burnsall School 

sizar at St. John's College. Cambridge. 1634, aged 17). 

1652 Eichard Tenant. M.A., Eector of Burnsall, 1619-53. 

1653 Eichard Clarke, B.A., till 1657 certainly. 

1661 Matthew Bradford, B.A. 

1662 Eichard Procter. 
1673 Ambrose Bland. B.A. 

Usher, Matthew Water. 
1678 John Constantine, M.A., Glasgow. 
1682 Eobert Hey, B.A., ob. 1694. M.I. in the Church. 
1694 Thomas Clapham, B.A., Caml)ridge. 
1698 William Lawson. JlA., Candiridge. 

1703 Peter Alcock, Pendjroke Hall, Candmdge, Eector, 1708-33. 
1719 John Alcock, B.A., Jesus College. Cambridge ; Eector 1733-53 

Usher, William Holmes, 1728; ob. 1761. 
1734 William Tiiompson, 13. A., St. John's College, Cambridge. 
1746 Mutthew Kuowles, M.A. , Christ's College, Cambridge ; Eector 

1776 William Sheepshanks, M.A., late fellow of St. John's College, 

1612 Stephen Bland. 

Uiher, Christopher Inman. 

p:dward Kirklev, 1830-48. 
1849 William Stead. 

TIk! following iKLiues of churchwardens should bo added to those 
given in a former volume : — 

1620 James Tennant, Lawrence Yong, Henry West. 

[G'Jl or IG2-2 William Bland. 

\(')23 Kobert Elsoe, Thomas Craven (?) 

[GAl John Inman, Thomas Nussey. 

[G'2:j John Water, Lawrence Favell. 

iG2G William King, John Bicroft. 

1029 Alexander Bland. 

IG-H Henry Sympson. 

LG32 Anthony Spurritt, Anthony Kidd, William Inman. 

[G33 Kichard Beam. 

1G35 Cuthbert Winterburn, Eichard Beam. 

1G36 Robert Favell, James Tennant. 

1G37 Thomas Reyner, Thomas Inman. 

lG3y Thomas }'land, Samuel Inman, Thomas Craven. 

lG4i Henry Simpson, Anthony Winterburn. 

LG42 George Demesne. 

IG52 Robert Favell, Robert Hey. 

[Go3 Robert Heye ^ 

IG54 Nicholas Blagborne, Thoniaa Barrow. 

1G72 William West. 

IG63 John Alcock, Robert Hardcastle, Robert Malham, Thomas 


LG97 Richard Andrews, W^illiam Nussey. 

IG98 Robert Savill, Christopher Mallhani. 

700 James Tennant, William King, Tlionias Parker, Jonathan 

728 Thomas Stackhouse. 

730 John Tennant, H. Nussey. 

731 John Nutter, Stephen Pawson. 

742 John Naylor, John Hebden, John Leland, Thomas Weather- 

74 3 Lyster instead of Lupton in earlier list. 

744 J n earlier list 1745. 

746 In earlier list 1744. 

7lG Tiiomas Gill, John Windsor, William Smith, Anthony 

I'iGl The nainr of the fourth churchwarden was Collyer. 

7G3 Robert Kay, William WralhuU, Thomas ]>ircli, John Harper. 

7G4 The same aa in 17G3. 

7G.0 William Cockshott, Christopher ^L^lllam, Thoma3 Parker, J. 

7GG Thomas Bootli, Christopher Malham, Thomas T. Leech, 
William Hebden. 

''>7 I'd. While, instead of Thomas Swire, Robert Birch. 

<GS John Bland, John Inuian, Thomas Swire, Anthony Hebden. 

1770 Thomas Stnitti, John JMarnl. 

1771 John Ijland, liobeit Ilebtleii, Jolin lIo(ip;-;o!i, Jo'' Coustauline. 

1772 Jolm Dland, John ConsLantine, John ItJiiiaii. 

1773 John Hodgson, John Consiantine, John Bland, \Vlh"ain 

177-i Thomas Booth, John Constantine, John Jihmd, James 

1775 Thomas Bootli, John Iiiman, John ]^)hind, WilHam Palev. 

1776 Robert llebden, John Inman, John Jjland, WilHam Palev. 

1777 Kobert llebden, John Inman, John Jiland, Nussey Calvert. 

1778 William Hall, James Whitaker, John Bland, Tlion)as Head. 
1770 William Hall, John Herd, John Bland, Thomas ReeU. 

17bO John Hodgson, Thomas Cockshott, John Bland, John Holmes. 

1781 John Hodgson, Thomas Smith, John Bland. John Holmes. 

1782 John Hodgson, Thomas Smith, John J-Jland. John Holmes. 

1783 Richard Pickard, John Inman, John Bland, Jolm Holnitrs. 
1790 John Holmes, John Inman, William Wrathall, Thomas 

1812 Major Emsley, John Hardcastle, Richard llebden, William 

1851 }kIajor Emsley, John Sedgwick. 
1853 Major Emsley, John Sedgvvick, John Constantine. 
1891 Jonathan Williatn Birch, Thomas Chapman, Thomas Xew- 

bould, John Constantine. 

1895 Jonathan William Birch, Thomas Chapman, Thomas Xew- 

bould, George Edward Clayton. 

1896 The same. 

1897 Jonathan William Birch, Thomas Cliapman, John Henry 

Waite, Henry Philip Dawson. 
1898-1900 The same. 

IPOl \Villiam Turner, in place of Jonathan William Birch. 
1902-1907 The same. 

1908 William John Mason in the place of William Turner. 
1908-1912 ThQ same. 


Psh. Xcii. of Biinisall 1740. 

Robert Macham & Isabel Blantl, ser. both of Harthngton by banns 
mar. by Mr. Knowles April 6. 

William Horner, shoemaker Sc Mary Whitacre, ser. both of Applctre- 
wick by banns, mar. by Mr. Knowles, Cur. April '24. 

Riohd. Milner, Farm' & Martlia Smith, ser. both of llartlinton moor- 
side by banns, mar. by Mr. Thompson Cur. Feb. 8. 


Thos. s. of John Joy of Appletrewick, Hus. bap. by Mr. Knowles 

Mar. 25. 
Oliver s. of W"" Bollum of Nursey House, ser. bap, by Mr. Knowles, 

Cur. Mar. 2G. 
Mary d. of Rich'^ Mason of Scale Mire, labourer by Mr Thompson, Cur. 

'May 11. 
Sarah an illeg. child of Mary Thompson (born Hebden in par. of 

Linton) bap. by Mr. Thompson May 11. 
James s. of Robert Maudsley of Bui-nsall, Slater, bap. by Mr. Knowles 

June 15. 
Agnes d. of John Hebdan of Grimwith, Hns. bap. by Mr. Knowles 

June 30. 
John s. of Charles Bentley of Woodhouse, lab% bap. by Mr. Carr, Rector 

Aug. 10. 
Mary d. of John Greenwood of Burnsall, Haberdasher, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock, Rector Oct. 15. 
George s. of Thomas Fletcher of Hartlintou, Hus. bap. by Mr. 

Thompson Oct. 2G. 
Isabel d. of W" Airton of Barnsall. Farmer, bap. by Mr. Thompson 

Nov. 23. 
Thos. son of W" Cockshott of Rnrnsall, Linen Weaver, bap. by Mr. 

Thompson Dec. 11. 
Martin s. of \V" Ridley of Appletrowick, Miner, bap. by Mr 

Thompson, Dec. 11. 
Jane d. of Anthony Thouipson of Woodlioiise, labourer, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock, Rector, Jan. 9. 
Thos. s. of W"" Horner of Appletrewick, Shoemaker, bap. by Mr. 

Thompson Mar. 12. 


Mary a child of Joseph \Vhit:ikers of Appletrewick. Taylor, bur. by 

Mr. Carr, Rector, May G. 
Henry a child of Lupton Wrathals of Burnsall. Farmer, by Mr. 

Knowles .\ug. 1 . 
Martha Stockdiile. wid. of llartlinton Moorside nigh Dibblebridgo, 

by Mr, Thompson Nov 20. 
WiJliiun Wrathal i^f Th(^rp, Collier, bur. by Mr. Thompson, Jan. 21. 

Nicholas Revnard of Thorp, Yeoman, was bur. by Mr. Knowles. Cur. 

Feb. li. 
Elizabeth Hobden of Appletrewick, widow, by Mr. Tliompsoti Mar. C. 

W" Intiiann Johu Alcock p ^, ,. . 

mi T wim /-I Kectors. 

Tho. Inmami ^, , , W" Carr 

Antho. Metcalf 
Henry Iveson 


Robert Airah of Skierthorns in par, Linton, Shoeinaki-r Sc Mary Biand 

of Woodliouse in this par. spin, by banns, Mr. Alcock, 

Rec. Apr. 1. 
Thomas Pearson. Arncliflf & Mary Hebden of Grimwith in this par. by 

banns, by Mr. Knowles May 5. 
Thomas Carlill of Hetton. hus. & Margaret Shackleton of Rilston, 

widow, both in this par. by Licence mar. by Mr. Thoinps m 

June 13. 
Thos. Bradley, Miller and Mary IHmgworth ser. both of Kilnscy by 

bauDs. by Mr. Knowles Curate Sep. 7. 
Henry Whytaker of Bordley Moor, hus. Kirby Malhamdale A' Margaret 

Procter of Bordlev Moor in this par. by banns l>v Mr. Tliompsun 

Nov. 26. ' 


Ann d. of John Blackburn, Coclcram, Hus. bap. by Mr. Thorap-on 

Apr. 26. 
James s. of Eobt. Malham of Hartlinton, Hus. bap. by Mr. Thompson 

June 7. 
\V° s. of Stephen Kitching of Parcevel Hall, Hus. bap. t^y Mr. 

Thompson July 27. 
Jane d. of Joseph Whitacre of Appletrewick, Tayler, b.ip. by Mr. 

Thompson Aug. 3. 
Marg' d. of W" Hebden of Appletrewick. NYhitesmith, bap. by Mr. 

Thompson Aug. 17. 
W"" ille£. child of Ellen Hebdens of Grimwith, bap. bv Mr. Thompson 

Oct. 1. 
Kobt. s. of W"" Bollum of Nursey, lius. bap. b_\ Mr. Alocck 

Oct. 15. 
Ingram s. of Henrv Ivesoti of Hartlinton Moorside, iui-;. ba[> bv Mr. 

Carr Oct. 20.' 
Ann d. of Robt. Skelton of Woodhouse, Shoemaker, bvip. by Mr. 

Thompson Nov. 8. 
John s. of \V° Airtou of Burnsall, Fanner bap. by Mr. Thompson Dec 6 
Jonathan s. of Henrv Wrathall of Burn-ail, Shoe-maker, bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Dec. 20. 
Christopher s. of John .Toy of Rams Clo<t', bus. biip h\ Mr. K Htc. HO. 

Sarah wife of Stephen Procter, Burnsall, bur. bv Mr. Thompson May 10. 
Isabel d. of James Malham of Hartlinton, bur. bv Mr T. Jmif "is. 

Jiiiiics a cliild of Robert Malbains of Hartlinton, bur. by Mr. T. July *20. 
.I,)[)ii Ilebdeti of Grimwitb, yeoman & wbitesmitb, bur by Mr. 

Tboiiipson Aul;. 20. 
.\iin (i. of TboiUiis Iniiian if Gaiouf), bur. by Mr. Knowles Aug. 21. 
S.irab a cbild of Mary Thompson of Woodbouse, bur. by Mr. T. Sep. 2S. 
.lubii s. of W"' Wrathall of Thorp, bur. by Mr Alcock Oct. 8. 
\\ '" a cbild of Josepli Sheldens of Thorp, bur. by Mr. Carr Oct. 18. 
'i'boiiia? Parker of Appletrewick. yeoman, bur. by Mr. Thompson Oct. 27. 
lsabi>l Kidd of Burnsall, spin. bur. by Mr. Thompson Oct. 29. 
llfiiry s. of Henry Ivesou of Ilarlhnton Moor?ide, bur. by Mr. 

Thompson Nov. 5. 
IVauces Kidd of Harthnton Moorside. widow, bur. by Mr. T. Nov. 22. 
.I('hn Skidton of Harllioton Modisido, Pensioner, bur. by Mr. T. Dee-. 14. 
Nahi'l d. of W " Airton of B irnsall, bur. by Mr. Thompson Dec. 22. 
-John s. of William Airton of Burnsall, bur. by .Mr. Knowles Dec. 29. 
llinmas Flttcbfr of Hartlinton, Hns. bur. by Mr. Knowles Jan. 1. 
I'di/.abetli Lonu'fellow of Burnsall, widow, bur. by Mr T. Jan. 17. 
Mary Parker of Appletrewick, widow, bur. by Mr. Thompson Jan. 2i). 
A;^'iies Hebden. widow, Lodger iu Burnsall. bur. by Mr. T. Mar. 2. 

True Copv W" Wr^.tball ( , . , , 

\>'m 'Vi /T . T -Ml' I Xchwardens. 

W " ihompsou, Curate James Maliiam > 



Tlitunas Fletcher, Hebden par. of Linton Hus. i*i; P^Uz. Ibbotson of 

Hirilinton Moorside, by banns mar. by .Mr. Thompson .\pr. 2-^. 
(it-urge Lassey, Miner i- Frances Smith, spin, both in Plartliiiton hy 

banns by Mr. Thompson .\ug. 8. 
('Iiiist()[iber .Mauds'.ey of Buiiisall. Slater i*l; .Jane Stockdale of Tliorp, 

willow by banns by Mr. Knnwle- (Jcl. 7. 
•lolm Baynes, weaver and .-^gnes Ibbotson, spin, in Hartlinton by Mr. 

Tliomp<on Dec. 10. 
M.ittb»-w Young in par. of Skipton, butclier i^- Saiah Parker of 

Skierholm \n this pa^-. servant by banns by \lr. T lonipsnti Ftli. 14. 
.■\titliony Carlisle, Hus. ^' Eliz''' John-^on. spin, both Hetton by .Mr. 

Knowles Curare Mar. 2it. 


Mary d. of .Tohn Stackhoase of BuiiKall, Carp' bap. by Mr. T. .\pr. 17. 
t'bri-^topher s. of .lohn Smnim I'skill of Burnsall, lab' bap. by .Mr. 

Tiiompson .Tune (5. 
•' 'Ini s. of \V'> [bdmes of Woo.l-.iid. p-li dark bap. bv Mr. T. July 5. 
•billed, of .John Hi Uon of I'lioi f), lab' bap. liy .Mr. Kn uvle-i July 'r,0. 
_^\ '" s. of Thos. Piiwson of Hartlinton. Blacksmith, bap. by Mr. T. Ault '.>. 
lbo>(i;m s of .l(>|ii) Hargieave df Nuisey Hou-e. Hus. by Mr. 

Tlioiiip^ ,11 A LT. It) 
I' uiifis s. of W" Park of Skietholm. yeo. by Mr. Thompson Au.4 29. 
J tiie d. of W'" Buck of Harllinion. Farm', bv .Mr. riioni[)~on Sep. 0. 
IJobri s. ..f Robi. Wniiball of Tiiorp. blacksmith, by Mr. K. Sep. 2-3. 
M 11;; 't d. ot I'll )s. CI I ph I in of II a. tlinton, pi u miner, by Mr. T. Oct. 2. 

^latthew 3. of Robt. Malham of Ilartliiiton, Hus. by Mr. T. Oct. 12. 
Elizabeth d. of John Ik-bden of Appletrewick, Farm', by Mr. Carr 

Oct. 17. 
Jane d. of W"" Stockdale, Ta\ lor, nij^h Dihl)lesbridge. by Mr. T. Oct. 25. 
Eliz'^ d. of W'" Hardcastle of Skierholm, weav'. by Mr. T. Nov. 21. 
Sarah d. of W" Aiiton of Burnsall, Uus hy Mr. Thoinpson Dec. 27. 
Agnes, d. of Jonathan Young of Grunwith. yeo. by Mr, K. Deo. 28. 
Ellen d. of Robt. Maudsley of Burn.^all. Slater, by Mr. K. Jan. 1. 
John s. of John Hodgson of Thorp, nia^on, by Mr. Knowles Jan. Oih. 


William a child of Kllen Hebdens, Giimwitli by Mr. Carr Apr. 4. 
Mrs. Ellen Alcock of Burnsall, widow, bv .Mr Knowles Apr. 7. 
Joseph Stockdale of Thorp, Hus. by Mr. Thompson Feb 13. 
Elizabeth d. of Thos. Hardcastle of Skierholm by Mr T. Feb 1(5. 
Elizabeth Reynard of Thorp, widow, by Mr Knowles May 3. 
George Stainforth of Harthnton Moor.-^ide, yco. by Mr. T. May 6. 
Robert Masland of Hartlinton, pensioner, by Mr. Thompson June 6. 
Elizabeth Biackburn of Thorp, widow, by Mr. Thompson June 20. 
John Hargraves of Thorp, weaver, by Mr. Thompson August 18. 
Thomas Atkinson, Lod^'er in Burnsall, by Mr. Thompson Aug 30. 
An Abortive Child of Richard Masons of Skierholm, Lab. by Mr. 

Thompson Sep. 1. 
Margret wife of George Whitaker of Appletr^ bur. by Mr. T. Sep. 3. 
Anthony Thompson of Appletreewick b'.ir. by Mr. Thompson Sep. 12. 
Elizabeth d. of Thomas Pawson of Hartlinton, blacksmith, by Mr. 

Thompson Sep. 18. 
Margret a child of W" Hebdens of Applet^ by Mr. Alcock Oct 13. 
William Fletcher of Hartlinton, Hus. by Mr. Alcock Dec. 19. 

John Alcock Rector John Naylor 

John Hebden Xchw'^'^* 

John Leland 
Thos. Weatherheid 

A True Copy &:c. in Psh. Xch of Burnsall 1713, as follows. 


Thomas Broughton. hus. & Margret Harling both of Hettnn in this 

par. by Banns by Mr. Kno.vles, Cnrate May 4. 
Robert Hardcastle in par. of Rinpon. Weavir and Lydia Edraundson of 

Appletrewick in this psh. by Banns cert, by Mr. Pattison, Min' 

of Pately mar. by Mr. Kno'des May IG. 
George Wig^lesworth in psh. of Gar.'rave, yeo. & Eliz. Cookson in this 

psh. wid. Iiy 15anns cert, by Mr. Veates, Min of Gargrave mar. 

by Mr. Knowles July 24. 
Edward Kendal, NUison of Skioton psli. it .Mary Kwan of Burnsall in 

this psh spin, l)y banns cert, by Mr. Chetham, Curate of 

Ski[iton mar. by Mr. Alcock. lu'Cl r Oct IH. 
John Rycroft, shoemaker in psh. of Skipton &, Jane Jefferson, servant 

in this psh. by barms cert, by Mr. Chetiiam, Min. of Skipton 

mar. by Mr. Carr, Rector Oct. 19. 

Thomas Joy, Has. ».l' Agnes Morfit, Sclioolun-trL'.>.s botli of Thorp in 

this psh. by Banns mar. by Mf. Carr Pvctor Dec 29. 
Wilham Hallum, miner & Ann Smith, spin.siei both of HaitHnton in 

this |)sb by Banns mar. by Mr. Thompson Curate Jan. 21. 
Thomas Spencer, weav'' il- Hannah Airah, spin, both of Rilstoiie in this 

psh. by Banns mar. by Mr Knowles, cur. Feb. 6. 
John Peart of Kirby Malzeard, yco. iS: Margret Oliver of Xusscy House 

in this psh. spin. mar. by License grtd. by Mr. John Chetham, 

Burr. mar. by Mr. Knowles Feb. 7. 
W"' Horner of Pately in psh. of Rippon, ser. i Elizabeth Darwen, 

spin, in this psh, by Lie. grtd. by Mr. John Chetham, snrr. mar. 

by Mr. Alcock, Rector Feb, 2S. 


W" s. of W"" Horner of Appletrewick, shoemaker bap. bv Mr. Carr 

May 1. 
John an illeg. child of Eliz'^ Deans of Skierbolm bap. by Mr. A. May 22. 
Ann d. of W'^ Lassey of Hartlinton Moorside, miner bap bv Mr. 

Alcock May 22. 
Edward s. of Edward Inman of Appletrewick, Hus. bap. bv Mr. 

Alcock, RfcCtor July 12. 
Joseph an illeg. ch. of Eliz"* Wrathals of Thorp, wid. bap. by Mr. 

Kno^Yles b^ep. 18. 
James an illeg. ch. of Ellen Spurrits of Appletrewick bap. by Mr. 

Thompson Oct. 9. 
Marg' d. of John Baynes of Hartlinton Moorside, weav'' bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Oct. 13. 
Ellen d of Ricliard Mason of Skierbolm, Lab. bap. by Mr. T. Nov. 20. 
Lydia d. of W™ Cockshott of Burnsall, Linnen Weav' bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Nov. 30. 
Samuel s. of Sam' Hartley of Grimwith, miner bap by Mr. T. Feb. 12. 
Ann d. of Chiistopher Hine of Burnsall corJw'' bap. by Mr. T. Feb. 12. 
Eliz"^ d. of Thos. Inman, Skierbolm, Hus. bap. by Mr. Knowles, Cur. 

Feb. 19. 
Mary d. of Anthonv lbl)otson of Hartlinton Moorside, Taylor bap. by 

Mr. Knowles Mar. 19. 


Chiistoplur Malison, Burnsall, yeo. bur. by Mr. T., Cur. Apr. 19. 
(^race wife of Christ' Joy, Rams Close bur. by Mr. Knowles June 8. 
Hi-iu-y Ivtson of Hartlinton Moorside. yeo. bur by Mr. T. June 0. 
Mabel d. of Tlios Inman. Skierbolm, bur. by Mr. Knowles June 29. 
W"' Fletcher of Hartlinton Moorside, pensioner, l)ur. by Mr. Alcock 

Aug. IG. 
John Joy of .Vppletrewick, yeo. bur. by Mr. Knowlus Aug. 27. 
\V"' Ewtin of Burnsall, yeo. bur. by Mr. Carr Nov. IG. 
iJii'b'' Ewan uf Burnsall, ma^on bur. by Mr. Alcock. Rector Feb. 2. 
J"hn i;i;ind of Hart", bach. l)!ir. by Mr. KnowU-s AJar. 23. 

John .\lcock. Rcct. of Burnsall 
Nicho. John Lyster, John Liinan, John Crowther — 




John Patterson of Coniston, Hus. & Mary Coustantine, Skierholm, spin. 

both in this psh. by Banns mar. by Mr. Alcock Rcct. Apr. 28. 
John Smith, Hus. & Ellen Fountain, spin, both Cracoe by Banns mar. 

by Mr. Matt. Knowks Curate May 17. 
W" Morril, serv^ it Ellen Preston, spin, both this psh. by Banns mar. 

by Mr. Thompson Aug. 30. 
Joseph Simpson of Oiley, Farmer & Ann Rpynard. Thorp, spin, by 

License by Mr. Thos. Dawson, surr. mar. by Mr. T. Nov. 29. 
Stephen Procter, Burnsall, yeo. & Ellen Scott, widow both of Cracoe by 

Banns mar. by Mr. Alcock, Rector Feb. 2-5. 


Robert s. of Rob' Skelton of Woodhouse, cord"" bap. by Mr. K. Apr. 1. 
W" s. of W™ Ilawley, Hartlinton, miner bap. by Mr. Thompsnn Apr. 2. 
George s. of Joseph Whitaker. Appletrewick, Taylor bap. by Mr. 

Knowles June 24. 
Margret d. of John Hodgson of Thorp, mason bap. by Mr. Gale July 17. 
Isabel d. of W"^ Bland of Hart°, Plam^ bap. by Mr Alcock. Beet. 

Oct. 13. 
Ellen d. of John Hebden, Appletrewick, farm'' bap. by Mr. K. Oct. IS. 
Michael s. of John Summerskill, Bin-nsall, lab"^ bap. by Mr. K. Oct. 2>S. 
W" s. of Jonathan Young, Grimwith, yeo. hap. by Mr. K. Dec. 17. 
John an illeg. oh. of Eliz''' Horners of Appletrewick, spin. bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Jan. 19. 
Matthew s. of Thos. Clapham of Plartlinton, plumin'' bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Feb. 19. 
John s. of Sam. Hartley, Thorp, min"' bap. by Mr. Carr, Rectoi- Mar. 12. 


Ann Procter of Appletrewick, wid. bnr. by Mr. Thompson Apr. 1. 
Mary a child of Anthony Ibbotson of Hartlinton Moorside, Tavlor bur. 

by Mr. Alcock Apr." 8. 
Margret Ibbotson of Hartlinton Moorside, wid. bur. l)v Mr. Alcock 

Apr. 21. . 
Agnes wifi' of Robert Ibbotson of Hartlinton Moorside, Taxlur tur. by 

Mr. Knowles May 1. 
Jonathan Booth of Burnsall, Innkeeper bin-, by Mr. Alcock May 3. 
Jano Pooler of Burnsall, wid. bur. by Mr. .\lcock June 17- 
Matthew Bland of Hartlinton, Farm"' bur. by Mr. Kno\Y!es July 11. 
John Lilly of DibbKsbridge, Hus. bur. by 'Sir. Ktiowles Nov. 24. 
Elizabeth wift- of Thomas Parker of Grimwith, miner, bur. by .Mr. 

Knowles, Nov. 2G. 
William Lowcock of Woodhouse, Cooper, bur. by Mr. Carr, Rector, 

Feb. S. 
Jane Ratlimell of Thorp, wid. a: Lodger, bur. by Mr. Alcock. Mar. 18. 

This is a true copy, as witness, 
John Alcock, Rector. 
Thos. Ellis, Robt. Inman, John lUirnett. John Birch, Xchwdns. 



.James Challengeliouse, liiiner, & Ann Corker, spin., Greenahill, in 

this psh., by banns mar. by Mr. Matt. Kuowles, Cur., Apr. 28. 
Wni. Constantino, miner, ^l" Mary Malham, spin., both of Hartlinton 

Moorside ni this psh., by banns, mar. by Mr. Alcock, Rect., May 5. 
Robert Hide, weav' & Mary Bentley. spin., both Cracoe, by banns, mar. 

by Mr. Alcock, Rect. May G. 
Robert Wratlier, serv', A- Jane Ilargreaves. spin, of Skierhohn, by 

Banns, inar. by Mr. Carr, Rector Oct. 15. 


John s. of W" Halhmi of Hartlinton Moorside, bap. by Mr. K. Apr. C. 
Esther d. of George Las.-ey of HartUuton Moorside, miner, bap. by 

Mr. Knowles Apr. 28. 
Robert s. of John Rarnctt, Tliorp, farmer, bap. by Mr. K. May i. 
Robert s. of James Pearson, Tiiorp, farmer or Jockey, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock, Rector, May 19. 
Dorothy d. of Jolm Baynes of Hartlinton Moorside, miner, bip. by Mr. 

Alcock May 25. 
Mary d. of \V™ Horner, Appletreewick, shoemaker, bap. by Mr. Kn )wles 

July 24. 
Stephen illeg. ch. of Agnes Royes of HartliuLon Moorside, ser., 

bap. by Mr. Alcock July 28. 
Isubel d. of \Y° Hartjravesof Burnsall, Farmer, bap. by Mr. K. Aug. 5. 
Thomas s. of John Howson of Burnsall, Farnier, bap. by Mr. K. Aug. 5. 
Stephen s. of Rob' Maudsley of Burnsall, slat-rr, bap. by Mr. Knowles 

Aug. 5. 
Elizabeth d. of Joseph Whitaker of Appletreewick, Taylor, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Sep. 8. 
Isabel d. of R )b' Malham oi Burnsall, Fanner, bap. by Mr. A. Oct. 6. 
James, s. of Stephen Procter of Burnsall, yeo., bap. by Mr. .\. Oct. 14. 
Thomas s of Edmund Needham of Hartlinton Moorside, miner, bap. 

by Mr. Kninvles Nov. 27, 
Williatii s. of Thos. Hardcastle of Skierholm. Weav'' bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Dec. 1. 
Sarah d. of Jolm Thornton of Woodhouse. ser., bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Dec. 21. 
Menry s. of Wm. Smith of Skierhohn. yeo., bap. by Mr. A. Jan. 2. 
W" s. of W-" Stockdalc near Dibbles Bridge, Taylor, bap. by Mr. 

Tli'iiiipson .Mar. 2. 
liich'' <. (if \V"' Buck, Hartlinton Rakes, Farmer bap. by Mr. Alcock, 

Reet. .Miir. 2. 

I) u rials. 

R')l)ert Piirk, ^ki. rholui. yeo., bur. hy Mr. Thomp-on Mar. 2i). 
Eliz"' (1. of Saui' llardcasile. Thorp, Uur. I)y Mr. Tliom[)son June 15. 
An iiliorlive ch. of John llowson. Thorp, Jan..' 28. 
Mary wife of lOdw^ Inman, lUunsall. bur. by Mr. K. June 20. 
Cieorgo s. of Joseph Wliitaker, Aupletroewick. bur. by Mr. A. July 1. 

John Atkinson, Thorp, pens', bur. by Mr. Alcock July 7. 
Isabel Airion, Burnsall, spin., bar. by Mr. Knnwles. Sep. 8 
Anthony Eglin, Burnsall, Lo(l^'^ bur. by 'Mv. Alcock Dec. 21. 
Thomas Wright, Ilcbtlen, miner, bur. by Mr. Alcock Dec. 2G. 
Mary Skelton, flartlinton Moorsido, wid., bur. by Mr. A. Jan. 27. 
Marg' Droughton of Ilartlinton, pens^ bur. by Mr. K. Feb. 3. 
John Leyland of Mircshaw, yeo,, bur. by Mr. Knowles Mar. 3. 
John Allot of Ilartlinton Moorside, Lodg', bur. by Mr. K. Mar. 5. 
Robert Luptou, Skierholm, pens% bur. by Mr. Alcock, Rect. Mar. 6. 

A true copy, John Alcock, Rect. 
Nicb. Blackburn, Anthy Hebden, Edw'^ Inman, Tlenary Wrathall, Xcb. 



John Swire, Gargravo, Linen W^^av"" e<e Mary Oldfipjd of Threapland, 

serv', by Banns, cert, by Mr. Yeates, Min. of Gargrave, mar. by 

Mr. Alcock, Rect. Apr. 3. 
W"" Hudson, miner & Eiiz. Malham, spin, both Hartlintnn in this psh. 

by banns, mar. by Mr. Matt. Knosvies. Cur., May 13. 
Peter Kav, Has. i Jane Atkinson, serv- both Burnsall, by banns, hv Mr. 

Alco'ck May 20. 
Thomas Swire, shoemaker ci- Ellen Dean, serv', Thorp, bv banns, mar. 

by Mr. Alcock, R. July 1. 
Mr. James Tennant, grocer & Mrs. Ann Carr, gent°. both Burnsall, by 

Lie. gr. by Mr. John Chetham. surr. mar. by Mr. K. Aug. 7. 
Chr' Taylor of Kettlewell iv Agues Weatherhead, thorp, spm. by banns. 

cert, by Mr. John Currer, Vicar of K. mar. by Mr. A. Sep. 25. 
W"' Hill of Hetton, Hus, & Mary King of Rilstou, spin, by banns, mar. 

by. Mr. Alcock Nov, 4. 
Christopher Demayne of Skipton. Hus. .t Ellen Inman of Burnsall. 

spin, by banns cert, bv Mr. Thos. Carr, minister of Bolton, mar. 

by Mr. Alcock Dec. 30. 
Henry Skflton of Ilartlinton. shoemaker Jc Eliz. Whittaker of Apple- 

trewick, spin, by banns, mar. by Mr. Knowles Cur. Mar. 3. 


John s. of Chrisf Hind of Burnsall, Collier, bap. by Mr. K. April 17. 
W'" s. of John Joy of Rams Close, Farmer, bap. by Mr. T. Apr. 25. 
Thomas s. of Edward Ashton of Hartlinton Moorside, Miner, bap by 

Mr. Knowles May 11. 
John s. of \V"' Fninkland of Langerton, Farmer, bap. by Mr. Thomp- 
son June 17. 
Mary d. of liob' Young of Burnsall. Dish Turner, bap. bv Mr. Knowles 

Au-. 4. 
\V'" s. of W"' King of Thorp. Collier, bap. bv Mr. A. \iv^. 10. 
Mary d. of John llebden of Appletreewiok. Farmer, bap. liy Mr. Alcock 

Sep. 5. 
Robert s. of \V"' Bland of H irtlintm. Plumb', bap. bv Mr. A. Oct. 11. 
John s. of W™ Naylor of Col-arthhouse, Lab , bap bv Mr. K., Oct. 12. 







Mary d. of W'" Cockshott of Burnsall, Grocer & weav^ bap. by Mr. 
Knowles Oct. 17. 


Jolm Horner of Appletreewick, Taylor, bur. by Mr. Alcock Apr. 4. 
John a child of Chris' Hinds of Burnsall, Collier, bur. by Mr. Alcock 

Apr. 20 
Hannah d. of Jolm Windsor of Thorp, Farmer, bur. by Mr. T. Apr. 22. 
Margret wife of ^Y'" Clapbam of Hartliuton, Plum', bur. by Mr. 

Knowles Apr. 29. 
Rich'' a ciiild of W^" Bucks of Hartlinton Rakes, Farmer, bur. 

Alcock May 2:). 
Isabel a child of Robert Malhams of Burnsall, Farmer, bur, 

Knowles June 10. 
Eliz"" wife of Thos. Parker of Appletrecwick, Skinner, bur. 

Knowles June 13. 
W'" Parker of Scalemire, Cooper, bur, by Mr. Alcock, R. June 1-5. 
Anthony Bland of Arngill Head, Skipton, Farmer, bur. by Mr. Knowles 

July 6. 
Mary Brown of Burnsall, Pensioner, bur. by Mr. Alcock, Pi. Au?. 1. 
Ellen d. of James Swale of Burnsall, Carpenter, bur. bv Mr. Knowles 

Aug. 22. 
Anthony Hodgson of Tliorp, Plaisterer, bur. by Mr. K, Sep. 1. 
Mary w. of W" Reynard of Thorp, yeo.. bur. by Mr. Carr, R. Sep. 1-3. 
Margaret d. of John Joy of Ramsclose, Hus, bur. by Mr. A. Oct. S. 
W"" a child of John Joy of Ramsclose, Hus, bur. by Mr. A. Oct. 19. 
Agnes Pawson of Hartlinton, wid. bur. by Mr. Alcock Oct. 22. 
John Harrison of Craven Kell. Farmer, bur. by Mr. Knowles Oct. 2S. 
Mr. Mark Batty of Burnsall, Gent., bur. by Mr. Knowles Nov. 29. 
Thomas Bracewell of ^^'oodhouse, carpenter, bur. by Mr. K. Nov. 29. 
Mr. John Tennant of Burnsall, grocer, bur. by Mr. Knowles Dec. 24. 
Eliz'*' luman of Skierholm, pensioner, bur. by Mr. Knowles Jan. 22. 

A true copy as wit. John Alcock, Rcct. 
Tbo. Gill, John Windsor, W™ Smith, Anthy Ibbotson, Xchwerdens. 

Burnsall, 1747. 

Thos. Beckwith of Bordley, Collier, c^- Eliz"' Rogers of Cracoe, spin., 

both in this psh. by banns mar. by Mr. Alcock, Rect. May 17. 
Thos. Wilkinson, Barden, psh. of Skipton, Hus. t't Eliz"' Horner of 

Applet'', spin., by banns cert, by Mr. Thos. Carr, Cur. of Bolton, 

mar. by Mr. Knowles, Cur., June 11. 
John Airton it Susanna Parkinson, serv'\ Hotton, by banns mar. by 

Mr. Knowles, Aug. 2. 
John Robin.son, Rilston, bach., & Eliz. Hill, Rilstou, serv', both in 

this psh. by License gr. by Mr. W". Curror, surr., mar. by Mr. 

Knowks, Cur., Sep. 14. 
Mr. Matthew Knowles, Clerk, i^- Mrs. Mary Carr, geutlew<nuan, both 

of Burnsall, by License gr. by Mr. Robert Jubb, mar. by .Mr. W™. 

Carr, Rect., Nov. 11. 


John Whitaker of Linton, Hus. &: Marg' Coiistantine of Coniston, by 

}3an)js, cert, by Mr. 'J'ho-s. Gale, Min''. of Linton, mar. by Mr. 

Kuowl(>s Nov. 2G. 
Thos. StacKliouse of Ijiirnsall, Slater & Carp'., & Susanna Parker of 

Applolrk, spin., by banns, mai'. by Mr. John Alcock, Rect., Nov. 30. 
Robert Falsbaw, Coverliam, yeo., .'c Sarali Reynard, Thorp, spin., by 

Banns, cert, by Mr. C. Lonsdale. Min', of Coverham. mar. by Mr. 

Kuowles, Cur., Dec. '2'2. 
James Smith i*c Sarah Eckles, serv'"., both Coniston, bv Mr. John 

Alcock. R., Dec. '2d. 
George Dland of Hartlinton, Hus., Sc Eliz. Booth of Burnsall, widow, 

by Banns, mar. by Mr. .Alcock, Rect., Feb. 7- 


Sarah d. of Joseph Scott of Apple'', Mason, bap. by Mr. K. Mar. 29. 
Mary d. of John Holt of Greeuhow, Min% bap. by Mr. K. Mav. 30. 
Ann d. of John Hargraves, Xursev House, Farm^ bap. bv Mr. Carr 

R. May 24. 
Johns of Robert Malham, Burnsall, Farm', bap. by Mr. Leyland 

June 14. 
W"* s. of Thos. Swire, Thorp, Shoemaker, bap. by Mr. K. July 6. 
John s, of John Inmau, Colg.irthouse, Farm', bap. by Mr. K. July 19. 
Eliz'h d. of Rich'' Slater a wayfaring man born at Hardiucon. bap. 

by Mr. Alcock July 2G. 
W'" s.of John Tliornton, Woodhouse, Lab', bap. by Mr. K. Aug. 30. 
Agnes d. of Stephen Procter, Burnsall, Innkeeper, bap. by ]Mr. Alcock 

Sep. 22. 
Sarah d. of W'" Buck of Hartlinton Rakes, bap. by Mr. K. Oct. 12. 
Robert s. of John Howson, Thorp, Lab', bap. by Mr. K. Oct. 1-3. 
Ellen d. of John Kidd, Thorp, Hus., bap. by Mr. A., R. Nov. 15. 
^Yilliam s. of Robert Wrathall, Thorp, blacksmith, bap. bv Mr. Alcock 

Dec. 2G. 
Stephen an illeg. s. of Mary Maudsley, Burnsall, Ser. bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Dec. 2S. 
Thomas s. of Robert Maudslev, Burnsall, Slater, bap. bv Mr. Alcock 

Dec. 28. 
EUzabelh d. of Hugh Fletcher, Burnsall, Shoemaker, bap. bv Mr. 

Carr, R. Feb. 14. 
Thomas s. of George Lassev of Hartlinton Moorside, Hus., bap. bv Mr. 

Carr, R. Feb. 14. ' ^ 

Isabel illeg. cli. of Mary Hargraves of Skiorholm, bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Feb. 27. 
Ann. d. of Henrv Skelton, Burnsall, Shoemaker, bap. bv Mr Knowles 

Feb. 29. 


George Whitaktr of .\pi)le\ Hus., buried by Mr. Alcock. R. Mar. 27. 
Joanna Shelden of Appk", pension', bur. by Mr. Knowles April 1. 
Eliz"' Bowling of Hartlinton, pension', bur. by Mr. Knowles .A.pril 28. 
Ann Padget of Burnsall, Lodger and widow, bur. by Mr. A. May 17. 


Ann Pratt of Burasall, Lodger k widow, bur. by Mr. Alcock May 18. 
Mrs, Ann Carr of Buvnsall, widow, bur. by Mr. Alcock June 5. 
Susanna, wifp of Rob' Joy, of JJanks, psb. of Rippon, schoolmaster, 

bur. by Mr. Topharo Aug. 24. 
An abortive ch. of Thos. Inraans of Apple*", Farm'', bur. Sep. 5. 
Ann Young of Holes, in T'ship of Ilartlinton, wid., bur. by Mr. Alcock 

Oct. 4. 
Jane wife of Thomas Stackhousc of Burnsall, clockniakcr, bar. by Mr. 

Alcock Oct. 13. 
John Richardson of Thorp, yeo., bur. by Mr. Alcock Nov. 13. 
Robert Inman of r)Urnsall, Farmer & Miller, bur. by Mi-. K. Dec. 2?. 
Su?ana wife of Robert Maudslev of Burnsall, Slater, bur. by Mr. Alcock 

Dec. 28. ' 

John POD of Mr. John Barker, Hebdcn, psh. of Linton, buried by Mr. 

Alcock Jan. 27. 
Sarah d. of Matthew Hargraves of Skierholm, Shoemaker, bur. by Mr. 

Mr. Alcock Mar. 22. 

a true copy, John Alcock, Reef of Burnsall. 

W"" Batty, James Tennant, Stephen Kitching, Thos. Ibbotson, 


^[arriages, Burnsall. 

Thos. Whitaker, Hus., &: Sarah Hall, serv', both Applew". by Banns 

mar. by Mr. Kuowles, Cur., Apr. 13. 
George Emmet of Draughton, Skipton, Hus., & Jane Maudslcy, 

Burnsall, spin., by banns cert, by Mr. Currer, Curate of Skipton, 

mar. by Mr. Knowles May 12. 
John Moorhousc, serv', & Ann Stackhouse. spin., both of Burnsall, by 

banns, mar. by Mr. Alcock May 31. 
Robert Stoney of Iletton, llus., & Ellen Ovington of Kilnsey, widow, 

both in this psh., by banns, mar. by Mr. Knowles, July 3. 
W" Sliarp, Hetton, weav', ik. Mary Toralinson, psh. of Carlton, 

widow, bv banns, cert, by Mr. Tennant, Min' of Carlton, mar. by 

Mr. Alcock, Aug. 23. 
Thos. Ibbotson, Hus., & ^Larg' Kighley, spin, both Cracoo, by banns, 

mar. by Mr. Knowles Aug. 30. 
W"" Preston, Couper, iV Frances Airah, both Rilston, by banns, mar. 

by Mr. Knowles Oct. 27. 
Robert Mandsley, Slater, ik Ann Hardy, spin., both Burnsall, by 

banns, mar. by Mr. Alcock, Feb. (3. 


Ann d. of Sam' Hartley of Thorp, Collier, bap. by Mr. A., R. Apr. 8. 
Mary d. of John Suminerskill, of Pjurnsall, Lab', bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Apr. 3. 
Tamar d. of J:^dmniid Necdliam of Hartlinton Moorside, Min', bap. by 

Mr. Alcock .\pr. 5. 
Ann d. of W"' Hallaiu of Hartlinton Moorside, Min', bap. by Mr. 

Alcock May L 


Susanna d. of Rich'^ Mason of Skierholm, Lab', bap. by Mr. A. July 24. 
John s. of W" Stockdale of 11 avtlinton Mooiside, Taylor, bap. by Mr. 

Kuowlcs Sep. 9. 
John s. of John Birch of lIole> in Hartlinton, Hus., bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Sep. IS. 
Eliz-'' d. of Tliumas Stackhouse junior of Duru.^all, IIus., bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Sep, IS. 
John s. of John Joy of Ranisclose, Farm', bap. by Mr. K. Oct. P. 
Ann d. of John Burnet, Thorp, IIus., bap. by Mr. Knowlcs Oct. 9. 
Thomas s. of Thos. Inmau, Appletre^, Farm', bap. by Mr. K. Nov. 7. 
Thomas ?. of Tiio.s. Swii-e, Thorp, Shoemaker, bap. by Mr. A. Nov. 27. 
Grace d. of W'" Buck of Hartlinton Rakes, Hus.. bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Jan. 8. 
Ann d. of John liebden of Applet)'*', Farmer, bap. by Mr. K. Jan. 23. 
George s. of Thos. Whitaker of .Vppletr^, Farmer, bap. bv Mr. Knowle.? 

Jan. 81. 
Ann d. of \V"' Horner of Apple", Shoemaker, bap. by Mr. K. Feb. 2G. 


John s. of ^\"'^ Holme.s of Wood End, Parish Clerk, bur. by Mr. 

Knowles Apr. 1. 
Luke s. of W" Thornton of Hartlinton, bur. by 2*1 r. Alcock Apr. 22. 
Jonathan Younc,^ of Griiinvith. Avple''. Farm', bur. by Mr. K. Apr. 24. 
W"" Park of Skierholm Gate, yeo., bur. by Mr. Knowles May 27. 
Wary wife of Xtopher Kitching of Woodhou^e, Farm', bur. by Mr. 

Knowle? July 81. 
Chrii^topher Hme of Burnsall, Sexton, bur. by Mr. Alcock Sep. 24. 
Thomas a clhld of Robert Maud.-ley of Burnsall, Slater, bur. by Mr. 

Knowles Sep. 27. 
Eliz"' wife of James Knowles of Thorp, Hus., bur. bv Mr. Knov.les 

Nov. 8. 
Joanna Slockdalt of Burnsall, lodger, bur. by Mr. Alcock Feb. 21. 
William Thornton of Hartlinton, Huntsman, bur. by Mr. A. Mar. 19. 

This 13 a true copy as witness, Matth. Knowles. Curate. 
James Tcnnant, W"' Batty, Stephen Kitching, Thos. Ibbotsou, Xchs. 

Burnsall, 1749. 


Chiney Mason of Skipton and Mary Bland of Hartlinton in this psh, 

spin, by banns cert, by Mr. J. Rylcy, Offic*^ Cur. of Skipton, mar, 

by Mr. Knowles, .Mar. 27. 
John Fawcct uf Gill Edge, Chapdry of Askrigge, Sc Martha Marshall 

of Jiilston, spin, by banns cert, by .^lr. J. Metcalf, Curate of 

Askrigge, mar. by Mr. Knowles Mar. 30. 
Silvester Hebdcn of Applet', Hus. i'(: l'.^llcn Booth of Burnsall. spin, by 

banns, mar. by .Mr. Alcock. R., Apr. 3. 
Matlhfw Sturey. Collier, iv Au".ies Horseliuld, wid., botliBordky Moor, 

in this j>sh, mar. by Mr. Matth. Knowles, Curate, Aug. 81. 
Thomas liumby of Burnsall, Cooper, i^ Susanna Doan, of Skierholm, 

scrv', by banns, mar, by Mr, Alcock, R., Oct. 28. 


I Alex' Rbcnald of S'A-inith'A'aite in West Witton, Innkeeper, Sc Isabel 

I Richardson, Thorp, wid., by banns cert, by Mr. Edmund T.o\vis, 

\ Curate of West Wilton, mar. by Mr. Knowles Nov. 2. 

[•" Baptisms IT'lO. 

Margaret d. of William Smith of Skierholra, yeo., bap. by Mr. Knowles 

Mar. 26. 
Matthew s. of Thos. Pawson of Hartlintou, blacksmith, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Apr. 2. 
Mary d. of W"" Naylor of Burnsall, Lab', bap. by Mr. A., R., May 15. 
Luke s. of John Thornton of Woodhouse, Miller, bap. bj Mr. Alcock, 

R., June 11. 
John s. of Peter Kay of Burnsall, llus., bap. by Mr. Alcock June 17. 
Mary d. of John Moorhouse of Burnsall, Lab', bap. by Mr. Knowles 

'June 20. 
Isabel d. of W" Cockshot of Burnsall, Linnen Weav', bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Aug. G. 
Robert s. of Robt. Malham of Burnsall, Farm', bap. by Mr. Alcock, 

R , Ant:. 7. 
John s. of W" Holmes of Woodend, psh. dark. bap. by Mr. A. Sep. i. 
Khz'*' d. of John Stackhonse of Burnsall, Carpenter, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Sep. o. 
MafL'aret d. of Joseph Whitiker of Appletr'' bap. by Mr. K. Sep. 11. 
Thomas s. of Thos. Wraihall of Skievhulm. Lib', bap. by Mr. Ivnowles 

Sep. 12. 
Benjamin s. of Edmund Needham of Ilartlinton Moorsido, ^lin', bap. 

by Mr. Alcock Sep. 21. 
Su-ai ua illeg. cli. of Maiy Whitelock of Nursey House, Lodg', bap. by 

Mr Knowlf? :no\. 7. 
Sarali d. of John HM-^raues of Nursev House, Min', bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Oct. 2. 
John s. of John Holt of Green Know, Min', bap, by Mr. A. Nov. 2G. 
Jane d. of Thos. Clapham of Hartlinton, Plummer, bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Dec. 10. 
Eii/.'i' d. of \V"> Shackleton of Skierholm, Hus., bap. by Mr. A. Dec. 25. 
Mary d. of W'" Bland of Hartlinton, Piunnner, bap. by Mr. A. Dec. 2G. 
Ma.y d. of John How-on of Tliorp, Min', bap. by Mr. A. Dec. 27. 
Jane d. of Silvester Hebden of Applet''. Hus.. bap. by Mr. A. Fob 10. 
Hlmu-v s. of Henry Sk^'ltoii of Buriisall, Shoemaker, bap. by Mr. 

.Alcock Feb. 1?^. 
Apms ilieL'. d. of Jane Thornton ot P>ini)sall, bap. bv Mr. Knowles 

Mar. 1-1. 
Ann ilh'i,'. d. of I'llcn Spin-rit of Ap[)le'', bap. privately by ^[r. 

Krowlfs Mar. 1 i"l- pub. A\)v. 9. 

P.urials, 174i). 

TIkk. p. of TIhh. luman of Apple''. Farm', bur. bv Mr. A. Apr. 22. 
Mary Pai k of Skieiliolm. s|Mn., bur. by .Mr. .\K'Ock May ('». 
Cutheriiie Park of Skierholui. widow. i>ur. bv Mr. Knowles May 25. 
W'" Piekaid ol Api!.\ Blacksmith, bui. by .Mr. Knowles May 2(5. 


John Parcivall of llartlinton Moorsido, Shoemaker, bur. by Mr. 

Knowlcs June 6. 
Margaret d. of Mr. Thos. Bland of Woodhouse, bur. bv Mr. Knowles 

Sep. 27. ■ - 

James Smith of Harthnton Moorside, Min'', bur. by Mr. A. Oct. 21. 
An abortive illeg. eh. d. of Mary Wliitelock of Nursoy House, lodger, 

Nov. 7. 
Susana the illeg. ch. of Mary Whitolock of Nursey House, bur. by Mr. 

Knowles Nov. 9. 
Mary Wliitelock of Nursey House, Lodger, bur. by Mr. A. Nov, 1.3. 
Sarah Ward of Skierholm. widow, bur. by Mr. Alcock, R., Doc. 11. 
Benjamin s. of Ivlw' Needham o^ Hartlinton Moorside, bur. by Mr. 

Knowlcs Dec. 13. 
Robert a child of Robert Malhams of Burnsall, Farmer, bur. by Mr. 

Knowlts Dec. 19. 
Jane a child of Thomas Claphams of Hartlinton, Plummer, bur. bv 

Mr. Knowles Dec. 19. 
Mary Minikin of Burnsall, Lodger, bur. by Mr. Alcock, Jan. i. 
Henry Nursey of Apple", yeo., bur. by Mr. Alcock Jan. 27. 
An abortive female child of Mr. James Tennants of Burusall, Grocer, 

bur. Feb. 7. 
Walter Malham of Woodhouse, Min', bur. by Mr. Carr, R., Feb. 25. 

This IS a true copy, 

John Alcock, Rector. Matthew Knowles, Curate. 
NV" Inman, George Ibbotson, W" Smith, Xchwdns. 



Major Harper. Mason, i<- Sarah Richard, spin., both Appletr^ by banns, 

mar. by Mr. Knowles June 4. 
W" Wilson of Burnsall, Baker, .;: EHzab"^ Ewan of Thorp, spin., by 

banns, mar. by Mr. Knowles, curate, July 3. 
James Brown, Writing Master, ct Mary Stockdale. spm.. both Cracoe, 

by banns, mar. by Mr. Knowles July 81. 
Mr. Tlios. Bland of Bardsey, schoolra', lI- Ellen Tennant of Hartlinton. 

spin., by banns cert, by Mr. James Cooke, Minister of Bard.~py, 

jnar. by Mr. Knowles Aug. 28. 
Joseph Hardy, Collier, & Ellen Smith, spin., of Cracoe, by banns, mar. 

by Mr. Knowles Sep. 21. 
Roger Tea^dil, Collier, i^- Margaret Laycock, serv'. both of Bordley 

Moor, by banns, mnr by Mr Alcock, R, Oct 18 
W"' Rodwfll of Ht'bden, in psh. of Linton, Min'. i*L- Grace Joy of 

Ramsclose, spin., by banns, cert, bv Mr. Ben. Smith, Rector of 

Linton, mar. by Mr. Knowles, Nov. G. 
Henry Parker of A^)l>le^ Breeches Maker, .<; Mary Skelton. of 

Hartlinton Moorsid-^, spin., by License gr. by Mr. John Alcock, 

surr., mar. by Mr. Knowles Dec. 4. 
Thos. Morphit, serv'. .1- Mary Kitchiiig. serv'. both of Burnsall. by 

banns mar. by Mr. John Alcock. R., Jan. 10. 


Robovt Blackburn, Fins., & Sarah Weatherhead, spin., botli of Thorp, 

mar. by Mr. Knowler, Jan. 31. 
John Wratliall, blackr^rnith, .I- Mary Trotter, spin., both of Rilston, by 

banns, mar. by Mr, Knowles Jan. 31. 
Stephen Bland Sc Ann Picker.^gill, both of Street Lane, in p?h. of 

Kippou, Lie. bv Mr. Alcock, surr., mar. by Mr. Alcock Feb .18. 
Thomas Jackson of Cracoe, yeo., & Mary Hitching of Thrcapland, 

spin., Lie. gr. by Mr. Alcock. surr., marr. by Mr. Alcock Mar. 7. 
Roberts, of Henry Inman, Grimwith. Hus.. bap. by Mr. A. Apr. IG. 
Thomas ct Timothy, t^•'in ss. of John Kidd. Thorp, Hus., bap. by Mr. 

NY"' Thompson, Minister at Addinghara. Apr. 29. 
Matthew, s. of Rich'^ Mason of Skierholm, Lab^ bap. by Mr. Alcock 

May 27. 
Mary d. of Robert Wratliall of Thorp, Blacksmith, bap. by Mr. 

Knowles June 3. 
Jane d. of W"^ Nelson of Burnsall, Hus. or Serv', bap. by Mr. Knowles 

June i. 
Christopher s of Mr. Thos. Bland of Woodhouse, schoohn', bap. by 

Mr. Alcock June 2-4. 
\V" s. of W=" Wadsworth, Thorp, Has., bap. by Mr. K. July 31. 
James s. of Jamps Harper of Woodhouse. Linnen Weav^ bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Sep. ](!. 
Ellen d. of Stephen Procter of Burnsall, Innkeeper, bap. priv. Sep. IS 

Sc rec'' Oct. 10 bv Mr. Knowles. 
William s. of W™ Hallum of Hartlinton Rakes. Hus.. bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Oct. 7- 
Mary d. of W-" Buck of Hartlinton Rakes, Hus. bap. by Mr. K. Nov. 4. 
Ellen d. of Richard Pickard of Appletr^ Blacksmiili. bap. by Mr. 

Knowlfs Nov. 13. 
Christopher s. of Thos. Whitaker of Appletr\ Hus.. bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Nov. 21. 
John s. of Joseph Ellis of Hartlinton, pensioner, bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Nov. 25. 
Hcnrv s. of Ilenrv Parker of Appletr^ Breeches Maker, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Jan 2. 
Eh/.al>eih d. of Thomas Bumby of Burnsall. Cooper, bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Jan. 13. 
Ciooigt' s. of Thomas Inman of Appletr". Farmer, bap. by Mr. A. .Feb. 3. 
John s. of John Hebden of Appletr^.^ Farmer, bap. by Mr. K., Feb. 10. 
■Dinah (1. of Tlios. Stackhouse of Skicrhohn, Lab% bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Feb. 10. 
Henry s. of IL-nrv Sinip-on of Skurhohn, Has., bap. by Vv. K., Feb. 17. 
JinMm'ah s. of M'etcalf Rohmson of Hartlinton Mo(n->id\ Miner, bap. 

I'v Mr. Alcnck Mar. 17. 


Sam' Hardca.^tlo. Thorp. Hus., bur. by Mr Alcock R.. Apr. 2. 
Piobcit ll)l>ntsoii of Ihnnetfuld, Taylor, hur. hy Mr. Alcock A['r. 15. 
Sam' Sniitli of Apph ti^. P>iucher. "bur. hy Mr. Kn'^wKs. Apr. 23 


Isabel Lilly of Durnetfold, WiiL, bur. by Mr. Knowles Apr. 9A. 
Ai5n Smith of Appleir*', WicL, bur. by Mr. Knowles May 15. 
Mary, wil'e of Win. Wilsop of l^nrnsall, Sexton, bur. by Mr. A., May 30. 
W" In man of Appletr'\ Pensioner, bur. by Mr. Knowles June 4. 
Matthew Ilar^raves of Skierholm. Shoemaker, bur. bv Mr. K.,Oct. 26. 
Mary, wife of W"' Parker of Skierholm, Yeo., bur. by Mr. A., Nov. 11. 
Mary Procter of Api)letr'', Spin., bur. by Mr. Knowlt-s Nov. 22. 
Mar^'aret, wife of .\ntoiiy lbbot>oQ of Hartlinton Moorside, Taylor, 

bur. by Mr. Knowle-; Dec. o. 
.John Joy of Thorp, Pensioner, bur. by Mr. Knowles Feb. 15. 
W"" Parker of Skierholm, Yeoman, bur. by ^vlr. Knowles Mar. 10. 

This irf a true copy, &c.. Will. Carr, Rector of Burnsall. 

Edw"^ luman, John Crowther, Xchwdns. 

A llegister of all Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials, had in the 
Parish Church of Burnsall in the year of our Lord 1751. 

Will" Haworth, Serv', and Elizabeth Moyls. Scrv', both of Conistnn 

in this par. by banns, mar. by Mr. Knowles 'May 5. 
James Tcnnant of Hawswick, par. of Arncliffe, Hu?., and Mnry 
Gregson of Cracoe in this par., spin., by banns ecr. l>y Mr. John 

Chapman Vicar of A., mar. by Mr. Knowles May 6. 
Thomas Calvert of Staibotton, par. of Kettlewell, Miner, and Ann 

Knowles of Thorpe in this par., spin., by Banns, err. by Mr. 

John Currer, Vicar of K., mar. by Mr. Alcock May 80. 
Robert Ibbolson, Hus., and Agnes Bierley, serv', bith of Hartlinton 

Moorsidc in this par. by banns, mar. by Mr. Alcock, l\ector, 

June 13. 
Antliony Simpson of Grassington, par. of Linton, serv'. and Ann 

Ibbotson of Burnetfold in this par., spin., by banns, cer. by .Mr. 

Ben. Smith, Rector of L., mar. by Mr. Knowles, Cur., July 17th. 
Thomas Parker, II us., and Margaret Walsh, serv*, both of Applotree- 

wick in this par. by banns, mar. by Mr. Alcock, Rector. July 22. 
John Chapman, of Grassinfrton, wid., and Marg' Snunson, wid., of 

Grassington, both in par. of Linton by Lie. gr. by ReV' Mr. John 

Alcock, surr., mar. by the same Oct. 17. 
Thomas Herd, wid., and Francos Mangham, spiti., both of Malbam 

par. of Knkby Malhamdale by Lie. gr. by Mr. J. Alcock, snir., 

mar. by the same Oct. I!). 
Thomas l")emayne, of 'J'hre-htiold, par. of Linton, and Mary .Xtkin-^on, 

of Scak- IIouso in this par., serv', by banns, Cr'r. by Mr. Iliwit, 

Curate of L., mar. by Mr. Knowles, Cur., Oct. 2<J. 

Baptisms, 1751. 
Lucy, d. of W"' Siockdale of Dibbles I'ridge, Taylor, bap. by Mi. 

Rob' Fountaino Apr. .j. 
Richard s. of l^dinund Fletcher of ]^>urnsall. Taylor, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Apr. 10. 
Gcor^'o s. of George Lassy of Hartlinton Moorside, miner, bap. by Mr. 

Knowles .\pr. 21. 


Elizabeth d. of W"- Horner of Ajipletrewick, shocinaker, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Apr. 2S. 
Elizabeth d. of Major Harper of Appleticwick, uiason, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Apr. -20. 
Ellen (1. of Thos. Swire of Thorpe, shoemaker, biip. by Mr. Knowles 

May 5. 
Isaiah s. of Eduniud Needbam of Harilinton xMoorside, miner, bap. by 

Mr. Knowles May 11. 
Matthew s. of Rub' Wrathall of Skierhohn, lab., bap. by Mr. K. Oct. 5. 
John .'^. of Henry Smilhies, miller, of Burusall, bap by Mr. A. Oct l.j. 
Agues d. of John Thornton of Woudhouse, miller, bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Oct. 27. 
Thos. illeg. ch. of Agnes Snmmer.-gill of Hartlinton Moorside, bap. 

by Mr. Alcock Nov. 24. 
Ann d. of W"" Shackleton of Skierhohn, Hus., bap. by Mr. T. Dec. 23. 
John s. of Henry Inman of Gateup, Hus., bap. by Mr. T. Dec. 26. 
Thos. s. of John" Burnet of Thorp, Has., bap. by yiv. Knowles Dec. 27. 
Thos. s. of Rob' Blackburn of Langerton. Hus., bap. by Mr. K. Dec. 27. 
Agnes d. of John Baynes f-f Burnetfold, weav"^, bap. by Mr. K. Jan. 2. 
Thomas s. of W'^' Buck of Hartlinton Rakes, Hus., bap. by Mr. Alccck 

Feb. 3. 
Christopher s. of John Hargravos of Skierholm, mmS bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Feb. 10. 
Ann d. of Will"' Cockshott of Bnr)isall, Linen weav'', bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Feb. 2G. 
Thomas s. of Henry Parker of Hartlinton, Feltmonger, bap. by Mr. 

Knowles Mar. )s. 
Jonathan s. of John Birch of Hartlinton Moorside, Hus., bap. by Mr. 

Hewit Mar. 15. 
Margaret an illeg. ch. of Agnes Horners of Appletrcwick, bap. by Mr. 

Alcock Mar. 20. 

Burials 1751. 

Margaret Wilson of Thorp, Pens', bur. by Mr. Alcock June 13. 
Margaret Collier of Skierholm, widow, bur. by Mr. Knowles July 8. 
Jane w. of Thos, l"nman of Woodhouso, bur. by Mr. Alcock July 10. 
Isabel Atkinson of Thorpe, single woman, bur. by Mr K. July 31 
W°' Barker of Hebden par. of Linton, chandler, bur. by Mr. K. Sep. 9. 
George a child of George Lassey's of Hartlinton Moorside, min', bur. 

by Mr. Knowles Oct. 8. 
Elisabeth d. of Edmund Needham of Hartlinton Moorside, bur. by Mr. 

Alcock Oct 12. 
John Jov of Appletrewick, yeoman, bur. by Mr. Alcock Oct. 27. 
Ijucy a ch. of W'" Stockdales of Dibbles Bridge, bur. by Mr. K. Oct. 30. 
W'' a ch. of J(jhn Tiiorntons of Woodliouse, bur. by Mr. K. Nov. 13. 
John a cli. of John Parcivals of H.utlinton dec', bur. In- Mr. Knowles 

Nov. 15. 
Hob' Harper of Woodhouse, Lodger, bur. by Mr. Alcock Dec. IL 
Ann wife of John Thornton of Woodhouse, MilUr, bur. by Mr. Alcock 

Doc. 28. 


Sarah d. of John Inman of Tlioip, Hus., bur, by Mr. Alcock Dec. 28. 
Elisabeth a ch. of Major Harpers of Applotrewick, bur. by Mr. 

Knowlcs Dec. 80. 
Ellen a ch. of W"' Waclsworths of Tliorp, bur. by Mr. K. Jan. H. 
Joshua a ch. of Sam' Hartleys of Thorp, l)nr. by Mr. A. Jan. 19. 
Mary a cli. of Sam' Hartleys of Thorj), bur. by Mr. Alcock Jan. 24. 
Matthew a ch. of Thomas Kawsons of Hai'llinton, bur. by Mr. Alcock 

Feb. 5. 
Dinah cl. of Thos. Stackhousc of Thorp, bur. by Mr. Alcock Mar. 20. 

This is a true copy of the Eeg' of Burnsall, 

John Alcock, Rect" John Harper, Ch. W'd. 

W" Carr, Rect^ George Ibbotson. Ch. Wd. 

A true and perfect Reg' of All Mar. Bap. & Bur. had in p'*' of 
Burnsall fr. 25 Mar. 1752 till 25 Mar. 1753. 

Roger Procter, bac, & Jane Weatherhead, spin., both of Litton, par. 

of Arncliffe, by Lie. gr. by Rev'^ John Alcock, mar. by Matthew 

Knowles Apr. 9. 
Francis Leyland, of Threslilield, par. of Linton, bac. & Jane Mason, 

of Cracoe, spin., by Banns cer. by M"^ John Hewitt, Curate of L., 

rnar. by M' Alcock Apr. 29. 
W'Di Overend, of Rilston, Taylor, it Mary Drake, of Bordley Moor, 

spin., both in this par., by Banns, mar. by Mr. Alcock Apr. 30. 
\V"' Horsefield, Hus., & Ann Kidd, Serv', both of Hetton, by banns, 

mar. by M' Kuowles June 4. 
Thomas Gray, \Veav^ & Ann West\Yood, spin., both of Hetton, by 

Banns, mar. by M'' Knowles June 30. 
Thomas Metcalf, serv', of Kettlewell, it Jane Summersgill, spin., in 

this par., by Banns, cer. by M'' John Currer, Minister, K., mar. 

by M' Knowles July 12. 
George Needham, minS & Isabel Naylor, seiv', both of Burnsall, by 

J>anns, mar. by M'' Knowles July 22. 
W"" Brayshay, par. of Kirby Malhamdale, it Mary Eldsworth, of 

Hetton, spin., by Banns, cer. by M' Riclr' Waite, Curate of K., 

mar. by M"^ Knowles Oct. 19. 
Robert Procter, bac, it Mary Hammerton, spin., both of Long 

Preston, by Lie. gr. by Ivev' John Alcock, surr., mar. by M' 

Knowles Nov. 4. 
Joseph Whiteoak, of the par. of Kildwick, it Marg' Stachhouse, of 

Burnsall, sorv', by Banns certitieJ by M' J. Dehane, Vicar of K., 

mar. by M' Knowles Dec, 28. 
James }\ipley, of Chassington, par. of Linton, mm', it Mary Parkinson, 

of Cracoe, spin., by lianns, cer. bv M' Joim Huwitt, Curate of L., 

mar. by ^P .\lcock Feb. 11. 

Mary d. of \V" Nelson, Burnsall, Lab', bap. by M' .Matt. K. .\pr. 5. 
Sarah d. of \V"' Naylor, Burnsall, Lab', bap. by M' >hitt. K. Apr. 19. 
W™ s. of Robert Inman, Burnsall, Hus., bap. by M' Matt. K. June 15. 


Esther d. of W'" Inland of Ilavtlinton, plumber, bap. by M' Malt. 

Kuowks July 2G. 
Mary d. of W" Bro<\-n, Tliorp, Lab', bap. by M'^ Matt. K. July '2G. 
Elizabeth d. of Silvester Hcbd^n of Appletrewick, l]us., bap. by M' 

J. Alcock Aug. 30. 
Fanny d. of Georgo La.-sey of Ilartlinton Moorside, minS bap. by M' 

Knowle.'^ Sep. 19. 
Ann d. of Stephen Procter. Burnsall, Innkeeper, bap. by M' Alcock 

Sep. 24. 
Isabel d. of \V°- Holmes of Wood End, p^'' clerk, bap. by M' Alcock 

Oct. 23. 
Joseph ?. of Henry Skelton, Barn?all. Shoemaker, bap. bv M"' Alcock 

Nov. 19. ' 
Mary d. of Major Harper of Appletrewick, Mason, bap. by M' Knowles 

Dec. 12. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Whilaktr of Appletre^Yick, Tanner, bap. by 

M' Alcock Jan. G. 
Ann d. of Anthony Simpion of Burnetfold, Min% bap. by M' Knowles 

Jan. 11. 
Agnes d. of Thos. Stackhouse of Woodhouse, Slater, bap. by M' 

Kuowles Mar. 9. 
Ellen d. of W"^ Franklaud, Laugorion, Has., bap. by M' K. Mar. 10. 


W°' s. of John Greenwood of Thorp, Hatter, bur. by M' A. Mar. 29. 
Sarah w. of John Hoaton of Eshold Side, par. of Kirby Malzeard, bur. 

by M^ Alcock Apr. 16. 
Margaret illeg. d. of Agnes Horner of Appletre\vick, bur. by M' 

Knowles May 23. 
Mary d. of W™ Nelson of Burnsall, Lab^ bur. by ^P Knowles Aug. 11. 
Anthony Metcalf of Thorp, yeoman, bur. by M' Knowles Nov. 1. 
William Clapham of Ilartlinton, pluruber, bur. by M' K. Dec. 11. 
Isabel d. of W"" Holmes of Wood End, bur. by M' Alcock Jan. IS. 

This is a true copy, as witness, John Alcock, Eector. 

John Imnan, John Joy, Tliomas Booth, Xchwdns 

There is no transcript preserved for the year 1753-i. 

A Reg' of all Mar., ]3ap., .v Bur. had m p^'' Burnsall 25 Mar., 
1751, till 25 Mar., 1755. 


Lawrence Preston i*i: Hannah Watcrhouse, bntli of Burnsall, mar. by 

I'.anns (pub. Mar. 3, 10, 17) U Apr., 1751, by .Matt. Knowles in 

the pres. of W'" Holmes. 
John Inrnan, Blacksmith, i^ Ann Overend, spin., both of Burnsall, 

mar. by Banns (Mar. 31, Apr. 7. 11) IG Apr., 1751, by Matt. 

Knowles. — John Inniau, Ann x Overend — I'^dward Demaiu, \\ "' 

John Thornton, Mmer, Sc Ann Tiiompsou, s[)in., both of tliis par., 

mar. by Banns (.May 10, 2G, June 2) 9 June, 1751, with cuzisent 


of parents, by Matt. Knowles, Minister. — John x Thornton, 

Ann X Tliompsou — Thos. x Booth, Joseph Thompson. 
John Thompson, yeoman, Sc Mary Tatterson, spin., both of this par., 

mar. by Banns (Juno 16, 23, 30) 1 July, 17G1, by John Alcock, 

01k. — John Thompson, Mary x Taiterson — W" Thompson, \V^ 

W" Beecrofl, serv', & Mary Young, spin., both of this par., mar, by 

Lie. (fr. John Alcock, surr.) 25 Aug., 1754, by John Alcock, 

Rector. — \V''' xBcccroft, Maryx Young — Stephen Procter, Ellin 

George Crosley, o<' the par. of Keighlcy, Woolcomber, & Jane 

Ihornton, of Burnsall, spin., mar. by Banns (Aug. 25, Sep. 1, b) 

IS Sep., 1751, by John Alcock, Sen', Clk. — George x Crosley, 

Jane x Thornton — Thos. Pawson, W'" Holmes. 
John Bake, Carpenter, & Dinah Walsh, spin., both of this par., mar. 

by Banns (Sep. 15, 22, 29) 3 Oct., 1754, by Matt, Knowles, 

Mmister.— John Bake, Dinah x Walsh— Thos. Rathmell, W™ 

Banns pub. of Rich'' Slingcr, of this par., & Elizabeth Dent, of the 

par. of Kettlewell, Oct. lo, 20, 27, by Matt. Knowles, Minister. 
W'^ Keighley, Hus., cV: Ann Inman, sphi., both of this par., mar. by 

Banns (Jan. 5, 12, 19) 22 Jan., 1755. by Matt. Knowles, Rector. 

— W"* Keighley, Ann x Inman, Major Harper, W"" Holmes. 
Banns published of Thos. Naylor & Elisabeth Buckten Jan. 19, 26, 

Feb. 2 by John Alcock, Matt. Knowles. 
W"' Duckit, Hus., i^ Elisabeth Constantine, spin., both of this par., 

mar. by Lie. (fr. M' Alcock, Surrogate) 8 Feb., 1755, by Matt. 

Knowles, Rector of Burnsall. — W"" Duckit, Elisabeth Constantine 

— John Holgate, W'" Holmes. 

Baptisms, 1754. 

Thomas s. of John Waite of Hartlintou Moorside, Min^ bap. by M' 

Knowles Apr. 14. 
Sarah d. of Nich. Musgrovc of Hartlinton, Taylor, bap. by M' .\lcock 

Apr. 25. 
Peter s. of W"' Buck of Hartlinton Rakes, Farmer, bap. by M' Alcock 

July 22. 
Elizabeth d. of Richard Woodspith, of Hartlintou Moorside, Min% 

bap. by M' Alcock Aug. 4, 
John s. of James Harper of Tiiorp, Linen Weav', bap. by M' Alcock 

Aug. 11. 
Agnes d. of Edmund Fletcher of Burnsall, Taylor, bap. by M' Alcock 

Aug. IS. 
W'" s. of W'-' Frankland of Langorton, Hus., bap. by M' K. Sep. 1. 
Ellen d. of James W hitakor of Parcival Hall, llus., bap. by M' 

Knowles Sep. 1. 
Jane d. of James Armistead of Thorp, Farmer, bap. by M' A. Sep. 8. 
W"' s. of Major Harper of Applctrewick, ^h\£on, bap. by Mr. A. Sep. 9. 
Katheiine d. of Ijcuj" Carnngtou of Ci'aven Kcll, Miu', bap. by M'" 

Alcock Oct. G. 


Authony s. of Henry Inman of Appleti-'', Tnnkp'', bap. by M' Benj" 

Smith Oct. 8. 
Esther cl. of W^ Shackleton of Skicrholm, Hus., bap. by M' A. Oct. 2-1. 
Sarah d. of Hugh Fletcher of Burnsall. Cordwain"", bap. by M' Hiiitt 

Oct. 27. 
Ellen d. of W°" Beecroft of Burnsall, privately by 'M' Knowles Dec. 12, 

& publicly by M' Aloock Dec. 15. 
Mary d. of Robert Blackburn of Langerton, Hus., bap. by M' Alcock 

Dec. 19. 
Authony s. of John Thompson of Woodhouse, Lab', bap. by M' Alcock 

Jan. 12. 
Thomas illeg. s. of Agues Horner of Appletr'' bap. by M' A. Feb. 9. 
J^lipabeth illeg. d. o£ Esther Wmterburu of Hartlinton, bap. by M' 

Alcock Mar. 9. 

Burials, 1754. 

Matthew Wilkinson of Hartlinton, pens', bur. by M' Alcock Apr. 1. 
Isabel d. of John Greenwood of Thorp, Hatter, bur. by M' Knowles 

Apr. 15. 
William Hargraves of Slnerholm, Weaver, bur. by M' Alcock Apr. 23. 
Edmund Needham of Hartlinton Moorside, Min"", bur. by M' Alcock 

Apr. 24. 
Richard Colton of Burnsall, Hus., bur. by M' Alcock May 11. 
John 6. of Richard Pickard of Barden, Blacksmith, bur. by M' Alcock 

May 23. 
Thomas Musgrove of Hartlinton, pens' bur. by M' Alcock June 20. 
Smith s, of John Hold of Green Know, bur. bv M' Alcock July 16. 
The Revd. M' W^' Carr Reef of the other Med. of Burnsall, bur. by 

M' Knowles Aug. G. 
Ann w. of W'" Smith of Skierholm, yeo., bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 11. 
Sarah w. of W"" Pawson, of Skierholm, bur. by iP Alcock Aug. 11. 
Martha w. of Edw^' Bcesting of Thorp, bur. by M' Alcock Sep. 9. 
An abortive child of Silvester Hebdens of Applet^, Farmer, Sep. 14. 
John Hodgson of Tliorp, Mason, bur. by M'' Knowles Oct. 18. 
William Tinley of Gattup, Lodger, bur. by M' Knowles Oct. 19. 
Margaret Hardeastle of Thorp, spin., bur. by M' Alcock Oct. 25. 
John Buck of Hartlmt'in Moorside, bur. by Mr Alcock Oct. 29. 
Nicholas Blackburn of Thorp, Taylor, bur. by M' Alcock Oct. 30. 
Susanna w. of Thos. Stackhouse jun' of Burnsall. bur. by M' Alcock 

Dec. 1. 
Elias Windsor of Thorp. Carpenter, bur. by ^P Alcock Dec. 4. 
NN'illium Pawson of Skierholm, Taylor, bur. by M' Knowles Dec 8. 
Lydui d. of Rob' Wrathall of Thorp, bur. by'M' Alcock Dec. 18. 
Hainiah w, of John Windsor of Thorp, bur. by M' Knowles Rcct' 

Feb. 3. 
Piobert Blackburn of liangerton, Farmer, bur. by ^P Alcock Feb. 14. 
Christopher Joy of Hartlinton, pensr, bur. by M' Alcock Feb 15. 

This is a true copy as witness Matt'' Knowles Rector of Burnsall 

John Alcock Rector of Burnsall 
Stephen Procter W"" Bland W™ Hebden John Ikunett 

— Churchwdns. 


Marriages, 1755. 

Kichard Airton, lab', and Mary Mallison, spin., both of tliis par., 

mar. by Banns (Apr. 13, 20, 27) 1 May, 1755, by Matt. Knov.'leg, 

Rector. — Eich'* X AirLou, Mary x i^Jallison — John Mallisou, W"" 

John Pawrion, lab', & Esther Winterburn, spin., both of this par., 

mar. by Banns (Mar. 23, 30, Apr. C) 4 May, 1755, by John 

Alcock," Clerk— John Pawson, Esther Winterburn — Piobert Kay, 

W=^ Holmes. 
Banns pub. between Robert Birch & Ann Brown, May 18, 25, June 1, 

Banns pub. between John Sumniersgill l*L- Elizabeth Ibbotson, June 1, 

8, 15, 1755. 
Thomas Hewitt, min', & Mary Mason, spin., both of this par., mar. 

with consent of parents by Banns (June 8, 15, 22) 26 June, 1755, 

by Matt. Knowles— The. 'Hewitt, Mary x Mason -VV"" Malbam, 

W" Arraitstead. 
Rich^ Robinson, miner, Sc Agnes Preston, spin., both of this par., mar. 

with consent of parents by Banns (June 22, 29. July G) 6 July, 

1755, by Matt.Knowles.Re'ctor—R.R.,.!. P.— Edmund x Robinson, 

W» Holmes. 
John Eldsworth, Hus., & Elisabeth Gregson, spin., both of this par., 

mar. with consent of parents, by Banns (Aug. 3, 10, 17) 18 Aug., 

1755, by Matt. Knowles, Rector— John Eldsworth. Elisabeth x 

Gregsou— James Tennant, W"" Holmes. 
Benj" Wharf, Hush., & Mary Summersgill, spin., both of this par., 

mar. with consent of parents, by Banns (Aug. 3, 10, 17) 18 Aug., 

1755, by ]\Iatthew Knowles Reef— Benj'^ X Wharf, Mary x 

Summersgill — Rich'^ Procter, W'=' Holmes. 
W" Pearson, of the par. of Linton, miner, t^ Elisabeth Lndlam, of 

this par., spin., mar. with consent of parents, by Banns (Aug. 24. 

81, Sep. 7) 8 Sep., 1755, by John Alcock. Rector — W™ x Pearson, 

Elisabeth x Ludlam— Isaac Leech, Rich'' Swire. 
John Mitchell, shaloon weaver, & Ann Hodgson, spin., both of this 

par., mar. by Banns (Oct. 5, 12, 19) 23 Oct., 1755, by John 

Alcock, Rector— John x Mitchell, Ann x Hodi,'sou— John 

Burnett, Jonathan Shackleton. 
James Ridhalyhough, of the par. of Whaley, pro. York, shaloon 

weaver, fc Margaret Shackleton, of this par., spin., tuar. by Lie. 

(fr. M' John Alcock, surr.> 8 Nov., 1755, by John Aloook. Roctor 

— James Ridhalyhough, Marg' X Shackleton — Stephen Knowles. 

W° Holmes. 
James Monday, jniner, Si Ann Bland, spin., botli of this par., mar. 

with consent of parents, by Banns lOct. 19. 26. Nov. 2) 4 Nov., 

17.".5, by Jolm Alcock, Roctor — James x Monday, Ann Bland — 

Edw' Jimian, Thos. Booth. 
Edward Thompson, of the par. of Asgarth & chipelry of Aokrigg, & 
Martlia Fawcctt, of this par., spin., mar. by Banns (.\ug. 31, Sep. 

7. 14, with cert.) 24 Nov., 1755, by Matt. Knowles. Rector — 
Edward Thompson. Martha Fawcett— Thns. Booth, W"" Holmes. 


Banns pub. between Tliomas Joy & Ann Smith, Oct. 26, Nov. 2. 9, 

Banns pub. between Thomas Grogson Sc Jane Peacock, Nov. IG, 23, 

30, 1755. 
John Duckworth, eordwainer. & Barbara Ibbotson, spin., both of this 

par. mar. with consent of parents, by Banns (Nov. 16. 23, 30) 1 

Dec, 1755, by John Alcock, Rector— John Duckworth, Barbry 

Ibbotjon— Stephen Harper, W" Holmes. 
Banns pub. between George Pratt, of this par., & Jane Pratt, of the 

par. of Wenslow, Dec. 7, 14, 21. 
Banns pub. between Ilcnvy Stockdale & Sarah Simpson, Jan. 11, 18, 

25, 175G. 
^Y'" Wilkinson, of the par. of Linton, Sc Sarah Hodgson of this par., 

mar. by Lie. (fr. M' John Alcock. surr.) 11 Feb., 1756, by John 

Alcock, Rector— W" x Wilkinson, Sarah Hodgson— W" Ridley, 

W"^ Holmes. 
Isaac Bland, of the par. of Skipton, weaver, & Marg' Grcgson, of this 

par., mar. bv Banns (Feb. 15, 22. 29, with cert.) 2 Mar. 1756, by 

Matt. Knowles. Rector— Isaac Bland, Marg' Gregson— Thos. 

Gregson, W™ Holmes. 

Baptisms, 1755. 

Emma d. of John Hargraves of Skierholm, miner, bap. by M' Alcock 

Mar. 28. 
Anthony s. of John Hebdenof Appletrew'', farmer, bap. by M' Knowles, 

Rec' Apr. 2. 
Mary d. of Thos. Dickinson, of Rams Close, min', bap. by M' Alcock 

Apr. 10. 
John s. of Jonathan Deacon, of H.M. min', bap. by M' Alcock May 4. 
Ann d. of W" Bland of H.. plumber, bap. by M' Alcock May 18. 
Ann d. of John Inman, of Thorp, Farmer, bap. by MT Knowles May 25. 
Mary d. of Thos. Whitaker. of Applet\ farmer, bap. by M' Alcock 

June 1. 
John s. of Joseph Whiteoak, of B., rain', bap. by Mr Alcock June 29. 
\V™ £. of W" Naylor, of B. min', bap., by M' Alcock June 29. 
Christopher s. of Chri.-topher Hine, of B., min', bap. by M' Knowles 

Aug. 18. 
Satah d. of Silvester Hebden, of Applet'', farmer, bap. by M' Alcock 

Oct 5. 
Mary d. of Rol/ Inman. of B., Hus., bap. by M' Alcock Oct. 20. 
Bridget d. of Henry Simpson, of Skierholm, min', bap. by M' Knowles 

Oct. 27. 
Thomas s. of W™ Nelson, of B., Lab', bap. bv M' Knowles Nov. 23. 
Jc-^eph s. of Joseph Whitaker. of Applul\ Taylor, bap. by M' Alcock 

Nov. 30. 
W~s. ofJohn Thornton, of Woodhouse, Miller, bap. by M' Alcock 

Dec. 11. 
Preston s. of John Scott, of Thorp. Taylor, ban. by M' Lupton .]an 12. 
Mary d. of Thos. Bumby, of B., Cooper, bap. by M' Knowles Jan 18. 
John s. of W" Grange, of H.M., min', bap. by M' Alcock Feb. 22. 


John s. of John Waite, of Ilebdeu Moorside, Min', bap. by M' Knowlos, 

Mar. 2. 
John s. of Jeremiah Busfiold, of ApplGt^ Blacksmith, bap. by M"" 

Knowles Mar. 2. 
W"' s. of Henry Parker, of B., Feltmonger, bap. by M'Knowles Feb 15. 
John s. of John Summersgill, of Hartl. M., min'', bap. by M' Knowles 

Feb. 18. 
Robert s. of Tho?. Birch, of Gatonp, min^ bap. by M"" Alcock Mar. 7. 
Bocca d. of Thos. Naylor. of B., min', bap. by M'' Alcock Mar. 7. 
Stephen s. of John Herd, of Thorp, Hus., bap. by Mr Alcock Mar. 21. 

Burial?, 1755. 

Thos. illeg. s. of As;ncs Horner, of Applet"", bur. by M"" Knowlcs May 1 
Ann Musgrove, of Hartl., pens', bur. by M' Alcock May 7. 
Christopher s. of Robt. Maudsley, of B., bur. by M' Alcock May 9. 
Thomas a ch. of Robert Blackburn's, of Langerton, bur. by M' 

Knowles ]May 13. 
W° Constautine, of Hebden Moorside, min', bur. by M'Knowles May 14. 
Robert Wrathall. of Thorp, Blacksmith, bur. by M' Knowles May 17. 
John Hudsou. of Thorp in the par. of Linton, Hus., bur. by M"" 

Knowles May 20. 
Sarah Blackburn, of Thorp, M'idow, bur. by M' Knowles July 23. 
Robert Malhara, of Hartlinton, Shoemaker, bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 1. 
An abortive ch. of Thos. Joys, of Mireshaw, min', Nov. 2. 
Agnes d. of Edmund Fletcher, of B.. Taylor, bur. by M' Alcock Nov. 4. 
Sarah d. of Hugh Fletcher of B.. Shoemaker, bur. by M' A. Nov. 7. 
Sarah d. of Rich' Stoti of Midhill, min', bur. by M' Alcock Jan. s. 
Ellen Mashland of the par. of Linton, buried by M' Knowles Jan. 22. 
Jane wife of Silvester Hebden of Applets bur. by M' A. Feb. 2S. 
W" s. of Henry Parker of B., Feltmonger, bur. by Mr. K. Mar. 2. 
John s. of John Summersgill of H.>L, bur. by M' Knowles Mar. 3, 
Ann Atkinson of Thorp, widow, bur. by ^P Knowles Reef >Par. 14. 

This is a true copy, as witness our Hands. 

John Alcock Reef Matthew Knowles Reel' 

W" Cockshott, W"' Frankland, Henry Inman, John Malham, 

— Xchwdns. 

A true S: Perfect Register of all Mar.. Bap., Sc Bar. in par. Xch. of 
]3iirnsall from 25''' Day March 175G till 25'" Marcli 1757 as 
followeth : 


Robert Slinger, yeoman, &. Mary Dickinson, spiri., both of this par.. 

mar. by Banns (Apr. 25, May 2, 9) 10 May, 175G, by Matthew 

Knowlos, Reef — Robert Slin':rer, Mary x Dickinson — Richard 

Slingt-r, \V"' Holmes. 
John Sanderson. Miner. Si Arm Cockshott, spin., botii of this par., 

mar. by Banns (June 0, 13, 20) 22 June. 175G, by >[att. 

Knowles, Ri-cf — John Sanderson, Ann x Cockshott — Thos. 

Kitching, \V"' Holmes. 


Jobn Harper, Butclier. il- Isabel Booth, Shopkeeper, botli of this par., 
mar. by Lie. (fr. M' John Alcock, Surr.), 24 Aug., 175G, by John 
Alcock, Rector — John Harper, Isabel Booth — W"' Smith. \V"' 

Thos. Gregson, of the par. of Linton, Labors .<: I'^abcl Bake, of this 
par., spin., mar. by Banns (Sep. o, 12, 19, with cert.) 20 Sep., 
175G. by John Alcock, Piector — Tho^. x (ireg?on, Isabel x Bake 
—John Bake, W" Holmes. 

Thomas Procter, Hn?., ^- Mary Fletcher, spin., both of this par,, mar. 
by Banns (Sep. 12, 10,'2G) 28 Sep., 1756, by Matt. Knowles, 
Hector — Thomas Procter, Mary x Fletcher — Rich'' Procter. W'" 

Banns pub. between Robert Petyt it Agnes Gladin, Nov. 7, 11, 21, 

\Y'" Smith c't Agnes Joy, widow, both of this par., mar. by Lie. (Ir. 
M' John Alcock, Surr.) 7 Dec, 1750, by Matt. Knowles, Rector 
— W"" Smith, Agnes x Joy — Ann Tennani, Thos. Smith. 

Thos. Ovins, of the par. of Middleton Tyers, Miner, & Elisabeth 
Birch, of this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Nov. 7. 11, 21. with 
cert.) 2G Dec. 1756, by John Alcock, Rector^ — Thos. x Ovins, 
I'ilisabeth x Birch — Thomas Birtch, W™ Holmes. 

Humphrey Tophara, of the par. of Kettlew-eil, Hus., i.'c Frances 
Constantine, of this par.. Spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M'' John 
Alcock, Surr.) 1 Jan., 1757, by John Alcock, Rector — Humphey 
Topham, Frances Constantine — Abraham Topham, W" Holmes. 

Henry Jbbotson, Coal Miner, it Agnes Inman, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Dec. 19, 2G, 175G, Jan. 2, 1757) with consent of 
parents 4 Jan., 1757, by Matthew^ Knowles, Rector — Henry 
Ibbotson, Agnes x Iniuan — Randall Inman, W"' Holmes. 

Thomas Petty, Servant, it Ann Duckitt. spin., both of this par., mar. 
with consent of parents by Banns (Dec 19, v6, 175G, Jan. 2, 
1757) 6 Jan., 1757, by Mattliew Knowles, Rector— Thomas 
Petty, Ann Duckitt — \V'" Airton, John Duckitt. 

Thomas Stackhouse, Miner, it Margaret Iilaml, spin., both of this 
par,, mar. by Baims (Dec. 2G, 1756. Jan. 2, 9) 12 Jan., 1757, by 
John Alcock, Rector — Tho.s. Stackliouso, Margaret Bland — 
Georu'e Peart, \V"' Holmes. 

Banns pub. between Richard Knowles it Ellen Windsor Jan. 2, 9. IG, 

Banns pub. between Thomas Moorhouse it Eleanor Steven.sou Jan. 
16, 23, 8(», 1757. 

Baptisms, 1756. 

Thomas s. of Stephen Harper of Burnsall, Farmer, bap. by M' 

Kn(nvUs, R-^ct', Mar. :-^l. 
Ann d. of W"' Beecroft of Burnsall, minS bap. liy M' Alcock, Rector, 

Apr. 19. 
Elizabeth d. of James Monday of P.urnsall, min\ bap. by M' Alcock, 

Rector, June 4. 


James s. of W'" Ilorncr of Appletrewick, Shoemaker, bap. by M^ 

Knowles, Htctor, June 20. 
John R. of Major Hari)ef of Appletre^Yick, mason, bap. by M' Knowles, 

Rector, June 20. 
Maiy d. of W"' Pearson of li.M., min'. bap. by Mr. Aloock June 27. 
Agnes d. of W"' IJuck of H. Rakes, farmer, bap. by M' K. July -1. 
John s. of John MiLldlebrook of Doxill, farmer, bap. by M' K. July 15. 
Robert s. of Robert Birch of Holes, Min', bap. by M' Alcock Aug. 8. 
John s. of Stephen Procter of Burnsall, Innkeeper, bap. by Mr. Alcock 

Aug. 14. 
James s. of Edmund Fletcher of Burnsall, Taylor, bap. by Mr 

Knowles Aug. 15. 
Thomas s. of \V"' Stockdale of the towsp. of Appletrewick, Taylor, 

bap. by M' Knowles Aug. 29. 
James s. of George Lassels of H. M., Min^ bap. by ^P A. Sep. 5. 
Margaret d. of Robert Malham of Burnsall, innkeeper, bap. by M' 

Alcock Dec. 12. 
Jane d. of W"" Shackleton of Skierholm, Hus., bap. by M"^ K. Jan. 2. 
Hodgson s. of Wm. Wilkinson of Thorp, Min'", bap. by Mr. A. Jan. 12. 
Agnes illeg. d. of A^nes Horner of the townsp. of Appletrewick, bap. 

by M-^ Alcock l-'eb. 6. 
Nancy d. of John Summersgill of H. M., Mm', bap. by M' K. Feb. 27. 
Margaret d. of James Whitaker of Parcival Hall, Hus., bap. by M' 

Alcock Mar. 20. 
Christer s- of Israel Simpson of Burnsall, Innkeeper, bap. by M' 

Alcock Mar. 22. 

Burials, 175G. 

Ann wife of Robert Young of Burnsall, Dish Turner, bur. by M' 

Alcock Apr. 7. 
W™ illeg. s. of Ann Holt of Greenhow, bur. by M' Knowles Apr. 11. 
Elisabeth Sharp of Hartlinton, pens', bur. by M' Alcock Apr. 20. 
Isabel Horner of Hartlinton Rakes, widow, bur. by M' Alcock June 1. 
Luke s. of John Holt of Green Know, bur. by M' Lupton June 13. 
Ann d. of John Ijurnett ot Thorp, Hus., bur. by M' K. July 7. 
Elisabeth Herd of Thorp, spin., bur. by M' Alcock July 11. 
Thomas Pawson of Harthuton, Blacksmith, bur. by M' K. Aug. 1. 
Samuel Windsor of Thorp, Lodger, bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 2G. 
Mary a ch. of Robert Inmans of Burnsall, Hus., bur. by M' Alcock 

Oct L 
Sarah wife of Thomas Hardcastle of Skierholm. bur. by M' K. Doc. 5. 
Mary wife of W'' Wrathall of Thorp, yeo., bur. by M' Alcock Dec. IG. 
Ann Atkinson of Tliorp, spin., bur. by Mr. Aloock Jan. 11. 
An abortive ch. of James Armistead of Thorp, lab'. Fob. 5. 

This is a true copy, as witness our hands, 

John Alcock Reef Matthew Knowles Reef 

George Bland, John Herd, John Malham, Thos. Joy, Xchwds. 


A Regii^^tor of Mar% Bap', it Biuials ha'l in the Parish Xch of Bnnisall 
from 25 March, 1757, till "25 March, 1758, as fallows : — 

Joseph Nelson, of the par. of Linton, Miu' il' Elisabeth Holiilay of 
this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Mav. 27, Apr. 3, 10. with cert.) 
11 Apr., 1757. by Matthew Knowles Reef — Joseph Nelson, 
Elisabeth x Holiday — Georjj;e Ilaslehani, W=" Holmes. 

George Peart, Miner, and Ellfi Clapliam, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns {Mdv. 27, Apr. 8, 10) 11 Apr., 1757. by Matt. 
Knowles, Reci' — George Peart, Ellen Clapham — Matthew Bland, 
W" Holmes. 

W'" Ncwbold, of the par. of Ripon, Blacksmith, & Ann Corker, of 
this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Apr. 24, May 1, 8, witli cert.) 11 
ilay, 1757. by Matthew Knowles, Rector — W'^' Newboulde, Ann 
Korkcr — \V'' Gill, W'" Holmes. 

^V'" Simpson, of the par. of Skipton, Hus.. cV Ann Preston, of this 
par., spin., mar. by Banns (May 6, 15, 22 with cert.) 28 May, 
1757. by Matthew Knowles, Rector — W" x Sirupson, Ann x 
Preston — -Thomas Simpson, \V"' Holuies. 

Robert Summersgill, Blacksmith, v^t Jane Road, spin., both of this 
par., mar. with consent of pareuts by Banns (June 12, 19, 20) 
11 July, 1757, by John Alcock, Reef — Rob' x Summersgill, 
Jane x Read — Rich^ Pickersgill, W'" Holmes. 

John Simpson, Miner, it Ellen Spurrit, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Jan. 23, 30, Feb. G) 18 July, 1757, by Matthew 
Knowles, Reef- — Tohn Simpson. Ellen x Spurrit — Rich"' Parker, 
W"' Holmes. 

Banns pub. between Thomas Drake Jc Alice Kidd Sep. 4, 11, 18, 

Henry ],)ar\vent, of the par. of Linton, Blacksmith, it Jane Hard- 
castle, of this par., spm., mar. by Banns (Jan. 22, 29, Feb. 5, 
with cert.) 6 Feb., 1758, l)y John Alcock, Reef — Henry x 
Darwent, Jane Hardcastle — W"' Frankland, \V"' Holmes. 


Thomas s. of Thomas Joy of Gateup, min% bap. by M' Alcock, Sen', 

Apr. 17. 
Jane u. of Henry Stockdale of H.M., Hus., liap. by M' Alcock, Sen', 

Apr. 17. 
Betty d. of John Baynes of Woodhouse, Weav', bap. by M' Matt. 

Knowles, Rector, Apr. 24. 
^V'" s. of Hugh Fletcher of Burnsall, Coidwainer, bap. by M' John 

Alcock, Rector, June 12. 
Mary d. of Tlios. Wilson of Nursov House, Miner, bap. by M' Knowles 

June 19. 
John s. of Thos. Grcgson of Applet\ lab', bap. by M' Alcock .Uine 2G. 
I'^abel d. of John Thompson of Thorp. Lab', bap. by M' A. June 2G. 
W'" s. of John Holt of Green Know bap. by M' Knowles July 18. 
Stephen s. of Major Harper of Applet^ ^^a3on, bap. by M' A. July 26. 


Jonathan s. of John Harper of ]>uri)sall, Butcher, bap. by M' Knowles 

Aug. G. 
Ellen d. of Robert Inraan of I'urDsall, Hus., bnp. by M/ K. Aug. li. 
Sarah d. of \V'' }Uand of Hartlintou, yeoman, bap. by M"' K. Aug. 28. 
Isabel d. of llenrv Ransou of Ilarilinton, Lab', bap. bv M'' Alcock 

Oct. 30. 
Joseph s. of Robert \Vaddilcve of Tliorp, Ccal Min', bap. by M' 

Alcock Nov. IH. 
Isabel, d. of Richard lloodspith of Midhill, Min', bap. bv M' Alcock 

Nov. la. 
Matthew ?. of John llargravoi of Skierliolni, Miii', bap. by M' 

Knowle.5 ])tc. 5. 
Mary d. of Riclr^ Pickard of Appletreewick, Rlacksmith, bap. by M' 

Knowles Jan. 17. 
Mary d. of Silvester Hebden of Appletreewick, Innkeeper, bap. by M' 

Knowles Feb. 12. 
W™ s. of \V"' Pearson of Hartlmton Moorside, Min^ bap. by M' Alcock 

Feb. 19. 
Mary d. of Chri.-tonher Iline of Burnsall, Min', baix by M'' Alcock 

Feb. 2.5. 
Stackhouse s. of W" Nelson of Rurnsall, Lab% bap. bv M' Knowles 

Mar. 1. 
James s. of John Waite of Bnrnsall. Mm'', bap. by M' .-\.lcocl> Mar. 5. 
\Y°* s. of Henry Parker of \, Feltmonger, bap. by M'^ .Alcock 

Mar. 5. 
Joseph illtg. s. of Ann Walsh of Woodhouse, spin., bap. by M' Alcock 

Mar. 5. 
John s. of Thomas Swire of Thorp, Cordwainer, bap. bv ]\P Knowles 

Mar. 12. 

Margaret wife of Thos. Iinnan of Appletreewick, Husb., bur. bv M- 

Knowles, Rcct' Mar. 29. 
George Wray of Burnsall. Lodger, bur. by ]\P Knowlt-s Apr. 26. 
Agnes illeg. d. of Agnes Ilorner, bur. by M' Alcock May 3. 
Margartt Bieriey of 11. M., Lodger, bur. by ]\P Alcock May 15. 
Betty a ch. of John Bayncs's of Woodhouse, bur. by M"" K. June 19. 
Christer a ch. of Israel Simpsons of Skieiholm. bur. by M"^ Knowles 

June 22. 
Sarah Savage, pensioner, of Appletr**, bur. by M' Knowles July 21. 
Matthew Parker of Appletr", bachelor, bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 25. 
Elisiibeth wife of Piobert Bake of Applet , Carpenter, bur. by M"^ 

Knowles Sep. 3. 
\V" s. of Hugh Fletcher of B. Cordwainer. bur. by M' K. Sep. 10. 
W"" a ch. of John Holts of Green Know, bur. by M' K. Sep. 10. 
Ann Coiistantinr of Hebden Moorside, widow, bur. by M' A. Nov. 5. 
Margaret Le\lan»l ot Jiardeii, widow, bur. by M' luiowlos Dec. 4. 
Ellen d. of Robert Inman of Burnsall. yeo.. bur. by M' K. Dec. 20. 
Josepli a ch. of Robert Waddilove's of Thorp, bur. by M' K. Jan. 1, 
An abortive ch. of Robert Sununergill's of Burjisall, Jjlacksmith, 

Jan. 10. 


John Wind:5or of Thorp, IIus., bui. by M' Alcock Feb. *20. 
Anthony nt-bdon of Grimwith, yeoman, bnr. by Alcock Feb. 20. 
EUsabeth wife of W"' Nelson of Burnsall, Lab^ bur. by M'' K. Mar. 1. 
Stackhou.'^e s. of W"' Nelson of B., bur. by M' Alcock Mar. 6. 

This is a true C'opy, as Witness our hands. 

John .\lcock, Kector of Bnrnsall. Matth : Knowles, Rector. 
\Y'" Ininan, Rich' Parker, John Malham, Thomas Swire, Xchwdens. 

A true it perfect Register of all Marr. Rap. .t Bur. had in the psh. 
Xch. of Burnsall from 2.j March 175S till 25 March 1759. 

^larriages, 1758. 

John lirown, of the par. of Linton, Blacksmith, vl .\gne3 Smith, of 
this par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M"' Alcock, Surr.) 11 Apr., 175'?, 
by Matthew Knowles, Rector — John Brown, Agnes Smith — John 
Constantine, W'" Holmes 

John Smith, Smelter, il- Margaret Stockdale, spin., both of this par., 
mar. bv Banns (Mar. 20^ Apr. 2, 9) 11 Apr., 1758. by Matthew 
Knowles. Roct'— John x Smith, Margaret x Stockdale — \Yilliam 
Whitaker, ^V■^ Holmes. 

W"' Harper, of the par. of Kirby Malhamdale. X- Margaret Dugdale, of 
this par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr M' Alcock, Surr.) 27 Apr., 175S) 
by ^latthew Knowles, Rector — W™ Harper. Margaret Dugdale — 
Thomas Booth, W"' Holmes. 

Tiiomas Knowles, Mason, it Mary Longstroth, widow, both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Apr. IG. 23, 30) 1 May, 1758, hy John 
Alcock, Reef— Thomas Knowles. Mary x Longstroth — John 
Bumby, W""' Holmes. 

\V'" Smith, Servant, it Martha Tower, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Apr. 23. 30, .May 7) 11 May, 1758, by .Matthew 
Knowles, Rtctor — W'" Smith, Martha x Tower — Richard Carr, 
\V'" Holmes. 

Banns pub. bttweon Christopher N\"eatlierhead .t Marv Blakey May 
21, 28, June -1. 

Banns pub. betwe'Mi' Laurence Curtess it Marv Whitaker June H, 18, 
25, 1758. 

John Wilkinson, Hus., it .\nn Kitchiu'^', spin., both of this par., mar. 
by liic. (fr. M' J no. .Mcock, Surr.) 9 July, 175S, by John Alcock, 
Reef — John Wilkinson, Ann Kitching— Stephen Harper, 
Christopher Kitching. 

Thomas Pickersgill. glaxier, it Jane riiman, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Lie. (fr. M' John Alcock, Surr.) 29 Aug., 1758, by 
Matthew Knowles, Rector — Thomas Pickersgill, Jane Inman — 
Robert inman, \\ '" Holmes. 

Thomas Smith, yeoman, vt lillisabL'tli T)ariibroui,'h, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Oct. 29, Nov. 5, 12) 13 Nov.. 1758, by John 
Alcock, Rector — Thomas Smith, l^lisabeth x Darnbrough — W° 
Smith, W'" Holmes. 


Anthony llebdon, yooniyii. i^v: Agnes Hebden, spin., both of this par., 

mar. by Lie. (fr. M' Alcock) 18 Nov., 17ob, by .John Alcock, 

I^ector — Anthony Hcbuen, Agnes x Ilebden — Jocathan Young, 

W"' Holmes. 
Jeremiah Stockflalo, Smoltpr, il- Man^'arct Dickison, spin., b)tli of this 

par., mar. by Banns (Nov. 5, 12, 19) 2'S Nov., 17oH, Ijy Mnitbew 

KnowlfS. Rf'Cf oi ]>nn]sall — Jeremiah x Stockdale, Margaret x 

J)ickison — Thomas Cuck-oii, W'" Hohiies. 
Thomas Joy, yeoman, ^v Ehsabeth Parker, spin., botb of this par., 

mar. by Banns (Nov. o, 12, 10) 2-3 Nov., 1758, by Matthew 

Knowles, Kecf of Bunisall — Thos. Jov, Elisabeth x Parker — 

\V"' X Parker. \V'" Holmes. 
John (iill, Serv', i^- Dinah Coats, spin., both of this pai-., ';mr. by 

Banns (Dec. 17, 24. 31) 1 Jan., 175i). by Matthew Kn:)-,vle3. 

Hector — John Gill, Dinah Coats — \V'" Gill, "\V'" Holmes. 
Thomas Read, Servant, iV Susanna Stockdale, S[)in., both of this par., 

mar. by Banns (Dec. 17, 21, 31) 1 Jan.. 1759, by ^latthew 

Knowles, Rector — Tliomas x Read. Susanna x Stockdale — 

Robert Ibbnt.-^on, W"' Holmes. 
George Ibbotson. farmer, ,v Hannah Walker, spin., both (jf thi- par., 

mar. by Banns (Dec. 24, 31, Jan. 7) 7 Jan., 1759. by John 

Alcock, Reef — George Ibbotson, Hannah x Walker — Thos. 

Swire, Henry Minikin. 
Banns pub. between John Mr)vshett it Ann Harrison, Jan. 28, Feb. 3, 

Banns pub. between Chambers Bentley c^- Eliz"' Winder, Feb. 11. IS, 

25, 1759. 

Baptisnis, 1758. 

John s. of Thos. Birch of Gateup, Min'', bap. by >P John .\!cock, 

Rect-)r, Apr. 2. 
Stephen s. of Benj" Carrington of Craven Kell, Min', bap. by M- Matt. 

Knowles, I'lec'or, Apr. 9. 
Anthony, s. of Robert Ibbotson of Il.M., yeo., bap. by M' A. Apr. 21. 
Henry illeg. s. of Agnes Summersgill of B., bap. by M' A. .May 1. 
John s. of GcoiLre Peart of Hartlinton. Min\ bap. by M' K. May 7. 
Margaret d. of Thomas W hitaker of Applctrewick, Farmer, bap. by 

^J' Alc( ck May 28. 
John s. of Ji((l)ert Birch of Ramsclose, bap. by M'' Knowles July 2. 
Mary d. of Henry Simpson of Skierholm, .Min^ bap. by .M' K.-Julv 10. 
James s. of W'» Naylor of B., .M^l^ bap. by M' K. July 16. 
Ann d. of John Burnett of Thorp. Hus., bap. by .M' Alcock July 23. 
Agnes d. of Thos. Peacock of H.M., Min\ hap. by M- K. Aug. (j. 
Thos. s. f)f James Monday of lUnnsall, .Min', bap. by .\P K. Sop. 10. 
William s. of W'" Wilkinson of Thorp, Min% bap. by M' A. Sep. 17. 
Sarah d. of Jeremiah Buslield of Appktrew^ blacksmith, bap. by M' 

Knowles Oct. 22. 
William s. of Widow Ihick of Hartlinton, bitp. by M' Alcock Nov. 20. 
Thomas s. of Israel Simpson of Sku'rholm Lane, bap. bv ^P Jvnowles 

Dec. 3. 


Jamos s. of James Whitaker of Paroival Hall, fanner, bap. by M' 

Knowles J)ec. ol. 
Mary d. of Thos. Pickors.i-ill of P>., plumber, bap. by M' K. Jan. 28. 
StepJien s. of \V"' Horner of Applelre\v\ Blacksmith, bap. by M' 

Knowles Feb. 4. 
John s. o'" Rob' Snmmer.-^gill of Burnsall, Blacksmith, bap. by M' 

Knowles Feb. 11. 

Burials, 1758. 
W"' Buck of Hebdeii Moorside, F^irmer, bur. by M^ Alcock Mar. 80. 
Mary wife of Rob" Ilebden of B., Weav', bur. by M' K. April 'lo. 
An abortive ch. of .loseph Whitakers of ApLiletr\ Taylor, Apr. 80. 
John Innian of Thorp, IIus., bur. by M' Alcock Apr. 80. 
^lartha the wife of Rich'' Milncr. of Gateup, bur. hy M' Knowles 

June 18. 
Samuel s. of Ellas Windsor late of Thorp, bur. by M' K. June '20. 
Stephen a ch. of Benj" Carrington's of Craven Kell, bur, by M' 

Knowles Aug. 27. 
Jonathan s. of Thos. Young of Wygill, bur. by M'^ K. Sep. 1. 
]\Iary Joy of Thorp, pens% bur. by'M' Knowles Sep. 10. 
William Hebden of Grimwith, yeoman, l)ur. by .M' K. Sep. 12. 
Sarah wife of George Ibbotson of Mireshaw, bar. by .M' K. Oct. 29. 
John Middlebroiii^h of Dexill, Hus., bur. by M'' A.^Nov. 29. 
Isabel wife of Janvs .Malham of Hartlinton Rakes, bur. bv M' K. 

Dec. 8. 
Agnes Hebden of Appletrew\ widow, bur. by M' Alcock Dec. 12. 
Sarah a ch. of \\"' LUands of Hartlinton, bur. by M' A. Dec. 12. 

This is a true copy, as witness our hands, 

John Alcock, Rector. Matthew Knowles, Rector. 

Major Harper, Thomas Swire, William bUand, Jonathan Younu^ 


A Register of all Mar., Bapt., .1- Bur. had in the parish Xch. of 
Burnsall from 2-5 March, 17j'.». till 2-5 March, 1700, as follows : 


Henry Ovington el- Ellen Constantine, spin., both of thi> par., mar. by 
B'anns (Apr. 15, 22, 29) 30 Apr., 1759, by John Alcock, Rector 
— Henry Ovington, Ellen Constantine — bdin Constantine, Henry 

Richard Dtickitt il Eleanor Ovington, spin., both of this par., )nar. by 
Jianns (Apr. 15, 22, 29) 8 ^iay, 1759. by John Alcock. Htctor— 
Richard Duckiit, Elen Ovington — JolmHolgate, W'" Holmes. 

Christopher lutching it Jane Knowles, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Apr. 22. 29. May 6) 10 May, 1759, by Matthew Knowles, 
Reef — Chri-toplur Kitching, .Jane Knowles — Christopher 
Knowles, W'" Hnlnu=. 

Cuthbert Holiday, Coriwainer, .'v; Ann Holgate, spin., both of this 
par., mar. l)y Banns (May 27, June 8, 10) 14 June, 1759, by 
John Alcock, Rector -Cuthbert Holiday, Ann Holg-ite — Charles 
Holgate, W'-' Holmes. 


Henry Brothciton, Minor, & Racliel Rasloton. spin., both of tl)i3 par., 
mar. by IJauns (June 3, 10, 17) 23 June, ]7;V1, by Matthew 
Knowles. Hector — Henry x I'rotherton, Kachcl x Haslerton 
— W"' Ridley, W"' Holmes. 

John Holgate, of this par,. Hns., t*l- Mary Wilson, of the par. of 
Arnclilfe, spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M"^ Alcock, Surr.) 13 Aug., 
1759, by Matthew Knowles, Rect' — John Holgate, Mary x 
Wilson— Stephen Holgate, Will Holmes. 

Robert Mandslev, slater, tl Ellen Knowles, widow, both of this par., 
mar. by Banus (Oct. 14, 21, 2.s) 20 Oct., 17-39, by John Alcock, 
Rector — Robert x Mandsley, Ellen x Knowles — Thos. 
Whitaker, W"' Holmes. 

John Constantine, of the par. of Linton, yeoman, il- Mary Waddilove, 
of this par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. ]\1' Alcock. Surr.~; 3 Nov,, 
1759. by John Alcock, Reef — John Constantine, Mary Waddilove 
— John Harper, \\'"' Holmes. 

James ^^h\ taker, of the par. of Wbaley, dio. Chester, pro. York, 
(S: Mary Robinson, of this par., mar. by Lie. (fr. M'' Alcock, Snrr.) 
24 Nov., 1759. by ^latthew Knowles, Rector — James Whitektr, 
Mary Rol-inson — John Hewitt, W'^^ Holmes. 

John Cdlvtrt, of the par. of Carletou, and Elisabeth Burton, of this 
par., mar. by Lie. (fr. M"" Alcock) Dec. 1750, by John Alcock, 
Rector— John Calve)'t, Elir-aboth Burton - Fiancis Frankland, 
W-" Holmes. 

Banns pub. between Richard Liman iS: Lydia Summers^'ill, Dec. 23, 
80, 1750, Jan. 6, 1700. 

Christopher Weatherhead, Min', it Elizabeth Blakey. spin., both of 
this par,, mar. by Banns (Dec. 23, 30, Jan. 6) 18 Jan., 17G0, by 
John Alcock, Rector — Chris, x Weatherhead, Elisabeth x 
Blakey — Christopher I'-uck, W"' Holmes. 

Banns pub. between Isaac Leech e*c Elizabeth Stackhouse, Dec. 30, 
1759, Jan. G, 13, 17G0. 

Joseph Parcival, of the par. of Ripon, Miner, it Mary Hodgson, of this 
par., spin., mar. with consent of parents by Banns (Jan. 20. 27, 
Feb. 3) 17 Feb.,17G0, by John Alcock, Reef— Joseph x Parcival, 
Mary Hodgson — Joshua Dodd, W'" Holmes. 

Robert s. of John ]5aynos of Woodhouse, bap. Dec. 4. 
Sarah d. of John Herd of I'horp, yeo., bap. by M' Matt. Knowles, 

Rector, Mar. 30. 
Thos. s. of W"' Smith of Bnrnsall, Farmer, bap. by M' Matt. 

Knowles, Apr. 8. 
Agnes d. of Thos. Smiih of Skierholm, yeoman, bap. by M' Matt. 

Knowles Apr. 9. 
Elizabeth illeg. d. of Mary Ellis of Harthnton, bap. bv M' Kiijwles 

Apr. 27. 
John s. of Rob' Nicholson of H..M., niin', liap. by M"^ Alcock ^May 13. 
Ann d. of ]{andal Inman of Thorp, Carpenter, bap. bv M' Knowks 

May 2^. 


Antliony s. of John Thornton of Woodhoiise, bap. by M' Alcock June 10. 
Eli/.abelli il. of John I'.akc of Appletrcw'', Carpenter, bap. by M' 

Knowks July 10. 
William s. of John Thompson of Thorp, Carpenter, bap. by M"^ Knowlcs 

Aug. 12. 
Robert s. of W"' Beecioft of Burnsall, Labor^ bap. by M' Knowles 

Aug. 18. 
Frances d. of MatthfW Bell of Midhill, bap. by M' Knowles Aug. 2G 
John an illeg. s. of Ellen Fletcher of Burnsall, bap. by M"^ Alcock 

Sep. 10. 
John s. of lienrv Stockdale of Grimwith, llus., bap. by M' Alcock 

Oct. U. 
Martha d. of W" Shacklcton of Nursey House, bap. by M^ Alcock 

Oct. 10. 
John s. of W'" Pearson of II. M., min^ bap. by M^ Alcock Nov. 17. 
W"" s. of Anthony Hebdcn of Grimwith, yeo., ban. by M' Knowles 

Nov. 2-1. 
John s. of Christopher Buck of Thorp, min', bap. bv M^ Alcock 

Nov. 27. 
Elizabeth, d. of George Tatterson of West Gate par. of Linton, bap. 

by M' Alcock Jan. G. 
Matthew s. of Robert luman of Burusall, yeo., bap. by M' Alcock 

Jan. 27. 
Joseph s. of John IJargraves of Skierholm, bap. by M' Knowles Feb. 2. 
Joseph s. of John Morphitt of B., Lab% bap. by M' Alcock Feb. 17. 
Thos. 3. of Thos. Picker-gill of B., Plumber, bap. by M^ K. Feb. 29. 
Stephen s. of Benj" Carriugton of Craven Kell, Min^ bap. by M' Alcock. 

Mar. 2. 


Ann wife of Rob' Maudslcy of Appletr^ slater, bur. by M' Alcock 

Apr. 29. 
Thos. s. of Thos. Whitakcr of AppletrewN Has., bur. by M' Alcock 

May 10. 
Christopher s. of Christopher Hine of Burnsall, Min^ buried by M' 

Alcock sen' Jiine 2. 
W"" s. of Kob' luman of Burnsall, Hns,. bur. by M' Alcock June 8. 
Sarah d. of Jeremiah Busheld of Appletrew\ Blacksmith, bur. by M' 

Alcock June IT). 
Mary a ch. of Thos. Pickersgill of Burnsall, Glazier, bur. by M' Alcock 

July ]. 
W"> a ch. of W™ Pfarsons of Hartlinton Moorside, Min', bur. by M' 

Alcock July 12. 
M' W'" Batty of Thorpe, gentleman, bur. by M' Alcock July 28. 
I'jhzahcth d. of Mary JClHs of Hartlinton, bur. by M' Knowles July 80. 
Thonias s. of James Monday. Min', bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 2. 
Ann a ch. of John lUirnects of Thorp, Hns.. bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 10. 
Juhn a ch, of liob^ Siimmersgills of B., LabS bur. by M' Knowles 

Aug. 12. 
Hodgson a. of W" Wilkinson Mm', of Thorp, bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 25. 


Heury s. of Agnes Summersgill of B., bur. by M' Alcock Aug. 25. 
Agnes d. of Thos. Peacock of Griinwiih, Min', bui-. by M' K. Oct. "' 
William a cli. of Widow Buck's of Hartlinton, bur. by Mr. K. Nov. 
Kobert a cb. of Jobn Baynes of Woodbouse Moor, bur. by M^ A. Dec. 
Cbristopher Maudslcy of B., slater, bur. by M^ Alcock Jan. 
Joliu Middlebrook of B., Lodger, bur. by M' Alcock Jan. 
John s. of Ellen Fletcher of 13., bur. by M' Alcock Feb. 

This is a true copy as witness our hands 

John Alcock, Matth. Knowles, Rectori;. 

John Malham (other names illegible) Xcljwdeus.l 

A true and perfect Registry of Mar., Bap., & Burials had in this 
psh. Xch of Burusall from 25 March, 17G0, to 25 March, 1761, as 
follows : 


John Knowles, llus.. tt Magdalen Drake, Spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Bnnns (Mar. 30, Apr. G, 3 8) 15 Apr., 17G0, by John Alcock, 
Rector— John Knowles, Magdalen x Drake — Stephen Knowles, 
Mariana Drake. 

John Tomlinson i.l- Saraii Stott, spin., both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Mar. 30, Apr. 0, 13) 17 Apr., 1700, by John Alcock, Rector— 
John Tomlinson, Sarah Stott — John Mercer, W"^ Holmes. 

David Alderson, of the par. of Linton, Miner, & Isabel Ellis, of this 
par., spin., mar. by Banns (Apr. 13, 20, 27 with cert.) 28 .\pr., 
1760, by Jobn Alcock, Rector — David Alderson, Isa.bel Ellis — 
Step" Hartley, Robert Hasleham. 

Thos. Simpson, of this par., Turner, tl' Elizabeth Moss, of the par. of 
Linton, spin., mar. by Banns (Apr. 6, 13, 20 with cert.) 30 Apr., 
1760, by John Alcock, Rector — Thos. Simpson, Elizabeth Mo^s — 
Richard Constautine, \Y"' Holmes, 

W" Simpson, of this par., Leadminer, & Rebecca Duckitt, of the par. 
of Linton, spin., mar. by Banns (Apr. 27, May 4, 11, with cort.), 
17 May, 17G0. by John Alcock, Rector — W"' Simpson, Rebecca 
Duckitt — Ralph Summers, W"" Holmes. 

John Dinsdale of the par. of Ilampsthwaite, Taylor, il- Mary Duckitt, 
of this par., spin , mar. by r>anns i May 11, 18, 25, with cerr.), 
2G May, 17G0, by John Alcock, Rector— John Dinsdale, Mary 
Duckitt — Christopher Baley, W™ Holmes. 

Henry Knowles, serv', i^- Eleanor Ellis, serv', both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (July 27, Aug. 8, 10) 10 Aug , 1700, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — Henry Kiiuwles, l^hanor Ellis — Thunuis Stack- 
house, W'" Holmes. 

* In this and tiie succeeding entries the numbers of the days of the 
month caiinut be read. 

fTho other cluuchwanlons were \V"' Bland, \V'" Ciill, and \V"' llebden. 

86 17S750? 

James Wiper, Servant, S: Jane Brotlicrton, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Lie. (fr. M' Iticli' Fawcett. Surr.) 28 Aug.. 17G0. bv 
John Alcock. IJt'Ctor — James Wiper, Jane x Drotlierlon — John 
Pickcrrigill, W'" Ilohnes. 

Joseph Ciowshaw, of the par. of Skipton, weaver, i^ Ann Ibbot-on, 
spin., mar. by Banus (Oct. 12, 1!), '2G, witli cert ) 20 Oct., ITG i, 
by John Alcock, Piector — Joseph, Ann x Ibbotson — 
Thos. Hohnes, Geo. Atkinson. 

John Preston, Labourer, <^t Mary Dodgson, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Panns (Nov. 'I'd,' 30, Dec. 7), 8 Dec, ITr.O, by John 
Alcock, Rector—John x Preston, Mary x Dodgson — Nicholas 
Kitching, W"' Holmes. 

Nicholas Kitching. yeo., & Ann Metcalf, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Lie. (fr. M' Yates, Surr.) 14 Jan., 17G1. by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector — Nicholas Kitching, Ann Metcalf — John Parkinson, John 

Robert Brown of the par. of Linton, Batchelor, i^- Ann Walker of this 
par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M' Piiest, Surr:) 2i Jan, 17G1, l)v 
John Alcock, Rectoi' — Robert Brown, Ann x Walker — John 
Brown, W"' Holmes. 

I>ann3 pub. bulween David Weare & Hannah Bentley, Jan. 25, Feb. 1, 
8, 1761. 


Thomas s. of Thos. Naylor of B. L^iborS bap. by M' Knowles, Mar. oO. 
Henry s. of John Summersgill of Midhdl, bap. by ^P Knowles, May 19. 
Mary d. of John Wait.^ of Midhill, bap. by M' Knowles. Mav 5. 
Ann d. of Xathanael Ward of Craven Kell. bap. by NP K., June 1. 
Christopher s. of Richard Picard of Appletr'', P)lacksmitli, Irap. bv M' 

Alcock, June 8. 
Ellen d. of Rob' Summersgill, of B., Blacksmith, bap. bv ^P Alcock, 

June 22. 
Joseph s. of Rob' Birch ot Rams Close, Min', bap. by >P A., June 22. 
Robert s. of Thos. Clregson of Appletr'', Lab% bap. by ^P K.. June 29. 
Christopher s. of Chris. Hine of 13., Min\ bap. by >P Knowles, June 29. 
Sarah d. of Hugh Fletcher of B . Cordwainer, bap. by .\P A. July 2U. 
Francs d. of James Whitaker of Langerton bap. by M' lUirton Cur. 

of Kettlewell Aug. ;->. 
Stephen s. of W"' Bland of JIai tlinton, yeo., bap. by M' A. Aug. 17. 
Mary d. of James Monday of P... .Min% bap. by M' Alcock Aug. 17. 
Silvester s. of Silvester Hebden of Appletr'', Farmer, bap. by M' 

Knowles .\ug. 24. 
Mary d. of Chris : Malham of Thorp, IIus : bap. by M' A. Sep. 14. 
Jonathan s. of Thos. Ptacjck of Oriinwitli. baji. by M"^ A. Oct. 12. 
Ann d. of Chris : Weatherhead of lliorp, Farmer, bap. bv M' Alcock 

Oct. 14. 
John s. of Jiimes Wi[)er of Ciatiup, Hus: bap. by .^P Alcock Oct. 2G. 
John s of Thos. Smith of Skicrholm, yeo., bap. by M' K. Nov. 16. 
Befijamin s. of Henry Simpson of Skieriiolm, bap. by M' A. Dec. 21. 
Elizabeth d. of John Tliornton of Hartlinlon, Lab', bap, by M' Alcock 

Jan. 4. 

► —.■ 4-^-..- ■'•*« 


Mary d. of Tho?. Birch of Gatcup, Farmer, bap. hy M' Alcock. Jan. G. 
Henry s. of Henry Knowles nf l)., Hus : bap. by M/ Knowles. Jan. 11. 
Nancy d. of Israel Simpson of Skierholm, bap. by M' Alcocli, Mar. 1. 
Jemima d. of John Holt of Green-Know. bap. by M' Alcock, Mar. 1.5. 
Simon s. of Kob' Jjurnctt of Craven Kell, ban. by M"" Alcock, Mar. 15. 

Burials, 17G0-61. 

An abortive ch. of John Tattcrson's of Appletr'', Farmer, bur. Mar. 3U. 
Rebecca Colton of Hebden, widow, bur. by M' Alcock, Apr. 1. 
Jonathan s. of John Harper of Burnsall, bur. by M' Alcock, Apr. 5, 
Thos. Parker, of Appletr*", Farmer, bur. by M' Knowles, Apr. 21. 
M" Mary Alcock of I>nrnsall, widow, bur. by ^f' Knowles, June i. 
Henry s. of John Summersgill of Midliill, bur. by M' Ivnowles, June 5. 
Mary d. of John Waite uf Midhill, bur. by M' Knowles, June 17. 
Jane Staw of Skierholm, bur. by M-' Alcock, July 1. 
M"^ John Alcock of Jiurnsall, Clerk, bur. by M" Knowles, July 8. 
Rich'' Milner of Holes, Hus : bur. by M'. Knowles, Aug. G. 
Alice Hammond of Applctr'', Lodger, bur. by M' Alcock, Aug. 17. 
Agnes Thornton of Hartlinton, widow, bur. by M' Knowles, Nov. 13. 
Alice Fletcher of B., widow, bur. by M' Knowles, Dec. 3. 
An abortive ch. of W"' Wadsworth of Thorp, Lab', Jan. 17. 
Thomas Bland of Hartlinton, Batch : bur. by M'^ Knowles, Jan. 29. 
Thomas s. of Henry Parker of B., bur. by M'' Knowles, Feb. 8. 
Sarah Hallam of Hartlinton, pens', bur. by M'' Knowle.', Feb. 13. 
Ann wife of Thos. Giil of Skierholm, bur. by M' Alcock, Mar. 7. 

cf July, 1781. 

This is a true copy, as witness our hands, 

John Alcock Rector. I\Iatthcw Knowles Rector. 

W" Airton, James luman, W'° x Blackburn, George Ibbotson, 

— Xchwdns. 

A true and perfect Copy of all the Mar., Bapt. and Ikuials had in p'" 
Xch. of Burnsall, from March 25, 17G1 to 17G2. 

James Wooler, Coal miner, it Agnes Ibbotson, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Apr. 5, 12, 19) 21 Apr., 17G1, by Matth Knowles, 
Rector — James x Wooler, Agnes x Ibbotson— Clui.-^topher 
Tomas, Bernard Shuttleworih. 

William Summersgill, Carpenter, ct Margaret Ibbotson, spin., both of 
this par., mar. by Banns (Apr. 19, 2G, May 3) 7 May, 1761. by 
Matth. Knowles, Rector — W"' x Summersgill. Margaret x 
Ibbotson — Mary Ibbotson, W'" Holmes. 

Thomas Malhani .t Hannah Birch, both of this [)ar., mar. bv Banns 
(Apr. 2G, May 3, 10) 12 May, 17G1, by Maltb. Knowles^ Rector 
— Thomas Malham, Hannah x Biich— John MalliHm.W"' Holmes. 

W'" Westall, of the i-ar. of Gargrave, Labourer, v^- Margaict Redah. of 
this par., mar. by Banns (May 3, 10, 17, with cert.) 18 May, 
1761, by Matthew Knmvles, Rector— W'" x Westall, Murg' x 
Redah -John Throup, W'" Holmes. 


Jamc-s Robinson it Eliz*'' Bauden, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(May 24, 81, June 7) 7 June, 17G1, by John Alcock, Hector — 
James x Robinson, Eliz'^' x Bauden — John Stackhoase, Chr. 

John Suramersgill. of the par. of Kiiby Malham Dale, & .Mary Frank- 
land, of this par., mar. by Banns (July 5, 12, 19, with cen.) 20 
July, 1761, by Jolm Alcock, Rector — John x Sumraersgill, Mary 
X Frankland — John Mercer, John Wright. 

Christopher Thomas & Martha Nortiien, both of this par., marbyJ^ic. 
(fr. M" Walter Priest, surr : ) 21 Sep., 17G1, by .Matth. Knowles, 
Rector — Christopher Thomas, Martha Northen — John Bumbv, 
^V- Holmes. 

John Mercer, Webster, & Eliz"'' Summersgill, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Sep. 27, Oct. 4, 11) 12 Oct., 17G', by John 
Alcock, Rector — John Merctr, Elizabeth x Summersgill— 
Matthew Story, John Stackhoase. 

John Rvlav, Hus., i Grace Ibbotson, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Sep. 27, Oct. 4, 11) 14 Oct., 1761. by John Alcock, 
Rector — John Rylay, Grace Ibbotson — Mark Scott, John Stack- 

John Bland, yeo., i\; Agnes Htbdeu, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Nov. S. 15, 22) 20 Nov. 17G1, by John Alcock, Rector- 
John Bland, Agnes Hebden — Rob' llebden, Matthew Bland. 

P>anns pub. between Christopher Bauden & Margaret Ileaton, Nov. 15, 
22. 2y, 1761. 

Banns pub. hetwcf n John Duckett & Agnes Procter, Nov. 22, 21), Dec. 
G, 1761. 

James Woodward. Writingmaster il- Ac;nes Dickinson, spin., both of 
this lar.iuar. by Banns (Dec. 18, 20, 27)81 Dec, 17G1, by 
Maltli. Knnwles, Rector — James \\'oodward, Agnes X Dickinson 
— W"" Constantine, John Demain. 

Mattlitw Bland, Hus : & Mary Bland, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Bi.nns (Jan. 17. 24, 31) 2 Feb , 17G2. by John Alcock, Rtctor 
Matthew Bland, Mary X Bland — Josuah Hardesty, John Lupton. 

John riatty, of 'I'hnrp, gentlemen, tt Ellen Alcock", both of this par., 
miir. bv Lie. '20 Feb., 17G2, liy C. Alcock, OlHciaut Sc Curatt — 
John Batty, Ellen Alcock — Ann .Vlcock, John Stackhouse. 

Thomas Andrew. Cordwainer, & Jajie Whitaker. both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Feb. 21, 28, Mar. 7) Mar., 17(12, by Malth. 
Knowles, Rrctor — Thos. Andiew, Jane X Whitaker — W" Hall. 
Thos. liead. 

Banns pub. between Ivich'' Hardickir it .\nn Hardicker, Mar. 7. 14. 
21, 1762. 


John s. of John Pawson of Heartlin-ton, min', ba].. by M' -V. Mar. 2'.). 
Anthony s. of Thomas Joy of tlatiup, hus : hap. by .\P K. Apr. 5. 
Robert .t Margari't. twin ch. of John White of Hartlington M.. bap. 

by M' Alcr.ok May 10. 
Chiistoplu'r s. of W'" Smith of P... harnii-r, hap. by NP K. May 9. 


William s. of John King of Craven Cross, bap. by M' Alcock Apr. 9. 
Mafctliew s. of Henry Parker of B., bap. by M' Lamb Au:^. IG. 
Mary d. of Stott of H.M., min^ bap. by M' Lamb Aug. IG. 
Ellen d. of John Summersgill of H.M., bap. by M' Knowles Sep. 26. 
Sarah d. of Jeremiah Busfield of Applet*, Blacksmith, bap. by M' 

Alcock Oct. 17. 
Elizabeth d. of William Naler of B., Lab', bap. by M^ Alcock Nov. 2G. 
Kachell d. of W^^ Hawlev of IL M., min', bap. by W K. Dec. 2. 
Mary d. of W" Wilkinson of Thorp, min% bap. by M' K. Jan. 6. 
Margarett d. of Joseph Crawshov of H.^L, weaver, bap. by M' Knowles 

Jan. 6. 
Sarah d. of Thos. ^Vhitaker of Appletr*, Farmer, bap. by M' Alcock 

Jan. 17. 
W" s. of Thomas Pickersgill of B., Plumber, bap. by M' K. Feb. 23. 
Eliz'^ d. of Mary Samson of Hartlington, bap. by Mr. K. Mar. 21. 
Eliz*'> d. of W° Becroft of B. min^ bap. by M^ Alcock Jan. 17. 


Eliz'" wife of John Blakey of Thorp, bur. by M' Knov\-le3 Mar. 25. 
Eliz'^ d. of John Thornton of Woodhou-e, Labor^ bur. by M' Knowles 

Mar. 28. 
W-" Wilson of Burnsall. saxton, bur. by M' Burton Apr 12. 
Eich"* Tennant of B., Lodger, bur. by 5p Knowles Apr. 23. 
Ann wife of Rich'' Tennant of B., bur. by M' Alcock Apr. 27. 
W'" Bland of Hartlington, yeoman, bur. by M'' Alcock Mav 10. 
Cin-istopher s. of Christopher Hind of ?>., Min', bur. by M' A. May IG. 
Jane Maudsley of B., widow, bur. by ^l' Knowles June 1. 
Eh'zabeth wife of Thos. Inman of Appletrew'', bur. bv M' K. July 10. 
Thos. Inman of Woodhouse, pens^ bur. by M' Alcock Sep. 10. 
W"" Holmes of Woodhouse, schoolmaster, bar. by M' A Oct. 2. 
John s. of Thos. Gregson of Woodhouse, lab', bur. by M' K. Nov. G. 
\yilliam Bland of Burnsall, Butcher, bur. by M' Knowles Nov. IG. 
Elizabeth wife of Bich'' Bean of Skiieholm, bur. by M' K. Jan. 7. 
W"" s. of Anthony Ilebden of Grimwith, yeoman, bur. by M' Knowles 

Jan. 8. 
William s. of W" Halla:n of WfStgatc, par. of Linton, bur. by M' 

Hcwit Jan. IG. 
Thonnis Gill of Skircholm, widower, bur. by M' Knowles Jan. 19. 
Jolin s. of Mary Samp.son of Hartlington, pens', bur. by M' Chr. 

Alcock Feb. 7. 
Isabel d. of Elizabeth Riely, a stroulcr, bur. by M' Alcock Feb. G. 
Ann wife of John Cnnvther of Hartlington Moorside, Cordwamer. bur. 

by M' Knowlts Feb. 8. 

This is a true copy of th^ Register had at Burnsall Xch as witness, 

Matth. Knowles, Rector. 

John Inman, John Herd, John Bland, John Collvei— Xchwdens. 


A true & exact copy of the Register of all Mar., Bap., & T3urials 
had in psh. Church of Burn?all from the 25 March, 17G2, to 25 
March, 1763. 


W" Constantine, Husbandman, & Eliz"' Ilallam, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Apr. 25, May 2, 9) 10 May, 17G2, by .John 
Alcock, Rector — W" Constautine, Elizabeth x llaham — John 
Constantiue. Henry Ovinton. 

Banns pub. between Thos. Hardcastle & Barbary Becroft Mar. 28, 
Apr, 4, 11, 1762. 

Banns pub. between Joseph Tompson & Ann Hargraves May 2, 9, IG, 

W" Airton, Farmer, & Ann Watson, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Bauns (May 16, 23, 30) 2 June, 1762, by Matth. Knowles, Reef 
— \V" Airton, Ann Watson — Rich"^ Carr, John Stackhouse. 

Joshua Hym-in, of the par. of Stainley, Hus., & EHzabeth Greystone, 
of this par., mar. by Banns (June 13, 20, 27, with cert.) 11 July, 
1762, by Matthew Ivnowhs, Rect'— Joshua x Hyman, Eliz'" x 
Greystone — John Malliam, .John Malham. 

George Stiik, of the par. of Kildwick, Skinner, & Ann Hebden, of 
Grim with in this par,, spin., mar. by Lie, (fr Mr. Walter Priest, 
surr.) 2 Aug., 17G2, by John Alcock, Rect'— George Stirk, Ann 
Hebden — John Harper, John Lupton. 

ThoHias Pawson, of the par. tt dio. of Longcaster, scrv', .t Mary 
Harm eaves, of this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Aug. 1, S, 15, 
with CL-rt.) 15 Aug.,' 17G2. by John Alcock — Thomas Pawson, 
Mary x Hargraves — John Pawson, W" Bland. 

Anthony Jov, bus., i\: Eliz"' Walker, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Aug. S, 15. 22) 24 Aug., 1762, by Matth. Knowles, "Reef— 
Anthony Joy, Eliz'*' X Walker— Robert Ibbotson, Kob' Brown. 

Richard Wilcock, of the par. of Giu'^l'^'^wick, Bailiff, & Sarah Harrison, 
of this par., spin., mar. hv IVmns (Au^'. 8, 15, 22, with cert.) 
25 Au,'., 1762, by Mattli. Knowles, Reef— Richard Wilcuck, 
Sarah Harri-^on — John Bowskil, Rob' Kay. 

Tlionns Hirdcastie, Lab', & Barbary Becrdt, spin., both of this par., 
mar by Banns (see above) 12 Sip., 1762. by John Alcock, Reel' 
— Thns. X Hardcastle, Jjarbary x Becrof, — Jolm Harper, 
Major }larper. 

Joseph Wood, of the par. of P)nstal, yeoman, .v- Margaret Colycr, of 
this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Sep. 12, 19, 26. with ceit.) 7 
Oct., 17r.2. by .Matlh. Knosvles, Ri of— Joseph Wood. Margaret 
X ('ol!,\i'r— W'" Collyer. 

Stephen Gugson, labourer, Sc Mary Kn'k, both of this par., mar. by 
I'.anns (Stp. 19, 26, Oct. 3)"l Get.. 17G2, by Matth. Knowles, 
Reef- -Stt |jh(-n X Gregson, Mary Kirk--Geor'4e Domain, Rob' 


Robert Bridberry, of the par. of Rippon, Taylor, d- Mari^avet Whiteokc, 
of this par.', spin., mar. by Banns (Oct. 10, 17, 20, with cert.) 7 
Nov., 17G2, by John Alcock, Rector— Rob' x Bridberry, 
Margaret x Whiteoke — John Stackhouse, Ed. Kondale. 

John Shertcliffe, of tlie par. of Mansfield, dio. York, yeoman, Sc 
Thomasin Tennant, of thi.s par,, mar. by Lie. (fr. M"" Walter 
Priest, surr.) -1 Dec, 1762, by Matth. Knowlcs, Rect'— John 
Shertcliffe, Thomasin Tennant — John Hawkridge, Rob' Kay. 

Rich'' Carr, J_Jahor^ .t Eli/.''' Jackson, spin., both of this par., mar, by 
Banns (Dec. 10. 20, Jan. 2) 2 Jan., 17G3, by John Alcock, 
Rect^— Rich' x Carr, Eliz"- x Jackson— W"* Arton, Rob' Kay. 

Isaac Couper, miner, &: Dorathy Niccleson, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Feb. 13, 20, 27) 28 Feb., 17G3, by ^[atth. 
Knowles, Rector — Isaac Couper, Dorathy x Nicclesoa — Ingram 
Iveson, Henry Sidcbotham. 

Baptisms, 1762. 

Betty d. of John Morphet of B. Farmer, bap. by M' Alcock, Apr. 13. 
John s. of Anthony Hebden of Grimwith, yeoman, bap. bv M"" Alcock 

Apr. 23. 
W" s. of John Sumtnersaill of B., Taylor, bap. by M"' Alcock May 9. 
George s. of James \Yhitaker of Langerton, bap. by M' Knowles 

June 16. 
Fanny d. of James Munday of Burnsall, Miner, bap. by M'^K. July 3. 
John s. of John Bake of Appletr", Carpenter' bap. by ]\P K. July 13. 
Mary illeg. d. of Barbary Becroft of Scireholm, bap. hy M^ A. Aug 1. 
Ann illeg. d. of Arm Joy of Ramsclose bap. by M"^ Knowles Aug. 14. 
John s of Robt. SummGrsgill of B., blacksmith, hi p. by M' .\lcock 

Aug. 15. 
Eliz'*' d. of John Batty of Thorp, gent., bap. by M' K. Aug. 17. 
W" illeg. oh. of .\nn Hargrave of Scireholm bap. by M'' \. Xua,. 29. 
James s. of Rich'^ Pickard of Applctr", Blacksmith, liap. by M' .Vlcock 

Aug. 29. 
Mary illeg. ch. of Mary Elli^ of Flarthiigton bap. by M' .\. Sep. 12. 
Anthony s. of John Holt nf (ireenknowhill bap. by M' A. Sep. 19. 
Elizabeth d. of Nathan' Ward of Greenknowhill b;ip. bv M' .\lcock 

Sep. 26. 
Mary d. of George Peart of Ilartlinton, Minor, bap. by M' A. Oct. 24. 
^Y'° s. of John r.laud of Ilartlinton, yeoman, bap. by M' A. Oct. 24. 
Betty d. of Thomas [\acock of Scireholm. Miner, bap. bv M' Knowles 

'Nov. 28. 
Thomas s. of Thos. Smiih of Scireholm, yeoman, bap. by M' Knowles 

Dec. 12. 
Thomas s. of Jiob' Inman of B , yeoman, bap bv M' K. Dec. 26. 
Elis. d. of Matlli. r,<:\\ of H.M., .Miner, bap. by M^ K. Jan. 6. 
Eastlier d. of \V'" Horner of Appk'tr'', Coedwainer, bap. bv M' Knowles 

Feb. G. 
Isaac s. of Isaac Let ch of H. M., Miner, bap. by M' KnowUs F. b. 23. 
John .s. of Christ' Witherhead of Thorp, Labor', bap. by M' K. Feb. G. 


Ann d. of Thos. Birch of Gatoup, Farmer, bap. by M' K. Mar. G. 
Anthony s. of Anthony Jov of H. M., Farmer, bap, by M' K. Mar. 8. 
Maryaret d. of W'' Pearson of H. M., Miner, bap. by M^ K. Mar. 20. 
John Dixon, an illcg. child from Greenknowh;!), bap. by M' Alcock 
July 18. 


Elizabeth Fletcher of Burnsall, pens', bur. by M' Knowles Apr. 7. 
Silvester Hebden of Appletrew*", yeoman, biu-. by M' K. Apr. 10. 
Thomas Ellis of Woodhouse, Carpenter, bur. by M' K. Apr. 20. 
Ann Hargroves of Scireholm, bur. by M' K. Apr. 27. 
W'° Smith of B., Farmer, bur. by M'' Knowles Apr. 28. 
M" Ann Tennant of B., bur. by M' Carr May 2. 

Heneiy s. of Henory Parker of B., Skinner, bur. by M"' Alcock May 9. 
W'° Becroft of Burnsall, Labourer, bur. by M' K. May li. 
Thomas Stackhouse of B., Clockmaker, bur. by M'^ K. May lo. 
Ellen d. of Rob' Maudsley of Appletrew'", bur. by M' K. ^h^y 15. 
Frances wife of James Whitaker (from Langerton), bur. by ^P K. 

June 16. 
Ann Rogers of B., Lodger, bar. by M'' Knowles July 9. 
Elizabeth d. of W" Xaler of B., bur. by M"^ Kuowle"^s July 10. 
Ellen d. of John Summersgill of H. M., bur. by M' Knowles July 21 
M" Ellen Batty, wife to M' John Batty, of Thorp, Gent, bur. by M' 

Knowles Aug. 2 
Thomas In man of Appletreew*", yeoman, bur. by M"' Alcock Aug. 29. 
Mary wife of W'" Young of Appletrew'', bur. by M'' Alcock Nov. 7. 
Thomas Smith of Scireholm, yeoman, bur. by M"^ Knowles Nov. 12. 
Robert Mallison of B., Lodger, bur. by M'' K." Dec. 30. 
Elizabeth Cirrington of H. ^L, bur. by M' K. Feb. 4. 
Grace wife of Thomas Ibbotson of II. M., bar. by M'' K. Feb. 7. 
James Malham of Hartlington Rakes, Farmer, bar. bv Mr Knowles 

Feb. 10. 
Mary wife of John Taterson of Couistone, bur. by M' K. Feb. 19. 
Sarah wife (^f Henery Sitnpson of Scireholm, bur. by M' K. Feb. 2G. 

This is a true A exact copy aforesaid as witness our bands. 

John Alcock Rect^ 

Rol)' Inman, John Bland, John Inman. 

A true and exact copy of all Mar., Bap., & Bur. had in psh. 
Church of iUimsall from March 25, 1763, to .March 25, 1764. 


John Brashow, Cordwainer. & Lydia Robinson, spin., both of this 

par., mar. by Banns (May 1. 15, 29) 1 June, 1703, by Matth. 

Knowlfs — Joiin X lira-how, Lydia Jiobinson — Ingram Ivcson, 

John Blackey. 
Francis Whitk'v, Labourer, i.<t Isabel Mason, spin., both of this par., 

mar. by Banns (May 29, Juno 12, 26) 14 July, 17G3, by Matth. 

Knowles — I'Vancis x Whitley, Isabel x Mason — Francis Ward, 

Rob' Kay. 


Thomas Inman, Labourer, A: Mar^arot Taterson, botli of this par,, 

mar. by Banns (July 17, -24, 31) :'.l July, 176:3, by John Alcock, 

Eecior — Thomas Innoan, Margaret x Taterson — W"' \\ rathall, 

Thomas Dirch. 
James Atkinson, potter, & Ann Flefclior, lioth of this par., mar. by 

Banns (Aug! 29, Sep. 4. 11) 12 Sep., 1763, by John Alcock, 

Eector — Jam-'S x Atkmson, Ann x Fletcher — Barnard 

Shiittleworth, I'lol." Kay. 
Christ' Baiiy, Hus., Sc Jane Robin^•on, spin., both of this par., mar. 

by Banns (Sep. 11, 18, 25) 26 Sep., 1763, by John Alcock, 

Rector — Chrisf Baily, Jane Robmson— John Constantine, \V° 

John Gregson, schoolmaster, ,^ Christana Wnidra, both of this par., 

mar. by Banns (Sep. liS, 25, Oct. 2) 4 Oct.. 1703, by Matth. 

Knowles, Rector — John Gregson, Christana x Windra — Henry 

Ovintoii, Rob* Kay. 
Simon Cockit. Farmer, Sc Elizabeth Smith, both of this par., mar. by 

Banns (Sep. 25, Oct. 2. 9) 9 Oct., 1763, by John Alcock, Rector 

— Simon Cockit, Elizabeth x Smith — W™ Hill, Fiob' Kay, 
John Inman, of this par., Blacksmith, & Mercy Cortice, of the par. of 

Kirby Malhamdale, spin., mar. by Lic^fi"- M' Walcer Priest, 

snr.) 24 Oct., 1703, by John Alcock, Rect'— John Stackhouse, 

Thos. Stackhouse, 
Henry Moorbouse. yeoman, I'v: Ann Elsworth. both of this par., mar. 

by Banns (Oct. 16, 23. 30) 81 Oct.. 1763, by Maith. Knowles, 

Eector — Henry Moorhou?e, Ana x Elsworth — John Reedy, Rob' 

John Heaton, Lab^ & Elizabeth Rodgers, both of this par., mar. bv 

Banns (Oct. 16, 23. 30) 1 Nov., 1763. by Matth. Knowles. RectoV 

—John X Heaton, Eliz"' x Rodgers — lohn Rodgers. Rob^ Kay. 
John Windle, Servant, .*;: Margaret Bake, both of this par., mar. bv 

Banns (Nov. 6, 13.20) 23 Nov., 1703, by John Alcock, Rector-- 

Johu X Windle, Margaret x Bake— Silvester Hebrlen, Rob' 

Thomas Johnson, of the par. of Arnclifl", G raiser, .1- Mary Parkinson, 

of this par., spin., mar. by Lie. 10 Dec, 1703 by John Alcock, 

Eector — Thomas Johnson, Mary Parkinson — W"' "Daw.son, John 

William Haw, of the par. of West Witton, dio. York, Tallow Chandler, 

& li^aster Smith, of this par., mar. by Lie. (fr. Ben. Smith, surr.) 

4 Jan., 1704, by John Alcock, Rector — SV'" Haw. Easter Smith 

— John Brown, John Homer. 
William Dawson, of the par. of Horton Gill, Gent., .t Margaret 

Parkinson, of this par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M' Ben. Smith. 

surr.) 2 Feb., 1764. by John Alcock, Rector- \V"' Dawson. 

Margaret Parkinson — Thomas Johnson, John Parkinson. 

Henory s. of Matth. Tennant of Thorp, bap. by M'^ Knowlos Apr. 17. 
Mary d. of Hcnery Stockdale of Grimwith, bap. by ^P K. May 1. 


Simon illeg. ch. of Eliz**' Holt of Greenknowhill, bap. by M' Knowles 

June 6. 
Jamos s. of Randel Inman of Thorp, bap. by M' K. Juno 12. 
Fnmcis s. of John Mason of B., bup. by AP Knowleri Anu'. 4. 
Hannah d. of George Taterson of Hart. M., bap. by M' K. Aug. 21. 
Mary d. of Henery Knowles of B., bap. by M"^ K. Oct. 2. 
Jane d. of Mich. Crake of Appletr'' bap. by M' K. Dec. 28. 
Hoigson s. of W" Wilkinson of Thorp, bap. by M' K. Jan. S. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Malhain of Hart", bap. by M' K. Jan. 14. 
Bella d. of John SumraersgiU of Hart. M., bap. by M' K. Jan. 22. 
John 8. of John Bake of Appletr'', bap. by M' K. Jan. 22. 
Mary d. of Joseph llyman of H.M., bap. by M'' Knowles Mar. 18. 


Isaac s. of Isaac Leech of Hart" bur. by .M' Knowles May 9. 
Anthony s. of Thomas Holt of Gieenknowhili, bur. b} M' K. June 3. 
Anne Smith of H. M., bur. by M' Knowles June 12. 
John Xaler of B., bur. by M' Knowles June 21. 
Sarah d. of Jeremiah Buslield of Appletr"^, bur. by M'' K. July 25. 
Edward luman of B., bur. by M' Knowles July 25. 
Anthony s. of Robert Ibbotson of B., bur. by M' K. Aug. 19. 
Patrick s. of George Taterson of H. M.. bar. by M' Knowlts Aug. 21. 
William Budsmith of Hart. M., bur. by M' Knowles Aug. 22. 
Margaret d. of John Wait of Midhill, bur. by M' Knowks Oct. 8. 
Thomas Stackhouse of B., & Dinah his wife, bur. by M' Alcock Dec. 7. 
John s. of John Bake of Appletreewick, bur. by M' K. Dec. 10. 
Jane d. of .Mich. Crake of Appletrew", bur. by M' K. Feb. 19. 
Ellen Smith of Scireholra, bur, by M' Knowles Feb. 22. 
Margaret Bland of Hartlinton, bur. by M' Knowles Mar. 16. 

This is a True Copy of the Register had in psb. Xch. of Bunisall 
for the year i76U as witness our hands, 

Matthew Knowles. Rector. John Alcock, Rector. 
Rob' Kay, \\"' Wruthall, Tho' l>irch, John Harper — Xch wardens. 

A true tl- perfect Copy of all Mar., Bap., ct Bur- had in ihe Xch. 
of Buinsall from the 25 March, 17G4, to 25 March. 1765. 


James Summersgill, Carpenter, >.t Eliz"' Stoney, spin., both of this 
par., mar, by Banns (Apr. 8, 15, 22) 24' Apr., 1764, by John 
Alcock, Rector — James Summersgill, Eliz. x Stoney — Thos. 
Stoney, John Stackhouse. 

Thomas Horner. Cordwainer, i^ Lvdia Cockshott, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Apr. IS", 22, 29) 1 May, 1764, by Mathew 
Knowks, Rcct'— Thomas Horner, Ijydia Cockshott— Matthew 
Sympsou, W-"" Hornor. 

Thomas Simpson, of tho par. of Einion, miner, iV Jane Stockdalc, ot 
this par., mar. by Banns (Apr. 22, 29. May 6, with cert.) 23 
May. 1761, by John Alcock. Rector — Thomas x Sympson, Jane 
X Stiickdalo — l.^aac Leech, Rob' Kay. 

James Kuowles, of this par,, Miner, ct Jane Parker, of the par. of 
Rippon, spin., mar. hy Banns (May 20, 27, June 3 with cert.) 11 
June, 1761, by Matth. Knowlei;, Reef — -James x Knowles, Jane 
Knowlcs — -Ralph Parker, Rob' Kay. 

Rich'' Wood, Cordwainer, Sc Margaret Hodgson, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (June 21, July 1, 8) 12 July, 1761, by 
Matth. Knowles, Rector — Rich'' X Wood, Marg' Hodgson — Thos. 
Mitchel, R. Kay. 

Luke Petty, of the par. of Skipton. Butcher, & Ann Stockdale. of 
this par., spin., mar. by Lie. 26 July, 1764, by Matth. Knowles, 
Rector — Luke Petty, Ann x Stockdale — Rob' Hebden, Rob' 

W" Jewit of the par. of Kirby Malhamdale, weaver, & Eliz"' Smith, 
mar. by Banns (July 8, 15, 22, witli cert.) 29 July, 1764, by John 
Alcock, Rector-^W" x Jewit, Eliz"' Smith — James Smith, Rob' 

Ingram Iveson, Roper, c^ Agnes Btotherton, spin., both of this pnr., 
mar. by Lie. bl July, 1764, by John Alcock, Reef — Ingram 
Iveson, Agnes x Brotherton — John Blakey, Rob' Kay. 

George Atkinson, of the par. of Skipton, Turner, & Agnes Young, of 
this par., spin., mar by Lie. 31 July, 1764, by John Alcock, 
Reef — George Atkinson, Agnes Young — Thos, Mason, Rob' Kay. 

Francis Ovinton & Isabella Riplev, both of this par,, mar. bv Banns 
(Aug. 26, Sep. 2, 9) 10 Sep., 1761, by John Alcock, Rector- 
Francis x Ovinton, Isabella x Ripley — Ilenerv Ovinton, Rich"* 

Stephen Catterson, of the par. of Addingham, gent., &: Mary Parkinson. 
of this par., spin., mar. by Lie. 1 Nov., 1764, by Matth. Knowles, 
Reef' — Stephen Catterson, Mary Parkinson — Nicholas Kitching, 
Catterson Paley. 

W"" Beeson, weaver, and Isabel Medcalf, sniu.. both of this par., mar, 
by Banns (Nov. 18, 25, Dec. 2) 4 Dec, 1764, by John Alcock, 
Rector — W"' x Beeson, Isabel x Medcalf — John Tomlyson, 
Rob' Kay. 

Abraham Longbottom, Farmer, it Eliz. Harrison, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Dec. 2. 9, 16) 17 December, 1764, by John 
Alcock, Reef — Abraham Longbottom, Eliz. Harrison — Rob' 
Ibbotson, Rob' Kay, 

Hugh Jennins, of the par, of Skipton, i\: Ann 'Moorhouse, of this par., 
spin., mar. by Banns (Jan, 13, 20, 28, with cert.) 5 Feb., 1765, 
by Matth. Knowles, Reef — Hugh x Jennins, Ann x Moorhouse 
— John Scott, Rob' Kay. 

Robt. Tatersall, of the par. of JJnton, Labourer, &: Eliz, Slinger, of 
this par., mar. by Banns (Jan, 27, Feb. 3, 10, with cert.) 11 
Feb, 1765, by John Alcock, Reef — Rob' x Tatersall, Eliz x 
Slinger — John Tatersall, Rob' Kay. 


M" Maiy Knowlcs of B,, bur, by M' Carr Apr. 5, 

Ann wife of James Bland of i^, bur, by M- Alcock Apr, S. 


Francis s. of W"'- Griove of B., bar. by M"" Alcock May G. 

Ricli'^ Dean of Scirfliolm, poor man, bur. by M' Kuowlt-s May 10. 

Eliz. Harper of Applctr'' bur. by M' Knowles Sop. 6. 

John s. of John Collyer of Scirehohii, bur. by M'' Kno'wles Oct. 8. 

Ellen Hod.^on of Ba)'f]en, bur. by M' Alcock Nov. 12. 

Ellen wiie of Tlios. Swire of Thorp, bur. by M'' Alcock June 3. 

Thomas Pickersgill of B., glazer, bur. by M"^ Knowles July 24. 

Ellen d. of Silvester Hebden of Appletr , bur. by M'' Knowles Sep. G. 

Lydia wife of Tho,^. Horner of B., bur. by M/ Knowles Mar. 13, 1765. 

Mary d. of Thos. Pickersgill. bur. by M"^ Knowles Oct. 10. 

James Bland of B., bur. by M' Alcock Jan. 2G. 


Peter &. Mark, sons of Joseph Pevil of Scireholm, bap. bv M' Alcock 

Mar. 26. 
Eliz=" d. of Thos. Birch of Gateup, bap. by M' Knowles Apr. 29. 
Francis s. of W"" Greeve, Burnsall, bap. by M' Knowles May 4. 
Isaac s of Isaac Leech, bap. by M' Knowles Aug. 7. 
Piich' s. of Xaihanael Ward of Greenhowhill, bap. by M' Knov.-le3 

July 29. 
Thos. s. of W"' Rothel of H.M., bap. by M^ Knowles May 27. 
Thos. s. of W" Ludlam of Thorp, bap. by M' Alcock June 3. 
Ellen d. of Silvester Hebden, bap. by M' Knowles Aug. 5. 
W'^- s. of James Mnnday of B.. bap. by M' Knowles Aug. 19. 
Ann d. of Thomas Bumby of Woodhouse, bap. by M' Alcock Aui:r. 26. 
^Y" s. of Anthony Hebden of Appletr\ bap. by .\f^ Alcock Sep. 9^ 
Easther d. of Bob' Inman of B., bap. by M"^ Knowles Sep. 16. 
Marg' d. of John Morphet of B., bap. by M'' Knov.-les Oct. 28. 
Thomas s. of John Pawson of B.. bap. by .\P Knowles Dec. 16. 
Hannah illeg. ch. of .Mary Lee of Dibbles liridge, bap. bv M' Alcock 

Mar. 10. 

This is a true copy of the Keg' in psh. Xch of B., as witness our 

John Alcock, Rector. 
Rob' Kay, John Harper, W'"^ Wrathall, Thomas Birch, Churchwdus. 

True copy of all Baptisms, liurials, it Marriages had in p;h 
Church of Burnsall for year 1765. 


Robert Wrathal, of the par. of Kiyhley, Cordwainer. ct Isabel 
Ibbots'in, of this par., spin., mar. by Banns ('luly 21, 28, Au'::. i, 
with cert.) 11 Aug., 1705, by George Fletcher, OlHc'^' Curate- 
Rob'- Wrathall, Isabel x Ibbotson — John Lcemen, Rob' Kay. 

Stephen Knowles, Farmer, .\: Mary Thomp..ou, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Aug. 11, 'l8, 25) 25 Aug., 1765, by John 
Alcock, Rect^— Stephen Knowles, xMary Thomi'son— W" Hall, 
Rob' Kay. 


Rich'^ Asbton. of the par. of Linton, Miner, it Jane Wrathall, of this 
par., spin., mar. by Banns (Sep. 29, Oct. 6, 13. with cert.) 13 
Oct., 1765, by Matthew Knowlcs. Ivect' — Ricb^ x Ashton, Jane 
X Wrathall— W"' Gladwin, Rob'- Kay. 

James Whitaker, Farmer. &: Jane Bell, spin., both of tiiis par., mar. 
by Banns (Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3) 7 Nov., 1705, by John Alcock, 
Reel' — J*" X Whitaker, Jane Bell — Isaac Leech, Rob^ Kay. 

W"" Hallani & Ann Spence. spin., both of this par., mar. bv Banns 
(Oct, 20, 27, Nov. 3) 7 Nov.. 1765. by John Alcock, Rect'— W° 
X Hallam. Ann x Spence — W"' Constantino, Rob' Kay. 

W" Ilallam iV Ann Spence, spin., both of this par., mar. bv Banns 
(Oct. 20, 27, Nov. 3) 7 Nov., ]7Go, by John Alcock, Rect'— W° 
X Hallam, Ann x Spence^W'^' Constantine, Rob' Kay. 

Matthew Throup. Collier, Sc Joanne Courtess, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Nov. 10, 17, 24) 28 Nov., 17G5, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rect' — Matthew x Throup, Joanne x Courtess —Rob' 
Procter, Tho' Procter. 

John Demain, yeoman, Sc Ann Becroft, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Nov. 17, 24, Dec. 1) 2 Dec, 17G5, by John Alcock. 
Rector — John Demain, Ann x Becroft — John Medam, Rob' 

W"^ Bland, plumber, ct Sarah Whitaker. spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Jan. 26. Feb. 2, 9) IG Mar.. 17GG, by Matth. Knowles, 
Rector — W"> Bland, Sarah Whitaker— Marg' Smith, John 

W"^ Topham, Farmer, & Isabella Procter, both of this par., mar. by 
Lie. (fr. Mr. Walter Priest, Surr.) 15 Mar.. 17GG, by John Alcock, 
Rect'— W"" Topham, Isabella Procter— James Procter, Rob' Kay. 


Mary d. of Henry Parker of Burnsall, Skinner, bap. bv Mr. Knowles 

Aug. IG. 
Christ' s. of Robert Summersgill of B., bap. by Mr. Knowles Aug. 16. 
Jonathan s. of John P»rHshow, bap. by Mr. Knowles May 25. 
Mary d. of John liake of Appleirew^, Carpenter, bap. bv Mr. Alcock 

Sep. 20. 
Edward s. of Randal Inman of Thorp, bap. by Mr. Knowles Feb. 2. 
Claudius s. of W°' Wilkinson of Thorp, bap. by Mr. Alcock Feb. 16. 
Thomas s. of John Thornton of Woodjou.^c, bap. bv Mr. A. Jan. 26. 
Bella d. of John Siimmeisgill of II. M., bap. by Mr. Knowles Mar. 9. 
Mary d. of Thos. Smith ot Scireholm, bap. by Mr. Knowles Feb. IG. 


W" Bell of Ilarilinton M., bur. by Mr. Hewit May 10. 

Ann Atkinson of Thorp, bur. by Mr. Alcock May 30. 

Chrislo])her Kitching of ilebden, by Mr. Knowl.s July 14. 

Phillis Pickerigill of Gateup, by Mr. Knowles July 12. 

John Biich of H.M., by Mr. Knowles Jan. 3. 

W- Ilallam of H.M., by Mr. Knowles Feb. 26. 

Mary Ilought of Grcenliowhill, bur. by Mr. Knowles Feb. 28. 


John Simpson of Grectihowhill, bap. by Mr. Knowles Feb. 4. 
Tlios. InmaD of Wooclhouse, bur. by Mr. Knowles Feb. 15. 
Eliz-^ Hudspith of Hart. M., bur. by M' Knowles Mar. 1. 

This is a true copy of the Register had in B. Xch., as witness 
our hands. 

John Alcock, Mattb. Knowles, Rectors. 
W"" Cockshott, Chrisf Milham, Thos. Parker, J. Goreing. 

A Copy of Register of all Mar., Bur., & Baptisms had in psh, Xch. 
of Burnsall from 25 March. IT'.'.G. to 2-5 March, 17G7. 

W™ Wratliall, yeoman, tV; KHz''' Knowles, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Lie. 80 Mar., 176G. by Matt. Knowles, Rector— \V° 
Wralhall, Elizabetli Knov.-les — Agnes Knowles, Rob' Kay. 

Gilbert Brooksbank, of the par. of Bradford, gent., & Ann Parkinson, 
of this par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M' Benj° Smith, surr.) 28 
May, 17G'i, by Matth. Knowles, Rector — Gilbert Brooksbank, 
Ann Parkinson — Stephen Catterson, John Parkinson. 

John Ripley, Labourer, and Jane Smith, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Aug. 3, 10, 17) 25 Aug., 17G6, by John Alcock, 
Rector — John x Riplov, Jane x Smith — Stephen Wigelsworth, 
Rob' Kay. 

John Tennant, of Chappel House in this par., Esq., it Charlotte 
Dicas, of the par. & city of Chester, spin., mar. by Lie. 8 Sep., 
17G6, by John Alcock, Reef — John Tennant, Chailotte Dicas — 
W°' Brown, Giles Tennant. 

Thomas Blakey, Taylor, i.t June Hudson, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Feb. 1, 8, 15) 17 Feb., 1767, by Matthe>Y Knowles, 
Rector — Thos. x Ripley, Jane x Hudson — •W'^' Paley, John 


Isabal Holmes of Woodend, by Mr. Knowles Mar. 30. 

Rich' Petty, who was found in the Water, by Mr. Knowles Ma\ 3. 

Mary liobinsou of B., by Mr. Knowles Apr. 8. 

Thos. s. of Jane Pickersgill, by Mr. Knowles May 28. 

Stephen Harper of P>., by Mr. Fletcher Nov. 30. 

Eliz"' Ewan of B., by Mr. Knowlts Jan. 15. 

Isabel, wife of Jolm Spurrit of Appletr'', by M' Knowles Dec. 12. 

Mary, wife of Hugh Fletcher of B.. by Mv. Knowles Jan. 23. 

Mnry, wife of Matthew Bland of Hartlini^'ton, by M"^ Knowles Feb. 20. 

Isabel, wife of Francis Whitley of Applet^ by M' Alcock Feb. 22. 


Isabel, d. of Silvester Hebden of Applet\ by >P Aleock Apr. 20. 
Eliz"', d. of Henry Hird of Thorp, bv .\P Knowles May 2. 
John, s. of Rich' Picard of Apnlvt*. by M^ Knowles Mav 25. 
Ellin, d. of Rob' Birch of Rau'is Close, by M' KnowIesMay 31. 
Emas, s. of Josepli Pedley of Scircholm.'by M' Alcock June 1. 
W» s. of W™ Thompson of Grcenh(.whill, by M' Alcock Julv 13. 
Isaac illeg. s. of Sarah Birch, by M' Alcock'july 27. 


Tomas s. of James Whitaker cf LangerLon, by M' Alccck Aug. 10. 
Alice d. of W"" Dean of Woodhouse, bv M' Knowles Aug. 3. 
John s. of Rob' Wrathall of Thorp, by M' Alcock Aug. 10. 
Agnes d. of Jobu Masnn of B., by M' Alcock Aug. 17. 
Anthony s. of Anth-' Hebden of Griniswith, by M' Knowles Sep. 2i"'. 
Sarah d. of W'" Rodwil of Riuns Close, by M' Knowles Sep. 28. 
Eliz"' d. of Thos. Simpson of Burniifold, by M' Knowles Sep. 28. 
Joliu s. of John Morphet of B., by M' Knowles Sep. 28. 
Sarah d. of Piob' Inman of B., by M' Knowles Oct. 17. 
Mary d. of W''' Wrathall of Thorp, by M' Knowles Feb. 5. 
Sarah tf. of John Bake of B., by M' Knowles Mar. 2. 

This is a true copy, as witness our hands 

Matthew Knowles, Rector. 
Thos. Bo.i:h, C'bri>f MaUiani, Thos x Leech, W'" Hebden. 

A true Copy of the Rtgisters of Bur. P>ap. t't j\Iar. liad in the psh. 
Xch of Bur)isall from 2-3 March. 17G7, to 25 March, 17G8. 


John Kay of B., fanner, bur. by M'' Knowles Mar. 30. 

Margaret wife of Rich' Kirtcn (? Riston) of i:?urnsall, bur. by M' K. 

Oct. 31. 
^V'" s. of Thos. Reed of Appletrew^ bur. by M' Knowles Oct. 24. 
Tlios. Joy of Hai tlintou, by M' Knowles ^lay 28. 
\V'" s. of Thos. Hargreaves, bv M' Knowles l)ec. 12. 
John Hargraves, by M'' Alcock Jan. 12. 
Ann Spurrit of Apple-tiew''. bv M- Knowles Jan. 25. 
Tennant s. of W"' Hall of Ap'ple\ by M^ Knowles Feb. 4. 
Mary d. of John SunmiersgiU of Havtlinton, by M' Knowles Feb. 10. 
Isaac s. of Isaac Leech, by M'' Knowles Feb. 12. 
Thos. s. of Tlios. Ji.y of llartlington, by M' Knowles Feb. 27. 
John s. of John Morphet. Mar. 5. 


Sarah d. of John R.ake of Burnsall, liy M' Knowles Mar. 27. 

John 8. of Thos. .FLirgraves, by M' Knowles Apr. 11. 

Ehz'" d. of W"' Wilkinson, bv .M' Alcock Julv 22. 

Ehz"' d. of Rob- Bir.'h of Rams Close, by M'^ Alcock June 3. 

Sarah Foster of Rilstonc, by M' Kno.vlcs Nov. 12. 

Doratby d. of Henerv Knowles of P>nrnsall, bv M' Knowles Dec. 11. 

Johu s. of Rob' Wrathall, by M' Knowles Dec". 11. 


\\" Miers, of the par. of Otley, Gent., il- Sarah Burnet, of this par., 
spin , mar. by Banns (Mar. 29, Apr. 5, 12, with cert.) 14 Apr., 
17G7. hy Matthew KuowIl'S, luctor— W'" Miers, Sarah Burnet — 
Thos. Swire, Thos. ]iiirn<.-tt. 

Georj^e Frauklaud, Cordwaiuer. iV >Largaret Jackman, spin., both o^ 
this par., mar. by lianns (Apr. 5, 12, 19) 20 Apr., 1707, by Johu 
Alcock, Rector — Cieorge Franklaud, Margaret x Jackman. 


Thos. Stoncy il' Ann Jackinan, spin . both of this par., mar. bv Banns 
(May 10. 17. 24} 26 May, 1767. by J. Hewit, Officiating Curate 
— Thos. Stoney, Ann x Jacknian. 

W° Ibbotson. Miner, & Margaret Hartley, spin., both of this par., 
tnar. by Danns (June 21, 28, July 5) 11 July, 1767. by Matthew 
Knowles, Hector— W'" x Ibbotson, Margaret x Ilurtley — Thos. 
Cockshott, Christopher Atkinson. 

Marmaduke Drake, of the par. of Kirby Malhani, yeoman, i^ Elizabeth 
Horseman, of this par., spin., mar. bv Lie. 8 Sep., 1767, by 
Matthew Knowles. Rector — Marmaduke Drake. Eliz^'' Horseman. 

George Middlel)rook, Miller, c<; Margaret Broughton, spin., both of 
this par., mar. by Banns (Sep. 20. 27, Oct. -i) 18 Oct. by John 
Alcock — Geoige ^]iddIebrook, Margaret Bronghton— Thos. 
Horner. Robert Kay. 

Anthony Bolland, of the par. of Giggleswick. Gent.. & Sarah Foster, 
of tliis par., .<pin.. mar. by Lie. 12 Nov.. 1767. by Matth. 
Knowles, Rect -r — Anthony l)olland, Sarah Foster — -W"" Foster, 
W"- Bolland. 

George Maudsley. of the par. of Linton, Farmer, & Margaret Parkin- 
son, of this par., spin., mar. by Lie. 23 Feb., 1768, by Matthew 
Knowles. Rector — George Maudsley, Margaret Parkinson — Johu 
Shiers, W'""- Armitage. 

This is a true copy, as witness our hands, John Alcock, Rector, 
Henry Knowles. John Lupton, Ed. White. 

A true Copy of Regi.^ter had in psh. Xch of Burnsall containing Bap., 
Bur., & Mar* lor year 1768. 


John s. of Thos. Hargroves of Scireholm, bur. by M"^ Knowles Mar. 30. 

Peter s. of Joseph Pedley of Scireholm. bur. by M' Knowles Apr. 7. 

John Suimuersgill of Burnsall. bur. by M' Alcock May 8. 

Anthony Sympson of Hartlinton M , by M"^ Knowles May 9. 

John Malliam of Hartlinton Rakes, by M' Knowles June 10. 

John Spuritt from Greenhowhill, by M' K. Aug. 29. 

Jane d. of Eillen Sympson of Greenhowhill. by M^ Knowles July 15. 

Ellen d. of a traveller Lodged in Burnsall, by M' K. Sep. 2. 

Elizabeth wife of George Bland in Ijurusall, by M' K. Dec. 18. 

Thos. Bland of Woodhouse. by M^ K. Jan. 1-1. 

Jane Shilden of Appletrew^ by M^ Knowles Mar. 14. 

Jane d. W'" Pear*oii, by M' K. Apr. 27. 
W" s. of Thomas Sympson of H.M., by M' Alcock June 4. 
Jane d. of Henry llird, by M' K. June 7. 
Sarah d. of Thomas Waddilove, by M' Knowles July 28. 
Francis s. of \\"" G reeve, by M' Alcock Sep. 2-5. 
W" s. of George iVart of Hart", by M' Alcock Nov. 16. 
Ellen d. of Silv' Hebden of Applef^, by M' K. Jan. 18. 
W" s. of William Wrathall. by M' Knowles Feb. 5. 
Kob* s. of Rob' Ibbotson of Hartlington, by M' K. Oct. 22. 



Rob' Hallara, farmer, & Martha Annitstead, spin., both of this par., 
rnar. by Banns (Mar. 20. 27, Apr. 3) 8 Apr., 1768, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — Robert Hallara, Martha Armitstead — .John 
Hainan, Rob' Kay. 

Htnery IJebden, als. Ibbotson, of this par., & l^-abel Dixon, of the 
extra parochial Monastry of Sawley, mar. by Ranns (Mar. 27, 
Apr.. 3, 10, witli cert, from Long Preston) il Apr., 1768, by 
Matthew Knowlf-P, Rector — Henery Hebdeu, Isabel x Dixon — 
George Hebden, Thos. Swire. 

Eich^ Ascough, of the par. of Sldpton, Sc Elizabeth Coats, of this 
par., mar. by Banns (May 3, 10, 17, with cert.) 4 May (?), 1768, 
by Matthew Knowles, Rector — Rich'' Ascough, Elizabeth x 
Coates — Christopher iSmith, Rob' Kay. 

Joseph Birch, Farmer, i^- Phillis Craven, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (May 15, 22, 29) 13 May (? .June), 1768, by John 
Alcock, Rector — Joseph ]3irch, Phillis Craven — John Lupton, 
Rob' I\ay. 

Christopher Joy, Labou', iV Ann Davison, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (June 19, 26, July 3) 1 .July, 1768, by Matthew 
Ivnowles, Rector — Christ' x Jov, Ann x" Davison— Mar<^aret 
Smith, W- Bland. 

W" Smith cV Sarah Wilson, both of this par., mar. by Banns (June 
26, July 10, 17) 18 July, 1768, by Matthew Ivnowles, Rector — 
W"' X Smith, Sarah x Wilson — Margt. Smith, R. Ivay. 

Thos. I\idd .i- Ann Bumby, both of this par., mar bv Banns (July 
10, 17, 24) 25 July, 1768, by John Alcock, Rector— Thos. x 
Kidd. Ann x Bumliy— W'" Foster, Thos. Waddilove. 

Jonathan Young, yeoman, .t Eliz''^ Hebden, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Lie. 1 Nov., 1768, by John Alcock. Rector — Jonathan 
Young, J'^liz'*' Hebden — Geo. Atkinson, W"' Young. 

Simeon Parkinson i*c Elizabeth Young, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Nov. 6, 13, 20) 28 Nov., 1768, by Matthew Knowles', 
Rector — 

W"" Hartley i<c Isabel Parkinson, both of this par., mar. bv Banns 
(Nov. 20, 27, Dec. 4) 8 J)ec.. 1768, by .Matthew IvnowL-s, Rector 
— W"' X Hartley, Isabel x Parkinson — Simeon Parkinson. 

Thos. Cockshott & Jane Hebden, both of this pir., mar. bv Banns 
(Jan. 8, 15, 22) 24 Jan., 1768 l?1769]) by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector— Thos. Cockshott, Jane Hebden— Marv Cocksliott, Rob' 

Tliis is a true Copy, witness our hands, Matthew Knowks, Rector, 
John Bland, John Inmac, Thos. Swire. .-Xnth Hebden. 

A true Copy of all Mar., Bap., & ]3urials had in psli. Church from 
March 25, 1769. 


John Jjlakey, Loomweavtr, ,v .Mary Kidd, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Mar. 19. 26, Apr. 2) 3 Apr., 1769, liy John Alcock, 
Rector— John Blakey, .Mary Kidd— W" Birch. Rob' Kay. 


Jobn Holgatc, of the par. of Linton, Joyncr, k Ann King, of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Apr. 2, 0, IG wnh cert.) 17 Apr., 17C9. bv 
John Alcock, Rector—John x Holgate, Ann x King--Ciiri.n'' 
Iveson, Rob' Kay. 

WilUam Petty, of this par., serv', A Isabel J'.land. of the par. of 
Linton, niar. by I'.anns (May 14, 21, 28) 29 May, ITG'J, by .Jolm 
Alcock, Rector— W"- Petty, Isabel x Bland— Ricliard Carr, John 

Richard Taterson, Yeoman, i*^- Susannah Wrathall, mar. by Lie. 6 
July, 17G!>, by Matthew Knowle?. Rector— Rich^ X Taterson, 
Susannah x Wrathall— W'm. Wrathall, Rob' Kay. 

John Procter, of the par. of Arnchfl', .t Ann Parker, of this par., mar. 
by Iknns (Sep. 8. 10, 17. with c^rt.), 18 Sept., 1709, by .John 
Alcock, Rector — John Procter, Ann Parker — Jonathan Swainson, 
Rob' Kay. 

James Suvamers.cill & Ellen Cocket. both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Aug. 27, Sep. 8, 10) 18 Sep., 17G9, by John Alcock, Rector- 
James Summersgill, Ellen Cocket — John Summersgill, Rob' 

Edward Robinson >^- Ellen Atkinson, both of this par., mar. bv Banns 
(Oct. 15, 22. 29) 80 Oct., 17G9, by John Alcock. Rector— Edw'x 
Robinson, Ellen x Atkinson — Thos. Airton, Stephen Wilkinson. 

(ieorge Ilorner, ytoman, c*c Ellen Leyland, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Lie. 13 Nov., 17G9, by John Alcock, Rector — George 
Horner, Ellen Leylaud — Rich'' Horner. Mary Leyland. 

Thomas Parker, yeoman, & Agnes Chipindale, both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Dec. 17, 24, 81) 1 Jan., 1770, by Matthew Ivnowles, 
Rector — Thomas Joy, Thos. Smith. 

John Carlile c<: Diana Stoney, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Doc. 
24, 31, Jan. 7) 11 Jan., 1770, by Matthew Knowles, Rector — 
John Carlile, Diana Stoney— W"''Carlile, Rob' Kay. 

Rob' Hardcastle, yeoman, .^ Charity Staw, spin., bo'th of this par., 
mar. by liaims (Feb. 4, 11, 18) 22 Feb., 1770. bv Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — Rob' Hardcastle, Charity x Staw — Thos. 
Swire, W'" Paley. * ■ 

Adam Coats, of this, par.. Labourer, ^t Mary Pawson, of the par. of 
Kettlewell, mar. by Banns (Feb. 4, 11. 18, with cert.) 24 Feb., 
1770. by .Matthew Knowles, Hector— Adam Coats, Mary x 
Pawson — 'i'hos. Demain, Rob' Kay. 

St" Hebden, Batchelor, il- Betty Ma-^on, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Lie. 10 .Mar., 1770, by John Alcock, R.ctor— St" Hebden, 
lietty Mason— George Hebden, IJob' Kay. 


Thos. s. of James Monday of IV. bap. bv M^ Knowles Apr. 20. 
^'anL•y d. of John Ma<()n,"bap. by M' Alcock May 1. 
lI-^Mnah d. of Justph Ihrch of liaitliiuon, bv M"' Knowles Mav 10. 
Sarah d. of Thos. Waddilove, bap. Ijy M^ Alcock June 21. 
Marg' d. of Henry Hird of Thori". by .M' Knowles July 19. 
•Jane d. of Rob' s'ummeriigill of P... ny .\P Knowles Sep. 29. 


Nancy d. of Joiin Morpliet of B., by M' Alcock Oct. 7. 
W" s". of Tliomas Coclcsliott of B., by M"" Kiiowles Oct. 27. 
Jane, illeg. cli. froni Scireholni, by M' Knowles Nov. 21. 
Thonias s. of Major Harper of ]>., by M' Knowles Dec. 3. 


Eastlier d. of Rob' Inumn of B., bur. by M' Knowles June 12. 
Thomas s. of Thos. Malhani of Ilartlinton, by 'Si' Knowles June 21. 
Elizabeth, a lod:^n'ng child from Ilartlinton M., bur. by M' K. Aug. li. 
Margaret d. of Heuory Ilird of Thorp, bur. by W Alcock Oct. 3. 
Elizabeth Medcalf of Thorp, bur. by M'^ Alcock Nov. 9. 
A child from Greenhow hill for per.sons not known, bv M' A. Dec. 10. 
Tho?. Naler of B., bur. bv M^ Alcock Oct 10. 
W" Naler of B.. bur. by .M' Alcock Nov. 12. 

This ir^ a true copy, as witness our hands, Matthew Knowles, 
John Bland, Robert Hebden, W™ Paley, John Inman. 

A Copy of the licgister kept m the Psh. Church of Bnrnsall of all 
Mar., Births, I't Burials from 2o March, 1770. till 25 March, 

Christopher Armitstead, of the par. of Skipton, A Sarah Fletcher, of 
this par., mar. by Banns (Apr. 1. 8, 15, with cert.) 17 Apr., 1770, 
by Matth. Knowles, Rector — Christopher x Armitstead, Sarah x 
Fletcher — Thos. Ma^on, Rob' Kay. 

John Barker I'c Margaret Procter, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Lie. (fr. M^ Smitli, Surr:) 8 May, 1770, by Marth. Knowles. 
Ri-ctor — Jolin ]>arker, Marg' x Procter — Christopiier Johnson, 
Thomas Procter. 

W" Richmond c't Grace Winterburn, both of this par., mar. by Lie. 
(fr. M"^ Carr, Surr :) 15 May. 1770, by John Alcock, Rector— \V== 
Richmond, Grace Winterburn — Thomas Joy, Rob' Kay. 

Fldward Haselton I'C- Elizabeth Craven, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (May G, 13, 20) 24 May, 1770, by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector— Edward Haselton, Elizabeth Craven — Richard Procter, 
Rich^ Heseltine. 

George I)ixon, Colesminer. »t Hannah Bentlev, both of this par., mar. 
by I5anns (Sep. 30, Oct. 7. 14) 20 Nov., 1770, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — George x Diion, Hannah x Bentley — W"* 
Hall, Rob' Kay. 

John Bolland, of the par. of Kettlewell, iV Ann Hebden, of this par., 
spin. mar. by Lie. 12 Dec. 1770, by John Alcock, Rector — 
John P>olland, Ann Hebden — Fawcett JjoUand, Robert Hebden. 

Thomas Tbornber, Carpenter, iV Elizabeth Kelsall, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Dec. !), 10, 23) 24 Dec, 1770, by John 
Alcock, Rector — Thos. Tiiornber, Ann Kelsall — Rostern Smith, 
liob' Kay. 


Mary d. of \V=" Petty of B., bap. by M' K., }vect^ Mar. 2G. 
Thomas s. of John Bland of Harilington, bap. by M' K. Apr. 8. 
John s. of John Malbam of Harilington, by M' K., Apr. 22. 


Nelly d. of Thomas Malliam of Ilartlington, by M' K, ^lay 20. 
Mary illeg. ch. of Eliz'" Whitaker of Applctr^ by W Alcock June G. 
Ann d. of James Palc-v of Thorn, by M' Alcock June 10. 
Rob' s. of Tbo5. Waddilove of Thorp, by M' Alcock July 27. 
Marg' d. of Rob' Inmau of B., by M'^ Knowles Aug. 12. 
John s. of Jonathan Yirity of Appletr'', by M' Knowlfs Aug. 19. 
Ann illeg. cb. on Eliz. Ilavgroves of Scireholm, by M' K. July 7. 
Abel s. of Jesse Cook, by M' Alcock Mar. 3. 


Eob' Mandsley of Thorp, bur. by W Knowles May 29. 

Ann d. of James Paley of Thorp, bur. by M' Knov.-les Oct. 13. 

Eliz. Naler of B., bur. by M' Knowles Oct. 27. 

Thos. Joy of Applotr'', bur. by M"' Knowles Jan. 20. 

John s. of Tho>. Read of Appletr", bur. by M' Knowles Jan. 27. 

Mary d. of Eliz-'-' Whitaker of Appletr'^, by M^ Knowles Feb. 4. 

Peter Pawson of Ilartlington, bur. by M' Knowles Mar. 17. 

This is a true copy of the Register kept in the psh. Xch of 
Burnsall, Matthew Knowles, Rector. Thoma's Smith, John Bland. 

A Copy of all Mar., Bap., & Burials had in Psh. Church of Burnsall 
from March 25, 1771, till March 25, 1772. 


W™ Porter it Ann Armitstead, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Mar. 

17, 24, 31) 1 Apr., 1771, by John Alcock, Rector— W" x Porter, 

Ann X Armitstead — Thos. Demain, Rob' Kay. 
\V™ Young, yeoman, & Mary Cock-^hott, both of this par., mar. by 

P>ann3 (May 5, 12, 19) 21 May, 1771, by Matthew Knowles, 

Rector— \V"' Young, Mary Cockshott— Thomas Joy, Geo. 


Rob' Hebden, Farmer, it Mar^arett Smith, spin, both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (June 2, 9, IG) by .Matthew Knowles, Red- — 
Rob' Hebden, Margaret Smith — Thos. .Mason, Thos. Joy. 

Samson Frankland, yeoman, & Martha Dodgson, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Aug. 25, Sep. 1, 8) 9 Sep., 1771, by 
Matthew Knowles, Rector— Samson Frankland, Martha x Dodg- 
son — John Hitching, Rob' Kay. 

W"" Rushf irth, Carpenter, it Agues Ibbotsnn, spin., both of this par,. 
mar by Banns (Sep. 29, Oct. G. 13) II Oct., 1771, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — W" Rushforth, A'j:nes x Ibbotson— Peter 
Buck, Rob' Kay. 

Rich'' Ha.seltone. Cordwainer, i' Mary Mallison, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Dec. 22, 29, Jan. 5) G Jan., 1772, by 
Matthew Knowle-, Rector— Rich'' llazeltone, Mary x Mallison — 
Chi is' Mallison, Rob' Kay. 

U"' Hardcastle it Maiv Baudwain, both of this par., mar. by l^anns 
(Feb. 9, 23, Mar. 1) 2 Mar., 1772, bv Matthew Knowles, Rtctor 
— \\"' Hurdcasile, Mary x Baudwaiii— Thos. Swire. W" Paley. 


l^lobcrt Maiulsky uf Thorp, bur. by M' Knowlos Apr. 3. 
Jlob' IIo(li:soi] of Tijorp, bur. by M'^ Knowles May 20. 
Eliz'" wife of W" WratlriU of Thorp, bur. bv M^'lvnowles July 26. 
Ann il. of Ricliard Wood of Thorp, bur. by M' Knowles July 29. 
W" Harper of Appleti" bur. by M' Knowles Oct. 27. 
Tbos. Parker of Appletr'' bur. by M' Knowles Nov. 0. 
Isaboll wife of John Lupton of Gat-up, bur. by },[' Knowk-s Nov. 14. 
Ann wife of Anthony Hebden of Grinnvith, bur. bv W K. Nov. 17. 
Mary wife of Kobert Joy of H.M . bui-. bv M^ Knowles Dec. 3. 
Mary d. of Thos. Young of H.M.. bur. bv .M^ Knowles Dec. 12. 
Marmaduke Wialhall of Thorp, bur. bv M^ Knowles Dec. 4. 
Ellen wife of John Collyer of Burnsall," bv M' Knowlos Jan. 1772. 
Elizabeth Picard of Appletr\ bur. by M'' Knowles Jan. 27 1772. 


Susannaii d. of W™ Wrathall of Thorp, bap. by M' Knowles Mav 10. 
Robert s. of Rob' Wrathall of Thorp, bv M' Knowles Aug. 3. 
Robert s. of Thomas Mitciiell of Thorp,' by .M' Knowles Aug. 3. 
W" s. of Christopher Malliam of Thorp, bv M"^ Knowles Aug. 9. 
John s. of John Morphet of Burnsall, bv M' Alcock Oct. 24. 
Rob' s. of Rob' Sunimersgill of Burnsall, bv M' Knowles Nov. 2. 
Anthony s. of John Holr. of Greenhowiiill, bv M-^ Knowles Nov. 24. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Tomlin, by M' Knowles Feb. 2 1772 
Ann d. of Rob' Hebden of B., by M" Knowles Mar. 22. 
Ann d. of Wm. Petty of Hartlinton, bv M-^ Knowles Ma--. 22. 
Henry s. of Henery Hird of Thorp, b/ M' Knowles Mar. 22. 
Jonathan s. of Silvester Hebden. of Appletrew'' by M' K. Mar. 24. 

As witness Matthew Knowles, Rector. 

John Bland, John Hodgson. Piob' Hebden, Jo^' Constantino. 

A true Copy of all the R-gisters kept in psh. Church of Burnsall 
from from 25 March, 1772, Ull 2o March, 1773. 

^Y'" Smith, Roper, i*c Phillis Gret,'Son, spin., both of this par., mar. bv 
Banns (Apr. 5, 12, lij) 20 Apr., 1772, by Matthew Knowles. 
Rector— W'" X Smith, Phillis x Gregson— Robert Gregson, 
Rob' Kay. 

Thomas Paley, of the par. of Linton, lI- Sarah Gill, of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Apr. 12. 19, 2G with cert.) 27 Apr., 1772, by John 
Alcock, Rector— Thomas Paley, Sarah Gill— John Gilh Alex. 

Antliony Gregson .^ Ann Fouutaiue, both of this pai., mar. bv I'.aiins 
(June 7, 14, 21) 21 June, 1772, by John Alcock, Rector- 
Anthony X Grig.son, Ann x Fountaiue, W"' Wi'jglesworth. 
Rob' Kay. 

Henry Polard. Hiis.. it Agnes Hill, spin., b )lh of this par., mar. by 
Lie. (fr. J. Richardson, surr.) lU July, 1772 -Henry x Pollard, 
Agnes X Hill — W'" Carlisle. Rob' Kay. 


W" Palcy, Farmer, & Jane Piek-orsgill, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (St-p. 20, 27. Oct. -1) H Oct., 1772, by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector — W™ Paley, Jane Pickersgill — Rob' Inman, Rob' Kay 

Tliomas Bullock and Isabella Metcalf, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Oct. 11, IS, 25) 29 Oct , 1772, by Matthev,- Knowles, 
Rector — Thomas Bullock, It^abella x Metcalf — John Dcmain. 
Rob' Kay. 

Rob' Whitaker and Thomasin Knowles, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Nov. 15, 22, 29) 2 Dec, 1772, by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector — Rob' Whitaker, Thomasin Knowles— W" Blad, Christ' 

W"" Stott, Hus., I'v- Mary Cockit, spin., both of this par., roar, by Lie* 
(fr. W" Wilkins,%urr.) 14 Dec, 1772, by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector— \V"' Stott, Mary x Cockit— ^V°' Harper, Rob' Kay. 

John Clark il- Mary Wharton, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Dec. 
20, 27. Jan. 3, 1773), by Matih. Knowles, Rector— John x Clark, 
Mary x Wliarton — W'-' Fountaine, Rob' Kay. 

John Pickerin cl Dorothy Banes, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Jan. 10, 17, 24) 2G Jan., 1773, by Matthew Knowles, Rector — 
John X Pickerin, Dorothy x Banes— Rob' Ibbctsou, Rob' Kay. 

\V™ Simpson & Dorothy Oldiield, both of this par., mar, by Banns 
(Jan. 24, 31, Feb. "7) 7 Feb., 1773, by Matthew Knowles". Rector 
— \V" X Simpson, Dorothy x Oldfield — Rob' Kay. 

James Brest, of the par. of Ktttlewell, Farmer, & Elizabeth Downs, of 
this par., mar. by Lie. (fr. Thos. Carr, Surr.), 2ii Feb.. 1773, by 
John Alcock, Rector — Janus Prest, Eliz"' x Downs — -Michael 
Downs, Rob' Kay. 

Rnptisms, 1772-3. 

Nancy, d. of Tho?;. Joy of Applet", by M' Knowles June. 

John, s. of John Bland of llartlington, by M' Knowles June IG. 

W-", s. of Isaac Leech of H.M., May 13, and Rec' in Cong" July 12 by 

M' Alcock. 
Sarah, d. of Thos. ILirdcastle of Appleti'', by M' Knowles Aug. IG. 
Margaret, d. of Anthony Armitstead [perhaps Atkinson], by M' K, 

Aug. 30. 
Thomas s. of Thomas Gregson of B , by M' K. Sep. 10. 
Jane d. of Thomas Read of Appletr'', bv M' K Oct. 25. 
John, s. of W™ Wad-worth of Thorp, by M' K. Nov. 29. 
.lohn, s. of W"' Young of Applet\ by M' K. Dec. 8. 
Betty, d. of John Ma-^on of B , by M^ K. Oct. 13. 
W"' s. of Henry Stockdale of Scireholm, by M' Alcock Mar. li. 


Mary P>lackburn of Thorp, bur. bv M' K. Ai)r. 29. 

Major HariiK' of ]',., by M' K. May 12. 

liodger Brown ui B., Mav 28. 

Mary wife of Chri-L' Malliam of Thorp, by M' K. May 29. 

John Robinson of 1>.. by M' K. June 10. 

Margant d. of Rich"* Wood of Tjjorp, by M' K. July 12. 


Mary Joy of Rnnos Close, by M' Knowles June 28. 
Mary Sumnicrs':^ill of B.. by M' K. Oct. 2. 
W"' Walker of Appletl^ bv M' K. Oct. 2G. 
W™ Gill of Lintoij, by M"-^ Knowles Oct. 31. 
Ann Crawshaw of Hebden, by M'' K. Feb. 24. 
Jane Kay of 13., by M'' K. Mar. 13. 
Martha lumau of B., by M' K. Mar. 14. 

This is a true copy of the Reg^ kept in psh. Xch. of B. as witness 
our bauds, 

Jolm Alcock, Rect'. John Bland, John Con-tantine, John Inman. 

A Copy of the Register in Psh. Xch. of Burnsall, from 25 March. 1773, 
till 25 March, 1774. 


John Wilstrop, cf the par. of Colthorp, Farmer, & Ann Horner, of 
this par., mar. by Lie. (fr. Mr. Carr, surr:)28 Apr., 1773, by 
Matth. Knowles, Rector — John Wilstmp, Ann x Horner— W"" 
Hall, Rob' i:ay. 

Richard Busfield, Blacksmith, & Margt. Malhara, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Apr. 25, May 2, 9) 13 May, 1773. by 
Matthew Knowles, Rector — Rich'' x Busfield, Margt. Malham— 
Ed. Kendale, Robt. Kay. 

John Inman, i^- Mary Collyer, spin., both of this par., mar. by Lie. 
(fr. M' Carr, surr :) 13 June, 1773, by Matthew Knowles, Rector 
_ — John Inman, Mary Collyer — Thos. Joy, Thos. Smith. 

Christopher Bland, Farmer, & Margaret Miei's, spin., both of this par., 
mariied by Banns (July 11, IS. 25) 20 July, 1773, by Matth. 
Knowles, Rector — Christopher Bland. Marj x Miers — John 
Bland, W== Bland. 

John Kidd, Cordwainer, & Mary Tillitson. spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (July 25, Aug. 1, 8) 9 Aug., 1773, by Matth. 
Knowles, Rector— John Kidd,. Mary x Tillitson— Robert Wrathall, 
Edw'' Inman. 

George Smith, of the par. of Linton. Cordwainer, ct Mary r>land. of 
this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Aug. 22, 29, Sep. 5, with cert.) 
12 Sep. by John Alcock, Rector — George Smith, Mary x Bland 
—\\'" Hall, Rob' Kay. 

Robert Craven, yeoman, i Mary Hebden, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by lianns (Sep. 2N, Oct. 3*, 10, 1773) by John Alcoek. Rector- 
Robert Craven, Mary Hibden — John P.fand, Rob. Hebden. 

Joseph Crawjhaw, of the uar. of Ijinton. iind Charity Haidcastl^. of 
this par., widow, mar. by Banns (Nov. 7, 14. 21, with Ccit.) 22 
Nov., 1773. by Matthew Knowles. Reef— Joseph Crawshaw. 
Charit) x llardcastle — Thomas r)arker. John Coustantine. 

\\"' Bland vV Ann Syuipstjii, s[iin., both of ihi-i par., mar. bv Banns 
(Nov. 14. 21, 28) 30 Nov , 1773, by Matthew Knowles, Rtctor— 
W"' Bland. Ann x Svmpsou^Chri-;topher Bland, George 
W hi taker. 


Robert Wrathall, Cordwainer, & Mary Becroft, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Dec. 26, Jan. 2. 9) 12 Jan., 1774, by 
Matthew Knowles. Rector — Hob' Wrathall, Mary Becroft — John 
Hodgson, Jo.=;eph Wbitaker. 

Joseph West, Carpenter, il- Jane Frankland, spin., both of this par., 
mar by Banns (Feb. 20. 27, Mar. 6, 1774) by Matthew Knowles, 
Rector — Joseph x West, Jane x Fraukland — Edward Inman, 
John Frankland. 


Rob' Hardcastle of Tliorp. bur. by M' K. Apr. 18. 

Jane d. of John Holt of Greenhowhill, by M' K. May 12. 

Ann d. of W" Cockshott of B., by M"^ K. May 31. 

John Collyer of Scireholm, by M' K. June 4. 

John s. of W*" Carrington of Greenhowhill, by M' K. July 12. 

John Malham of Hart", by M' K. Sep. 18. 

W™ s. of John Hird of Thorp, by M' K. Oct. 28. 

Jane wife of Thos. Cockshott of Grimwith, Nov. 5. 

Jane d. of W"" Carrington of Greenhowhill, by M' K. Jan. 8. 


Jonathan s. of Jonathan Darnbrough of Scireholm, bap. by M' Alcock 

April 12. 
Alice d. of W"" Payley of Thorp, bap. by M"^ Metcalf May 9. 
John s. of W™ Wadsworth of Thorp, and Easther d. of W" Stockdale 

of Sciiebolm, bap. by W Knowles May 16. 
Sarah a grandaughter of Rich^ Ma^on of Appletr^, bap. by M' Alcock 

Aug. 10, she being then 6 years old. 
Thomas s. of George Peait of Hartlington, bap. by M'^ A. Aug. 15. 
John s. of John Holt of Greenhowhill, bap. by M' K. Aug. 27. 
Peggy d. of Hich^' Wood of Thorp, bap. by M' K. Aug, 29. 
James s. of James Munday of B., bap. Oct. 28. 
Anthony s. of John Hodgson of Thorp, by M' K. Nov. 2. 
Marg' d. of Jonathan Young, by M' K. Aug. 1. 
Christopher s. of Rob' Inman of B., bap. by M"" Alcock Nov. 15. 
W™ s. of Thos. Mitchel of Thorp, by M' K. Nov. 21. 
James s. of Thos. Smith of Scireholm, bap. by M' K. J.m. 12. 
Jane d. of George Carrington of Greenhowhill, bap. by M' K. Feb. 3. 

This is a true copy witness our hands. Matt. Knowles, Reef 

John Hodgson, Jdhn Constantino, John Bland, W'" Cockshott. 

A true Copy of the Rt gister ke[)t in psh. Xch of Burnsall from 25 
March, 1774, till 25 March, 1775. 


John lii'-'ter, of the par. of Skipton, c't bjliz'** llebden, of this par., 
spin., mar. by Banns (Mar. 20, 27, .Vpr. 3, wilh cort.) 4 Apr., 
1774, by Matthew Knowles. Rector — John Lister, Eliz'" Hobdea 
— Thos. Cliippendale, Thos. Kidd. 


John Storey k Elienor Sumniersgill, both of this par., mar. by Bauns 
(Sop. 25, Oct. 2, 9) 10 Oct., 177-i, by Matthew Knowlp.s." Rector 
— John X Storcv, Elienor x Suiimier^gill — John Toiuhnson, 
Tho3. Bumby. ' . 

John Henderson, of the psh. of Ileddon, county Annandale, droNer, 
& Sarah Waddilove, of this par., spin,, raar. by Lie. 18 Nov., 
1774, by Matth. Knuwles, Recf — John Henderson, Sarah Waddi- 
love — W" Foster, Rob' Kay. 

W'" Preston, of tlie par. of .\rncH£F, yeoman, & Mary Loyland, of this 
par., spin., mar. by Lie. (fr. M"^ Thos. Carr, Surr :) 19 Nov., 

1774, by Matthew Knowles. Rector — W" Preston, .Mary Leyland 
— George Horner, Rob' Kay. 

James Heigli, Labourer, & Eliz" Whitaker, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Nov. 27, Dec. 4, 11) 22 [Dec], 1774 — James x 
Heigh, Eliz"' x Whital\er— Tl.ios. x Pcwsperton, Rob' Kay. 

Matthew Masnn & Ehzabeth Hepper, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Dec. 2.5, Jrin. 1, 8) 9 Jan., 1770, by \Iattbew Knowles, 
Rtct' — Mattliew Mason, Ehz"' Hepper—Rich'' Lambert, Anthony 

Charh-s Idtson, of tbe par. of Skiplon. A Margaret Wbitaker. of this 
par. mar. by Banns (Nov. 20, 27. Dec. 4 with cert.) 26 Jan . 

1775, by Matthew Knowk?, Reef — Charles Ideson, Margaret 
X Whithker — James Ward, Thos. Smitli. 


Mary d. of W-" Stockdale ol H.M., by \P K. Apr. 27. 

Henry s. of Nurscv Calvert, of Appletr'', Ytoman, by M' K. Mav 3. 

* '. Bland, of H.M.. by M^ K. June 14. 

Thos. s. of Tho.-. Parker, of Scireholm, yeoman, bap. bv M' Knowles 
July 10. 

Alice d. of W'^' by M' K. July 20. 

Eliz'^ d. of Henry Knowlos, of B., by M"^ K. Aug. 17. 

Nelly d. of John Malham, of Hart", born Oct. 8, bap 

of Hartlington, bap. by M^ K. Oct. 21. 

Mary d. of John Pickcrin of Appletr'' by M' K. Oct. 28. 

Isabella d. of Rich"* Bousgill bap 

by M^ K. Jan. 4. 


John s. of George Carrmgton of GreenhowhiU. bur. by M' K. Mar. 29. 
Ann wife of Jas. Coats of Moorside, bur. by M' K. June 20. 

Jonathan s. of by M' Knowles 

W'" s. of W" Hormr of llfbden. l>y M'^ Knowles July 4. 
Hodgson s. cf \\ "' \\'ilkinson of 'l'hor)i, bur. bv M' K. July 1. 

bv "M' K 7. 

Richard s. of Rich'' Wood of Thorp, by M' K. Aug. 29. 
W'" s. of George Smith of P.. M;ir. 12. 

This is a true copy ii< witness Matt. Knowles, Rector. 

Thos. Booth, Join. Constantine, John IMand. 

• [The omibsious arc cau.scd through the left coruer of tbe MS. being torn 
off luid the riglit illegible— Ed.] 

A Copy of tlio Registers ke]il in p^li. Xch. of Burns^ill from 2o March, 
1775, till 25'Marcli, 177t;. 

Joseph \Miit;ikt r, Tii}lor, i*L- Kmiiia IIari,'rove, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Hams (Mar. 26. Apr. 2, 9) L^ Apr., 1775, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — Jos : Wliitaker, Eimna x Hargrove — Thos. 
West, Thos. Hargrove. 

John Duilgeon of the par. of Linton, Miller, d- Ann Hallam of this fiar., 
spin., mar. by Binns (Apr. "23, 30, May 7, with cert.) 9 May, 
17 75, by Mattli. Knowles, Rector — John x Daclgoon, Ann x 
Hallam — John Con^tantine, John Hallam. 

James Coatee of tl;e par. of Lintoo, 1*0 Marg' Bland of this par., mar 
by Biuns (Apr. 30, .May 7, li, with cert.) 15 May. 1775, by 
Matthew Knowles, Rpctor— James Coares, Marg* Bland — Thomas 
Hargrove, W° Smith. 

John Fletcher t\; I-ab.dla Greg^on, bitli nf this par., mar. by Banns 
(May 7. 11, 21) 22 May, 1775, by John .\lcock, Rector — John x 
Fletch'M-, Isabcdla x Grogson— Rob' Grcgson, Rob' Kay. 

Thomas Procter, Farmer, il- Mary Ibbotson, b ith of this par., mar. by 
Lie. (fr. M' Wilkinson, surr :) 11 St p., 1775. liy Matthew Kno\'.les, 
Rector — Thus. Procter, Mary Ibbotson — Rob' Ibbotsun, Rob' 

John Waterhouse, serv', il- Ann Bland, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Dec. 17, 24, 31) 1 Jan., 177G, by Matth. Knowles, Rector 
— John X Waterhouse, Ann Bland — R. Foster, Rob' Kay. 

W™ Thompson of the par. of Skipton, Labourer, il- Eliz"" Horner of 
this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Dec. 24, 31, Jan. 7, with cert.) 
9 Jan , 177G, by Matthew Knowles, Rector — W"" Thompson, 
Eliz"' X Horner — Thos. Horner, Thomas Wilkinson. 

John Braithv.ait, Cordwaiiier, i^ Eliz"' Stockdale, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by ijaiins (Jan. 7, 11, 21) 31 Jan.. 1770. by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — John Braitliwait, Eliz"" X Stockdale — John 

James .Airtoii, Blacksmith, & Alice Clark, spin., both of this par., mar. 
by liic, 2 Mar., 177(t. by John Alcock, Rector --James Airton, 
Alice Clark -Henry Ovington. Rob' Kay. 

John "A'ad-;worlh, coalminer. it Ann Wrathall, spin., both of tliis par., 
mar. by Banns (Feb. 25, Mar. 3, 10) 11 Mar., 1776, by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — John x Wadsworth, Ann Wrathall —John 
Hodgson, Thos. Ludlam. 


Ann d. of W ■'' Wadsworth of Thorp, hup. by M' K. May 14. 

M«ry d. of W'" Stockdale, by .M' K. June 3^ 

John s. of Chii>t' Idand, by" M' K. Sep. 11. 

Joseph s. of John Scafe of .Appletr", Taylor, by M' K. Oct. 2S. 

John s. (jf R(.b' Hubdca of ii., by M' Knowles Jan. 24. 

Jane d. uf John Morphet of B , by M' K. Dec. 3. 

Willie s. of Rob. liiuuiu of B., byM' K. Jau. 24. 



Joscjih Haidy of Thorp, bur. bv M' K. Mar. 27. 

W'" Stockdale of Dibbles Bridge, bur. Apr. 2. 

Jane d. of W'" Paloy of Thorp, bur. by U' Kiiowies Apr. 27. 

George Carringtoti of Greenluiwlull, bur. by M' K. Nov. 10. 

Ann Gill of Linton, bur. by M"' K. Jan. 8. 

Mary d. of George Smith of B., bur. by M' K. Dec. 28, and Isabella 

Fletcher of Burnsall, bur. same day bv M' K. 
Mary wife of Edmunde Kendale of B., by M' K. Jan. 29. 
Thos. jMalham of Hartlititon, by M'' Knowles Mar. 2-4. 

This is a true copy, as wit. our hands. John Alcock, Rector. 
John Bland, John Inraan, Thos. Booth, James \\ hitaker. 

A Perfect it True Copy of Reg"' Had in Psh. Church of 13urnsall For 
year 177G. 

Stephen flardaker of the par. of Ijong Preston, S: Fanny Eldswonh of 
this par,, mar. by Banns (Apr. 7, 14, 21, with cert.) 24 Apr., 

1776, by Matth. Knowles, Piecf —Stephen x Ilardaker, Fannv 
Elds worth — James Hardnker, Rob' Kay. 

Edmund Kendall, Mason, (i Eliz"' Wilson, spin., both of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Apr. 21. 28, May 5) 5 May, 1776, by John 
Alcock, Rector — Edmund Kendall, Eliz'" x Wilson -John Bland. 
Rob' Kay. 

John Hardcsty of the par, of Fewston, pationmaker, and Sarah Nailer 
of this par., spin., mar. by Banns (Aug. 4, 11, 18, with cert.) 19 
Aug., 1776, by Matthew Knowles, Rector — John Ilavdcsty, Sarah 
X Nailer — Jane Middlebrongh, Rob' Kay 

Thomas Bishop of the par. of Skipton, Martha Harrison 
of this par., spin., mar. by Lie, 20 Aug., 1776. by Matthew 
Knowles, Rector — Thomas Bishop, Martha x Harrison —John 
Tomlynson, Rot' Kay. 

W" Parker, yeoman, ..t Ann Cartmal, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
Sep. B.'lo, 22) 23 Sep., 1776, by John Alcock, Rector — W™ x 
Parker, Ann x Cartmal — Thomas Sunth, Thos. Chippendale, 

John Tomlin, Farmer, &. Nanney Shackleton, both of this par., mar. 
by Lie. 23 Oct., 1776, by John .\lcock, Rector — John x Tomlin, 
Nanney x Shackleton — Rob' Shacketon, Rob' Kay. 

John Robinson of the par. of Ripon, Minor, it Isabella Holt of this 
par., widow, mar. by Banns (Nov. 24. Dec. 1, 8, with cert.) 30 
Dec, 1776, by Matthew Metcalfe, Ollic''' Minister — John x Robin- 
son, Isabella X Holt — \V'" W'iiiterburn, Rob' Kay. 

John Stockdale of the par. of Linton, serv'. and Mary Metcalfe o{ this 
par., spin., mar. by Banns (Dec. 17, 24, Jan. 1, with cert.) 7 Jan., 

1777, by Matthew Metcalf, Oillc-' Minister- John x Stockdale, 
Mary X Metcalfe — John Rallimel, Rob' Kay. 

Jonathan Birch. Clogi^or, & Hester Bland, spin., botii of this par., mar. 
by Bamis (Dec. 29, Jan. o, 12) 13 Jan., 1777, by .Matthew Met- 
calfe, Ollic''' Minister — Jonathan Birch, Hester Bland— John 
Bland, Rob' Kay. 


Rob' Kay, psh. clerk, I'C- Anne Malliam, widow, both of this par., mar. 
by Lie. '27 Jan, 1777, by Matt. Metcalfe, OfRc'- Minister — liub' 
Kav, Anne x ]\I;illiani — John Savage, John Stackliouso. 

Robert r)lanil >'v: Marv Yonng, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Jan. 
2G, Feb. 2, 9) "lO Feb., 1777, by John Alcock, Rector— Robert 
Bhmd, Mary Young — John Bland, Rob' Kay. 

John Ionian, yeoman, i^- Ann Stappleton, spin , both of thi.spar., mar. 
by Banns (Feb. 9, 16, '29,) Hi Feb., 1777, by John Alcock, Rector 
— John Inman, Ann Stappleton — -W. Sheepshanks, Thos. Ma'on. 

W" Armitstead of the par. of Linton, serv', k Mary Charnock of this 
par., spin., mar. by Banns (Feb. 23, Mar. 2, 9, with cert.) 10 Mar., 
1777, by John Alcock, Rector — Wm. x Armitstead, Mary Char- 
nock — Siisannnl) Kitching, Thos. Tattersall. 

John Broihorton, liabourer, a; Sarah Leeming, spin., both of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Feb. IG. 23, Mar. 2) 18 Mar., 1777, by W™ 
Sheepshanks, Mmister— John Brotherton, Sarah x Leeming— 
Rich'^ West, W''' Law. 


Margaret, wife of Henry Inman of Appletr'', bur. by Mr. K. May 22. 

John riarkcr of Hebden, par. of Linton, bur. by Mr. Alcock May 1. 

M'" Dorothy Brown of B., bur. bv M"^ Carr Aug. 7. 

M'^ EH?;-" Stackhouse of H.R., bur. by M^ Carr Oct. 2G. 

Rev' M' Matthew Knowlos, bur. by M"" Carr Nov. 20. 

Eliz"' Airton of B., bur. by Mr. Metcalfe Jan. 7. 

Eliz"' wife of John Braithwaic, bur. by M' Metcalfe Jan. 10. 

Stephen Constantine of H.M., bur. by M' Alcock Feb. 10. 

Alice Fletcher of Hartlmgtou Rakes, bur. by M' Metcalfe Mar. 9. 


Molly d. of Young of Scireholm, bap. by M' K. Apr. 23. 

James s. of Jonathan Darnborough, bap. by M' K. Apr. 28. 

Jonathan s. of John Constantine, by M' K. May 12. 

Thos. s. of John Hodgson of Tiiorp, bap. by Mr. K. May 12. 

Ellen d. of Xursey Calvert of Applotr^ by M^ K. May 28. 

John s. of Joseph Whittaker of Appletr"", by M' Alcock June 2. 

Betty illcg. ch. of Thos. Birch's d' of Gateup, by M'^ K. June 23. 

Betty d. of W"" Wadssvorth of Thorp, bap. by M^ Alcock Aug. 11. 

Nelly d. of W"' Blackburn of Hart" M., by ^V K. Sep. 21. 

George s. of \V"' Thompson of Applet'', by M' Knowles Oct. 29. 

Agnes d. of \V'° CoUyer of h;uu, by .M' Metcalfe Dec. 15. 

Isabella d. of John of Hartling",by M' Metcalfe Jan. 2G. 

George s. of \V"' Read of IL, Jan. 28. 

This is a true copy, as wit. our ban'!-;. J )hn .-Vlcock, R3Ctor. 
Hob' Hebden, \V'° I'aley, John r>land, Jolm Inman. 

A Copy of the Register kept, in Bsh. Cluirch of Burnsall from 25 

March, 1777, to 2") .March. 1778. 

Thomas Mctcalf uf the par. of Linton, plaistcrer, i<; Sarah Jcnings of 

this pur. serv', mar. by Bauns (.\pr. 18, 20, 27 witlj cert.) 29 Apr., 

1777, liy .Matt. Metcalfe, Olliciating Curate — Thomas Metcalfe, 

Sarah Jenings— Rich' Holmes, \V"' Gill. 


John King of the par. of Skipton, Sc Sarali Ward of this pn_r., spin., 
mar. by Banns (May 11, 18, '25, ^-itli cert.) "20 May, 1777. by 
Matt. Metcalfe, OUic'-' Minister — Joiin x Kuig, vSarah Ward — 
Richard Ward, James Grange. 

Randal Ininan, of the par. of Linton, Carpenter, & Ann Kidd of this 
par., mar. by Banns (June 8, 16, 2'Z, with cert.) 23 June, 1777, 
bv Matt. Metcalfe, Ollk^' Minister — Randal luman, Ann Kidd — 
John Kidd, Rob' Kay. 

Christopher Mallison, Labourer, Sc Jane Hartley, both of this par., 
mar. by Jianns (June 22, 29, July G) 7 July, 1777, by Mat. 
Metcalfe — -Christ' Mallison, Jane x Ilai-tlfy — John Dean, Rob' 

W'° Parhiuson ci Ann Knight, spin., both of this par., mar. by BaTns 
(June 22, 29, July G)^ 10 July, 1777, by Matthew Metcalfe— W"' 
Parkinson, Ann x Knight-— Rob. Longbottom, Rob' Kay. 

John Middlebrough &: Thoniasin Hall, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Aug.' 17, 21, 31) 2 Sep., 1777, by Matt. Metcalfe— John 
Middlebrough, Thomasm Hall — Joseph Hurtley, Rob' Kay. 

John Tomlynson it Marv Stott, both of this par., mar. by Ivanns (Nov. 
30, Dec. 7, M) 14 Dec, 1777, bv Matt. Metcalfe—John Tomlyn- 
son, Mary Stott — Robert Sliarp, Robert K ly. 

Daniel Maclachliu of the par. of Ripon, Pedlar, i*c Ann Procter of this 
par., mar. by Lie. 13 Jan., 1778, by John Alcock, Rector — Daniel 
Maclachlin, Ann Procter — Richard Procter, Duncan Campbell. 

Henry Featherstonhaugh of the par. of Gargrave. Corclwainer, it 
Martha Kidd of this par., mar. by Bmns (Jan. IS, 25, Feb. 1, with 
cert.) 2 Feb.. 1778, by Matt. Metcalfe — Henry Featherstonhaugh, 
Martha Kidd — Randal Inman, Rob' Kay. 

Thomas Wharf of the par. of Skipton, husbandman, A Mary Summers- 
gill of this par., mar. by Lie. 3 Mar., 1778, by Chrisf Nayler — 
Thomas x Wharf, Mary x Suiumersyill — John Wilkinson, Rob' 
Kay. A mistake having been made in the Lycence for the above 
couple it was thought proper to remariy, the mistake boing first 
rectified in the presence and with the consent of all parties con- 
cerned. (Here follows a repetition of the entry, in which only 
the date has been changed to Mar. 12. — En.) 

Baptisms 1777-8. 

Thomas s. of Rob' Sainmeisgill of 15., blacksmith, bap. by M' Metcalfe 

Apr. 30. 
Jane d. of W'" Stockdale of Hart" M., bap. by M'' Mftcalfe May 10. 
Sarah d. of Rich ' Busgill of B., Dlacksinith. by M' Small July 29. 
Walter s. of Jonathan Yirity of Woodhuuse in Tship Applet^' July 27. 
Thomas s. of John Mallunn of Woodend, par. of Skipton, Farmer, 

Aug. 21. 
Hannah d. ol John Innum of .-\pplft'', by M' Metcalfe Nov. 27. 
Ann d. of Joscjih Whitakm- of AppKtr'', Taylor, bap. Jan. 20. 
Jonathan s. of Jonathan Birch of H. Moorside, ly M' .Metcalf Jan. 25. 
Mary d. of Thomas Smith, by M' Naylor Mar. 8. 



John s. of Jostph Whitakcr of Applet-, Tiivlor, bur. by M' Metcalf 

Mar. 29. 
Tlios. s. of Thoi. Youu- ofH. M., bur. l)y M^ Metcalf Apr. 3. 
Mary d. of John Blackey of llartliiiton M., bur, by M' ^I£;tcalf Apr. 5. 
Grace Harper of Woodhou-^e in T'ship of Applet'', bur. June "J-'l. 
Ellen Fletcher of D., bur. Aul,'. 30. 

Ann Hargroves of Sciroliolm, bur. by 'Si' Metcalfo Sep. 21. 
Thomas s. of John Malhaui of Woodond, bur. by M' Metcalfe Jan. 14. 
W'" s. of Rob' Bland of Uarllinton M., bar. by M' Naylor Feb. 27. 
Margaret Stackhouse of Hebden, bur. by M'' Naylor Mar. 1-1. 

This is a true copy, as witness. John Alcock, Hector of B. 
Rob' Hebden, John Inuiau, John Bland, W"' Paley. 

A Copy of the Register kept iu the Psh. Ch. of B., from 25 March, 
1778, till 25 March, 1779. 


W" Bumby of the par. of Skipton, scrvt., k Cicely Chambers of this 
par., mar. by 13anns (Apr. 5, 12, 19, with cert.) 2S Apr., 1778, by 
Christ' Naylor, Minister — W'" x, Cicely x Chambers — 
John Whitaker, Rob' Kay. 

John Fraukland ^- Nancy Wharton both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Apr. 2G, May 3, 10) 12 May, 1778, by Christ' Naylor, Minister 
• — John Fraukland, Nancy x Wharton — W"' Blagburne, Rob' 

Rob' Birch i^ Jane Pickles both of this par., mar. by Bums (.\pr. 2G, 
May 3, 10) 12 May, 1778, by Chrisf Naylor, Minister — Rob' 
liirch, Jane x Pickels — Peter Sympson, James Cornforth. 

John Holmes of the par. of Addingham, yeoman. & Sarah Hebden of 
this par., spin., mar. by Banns (May 2-1, 31, June 7, with cert.) 
9 June, 177S, by Christ' Na-ylor — John Holmes, Sarah Hebden — 
Thos. Mason, Thos. Child. 

Rich'' West of the par. of Rippon I'c Isabel Leeming of this par., mar. 
by lianas (June 11, 21, 28, with cerL.) 3<) June, 1778, by Chri-f 
Kaylor — Rich'' West, Isabel x Leeming — John liiotherion, Rob' 

John iJemain of tlic par. of Linton, yeoman, i^ Mary Hebden of this 
pur., mar. by Banns (June 28, July 5, 12, with cert.) 11 July, 
1778, by Christ' Naylor — John Demaia, Mary x Hebden — Thos. 
Mason, Tho" Kidd. 

Rich'' Mason it Margaret Stephenson both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Aug 23. 30. Sep. G) 10 Sep.. 1778, by Christ' Naylor— Rich' 
Ma<^on, Marg' x Stephenson —1-dUn Ward, Rob' Kay. 

Tho.?. Kidd & Ann Haselton both of this par., mar. by Banns (N(3y. 8. 
IG, 22) 21 Noy., 1778, by Christ' Naylor— Thos. Kidd, Ann 
H;i.sclton — John Harper, John Holuics, 

John Mier.*, ?LM'vt., il Hannah Young, both of this par., mar. by l>anns 
(Nov. 22, 21), l)ec. G) 8 Dec, 177S. by Christ' Naylor -John 
Miers, Hannah Young — W"' Miors, Rob' Kay. 


John Calvert S>: Margaret Tbbotson both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Nov. 20. Dec. U, 13) 13 Dec, 1778, by Christ' Naylor— John 
Calvert, Margaret Ibbotsou — Abraham Calvert, liobt. Kay. 

Benjamha Shiers & Margaret Atkinson both of this par., mar. by Lie. 
22 Dec, 1778, by Johu Alcock, Rector — Benj° Shiers, Margaret 
Atkinson-— \V'" Fo.-^ier, Em' Shiers. 

Tiios. Fletcher i^c Ellen Kav both of this par., mar. by Banns (Jan. 3, 
10, 17) 18 Jan., 1779.' by Johu Alcoek, Rect'— fhos. x Fletcher, 
Pollen Kay — \V™ Hall, John Savage. 

John Enisloy of tho par. of Foastone, Mason, & Jane Thackerey of 
this par., mar. by Banns (Jan. 31, Feb. 7, 14, with cert.) 15 Feb., 
1779, by Christ'" Naylor— John Emsley, Jane x Thackerey— 
Joseph Emsley, Rob'"^ Kay, 

Thomas Wait of this par. it ^lary Whitaker of the par. of Linton, mar. 
by Banns (Jan. 81, Feb. 7, 14, with cert.) 15 Feb., 1779, by 
Chrisf Naylor — Tho«. x Wait, Mary x Whitaker — Joseph 
Whitaker, Robert Kay, 

Henry Robinson of the par. of Gargrave il- Susannah West of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Feb. 23, Mar. 7, 14, with cert.) 15 Mar., 1779, by 
Christ' Naylor — Henry x Robinson, Susannah x West — John 
Ellsworth, Rob^ Kay. 

Baptisms {Sc Burials). 

Christiana d. of James Munday of B., sexton, bap. by M' Naylor May 

Sarah Harper of B., bur. by M' N. Aug. 12. 
Christopher s. of John Summersgill of Midhill in T'ship of H., bar. by 

M' N. Dec. 14. 
Ann d. of W™ Pickersgill of Appletr\ Blacksmith, bap. by M' N. Apr. 5. 
Ann d. of David Mctcalf of B., Farmer, bap. by M' A. May 23. 
])orothy d. of Henry I'"catherstonhaugh of Thorp, Cordwainer, bap. by 

■ M' Navlor Aug. 9. 
Martha d. of T. Kidd of Thorp, Lab', bap. by M' N. Aug. 9. 
W" s. of John Hodgson of Thorp. Cordwainer, bap. by M' N. Nov. 14. 
Christopher s. of Christopher Bland of Woodhouse in Township of 

Appletr\ bap. by M' x\. Nov. 14. 
Susanna d. of W"* Wilkinson of Thorp bap. Jan. 3. 
Jane d. of Rob' v.'c Ann Kay of B., born it bap. Jan. 18, rec"" into Xcli. 

Jan. 31 by M' Naylor. 
Ann d. of W'" Bumby of H. ^L, bap. by M' Naylor Mar. 7. 

Tnis is a true Copy, as witness our hands. Christ' Naylor. 

W"' Hall, James Whit.ikcr, John llland, Nussey Calvert. 

A Copv of the Register kept in Fsh. Xch. of B. from 25 March, 1779, 
till March 25, 17S0. 

W'" P>ousgill .<c I'Mi?."' Bun-ibev. both of this par., mar. by Banns (Feb. 
28. Mar. 7, 11) 2S Mar.,'l779, by Christ' Naylor— W'" x Bousgill, 
Elix"' x j>umbey — Matthew Hargroves, liob' Kay. 


Richard Wliarf of the par. of Skipton & Eliz"" Stocktlale of this par.. 
mar. by Banns (Apr. 1], 18, 25, with cert.) 28 Apr., 1779, by 
Christ' Navlor, Rector of Linton — ^tlich'' x Wharf, Eliz"" Stock- 
dale— P. cfevk Rob' Kay. 

W'" Ilawky of the par. of Linton & Mary Joy of tliis par., mar. by 
Banns' (Apr. 18, 25, May 2, with cert.) 30 ".May, 1779, by Christ 
Naylor> Rector of Linton — W°' Hawley, Mary x Joy — Sarah 
Whitaker, Rob' Kay. 

Matth. Procter, Farmer, & Betty Bhickburn both of this par., mar. by 
Lie. 1 June, 1779, by Christ' Naylor, Rector of Liuton — Matth. 
Procter, Betty 131ackburn— John Parker, Rob' Kay. 

W'" Horner of the par. of Calvtrley, StuiTniaker, & Hannah Leyland of 
this par., mar. by Lie. in the year 1779 by John Alcock, Reef — 
^Y"' Horner, Hannah x Leyland — John Leo, Rob' Kay. 
[no date ; between June 1 it Aug. 31.] 

Anthony Taylor of the par. of Kirhy Malhamdale, il- Martha ^yaddilovc 
of this par., mar, by Lie. 81 Aug., 1779, by Joseph Atwell Small, 
Rector — Anthony Taylor, Martha Waddilove — Susannah Kitch- 
ing, Ellen Constantine, W™ Foster. 

W" Naylor tt Mary Bumbey, soin., both of this par., mar, by Banns 
(Aug. 29, Sep. 5, 12) 15 Sep., 1779, by John Alcock, Rector — 
W" x Naylor, Mary x Bumbey — Thos, Wise, Rob* Kay. 

John Whitaker oc Nancy Holmes both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Sep. 12, 19, 26) 5 Oct., 1779, by John Alcock, Rector— John 
Whitaker, Nancy Holmes — Thomas Young, Rob' Kay. 

Matthew Morvel of the par. of Skipton, yeoman, & Eliz"' Law of this 
par., mar. by Lie. G Oct., 1779, by John Alcock, Rector — Matthew 
X Morvel, Eliz"' x Law — Mary Inman, Rob' Kay. 

Jonathan Walker of the par. of Kirby Malzeard, & Ellen Birch of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Oct. 3, 10. 17, with cert.) 26 Oct., 1779, by 
John Wilson, 01Tk'5 Minister— Jonathan Walker, Ellen Birch — 
John Alcock, Rob' Kay. 

James Middkbrough it Ann Hall, spin., both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Nov. 7, 14, 21) 22 Nov., 1779, by John Alcock, RcCf— 
James Middlebrough, Ann x Hall — John Middlebrough, Rob' 

Robert Blackburn, yeoman, it Susey Coekson, both of this par., mar. 
by Lie. 23 xNuv., 1779, by John Alcock — Rob' Blackburn, Susey 
Cockson—John Kitching, iiob' Kay. 

Matthew Herd it Margaret Fountaine, both of this- par., mar. by 
iJanns (Dec. 26, Jan. 2, 9) 10 Jan., 1780, by John Alcock, 
Rector — M.Htthow Herd, Marg' Fountaine— John Holdsworth, 
Jonathan Young. 

Adam Briscoe of the par. of Kettlewell, and Ann Liman of this par., 
mar. by Lie, 1 Feb., 1780, by John Alcock, Rector— Adam 
Briscoe, Ann Inman — Rob' Inman, Rob' Kay. 


Ann d. of Rob' it Mary Bland of lloloe on H.M., bap. by Mr. Navlor 
May 2. 


Susanna d. of ^Y'" & Eliz'" Boupgill ofB., bap. by Mr. Alcock Ma} 20. 
Kichard s. of Mattlu-w Mason of B., Carpenter, bap. by M' N. Apr. 11. 
Matthew s. of nfores'' Matthew Mason of B., Carp% bap. by M' Naylor 

Ap. 11. 
Ann (t Mary ds. of Nichohis Robinson of Greenhowhill, bap. by M' 

Alcock'Ang. 29. 
Jane d. of John Wadsworth of Thorp, bap. by M' Naylor Aug. 10. 
W"" s. of John Hohncs of B., Shopkeeper, bap. by M' Small Aug. 15. 
Mary d. of Thomas & Ann Kidd of B., farmer, bap. by M' S. Aug. 15, 
"NY"' s. of Joseph »t Emma Whitakcr of Appletr'', Taylor, bap. by M' 

Alcock Oct. 2S. 
Ann illeg. ch. of Anne Mason of Scireholm, bap. by M' Alcock Oct. 31. 
W" 3. of W'-' & Mary iNaylor, bop. by M"' Alcock Nov. 14. 
Lydia d. of Thomas Cockshott of Colgarth House, bap. by M' Alcock 

Nov. 30. 
George illeg. ch. of Grace Buck of Ilartlington, bap. by M^ Alcock 

Dec. 7. 
Jane d. of Rob' Inman of Woodhouse, bap. by M'' Alcock Dec. 20. 
Nanny d. of W"' Latham of Thorp, bap. by M' Alcock Feb. 3. 
John s. of Henry Featherstonehow of Thorp, Cordwainer, bap. by 

M' Alcock Mar. 17. 
Ann & Sarah ds. of Thomas Wait of Appletr"*, bap. bv M'' Alcock Jan. 

4, 1780. 


Mary Young of H.M., bur. by M"^ N. Apr. 16. 

\Y" Inman of B., yeoman, bur. by M' N. Apr. 27. 

Thomas Harper of B., Mason, bur. by M' Naylor June 3. 

Nussey Calvert of Appletr'', yeoman, bur. by M' Alcock Oct, 19. 

Grace Hebden of Grimwith, bur. by M"^ Alcock Nov. 15. 

James Pickard of Appletr'', bur. by M' Alcock Nov. 15. 

Marg' Inman of Burnsall, widow, bur. by M' Alcock Nov. 15. 

Henry Hird of Thorp, Carrier, bur. by M' Alcock Dec. 28. 

Jane d. of John \Yadsworth of Thorp, bur. by M' Alcock Dec. 29. 

Jane d. of W'" ^Yad>worth of Tnorp, bur. by M^ Alcock Jan. 13. 

Bridget Lupton of Hebden, bur. by ^l' Alcock Jan. 23 

Rich'' Hudspitii of Hebden Moorside, bur. by M'' Alcock Jan, 27. 

Ann d. of Tiiomas Wait of Applctr", bur. by M' A. Feb. 3. 

John Alcock-, Rector of B. 
W'" Hall, John Blind, John Herd, Thos. Read. 

A copy of the Register had ni the psh. Church of !>. of ail Marriages, 
Bap% tk Burials from March 25, 1780, till March 25, 1781. 


Jeremiah \Yalker of the par. of Calv. rley, it Susannah Grey of this 

par., mar. by Lie. 5 .May, 1780, by John Alcock, Rector — Jeremiih 

Walker, Sutannah Grey — John Cox, Rob' Kay. 
John Birch, Cordwainer. d- Margnret Pfdlcy, both of this par., mar. 

by Banns (Apr. 30, May 7, 14) 16 May, 1780, by Christ' Naylor 

— John Bucl), Maig' Bedley — Jonathan Birch, Rob' Kay. 


Henry Wilkinson of the par. of Gargrave, yeoman, it Agnes Parkinson 
of this par., nmr. by Lie. 13 June, 17bO, by John Alcock, Iioctor 
— Henry Wilkinson, A^'ues Parkinson — W. Read, W" Foster. 

W" Gre^'son & Ehz"' Robinson, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Jun« 11, 18, 25) 27 June, 1780, by John Alcock, Rector— W^ 
Gregson, Ehz"' liubinson — John Whitaker, Rob' Grtgson. 

Joseph Sheldon, Corchvainer, & Anne Phillips, .spin , both of this par. 
mar. by Lie. 31 July, 1780, by John Alcock, Reel'' — Joseph, 
Sheldon, Anne x Phillips — W"" Davidson ('?), Rob' Kay. 

Thos. Hugginson, of the par. of Linton, servt, & Eliz"' pjUis, of this 
par., mar. by P.anns (July 16, 23, 30 ^Yith cert.) 31 July, 1780, 
by John Alcock, Rector — Thos. Hugginson, Eliz"' Ellis — George 
Hasleham, Peter Dawson. 

John Summersgill, serv', Jc Sarah Williamson, both of this par., mar. 
by Banns (July 30, Aug. 6, 13) M Aug., 1780, by John Wilson, 
Curate — John Summersgill, Sai'ah x Williamson, — Rob' Gill, 
Rob' Kay. 

W"" Leach of the par. of Gigleswick, Hus : & Alice Winsley of this 
par., spin., mar. by Lie. 14 Sep., 1780, by John Wilson. Curate 
— W'° Leach, Ahce Winsley— Rob' Garforth, Rob' Carr. 

Rob' Gregson Jc Margaret Wilson, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Sep. 17, 24, Oct. 1) 2 Oct., 1780. by John Wilson, Curate- 
Rob' Gregson, Marg' x Wilson -Rob' Gill. Rob' Kay. 

John Cocket of the par. of Linton, & Margr' Procter of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Oct. 1,8, 15 with cort.) IG Oct., 1780, by John 
Alcock, Rector — John Cocket, Marg' Procter — Rich"* Procter, 
Rob' Kay. 

Rob' Davies & Sarah Fletcher, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Oct. 
1, 8, 15) by John Alcock, Rector — Rob' x Davies, Sarah x 

Fletcher— John' Petty, Rob' Whittaker. 

Joseph Wiggan of the par. of Linton, t't Mary Bell of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Oct. 29, Nov. 5, 12 with cert.) by John Alcock, Rector 
—Joseph Wiggan, Mary x Bell — John Constantine, Rob' Kay. 

Rob' Gill &, Martha Wood, spin., both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Nov. 0. 12. 19) 21 Nov., 1780, by John Wilson, Curate— Rob' 
Gill, Martha Wood — Henry Kuowles, Rob' Kay. 

George Lister of tlie par. of Skipton, it Susannah Tattersal of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Dec. 24, 31, Jan. 7 with cert.) 8 Jan., 
1781, by John Alcock, Rector — George Lister, Susannah 
Tattersal! — Thomas Law, (Torn out.) 

W"' Foster, gentleman, & Eliz"' Lee, both of this par., mar. by Lie. 
Mar., 1781, by John Alcock, Rector— W™ Foster, Eliz"' Lee— 
(witnesses' namee illegible). 


Ellen d. of Mary Becroft of B., bur. by M' Naylor [There is a large 
Thomas Parker of P>ardeu, bur. by M' N. July hole in the MS. 

bur. by ^P Wilson Sep. 19 at this place.] 

Mary Horner of Applet", bur. by .\P N. Nov. 8. 
George Peart bur 


William Wratliall of Thorp, bur. by M' W. Dec. 14. 

Isabell Ma?oii of Scireholm 

W" Robinson of llebdeti, bur. by U' Wilson Feb. 3. 

Mary Blackey from Harden, bur 

Jane Wadsworth, wife of W'° Wadsworth of Thorp, bur. by M' W. 
Feb 23. 

Alex's, of W"' 

John s. of John Summersgill of II. ]\I., bur. by M' Wilson, Mar. 4. 
Mary d. of by M' W. Mar. 10. 


Mary d. of W"' Robinson of Ilebden, Miner, bap. by M' Navlor May 30 

Ellen d. of W- bap. by M' W. July 1. 

James s. of \V"' Horner of Ilartl", Cordwainer, bap. by M' 

John s. of Jonathan IWrch of ?>., Clogger, bap. by M' Wilson Aug. 18. 
Sarah d. of John Birch of Rilston, bap. by M' W. 
Eliz'*^ d. of Rev^ M' Wilson of B., bap. Nov. 13. 

Rob' s. of John Ilodg^ron of Thorp, Cordwainer 

bap. by M' Wilson Jan. 18. 

Mary d. of Thomas Tonilyn of B., bap. by M' Wilson 

W"" s. of William Ilebden of 13urnsall. Labourer, bap. Jan. 29, 

& W™ s. of W''^ Stockdaleof Dibbles Bridge bap 

Thomas s. of Thomas Cockshott of Colgarth House, bap. by M' Wilson 

Jan. 15, 1781. 
Margaret d. of 

John Wilson, Curate. 

John Hodgson, John Bland, Thos. Cockshott, Thos. Read, Xchwdns. 

(This transcript is in a very bad condition by reason of dust and 


A Copy of the Register of Marriages, Burials & Baptisms in psh. 
Church of Burnsall from 25 March, 1781, to 25 March, 1782. 

Joseph Lupton .*o Margaret Becroft, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(May G. 13. 20) 21 May, 1781, by John Alcock, Rector— Joseph 
Lupton, Marg' x Becroft— Thomas Deuiaine, Rob' Kay. 

Roger Broughton l^ Ann Downham, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(May G, 13, 20) 21 May, 1781, by John Alcock, Rector--Roger 
Broughton, Ann x Downham— John Lcyland. Rob' Kay. 

James Hallam Sc Eliz"' Leeming, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(May G, 13, 20) 11 Juno. 17X1, by John Wilson, Curate— James 
Hallam, Kliz"^ x Leeming — Rich'' West. Rob' Kay. 

Thos. Blakey .1 Isabella Kidd, both of this par., mar by Banns (Sep. 
23, 30, Oct. 7) 8 Oct., 1781, by John Wilson, Curate— Thos. 
Blakey, Isabella Kidd— George Gill, Rob' Kay. 

Christopher Dickison .t Labella Hud.son, both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Sep. 30, Oct. 7. 14) 15 Oct.. 1781, by John Wilson, 
Curate— Christopher x Dickison, Isabella x Hudson— John 
Hodgson, Rob' Kay. 


Henry Knowleg & Margaret Pickles, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Oct. 14, 21, 28) 80 Oct., 1781, by M^ John Wil'^on, Curate- 
Henry Kuowles, Margait'L x Pickles — Margaret Scholiold, John 

John Stiibb &: Brit^iret Sutton, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Nov. 
18, 2o, Pec. 2) 12 Dec, 1781, by John Wilson, Curate — John x 
Stubb, Bridget x Sutton — James Minikin, Kob' Kay. 


Jane wife of W"" Wadsworih of Thorp, bur. bv M' W. May 10. 

Alexander s. of W" Wadsworth of Thorp, by^M^ W. May 28. 

Mary Brown of H.M., by John Wilson, Curate, June 4. 

John s. of John Mason of B., by M' W',, June 23. 

Ann wife of John Waterhouse of Rilstone, by J. W., Curate. Aug. 27. 

Eliz"' wife of Simon Parkinson of Cracoe, by M' W. Sep. 3. 

Sarah d. of Thomas Wait of Hebden, by M' W. Sop. 8. 

Betty d. of John Con;?tantiue of Applet'', by M' W. Sep. 14. 

Jane wife of Christopher Malham Leythom, by M' W. Sep. 25. 

Rev^' Christopher Alcock, bur. by M'' W. Oct. 17. 

Alice d. of W" Wilkinson of Thorp, by M^ W. Nov. 10. 


Mary d. of Thomas Tomlyn of B., bap. 15. 
Dorothy d. of John Inmau of Burnsall, bap. by M' W. June 7. 
Henry s. of W"" Latham of Thorp, bap. June 15. 
John s. of Robert Gregson of B., bap. July 15. 
Robert s. ol John Summersgill of B., bap. Aug. 7. 
W"" s. of James Hallam of H.M., bap. by M' W. July 15. 
Ellen d. of Henry Knowles of B., bap. bv M'^ W. Aug. 17. 
Eliz"' d. of Thomas Kidd of B., bap. by 5p W\ Aug. 25. 
John s. of Joseph Hargroves of Scireholin, bap, by M' W. Oct. 24, 
Matthew s. of Rich^' Ma^on of Scireholm, bap. by M' W. Oct. 26. 
Robert s. of Robert Bland of H.M , bap. by M' W. Jan. 20. 
W"' s. of W"' Winterbumo of Scireholm, bap. by M' Wilson Feb. 12. 
Thos. &, Henrv twin bs. of Henry Knowles of B., bap. by M' W. Feb. 

John Alcock, Rector. John Wilson, Curate. 

John Holmes, Thomas Smith, John Bland, John Hodgson, Xchwdns. 

A Copy of the Registers kept in the psh. Church of Burnsall 
from the 25 March, 1782, till 25 March, 1783. 

Josias Horsfn-ld iV Jane Knowles both of this par., mar. by r<anns 
(Mar. 31, Apr. 7, 14) 18 Apr., 1782, by John Alcock, Rector— 
Josias Horsiield, Jane x Knowles — W'" Carlisle, Rob' Kay. 

Thomas Grey il- Jam' Stoney both of this par., mar. by r.anns (Mar. 
31, Apr. 7, 14) 22 Apr., 1782, by John Alcock, Rector — Thomas 
X Grey, Jane x Stoney — John Imowii, Rob' Kay. 

Robert Sharp & Ann Wilkinson, both of tbis par., mar. by Banns 
(Apr. 21. 2H. May 7) 7 May. 1782. by John Wilson— Robert 
Sharp, .Ann Wiikinsou^ — I'^manuel Lowcock, John TaLtersall. 


Heory Wait &, Elizabeth Robinson, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(May 5, 12, 10) 20 May, 17^^2, by John Wilson. Curate— Henry 
Wait, Elizabeth x Robinson — W"" Harper, Rob' Kay. 

William Verity, of the par. of Linton, cl: Agnes Duck, of this par., 
mar. by Banns (.May ',, 12, 10, with cert.) 21 May, 1782, by John 
Wilson, Curate— W" Verity, Agnos x Buck— W" Harper, Rob' 

Rob' Ibbotson tV Grace Procter, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Mav 
12, 19, 26) 27 May, 17H2, by .John Alcock, Rector of B.— Rob' 
Ibbotson, Grace Procter — Dan' M'^Lachlan, Rob' Kay. 

John Pearson it Ann Joy, both of this par., mar. by Banns (May 5, 
12, 19) 6 June, 1782, by John Wilson, Curate — John x Pearson, 
Ann X Joy — Fountaine Brown, Rob' Kay. 

John Stoyles cV. Mary Bolclcn. both of this par., mar. by Banns (June 
10, 17, 23) 21 June, 1782, by John Alcock, Rector — John x 
Stoils, Mary x Bolden — Emanuel Tomlinson, Rob' Kay. 

John Wilkinson it Jane Kidd, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Sep- 
1, 8, 15) 26 Sep., 1782, by John Alcock, Rector — John Wilkinson, 
Jane x Kidd — John Tomlison, W" Malison. 

John Demain i ilargaret Ryley, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Sep. 20, Oct. 6, 13) 11 Oct., 1782, by John Alcock— John 
Demain, Margaret x Ryley — Rob' Sharp, Rob' Kay. 

Michael Downs, of this par., & Ann Pettyt, of the par. of Skiptou, n:ar. 
by Lie. 14 Nov., 1782, by John Alcock, Rector — Michael Downs, 
Ann Pettyt — -Walter Downs, Rob' Kay. 

W" Inman, Blacksmith, &: Sarah Caton, both of this par., mar. bv 
Banns (Dec. 8. 16, 22) 21 Dec, 1782, by John Alcock, Rcc:or— 
W™ Inman, Sarah x Caton — \\"' Sharp, Rob' Kay. 

W" Sergeantson of the par. of Midlesmoor Sc Xancy Throup of this 
par., mar. by Lie. 7 Jan.. 1783, by John Alcock, Rector — \V" 
Sergeantson, Nancy Throup — Christopher Summersgill, Matthew 

Thomas Procter & Margaret Whitaker both of this par., mar. by 
Banns (Dec, 22, 29, Jan. 4) 9 Jan., 1783, by John Alcock, 
Rector — Thomas Procter, Margaret Whitaker — R. Procter, Jo'' 

Alex' Metcalf, of the par, of Linton, i*!: Catherine Bradley, of this par., 
mar. by Banns (Jan. 19. 26, Feb. 2 with cert.) 10 Feb., 17S3, by 
John Alcock — Alex' Metcalf, Catherine Brad.ey — Joseph Hudson, 
Thomas Metcalf. 

W"' Harper, of the par, of Kildwick, vt Ellen Hill, of this par., mar. 
by Banns (Feb. 9, 16, 23, with cert.) 24 Feb., 1783, by John 
Alcock, Rector — W'" Harper, Ellen Hill — John Harper, Mattiiew 

Thomas Whitesack, of the par. of Skipton, iV Thomasin Simpson, of 
this par., mar. by Banns (Feb. 9, 16, 23, with cert.) 24 Feb., 
1783, by John Alcock, Jxectnr — Thomas White.sack, Thomasin x 
Sympson — John Middlobrough, Rob' Kay. 


Alice Hodgson of Tli irp, widow, bur. by M' Wilson Mar. 29. 
Ann d. of Tiiomas Wait of Hfbden. labourer, bur. l)y M' W. Apr. 5. 
W° s. of John Bland of llarl", yeoman, bur. by M' W. May 13. 
Walter s. of Jonathan Verity of B., Carpenter, bur. by M"' W. June 25. 
Margaret wife of Rich'' Airton of B., labourer, bur. by M' W. Sep. 15. 
Mary Peart of Hart", bur. by M' W. Dec. 19. 
Mary Barker of Hebden, bur. by M^ W. Jan. 1-1. 

Margaret d. of Henry Whitaker of Scireholra, bap. by M' W. Apr. 11. 
Martha d. o! W"' Thompson of Woodhouse, bap. Apr. 27. 
Ellen d. of KeV >P WiUon of B., Curate, bap. July 7. 
Ellen d. of John Hohnes of B,, bap. by M' W. July 27. 
Thomas illeg. eh. of Ann Blackburn of Barden, bap. by M' Wilson 

Aug. 12. 
Ann d. of Tliomas Waddilove of Thorp, bap. by M' W. Aug. 27. 
Henry s. of Joseph Whitaker of Ap[)ktr'', bap. by M'^ Wilson Oct. 28. 
Anthonys, of Rjb' Hebdeii of Grimwith, bap. Oct. 27. 
Ann d. of W"' Pickard of Appletr\ bap. by W Wilson Oct. 28. 
Joseph s. of John Birch of Greeuhowhill, bap. by M' W. Jan. 2G. 
W" s. of Christopher Dickison of Thorp, bap. by .M' Wilso)i Feb. 9. 
John s. of W'" Siockdale of Hart" M., bap. by >P W. Feb. IG. 
Mary d, of David Metcalf of B., bap. by M' Wilson Mar. 16. 

John Alcock, Rector of B. 
John Holmes, Thomas Smith, John Hodgson. John Bland. 

A Copy of the Register Kept in the I'sh. Xch. of Burnsall of all 
Births, Burials, lI Marriages from 25 March, 178o, tUl 25 March, 
W" Dickison !c Mary Moor, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Mar. 

30, Apr. 2, 9) 15 Apr., 1783, by John Wilson, Curate— W'" x 

Dickison, Mary x Moor — John Hodgson, Rob' Kay. 
Matthew Throup i Martha Blackburn, both of this par., mar. by Lie. 

6 May, 1783, by John Alcock, Rector — Matthew Throup, Manha 

Blackburn — Matthew Procter, W'"' Dugdale. 
Joseph Hudson i' Sarah Pavley, both of tliis par., mar. by Banns 

(May 11, 18, 25) 27 May, 1783, by John Wilson— Joseph x 

lludson, Sarah x Payley — John Kidd, W"' Pickersgill. 
\V"' Gill, of the parish of Linton, & Sarah Bradley, of this par., mar. 

by 15anns (May 11, 18. 25, with cert.) 27 May, 1783, by John 

Alcock, Rector — W'" Gill, Sarah x Bradley — Joseph Hudson, 

Alex' Metcalf. 
Thomas Wilkinson of Leeds, in the par. of Leeds, merch', & Francos 

Fountaine, of this pur., mar. by Lie. 7 May, 1783, by John 

Wilson, Curate — Thos. Wilkinson, Frances Fountaine — W'" 

Fountaine, Fliz-'' Kitohing. 
John Windsor, of the par. of ArnclilT, i<^ I-^li//'' Pickard, of this par., 

mar. by Banns (May 11, 10, 23, with cert.) 9 June. 1783. by 

John Wilson, Curate — John Windsor, Eli/."' Pickard — John 

Bland, Rob' Kay. 


Rob' Joy i^' Martha Leoming, both of this par., mar, by Banns (July 

G, 13, 20) 18 Aug., 1783. by John Wilson— Roh' x Joy, Martha 

X Leeming— Rich'' West, Rob' Kay. 
Edward Iimian i Margaret Herd, l)oth of this par., mar. by Bam s 

(Aug. 24. 31, Sep. 7) 7 Sep, 1783, by John Wilson, Curate — 

Edw' Innian. Marg' IlLrd — Hau'lall I)nnan, Rob' Kay. 
Thomas Demain i*c Alice Paitfield, both i>i this par., njar. by Banns 

(Jan. 11, 18, 25) 31 Jan., 1784, by John Alcock, Rector — Thos. 

Demain, Ahce x Paitfifld— Laurence ilollyday, R. Kay. 
Thomas Tatersall, of tlie par. of Hampsftait, & Sarah Whitaker, of 

this par., mar. by Banns (Oct. 12, lij, 20, with cert.) 2 Feb., 

178-1, by John Wilson— Tnomas x Tatersall, Sarah Whitaker 

— W. Way, J. Schotield. 
George Scott, Hus : \- Ann Wadiluve, both of this par., mar. by J^ic- 

8 Feb., 1784. by — George Scott, Ann x Wadilove — 

Josh. Spencer, Jonathan Beach. 


Margaret wife of Thomas Wait of Appletr'', bur. Apr. 7. 

Ann Sympson of Appletr", pauper & widow, bur. Apr. 12. 

James Claphatu of B., pauper, bur. May 13. 

Joseph Bruthciton ot Hart", bur. Apr. 17. 

Eliz''' Wilson of B., paup(;r, bur. June 11. 

Agnes wife of W"' Verity of Hart", bur. June 11. 

John \\ hitaker of Hart", bur. June 27. 

Hannah d. of Squire Ideson from Thorp, bur. Aug. 14. 

W" s. of W"" Stockdale of Hart" M., bur. Sep. 21. 

Nancy d. of do. do. bur. Sep. 23. 

Ehz"' d. of do. do. bur. Sep. 28, 

"•'Jane wife of do. do, bur. Oct. 5. 

"'"Jane, alias Jeunit, Wrathall, widow, of Thorp, bur. Oct. 5. 

'''John Robinson from Hebden, bur, Dec. 14. 

""'Dorothy Inman from Starbotton, widow, bur. Jun, 20. 


Jonathan s. of W'" Virity of Hart", Carpenter, bap. June 11. 
Hannah d. of Squ-ire Ideson of Thorp, bap. Aug. 4. 
Susannah d. of Rich'' .Mason of Scireholm, bap. Sep. 10. 
Ann d. of Thomas Longthoru of Greenhowhili, bap. Sep. 28. 
Michael s. of James Joy of Greenhowhili, bap. Sep. 28. 
'•■Francis y. of Joseph Hargioves of Laueliouse, bap. Oct. 20. 
'''Eai^ther d. of Jonathan Walker of Gateup, bap. Oct, 20. 
-W"' s. of Christopher Bland of Applot\ bap. Oct. 27. 
'•'John illeg. eh. ot Agnes Summersgill of M..M., ba[). Nov. 2. 
■■■'Mary d. of Josei»h Hudson, Cordwainer, of Thorp, bap. Jan. 5. 
■^'Margaret d. of Rob' Inman of Woodliouse, bap. Jan. 8. 
•^Stephen s. of W"' Horner of Burusall, Cordwainer, bap. Jan. 12. 

[* The lust four Imrials atid the last eluvcii baptism.s in this transcript have 
bttii already printod, as thuy arc in that part of the reyi.slcr which has 
not been lost.j 


♦John s. of Jolin West of Applet'', bap. Feb. 20. 
'•'Henry s. of Ralph Storey of Cireenhowhill. ba^). I'^eb. 29. 
'•'Elizabeth d. of Hob' Gregson of B., bap. Mar. 4. 
'■Matthew s. of Thomas peuiporton of Scireholiu., Mar. 21. 

John Wilson, Curate. 
John Bland, John Holmes, Richard Rickurd, John lumau. 


Joseph Blac.kt?y, of the par. of Rippon,"& Ann Ward, of this par. 
mar. by Banns (Sep. 5, 12, 10, with cert.) 2-3 Oct.. 1781, by John 
Wilson, Curate — Joseph Blackey, Ann Ward — Tho' Haunam, 
Rob' Kay. 

John Pollard it Marv Demain, both of this par., mar. bv Banns (Si p 
20, Oct. :-5. lOJ 5 [? 15] Oct., 1781, by John Alcock, Rector- 
John X Pollard, M"ary x Demain — W™ Ducket, Rob' Kay. 

Enjaiiuel Shires, of the par, of Skipton, & Susannah Hitching, of 
this par., mar. by Lie. 14 Oct., 1781, by John Wilson— Emanuel 
Shires, Susannah Hitching — Thomas Hitching, Thos. Shires. 

W™ Dean, of tlie par. of Linton, il- Ellen Ellis, of this par., mar. by 
Lie. 15 Nov., 1781. by John Alcock, Rtctor — W"" Dean, 1-^llen 
Ellis — John Gill, Sarah Holmes. 

Thomas Smith & Margaret Whitaker, both of this par., mar. by 
I]anns (Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14) IG Nov., 1784, by John Wilson — 
Thomas Smith, Margarei Whitaker— John Wilson, Rob' Kay. 

Michael Tempest, of the par. of Kildwick, it Mary Young, of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Jan. 2, 9, 15, with cert.) 20 Jan., 1785, by 
John Alcock— Michael x Tempest, Mary x Young— W'" Smith, 
Rob' Kay 

Jotiathan Barker, of the par. of Kildwick, i*c Eli^;"' Hitching, ot fhis 
par., mar. by Jjic. 24 Jan., 1785, by John Wilson, Curate — 
Jonathan Barker, Eliz"' Hitching — John Hitching, Kob' Kay. 

John Wharf Sc Mary Fraukland, both of this par,, mar. by Banns 
(Jan. 10, 23, 30) 1 Feb., 1785, by John Wilson— John x Wharf, 
Mary x Franklaud — Jonathan Birch, Rob' Kay. 

James Suuter, of the par. of Ri[)pon; miner, & Mary Pedlcy, of this 
par., mar. by Banns (Mar. 20, 27, Apr. o, with cert.) 4 Apr., 
1785, by John Wilson, Curate — James Suntor, Mary Pedle;; — 
Richard ilannani, Rob' Kay. 

ThiMiias Slockdale .V Mary Malham, both of this par., mar. by IJanns 
(Mar. 27, X\n-. 3, 10) 12 Apr., 1785, by Ji)lni Alcock, Rector— 
Tliomas Stockdale, Maiy x Malham — Peter Dawson, Rob' Kay. 

W'" Tomlison i\; .Mary Wilkison. both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Apr. 10, 17, 21)' 25 Apr., 1785, by John Alcock, Rector— W'" 
Tomlinson. Mary x Wilkison — Ohiislopher Tomlison, W'" 

W"' Ibbotson it Isabella Mitchel, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Apr. 24, May 1, h, !) May, 1785, by John Wilson — W"' j'bbotson, 
Isabella x Alitchel- Jonathan Birch, Rub' Kay. 

• In tho ri'"'istor. 


W™ Anderson i*L- Dotty Lawson, both of this par., mar. by Banns (Julv 
2i, 31, Any. G) 9 Aug., 17H3, by John Alcock, Rector— \V™ 
Anderson, Betty Lawson — W"' Lawson, W"" Arnjitstead. 

Luke Pedley i^ Marthri Armitstead, both of this par., mar. by Lie 25 
Aug., 1785. by John Wilson — Luke Pedley, Martha x Armitstead 
— James Armitstead, Hob' Kay. 

Silvester Hobden c^- Mary Wrdthall, both of this par., mar. by Lie, 
25 Sep., 1785, by John Wilson — Silvester Hebdeu, Mary 
VYrathall — John Holmes, Hob' Kay. 

Edward Robinson it Nancy Ward, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Oct. 9, IG, 23) 27 Oct., 1785, by John Alcock, Rector— Edw' 
Robinson, Nancy x Ward — Petur Parkinson, Rob' Kay. 

Joseph Waterhouse & Nancy Cocket. both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Oct. 9, 16, 23) 5 Oct., 1785, by John Alcock. Rector— Joseph 
X Waterhouse, Nancy Cocket — W'" Co ton. Rob' Kay. 

John Windle t^y; Eliz"' Longbottom, both of this par., mar. bv Banns 
(Nov. 13, 20 27) 28 Nov., 1785. by John Alcock, Rector— John 
X Windle, Ehz"' Longbottom — Henry Knowlcs, Rob' Kay. 

Abraham Longbottom & Mary Snnth. both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Nov. 11, 18, 25), 27 bee. 1785, by John Alcock, Rector- 
Abraham Longbottom. Maiv x Smith — Rich' Tom;is. George 

Riclr' Wharf & Ann Gregsnn, both of this par., mar. bv Banns (Dec. 

18. 25, Jan. 1) 3^Jan., 1780, by John Alcock.' Rect^— Rich' 
X Wharf, Ann x Gregson — W'" Gregson, Rob' Kay. 

Anthony Downs, farmer, it Mary Carlisle, both of this par., mar. by 
Lie. 4 Jan., 178G, by John Alcock, Rector- Anthony Down--, 
Mary Carlisle— Henry Carlisle, Rob' Kay. 

Henry Robinson it Mary Spencer, both of this par., mar. by Banns 
(Dec. 25, Jan. 1. 8) 10 Jan, 1786, by John Alcock. Rector- 
Henry X Ixobinson, Mary x Spencer — John Storey, Rob' Kay. 

John ChalVer, of the par. of Whalley. dio. of Chester. & Mary Weston, 
of this par., mar. by Lie. 2 Feb., 1786, by John Alcock, Rector 
— John ChaiYer, Mary Weston— John Wright, Rob' Kay. 

Stephen Wrathall, of the par. of Linton, it Sarah Herd, of this par., 
mar. by Buinis (Feb. I'J, 25, Mur. 5. with cert.) Mar.. 1786, Ijv 
John Wilson, Curate — Stephen Wrathall, Sarah Herd — W'" 
Wrathall, Rob' Kay. 

David EnisK'v ^t Mary Harper, both of this par., mar. bv l^anns (Feb. 

19, 26. Mar. 5) 9 Mar.. 1786. by John Wilson— David Emsley, 
Mary x Harpir— Joseph Emsley, Rob' Kay. 

Christ' Tomlison. of the par. of Skipton. >t Jane Dcnniin of this par.. 
mar. by JJanns (Feb. 26. Mur. 5, 12, with cert.) 13 Mar., 1786, 
by John Alcock, liector— ('hrist' Tomlison, Jane x Demain — 
John Wilkinson, \\ '" Winn. 


Burnsall. WcdJinL^'s, Christenings, and Burials for y year 1G72. 


Roburt Inman i^ Amj I'efcroft, Sep. 10"'. 
John Fawcett A Frances Innian, Sep. 19"'. 
Thomas Spurr 'D & Mary Will^on, Sep. 20"'. 


Anne y" Daughter of a poor man, Aprill y*^ 20'*'. 
Thomas y" sou of -John IWand, May y'^ IG"'. 
Timothy y'' son of John Hey, June y*" Last. 
Margarett ye Daugh. of Will'" Kicheson, July 10"'. 
James y son of Will"' Wharton, July y'^ 13"'. 
Isabell y' Daugh. of JetYerey Lee, August y' Last. 
John y*^ son of Rob' Lelen, Septem. y" 2. 
Christopher y' son of Christo. Stoney, the san^e day. 
John y* son of John Sheldin, v" 12 of October. 
Dorathy y' Daughter of WiU^' Bland, Decern, y 20'^ 
Jane y* Daughter of Will'" Gtar\e, January >*' 3'. 
John y*" son of Tbo. Yonnge, January y^ 13"'. 
Will™ }* son of Thomas Winterburne, Febru. 23''. 
Marggret y^ Daughter of Will'" Clarke, March 20"'. 
Isabel y' Daughter of Robert Ilardcastle, March 21''. 

Isabel y'' wife of Jonas Bland. April 20. 
Henry Beecrofc, May the First. 
Anne Bearne, widdow, May y' Last. 
John Beecrufte, June y*^^ 10"'. 
Thomas y" son of Henry Beecrofte, July y'^ first. 
Easter King, Septem. y 15"'. 

Will'" y*^^ s in of Thomas Winterburne, October y 3'". 
Tho. y^ son of Thomas Smith, October )" 23"'. 
Will'" y*" son of Sam Veatie, y'^^ 21 of November. 
Rob' Ilalleme, ye Last of November. 
Will"' y son of Barlho. Bland, dtcember 3'', 
Mary y Daughter. of Will'" Bland, Jaimary y 2'. 
Nicho. y son of Henry (-', febru. y'' 7"'. 
Jiichard, y*^^ son of John Wilkinson, March y 13"'. 
William y son of Thomas Ellis, Mar. y^' 23'. 

Jamos Tenant. William West. 

Burnsall. WcilJings, Christenings, and Buiialls had in the \earof 

our Jjord Cod lGb3. 
Imp' Weddings ^7 not wanted. 

"■10 before Jan. 1 not wanted. 
*Sara y" duughter of Humphra Bland, Jan. iho 1. 

1. Ill Paver's Licences " Spunct." 

2. Suniiuue not given. » In the register. 


^'Williiu. tbe son nf Willim. Fletcher, Jannary >"' G. 

'■■John ihe sou of I'ilizabL'Lh Croft, Jan. y" '21 (Kltcred to fib. y' 20). 

Margarett the daughter of Robeft Ilardcastlt-, Jan. y'- 27 (alt. to fob.). 

Anne the daugliter of lltn. Ransotu, Feb. x*^ 12. 

Francis the son of Fianeis Cirundie, March }'- 22. 


Isaboll liolden, widdow. Aprill y' 4. 

John the son of William Tascald, Aprill v 17. 

I^artho: Bland, May y-- 11. 

Jane Jacknian, eodeui die. 

Riciiard the son of William, May y- 22. 

Mary y*= daughl' of John Hartley. July v'' 5. 

Maryarett y*" wife of Thomas Youn;;, August y* 11. 

Mary y*" daughter of Thomas King, August y"" 13. 

Nicho. King, September y'^ 2. 

John Johnson, December y"^ 11. 

Agnes Watter, Jaii. 19. 

Christopher Rooth, Jan. y*-" 23. 

Margrett Summers, Jan. y" 29. 

Elizabeth the daughter of Will. Williamson, Jan. 31. 

Ellen r)ell, widdow. Feb. y 7. 

Isabell Lighti'oot, Feb. y' 8"'. 

Jams. Ttnnant, rector ibi. Chr. Lancaster. Rect. Med. ibm. 

John Alcocke. Robte. hardcastle. Robert Malham. Tiiomas nusay. 

Wtiddings, Burialls, and Christenings had att the Parish Church of 
Burusall, An^ D'ni, 1G97. 

Imp^ Wedding. 
'•'Christopher Johnson and Alice Wilkinson, Aprill the 14"\ 
'■■Richard Blagburne and Mary Nussey, May 27"^. 
"William Ih-own and Ellen Rathmell. July 12''''. 
'■'Jn^ Ki^^hley and Elizab. Wrathall, -June 3rd. 
'•^John Kidd and Alice Elsworth. June 20'". 
■•^'Tliomas Brocier & Agnes Hunter, February 20'". 

-Williatn the son of Ric. Carr, Clerke, Aug' 2G"'. 
'•'Richard the son of lohn Atkinson, Oclo. 28'". 
"'■^I'liomas the sun of Tho. Thompson, Novem. 21'". 
'•'William the si.n of W ill. Lusse\^'>, Novom. 29'". 
-Mary the Daughter of Tho. Leylaml, Feb. 23'^''. 
'^•Issab.(-) Dau. of iJichard i'ldmundsiui. Novem. 23'. 
'■'William y son of Tho. Jlrogdeii, Octob' 21^'. 
'^'Henery the son of Lambert J^dmundson Feb. 1'. 
'■'Frances a bast; begotten Child on the Body of Rebecca Bbuid, Feb. 

* Ir the roj,'istor. 

1. In llio rcgi.-^tcr " Li.iscy." 2. C'hristiiii name not in the register. 

3. In the r(.''ii.tL;r " Anne." 


Barbary the Dau^' of William Boecroft, July 80"'. 
'■John the sou of David ^'oiige, Jan. G"'. 
=''John the son of John Ivcson, Bap. Jan. 8"'. 
"'^Agnes'-' the Baught' of Tho. llebden, March 1B'^ 
••'William the son of Piobort Simpson, June 20^''. 
''=Tho. the sou of William Parker, Novom. IV'. 

Burialls had in the afori';^'' Year 1G97. 

'■'Joan Kidd of Burnsal Sep. 24''' 
'^Marget Sheldon^ of Woodlmuse .\ug. 80"' 
*Kogt'r Driver of Skirt holme Novem. 4"' 
* William y'' Son of Rob. Simpson Octo 8' 
•'■'Anno y I)aughter of Peter Bowiin' Ju. 20. 
"•'Eliz. Leyland of Jjurnsall Novem. 11"' 
-Anne tho Danght^ of Will Shelden* Jan, G"' 
'^'Robt. Inman of Thorpe May 27"' 
*William the son of Will Stackliouse Feb. S"' 
-Mat'hew the son of Will Waters Marcli 0"' 

"Anthony son of Matthew llargrave Decern. 2G. 

^Jn" the son Chr. Hargreaves Ap. 3'' 
William Tophua Ap. 7. 

This i.s a True Coppy of our Register Wittness our Hands, 

Ric : Carr, Rect. alt. Med. de Burnsall. 
Ric. Andrews. Will Nussey. 

Weddings, Births, l^- Burialls had at the Parish Church of Burnsall, 
An^' D'ni, 1G98. 

Imp' Wedd : 

Kobt. l^lliss, Hnsban', &: Jane Younge, June 11"' 

Jn^tham Young v.*c Anne Malham, both within Harthugton, Octo. 12"^ 

Tho. Coxon I'v: Iss. Frankland, both of Cracoe, January 20"' 

Jn° Bolland c^^; Anne Klsworth, Feby. 04"' 

Jn'' llebden .1- ^ both of Cunninston, Feb^^ 12"' 

Chr. als. Birihs. 

Jn°y« son of Jii" Bowlin, Ap. o"" 
W"" y son of Tho. Colton, A p. 10"' 
'Chr. y son of Chr. Jn"son, May 4"' 
Mag' y Daug' of Ricd. lilagbure. May li)"' 
Fllen y dau' of Chr. Inman, May 22^' 
"Rob' y son of Hum. Bland, June 2'' 
A still Born Child of Tho. Syms. 
W'"' the son of Ricd. Clapham. dtcm' 8"' 
Eli/,, the daug^ of Ric' Can, CI., dec' 27"' 

• In the resistor. 4. Tn the reg '• Hebdon." 5. In tho rcg. " Kowkin." 
6. InstOiid o( til. "SO two entries thi' ro'^. h;is "John son of M.iithow Har- 
{jrc-avcs .\p. 3." 7. in tho rog. " 1-Jth." 8. In the reg. " May 5th." 


'■W'" the son of W"' Stackhouse, Feb. 2'' 
Ilannali y^ daug' of Dav" Youngc, Jan. 24"' 
lialph \' son of R-^lph I'^hu'dson, Feb. 19"' 
='Jane y dang' of Tho. B^^nspn, March 2^ 
Hcllei)"the daug' of Tho. Shaw, ^[arch 0'" 
Jn" the son of Tho. Hanson March ij'*" 


Anne Borrows of Woodhoose. Ap. 12"' 

Still r.orn Child of Jn'^ P.lands, Ap. 18"' 

Alice >• wife of Chr. Jn"son, May -4"' 

M' \V"' JJcckf't of Ilebileu, June 2'' 

a'ho. Wrathall, May 21. 

W" the son of Tiio. Yoango, Octo. 20"' 

Samuell Wright. Octo. 27 

Nat Bane, Dec. 8. 

Ju" Heye, yeom : Jan. 28. 

Rog. Tompson. Jan 28. 

Monj Pound, Jan. 30"' 

Hannah y" Dan-' of David Younge, Fob. 11"" 

Anne King of Thorpe, March 4*" 

Hog. Bumbie, March 7"' 

This is a True Coppy of our Register, Wittness our hands March 28"', 
1G99. ivter Alcock. Uect^ 

Robert Savill, Chr. x Mallham, Church Warden. 

r.urnsall Christnings, Weddvngs, and BurialLs in the yeare of our Lord 

Margrett thedangliter of Richd. ]<]dinundson, buried Octob. the IG. 
Margrott y^ dauglitcr of Willm. Sheldon, buried the 12 of Octob'. 
Tho. Boon, buried the 19 of Novetr.b"'. 

Frances Nussey of .\ppletreweeke, buried the 21 of December. 
Tho. ludd of Bninsall. buried the '> of Jan. 
Anne Alcock of Burnsall, buried the 28 of Jan. 
l)or()thy Alcock of Ihmipail, buried I'>b. the 5. 
A Child of Wdhn. Shfddojis, March the G. 
Tho. Metcalfe of Thorp, buried Fub. the 28. 


Mary the daughter of Wilhn. Parker of Skvrthohne, bapt. Ociob. tho 

Major the sou of Tho. Young, Movenib'' the 20. 
Anne daughter of Richard Carr, Clerk, Feb. y 29. 
J)orothy y' daughter of John 'IMionitoii, March y'" 24. 

Will. Prior of [jau^dier and Anne P.ooii of Biirn.^all, married the 18 of 
Feb. (No si^-natures). 

• In tlic refrister. U. In the rcg. " Feb. 15th." 


Burnsall, Aprill y" 21" 1701. A True i p'fect Coppie of y' Regist' of 
y Parish of' burnsall from y' 25'" day of March 1700 to y' 25"' 
of March 1701. 

Imp' Marriages in y* same Year. 

Stepli. Carr & Anne Ibbotson, May ye 18"' 
Tho. Longfellow & Mary Key, August y* 10"" 
Mich. Blaekborne iV .Anne Wilkmson, Sepf y^ 8"' 
MattheT\- Throup .*c Anne Tompson, Sept' \' 26'" 
Tlio. Lightfoot A Anne Alcock Octob. y*^ 13"' 
Jo" Luplon Sc Margerett (iill Novemb. y* 5"' 
Kich'' Edmundson A Jane Ilowfion, 9"' y' G. 
Jo" Savill & Jane Wilkinson, Novemh. y" 2P' 
Antho. Metcalfe &: Jane Kncwleson, Jan. y" 81" 


Alice Daught' of Jo" Hill. May y« 2^ 

W"^y^ Son of Rob' Wrathall May y^ 12'*' 

W"' y^ Son of Tho Symm. May y^ 26. 

Jo° y" Son of Jo" Horner, June y- 9"" 

Eliz' Malham Daugh' of Jo" Malham, June y-^ 23'^ 

Margaret y* Daugh'' of W*" Winterburne, July y" 7. 

Antho. Son of Hob' Ibbottson, July y^ 8'" 

Jo° son of Jo" Atkinson, September y" first, 

Anne y^ Daughter of W"' Lassell, Septcm. y^ 8"' 

Joseph y- son of Tho. Thompson, Septom. y'^ 22'^ 

Tiio. soil of Tlio. Ayre. October y 20'" 

W" son of W"' Beecroft. Novemb. y-^ 12'" 

W"' y" son of W'" Pryor, Decemb. y IS'" 

Eliz. y* Daught"^ of Jo" liardcastle Decern, y* 21. 

Ambrose y' Son of Humphrey Bland, Jan. y^ 2. 

W"' son of \V'" Frnnkland, Jan. y" 19. 

Benson a base begott Child of Anne Green late of Hartlinton, Jan. 

y"^ 23'' 
Mary Daughter of Tho. Hebdtjn, Feb. y' 2'' 
W"' son of .M' liarn' Woodhouse, March y" 24-^ 


James Cossentine, March y*" 28"' 
Alice Richardson, .-Vprill y'' 3'^ 
George Sharpe, .Aprill y 1"' 
Lancelot Richardson, .Aprill y' 9"' 
W"' Wrathall, Apiill y 12'" 
Matthew Metcalfe, Aprill y' 28'" 
Anne Metcalfe. .May y" First. 
Anne Shol.ion, May y 9'" 
John J'rowne, M.H,y }" 10"' 
Alice P.rogd.n, May y 80"' 
W"" Young. June liie 8'" 


Martha Wilkinson. August y' IG^'' 

Jo" Son of Ixalfh Eilnuindson, August y' 24"' 

W"' Imnan, Oclob. y^ 8'" 

Jo" Topliani. Octob. y" 10'" 

\V'" Flint, August y" 3'' 

W"' Grange, Noveiiib. y'= 10'" 

W"' son of W'" lieecroft, Novomb. y' 16. 

Baiberoy, Daught' of W'" Beecroft, Jan. y"^ 8'' 

W'" Toiupson, Jan. y' 5'" 

Anne wife of Rich'^ Claphaui, Jan. y" 12'" 

Agnes Kidd, Jan. y" 14'" 

Anne Daughter of \\"' Beecroft, feb. y' 9'" 

James Naylor, feb. y« 15'" 

Anne Procter, feb. y'^ 21" 

Mary, wife of Jo" (iarthrope, March y" 14. 

Anne y' wife of Jo" In man, March y^ 21. 

James Tennant Peter Alcock Rec xMed 

Willi King nv u i ^^ Burnsall. 

rr,, r. 1 Churchwardens. ,-, --, t > „ ,, m 

Tho. P?irker Ric : Carr Rec alt M 

Jonathan Young de (Burnsall) 


Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and 
Churchyard which bear Dates earlier 
than 1813. 

in the church. 

Cui deest Sepulchnile Marrnor EfTatur 


Quod e terra erat sub pedibus Tacet 

Robti Heye A.M. 

Cujus si nou calonleni teinperas Favillsm lacry"" 

loviter tamen Cippum prenias. 

Qui natus hue in vicinia Scolam ad Ecclesiic 

Ccemeterium per duodemium rexii 

Quatn Spartam eque Adornavit 

cura ac doctriua non Statas Ejusdem 

horas sed impeudendo Aliarum succisivas 

suorum duin excoluit ingenia 

Moros Quoad 

Verus dei i^" EcclesieC cultor, Rect' Custo3 virtutis 

Satelles suis Epregie chorus caHeris pcrhuiuanus 

Obijt deciuionono die lanuarij .i^tatis suae 36'° 

Anuoq : Doni. 1694 

Cujus Memorise hoc insigue paternto dilectionis 

lubens devovet tristis Superstesq 

John Heye de Skiorholmo. 

(North wall of the North Aisle. — Stone monunieiU, to the middle 
portion of which a brass plate is atlixed. At the top and 
bottom are the effigies of an angel and a death's head, the 
latter crowned with a laurel wreath, and in the intermediate 
space is the inscription given above.) 

Ilic jacet Guliehnub Carr 

Reef de Burnsall qui in alt* med''~ 

patri successit obiitq : mortem 

Dom' 1751 

Etaii.-^ 57. 

(North wall of the Chancel.- — An oblong piece of black nuublo, 
the corners cut off, perhaps having been a portion of a larger 
stoue originally ou tiio Uoor.) 


Hero lie interreil 

ElisaliCth tlie Wife of William Batty Esq' 

Nvho died Septemhcr 24'" 172G 

ai^ed 28 Years. 

William BatU' Esq"^ of Thorp who died 

August V'' 1759 aged 71 years. 

Ellen the Wife of lolm Batty Esq"" 

who died July 30"' 17G2 

aged 26 Years. 

lobn Batty Esq"^ of Thorp who died 

June 20'*' 1792 aged G9 Years. 

Mary the Daughter of William Battv Esq' 

of Thorp died June 23rd 1798 

aged 74 Years. 

(South wall of the Nave. — White marble on grey. At the top 
coat of arms Batty impaled with Alcock. '■) 

Hie jacet 

Christopherus Fountain e 


Qui obiit Octobris 17" 

Anno Salutis 1786 

^tatis suae 67 

(South side of the Choir. — Black marble slab let into the back of 
the stalls. The burial is given in the register as 1-1 Oct.) 

Sacred to the ^lemory of 

Thomas Waddilove of Thorpe Mason 

who died July 29'" IbOi 

Aged 60 Years. 

And two of his childien Ann and Hannah 


Ann Waddilove Wife of John Waddilove Son of the above 

who died in London Jan*' 17"' 1805 

Aged 24 Years. 

And two of their Children John and Alice 

I'^rccted in Gratitude and Affection 

by John Waddilove eKlest Son of the above. Statuary in London. 

(South siiU; of the Nave. — White niarblo with weeping female and 
urn. First three in the burial register— Ann 17 May, 1802; 
Hannah 21 Dec, 1794.) 

Sa. a chevron arp. hi-tweon 3 goats p.issatit of the '2iul attired or. each 
charged with - [iailot>< nu.: on a chief of the Mrd a demi-savage 
holding ill his riglit hanfl a. rliih bclwooii 2 cimiuofoils all of the 4th. 
— Batty. — (./(«., a fcss belweeu 3 cockb' heads earscd aig. — Alcock. 



[Tho capital letters within the braukot.s denote the points of the Compass, taking 
the Church as a centre and give the position of tho graves. Except wliere 
noted otherwir^e the stones are of sandstone.] 

Near this Place are | interied the Remains of | William King of 
Thorp I who died the 25'" May 1714 | and Mary his Wife 
wlio I died the 28"' January 17G8 | A^^ed 84 Years' | Likewise 
the Remains of | Ann Binrow of Thorp | who died Sep' the 
21" 1753 j and of Ann the Daughter | of John and Jane 
Burnett \ of Thorp | wlio died the 5"' of July 1756 | Aged 7 
Years | Also of Ann another | Daughter of the said John and 
Jane liuriiett | who died the 7"' Aug' 1759 | Aged one Year | 

(S.W.-— Flat stone. Mary King is not in the hurial register. The 
record for 1753 is Itist.) 

Thomas Benson | who Departed this | life .\pril the 14 | 1723. 
(S. — -Flab stone. The date of hurial in the register is 1 1 Apr.). 

A Condy I der this | lyes which in j his 

Parents sit with j watery Eyes Jkit j hopes of Com { 

to hand after | when our souls j meet together in | 

Everlasting bliss ] Thomas Atkinson j departed October j y"^ 
11"' Anno I Dom. 1730 | 

(W.- — Flat stone, broken in half, and much perished.) 

Rob Kay | departed | this life | March | the 23"^ | Aged 23 | 
1732 ] 

fN.— Small flat stone.) 

Anthony Metcalf of Thorp \ died Oct. 29"' 1752 Aged [ 86 Elizabeth 
Metcalf his | Wife died Sept. IP" 1769 j Aged 67 | 

(S.W. — Flat stone. The burial of Elizabeth in tlie register is 
dated 9 Nov.) 

Here | lies tho Body of [ Elizabeth Herd | Daughter of John j and 
Mary Herd | of Thorp who | Died 9"' July 1756 j Aged 16 

{N.W.— Flat stone.) 

Hear | Ijies the body of John | Colyer who departed | this life 
November the 15''' \ 1764 aged 25 years | 

(S. — Hcivlstone. Tlie burial in the register is dated 8 Oct.) 

J.R. I 1772. I 

(N.W. — Very small headstone. John Robinson buried 10 June, 


Here lie the Bodies of | John Herd of Thorp who | Died lo"' June 
1794 I Aped 80 Years | And of | Mary his Wife who Died \ 12"' 
Aug" 1789 Aged 75 veins | Likewise their Clnlchen j as under 
viz; I William Herd\vho Died | 24"^ Ocf" 1773 Aged 19 Years 
I Hemy Herd who Died | 25'" Dec'"- 1789 Aged 39 Yeais | 
And I John Herd late of London | who Died 13'" May 1802 j 
Aged 58 Years | Also j Stephen Herd of London | who Died 
July 17'" 1805 j Aged 49 Years j 

(N.W. — liox. No recoid of huiial of Henry and Stephen. 

J.J. I 1770 i 

(W. — Very small headstone. No record in the hurial register.) 

(S.W\ — Two very small lieadstones, similar to the last, inscribed 
respectively I.H. and Fj.U. No identification possible.) 

Sacred to the Memory of i William, Thomas and Jonathan [ Sons of 
Robert and 'Slavy \ Dland of Woodhouse. William | departed 
this Life March 8'" ! 1778 Aged 3 Weeks | Thomas died August 
8'" 1788 I Aged 8 Months { Jonathan died March 29'" i 1812 
Anno .iHtatis 16 | Our peaceful grave shall keep [ Our Bones 
till that blest day j We wake frou] our long sleep | And leave 
our Beds of Clay | Also near this place are | interred the 
Remains of the above | Robert and ^larv Bland j Marv died 
April 16'" 1817 Aged | 58 Years j Robert' died Jul> 20"' 1819 
Aged ! 72 Years, j 

(S. — Table. Robert Bland is described in connexion with the 
1778 burial in the register as of Harthngton Moorside, the date 
of which is given there as 27 Feb.) 

In Memory of | William Wrathall of Thorp [ who Died Dec' 4'" 
1780 I Aged 89 Years | Also Susannah Daughter | of the above 
who Died Sep [ 25'" 17S6 Aged 70 Years | Also Marv Wrathall 
I wife of the above W" | who Died July 17'" 1759 j Aged 60 
Y'ears. | Likewise W"' Wrathall | of Thorp Son of the al)ove j 
who Died Dec' 26'" 1787 { Aged 70 Years | Also Elizabeth his 
wife I who Died July 25'" 1772 | Aged 50 Years | 

(W. — Box, now Hal stone. William bur. 14 Dec. Susannah, wife 
of Christ' Tattersall, of Thorp, bur. 28 Sep., 1786. No record 
of the biuial of Mary.) 

Hero lieth buried the [ Hodvof John Constan | tine of Appletreewick 
I who departed tiiis 'Life | the 28'" Day of April | 1783 Aged 
57 years. 

(S. — Table, No record of Ijurial.) 


Sacred to the Memory | of | Joiiatlmn Biicli of Skipton late of 
I Burnsall who departed this Hfe \ Sept' 2"'' ks3i Aged 82 
years | Also Estlior his wife who died Jan" l"- \ 1790 Aged 3G 
years | Also John Son of the above who died | July 17"' 1785 
Aged o years | Also Esther danght^r of the above | who died 
Sept' 18"' 1 788 Aged 1 years. | 

(S. — Table. In the case of the last two the dates of death are 
the same as those ol l)urial.) 

Here lieth intered the | Body of John Domain { late of Hebden who 
depar I ted this Life the 17"' day { of April 1801 Aged 45 | 
years | Also Joseph Domain of Hebden j who died Decend:)er 
15"' 1786 j aged 69 years | Also Alice his wife who died Nov' 
I 1803 Aged 75 years | Also Mary wife of the above John | 
Demain who died Jan^ 26"' 1815 | Aged 58 years | Also Ellen 
their Daughter who | died July 16"' 1809 Aged 2i years | Also 
Richard Cont;tantine of Bolton la | Moors and of Lytlie in 
the Parish of | Linton who died May 29"' 1824 j Aged 45 
years | . 

Here lieth the Body of John Demain Con | stantine Son of Richard 

and Ann Constantine of { Bolton le Moors Lancashire | wlio 

departed this Life | April 27"^ 1803 Aged 5 | Weeks and 3 Days 

I Also Helena their daughter | who died | April 19"' 1815 aged 

1 year j 

(S. — -Two flat stones, enclosed by a stone kerb and railings. Alice 
bur. 26 Nov. Mary bur. 26 Jan. No burial recorded of J.D.C. 
Helena bur. 28 Apr.) 

Hie jacet I in hope of a. joy | ful Resurrection | Tennant Hall died | 
Oct. 31"', 1787 aged | 19 Years j 

(S.E.— Flat.) 

Here lieth the Body of | Agnes Wife of William Suiit'' | late of 
Skyreholm but last j from Bardon who departed | this Life the 
12"' Day of March | 1788 in the 73 Year of her Age | All tlosh 
was grass or j the flower of grass for the j grass withercth and 
the. flow j er fadeth but the word of j God abideth for ever | 

(S.— Flat.) 

Here lieth interred | the bodies of William and | Mary Y'oung of 

Appletreewick [ He died July the 25"' 1817 Aged 72 | Years 

Slic died Septendjer the | 22nd 1789 Aged 45 Y'eara | Also 

William Son of the above | William and Marv Young who 

I died Jan> 28"' 1843 Aged Gl Years | 


In I Memory | of the late John Young of | Applctveewick ! who 
died Oct' 24"' 181G Xf^ed 73 Years. \ Let friends forbear to 
mourn and weep | Whilst sweetly in the dust I sleep | This 
toilsome world I left behind | A glorious crown I hope to fiml. ! 
(N. — Box and table, enclosed by stone kerb.) 

In memory of j Lupton Wrathal | late of Burnsall Yeoman who ] 
departed this life July 22"^ ] 1790 Aged 70 years | Also of Mary 
Wrathal | Relict of the above Lupton | Wrathal who departed 
this I life March 19"' LSI 2 Aged 94 \ years I And of j William 
Wrathal Yeo | man Son of the above named | Lupton and 
I^Iary Wraih j all who departed this Life j the 24"' Day of 
November 1S27 | Aged 81 Years. | 
(S.W.— Flat.) 

In Memory of John GuUgeon of | Hebden who departed this life j 
January 22"^ 1792 Aged 44 Years | Also Ann wife to the above 
John I Gudgeon who departed this j life Septead)er 18"' J821 
Aged 74 j Years j Robert Gudgeon late of | Manchestei- died 
Oct' 8"' I 1816 Aged .. Years | 
(S.E. — Flat, a good deal worn. No record of burial of Robert.) 

Here lieth the bo | dv of Jain Smmersgill | who departed this | Life 
Oct' 24"' 1792 fAged 23 Years. | 
(N. — Headstone.) 

In Memory of | John son of Silvester and | ]\[ary Ilebdeu of 
Appletreewick | who died at Hebden IG"' February | 1793 aged 
8 Years | My death came sudden ] It was my lot | To be kill'd 
dead upon the spot | Alas ! dear friends for me don't mourn | 
I'm gon where travellers never return | Also RicharJ Son of 
Silvester & | Mary Hebden of Appletreewick | who died at 
Rochdale 15"' December | 1825 Aged 25 Years | Happy soul 
thy I")ays are ended i All thy mourning days below j Cio ! by 
Angel guards attended | To tlie sight of Jesus go j 

(W.- Flat, slate.) 

Here lies the Body of | Thomas the Son of John | and Ann Joy of 
Ap})letreo j wick who ilepartcd this Life | the 5"' Day of June 
1795 I Aged 1 year and 3 months | Also near the same place | 
are intei'red the Remains I of the aliDve John Jov who j de- 
pa»ted this Life tlie 7'" | Day of Aprill 1798 Aged j 29 Years I 
Short was my IJfc longer I may be my rest ] God took me 
hence because | lie though!- it best | Death little warning to | 
nie gave | J5ut quickly sent me to [ the grave | Weep not dear 
friend nor [ sorrow make for me | Death in my Youth from | 
cares halh set me free. | 

(S.- Table.) 


In Memory ! of | Kobcrt Kirkley of Burnsall who died | January 
30th, 1827 aged 78 ye;xr>; | also of Sarah his wife who died | 
August 21"' 1831 Hged 73 years j Likewise of Martha, Hannali, 
Mary, | and Thomas their children | Martha died Dec' 18"' 1795 
aged 2 years | Hannah died Dec'' 20"' 1705 agod 15 years | Marv 
died Dec' 22"^" 1795 aged 11 years | Thomas died April n^-KSOG 
aged 24 years | also near tliis place lie the remains | of Marv 
the wife of Edward Kirkley | of Durnsall who died Octr 17"' 
1842 I aged 57 years | also the said Edward Kirklev died | May 
3'" 1854 I aged 58 years | 
(N.— Headstone. Robert bur. 2 Dec. 1827.) 

Here lies the | r)ody of Ellen the Wife of Silvester [ Hebdcn wlio 
departed j this Life January the 9"' 1797 Aged 69 ] Years [ 
(S.— Flat.) 

Here lieth the Body of | Robert Tnman of | Burnsall who departed | 
this Life September 14"' | 1799 Aged 73 Years I The Graves 
my lied : this Stones my | Cover : Death brought me here [ 
AtHictions over | 

(S.— Table.) 

In Memory of j William Wrathall of | Thorp who died at Apple- 
tree I wick December 13"' 1839 | aged 74 Years, j and Ann his 
Wife wlio died | July 3"' 1805 : Aged 37 vcars | also Nicholas 
their Son | who died June 18"' 1802 j Aged 4 Years [ 
(W. — Headstone.) 

Here lieth the Body of | Richard Wrathal late of | Agglethorp who 
departed | this Life May 27"' 1803 | Aged 89 Years | Also of 
Ann his Wife who | departed this Life January | 20"" 1804 Aged 
74 Years | 
(S.W.— Flat.j 

Here lie the Remains of | William Collyer late of j Skireholms who 

departed | this Life the 2G"' Day of ] February 1802 In the GG"' 

I Year of his Age | Also Isabella Wife of the above | William 

Collver who departed j this Life on the 27"' of Dec' 1833 I Aged 

87 Years | 

(S.— Table. Wm. bur. 22 Feb., 1803.) 

In Memory of j Elizabeth wife of William j Fickersgill, Clark of 
this I Ciuirch who departed this | life July 180()aged 43 years | 
Also the above menti>.ned William Bickersgill who j departed 
this life Feb> 18-" I I83t; aged 70 years j Also of Henry Birch 
who <lied I July 2"' 1854 aged 49 years | Also of Elizabeth his 
wife wh.) I died April 2.S"' 18G0 aged 5G years. 
(S.— Table. Eliz. P. bur. IC July.) 


Sacred | to the Memory of | John Bhiud of Holes Beck | Harthn^- 
ton, who departed | this life March 17th 1807 | aged 3G years j 
Also of Ellen Wife of the | ahove who died Oct. 23"^'ks17 i 
aged 42 years j Also of Thomas Son of the | above named John 
and Ellen | Bland who died April 10"' 1827 | aged 23 years ' 
Also of John only Son of Stephen | and Frances Bland who 
died i April 28"' 1840 aged 13 years | Also of Frances Bland 
wife j of Stephen Bland who died | Dec 24"' 1851 aged Gl 
years j Also of Steplien Bland | Hushand of the above named 
Frances j Bland who died Dec -7'' 1859 aged | GO years [ Also 
of John Ijland of [ Hartlington who died Jatiu | ary IG"' 1S74 
aged I 72 years j 
(S.— Table.) " 

In Memory of | Sarah the Wife of John Holmes | of Burnsall wlio 
departed [ this life 3rd July 1808 | Aged 51 Years | Sincerely .v 
deservedly Lamented | Also tlie said John Holmes | died 28'^ 
January 1840 \ Aged 91 Years | Too this last tribute | I can 
give no more I Lov'd much ii} life | Much I their loss deplore ' 
Also Marv their Daughter who | died September 8'^ 1858 
Aged 63 Y'ears [ 

(S. — Flat ; slate. Mary Lomax, of Appletreewick, bur. 10 Sep. 
1858, aet. C2.^ 

Sacred to the Memory of | Jane Wife of Jonathan Birch { of Buru- 
sal who departed this | Life May 27"" 1814 Aged 33 Years | 
Also near this place are inter j red the Bodies of William and 'i 
George Sons of the above j Jonathan and Jane Birch | Williani 
died April 4'^- 1803 | Aged 14 Months | George died June 12"' 
1814 I Aged 2 Months | Erected in Parental affection by ! 
George and Mary Demaine of | Dribley Parents of the above ' 
Jane Birch | Also Elizabeth Second Wife of j the above named 
Jonathan Birch | Who Died at Skipton | January G"* 18G7 in 
the 86'" I Year of her Age | Also of the above-named Jonathan 
Birch I of Skipton who dietl at Steeton | on the IG"' of Mav 
1870 I Aged 94 years | 
(S.— Table.) 

Sacred | to the Memoi-y of | Christopher Watson late | of Blackburn 
Lancashire : | who departed this life ^larc'' | 3"' 1820 Aged 3S 
Years | And also of Thomas | De-main and Christopher j sons 
of the above Christophe' | Watson and Alice his Wife | Thomas 
died September | 29''' 1811 .Aged 3 Months | De-main died June 
25"' i 1815 Aged 13 Days i Christopher Twin Brother | to De- 
main died August 27"' I'lS'lG .\ged 14 Monrhs I .And Alice relict 
of the. Above | Chrislophec Watson who departed j this life 
Septendjer 1"' 1851 | Agetl G4 Years. | 

(S.W. — Flat. Demaine Watson, Wigan, Lancashire, bur. 28 Au<' 
aet. 8 days.) 


To perpetuate the | Reuieiiibrance of Isabella Wife | of Kobert 
Bentley of llelxlen | who departed this life the sixtli | Day of 
August 1812 iu the 2(j"' | Year of hor Age. | The winter of 
trouble is past j The storm of Afliiction is Oer ( Her struggles 
are ended at last | And sorrow and tears are no more | Also the 
Body of Ann Daughter j of the above mentioned Robert | and 
Isabella }3entley who depart | ed this life on the 2"'' Day of 
April I 1S23 Aged 13 Years | Likewise tlie Body of John Son j 
of the above liobert and Isabella | Benth^y who departed this 
life on I the 25"' Day of February 1S24 | Aged 17 Years. | Tiie 
desire of our eyes the delight of our | soul is cut oti'at a stroke. 
The Children { that were dear to us as our own soul that j were 
the hope of our family and whom | we trusted would be a 
comfort to us in | our declining years are gone hence and | we 
see them no more. | 

(S.— Table. Ann bur. 21 Apr.) 


Marriages of Burnsall People in the 
Registers of other Parishes. 


IGOl Feb. 21. Richard Cocksou, Rilstoii & Isabel Heelesse, 

160G Jan. 12. Ilenrie Blagbunie, Burnsall & Margrett Mosoley, 

IGIO May 29. Anthonie Taylor, this & Catherin Hill, Burnsall. 
1611 May 26. William Blande, Burnsall & Agnes Taylor, this. 
1613 Aug. 24. Thomas Hargraues, Burnsall tt Agnes Stott, this. 

1618 Dec. 22. Thomas Nussey, Burnsall ^i: Marie Peacocke, this. 

1619 June 21. William Ramsden, this & x\nne Stockdall, Burnsall. 
1623 July 8. Chiistopher Horner, Burnsall e^' Catherine \A'atkin- 

son, this. 
1621 Nov. -4. William Xussey, Burnsall i*v; Margret Ricroft, this. 
1631 Mav 8. John Water, Burnsall l*c Agnes Holmes, this. 

1654 Mav 13. John Frankland, J3arden & Francyes Simpson, 


1655 May 12. Henry Hewitt, Burnsall i'^" Francyes Jackeman, 

1662 Apr. 29. John Heelis, Cracoe c't Mary Siu-11. this. 
1664 July 2. William Inman, Burnsall \- Maiy Atkinson, Barden. 
1667 Apr. 20. John Gill, Kildwick & Ehzabeth Johnson, Hetton. 
1670 July 2. Robert Sim .)l- Dianah Btackbourne both Burnsall. 

1673 May 19. Samuell Johnson, Burnsall A Izabell Gawthrope, 


1674 May 2. Robert Bland and Ellen Sim, both Burnsall. 

1675 Sep. 11. John Kitchin .t Ann Cookeson, both Burnsall. 

1678 June 1. Richard Challinghousc i- IssabcU Cosentine 


1679 May 17. William Tullan. this ..<: Doratby Graham, Burnsall. 

1680 Aug. 16. I'elrr Inman A: Margret Hland, Burnsall. 

1684 Nov. 3. Francis Oldfield, this i^' Katharin Scotl. Burnsall. 
1689 Apr 1. Robert Blackburn, l;)urti3all A; Eli/.abe'h Clarke, 

1689 Aug. 3. Thomas xMausson \- Allis Demair.d, Burnsall. 
1694 June 11. John Overton, luunsall .^ Mary Chippindale, this. 
1696 Mav 30. Randolph Inman, l')urnsall vt Ellen Sympson, this. 
1705 St-p'. IS. James .Malliam. r.urnsall i<; Isabell Johnson, this. 
1707 May 12. .b)-,epb Shaekleton, Giggleswiek Oc Margaret r.urton, 

Jiilslon. Lie. 
1707 Feb. 14. John Inman, Burnsall i'^ Sarah Holmes, Bingley. 








17 ii 































James Hartley, Burnsall it Grace liishop, fcliis. 
ThoinaB Jvnnwles it Margaret Dixon, Bordlev. Lie. 
Thomas Serjeantson, Burnsall it Anne OldfeiUl, this. 
Thomas Knowles, Burnsall & Anne Dobson, thi-;. 
Henry Constantine, Coniston it Annie Padgett, 

this. Jjic. 
Aug. 30. Eichd. Ibbotson, Rilston it Alary Mason, this. 

Matthew Jenkinson, Burnsall it Rebecca Green, 

Piicliard Scott. Burnsall it Alice Mason, this. Lie. 
Henry Iveson. Burnsall & Mary Holmes, this. 
Jonath. Constantine, Burnsall it Margt. Sidgwiek. 

Horton in Ribblesdale. l^ic. 
Luke Kayley, Burnsall & Mary Child, this. 
Nov. 26. Wm. Calvert, Carleton it Pollen Nussey, Burnsall. 

1731 Mar. 23. Joseph Waddilove, Burnsall A Isab. Chippingdale, 


1733 Oct. 13. Wra. Holmes, Hampsthwaite it Mary Nussey, 

Burnsall. Lie. 

1734 Nov. 6. Wm. Jenkenson, Burnsall it Agnes Gibson, Easrbv. 
1739 Nov. 13. Wm. Ridley (V), Linton it Elizab. HebJeii, 

Burnsall. Lie. 

1744 May 24. William Whittakcr, Burnsall & Mary Smith, this. 

1751 Nov. 12. Joseph Jermings, Burnsall tt Mary Bailey, this. 

1752 May 26. Jas. Whitaker, Burnsall it Frances Walsh, this. 
1758 June 27. Lawrence Curtice, Burnsall it Mary Whitaker, this. 
1768 Dec. 28. Thomas Bcecroft, Burnsall it Alary Croft, this. 
1774 May 22. Joseph Heartley, Burnsall it Mary Hall, this. 
1776 ¥eh. 19. Thos. Tattersal, Burnsall it Jane Spencer, this. 
1778 Dl-c. 21. Thos. Cockshott, Burnsall it Eliz. Bradlev, this. 


1780 Apr. 11. William Hebdeii, Burnsall it (irace Elseworth, this. 

1785 Nov. 4. Joseph Walsh, Ihuiisall it Susanna Gibson, this. 

1787 Sep. 18. Thomas Bumhy, liurnsall it Ann Bell, this. 

17''^S Mar. 21. Thomas lieeming, Burnsall it Jane Tennant, this. 

1793 Sep. 25. Wm. Hardcastk;, Burnsall it Grace Hartley, this. 

1794 Dec. 23. James Sununei'.sgill, ]^>urnsall it Elizabetli Bell. 


1797 Jan. 14. John Hitching, Burnsall it .\nn Lister, this. 

1798 Apr. 23. Thomas iiirhmond, I'.urnsalt \ Marv Kendal, this. 
1801 Sep. 22. William Whitaker, Burnsall it Elizabeth Wilson, 

1S03 Sep. 13. John l)o<les>ii, I'.urnsall it Susannah Welloek, this. 
1804 .\pr. 5. Iv'oiuud Sid-w ick, Inn'usall it l)orothy Huggison, 

1806 Nov. 3. John Tomlin.-^{)n, it .Mice Petty, Burnsall. 
1808 Dec. 13. Richard I'rockter, Burnsall it Alice I'ickering, this. 


1709 Apr. 11. Ml. Mattliew Foster li: Jane Pickard, Appletreewiek. 

1711 Nov. 3. William Bland, Burtisall A Ann Holms, this. 

1715 Sep. 12. Wm. Chippindale, this i.^' Marf^t. Dickinson, Burn- 

1719 Mar. 30. George Thompson, Barnsall & Ann Padget, this. 

1719 Apr. IG. Thomas Brogden, J^uinsall I'i; Isabel Briggs, this. 

1723 Jan. fj. John Kay & Jane Benson, both Burnsall. 

172-4 Apr. 9. Thomas Inman tt liridget Westwood, Cracoe. 

17G5 Mar. 13. Samuel Knowlcs, Burnsall it Margt. Demain, this. 

17G6 Jan. 7. Thomas Swire, Burnsall & Judith Holmes, this. 

1771 INlar. 12. William Colyer, Burnsall & Issabel Roberts, this. 

1774 Jan. 2. David Myers, Burnsall i<; Margaret Whiltaker, this. 

1777 May 4. Thomas Robinson, Burnsall A; J'jlizabeth Thompson, 

1780 Jan. 31. William Frankland, Burnsall i Ellen Chippendale, 


1781 Sep. 17. Jonathan Hayne, Burnsall i*L Ann West, this. 

1784 Dec. 21. Thos. Hardy," l^urnsall .t Ann Bland, this. 

1785 Dec. 13. Chris. Summersgill, Burnsall X- Jane Ward, this. 

1786 July 24. William Harper, Burnsall t"y; Agnes Blackburn, this. 

1790 Feb. 28. Thomas Watson, Burnsall it Margaret Coates, this. 

1791 June 20. Thomas Read, Appletreewick it Ann Wliitaker, 

1797 May 11. George Atkinson, this it Mary Tomlin, Burnsall. 

1799 July 1. John Young, Burnsall & Mary Smith, this. Lie. 
1804 Dec. 31. Jonathan Birch, Burnsall it Jane Demaine, Dribley. 

1809 Apr. 17. John Bell, Burnsall it Ellen Tiplady. ihis. 
1811 Oct. 31. George Tatbam, Burnsall it Ann Thompson, this. 


1637 June 23. Henry Ijayland, Coniston it Marie Atkinson, 

1G37 Nov. 2. George Hewitt, Linton it Agnes Benson, Hetton. 
1G53 Fttb. 27. Thomas Liglitfoote, Linton it Susan Gryme, Cracoe. 
1G54 June 19. John Layland. Hartlington it Margrett Laylaud, 

1G54 Nov. 14. liichd. Constantino, Coniston it Jane Stockdalo, 
Jolui lbb(.>tson, liinton it Susan Il^botsoti, l^urnsall. 

Harrison, this it Mary Burnsall. 

Nicolas Tennant, this it Alice Joy, l^urnsall. 
James Bland it Ann Ranson, both Burnsall. 
Willm. W'allocke, Linton it Judith Whavfe, Bordlev- 


1 )ec. 















1670 Aug. 7. Richard Dickenson & Elizabeth Trocter, both 

Kilslon. Lie. 

1671 Oct. 22. James Wilson, Giggleswick il- fjlizabeth Sigeswike, 

1G72 Jan. 2. Eobt. Manknowles, Colne t^ Mary Ilowson, Cracoe. 
167o Nov. 2S. Thomas Gill, Nussey House \- Grace Sim, Thorpe. 

1676 June 27. Tliomas Clarke, Eilston t't Alice Tennant, Litton. 

1677 June 17. Iiichard Wigglesworth Sc Anne Layland, both 

1677 Sep. 30. Henry Warde ct Catherine Ellis, both Hetton. 
1679 June 26. Eobevi Foster, Stainforth, il- Anne Stackhouse, 

1679 Sep. 23. Henry Layland, Coniston & Jane Mangham. 
1679 Nov. 13. Jonatlian Costentine & Frances Layland, both 

1681 Nov. 30. Mr. Francis Gleadstone, Mr. of Arts and Minister 

of Bradford and Idle & Mrs. Elizabeth Tenant 

dau. of Mr. James Tenatit, parson of Burnsall. 
1697 Jan. 20. Tliomas Younge, Applctreewick il' Mary Ratclit'fe, 

Grass ington. 
1699 Oct. 2. John Tennant, Coniston .v Isabell Buxton, Hubber- 

1708 May 10. John Kay, Burnsall & Anne Robinson, this. 
1715 Jan. 19. Nicolas Wigon, Burnsall & Mary Mangham, this. 

1719 May 7. Marmaduke Drake, Burnsall i^" Anne Sympson. 

1720 Sep. 13. Wm. Shelding, Burnsall tl' Hannah Harrison, this. 

1721 Sep. 14. Robert Svm, Burnsall .^ Anne Marshall, this. 

1722 Aug. 28. Thomas Gray, Burtisall .t Alice Urand (•.'). 

1723 Oct. 1. Robert Ellis," Burnsall it Margaret Bickersgill, this. 

1724 May 5. Samuel Hardcastle, Burnsall ct Ellen Sheepshanks, 

1724 May 12. Peter Murvel, Burnsall Sc Jane Rathmell. this. 
1724 June 15. Jacob Hall, Marton I't Elizabeth Smith, Burnsall. 

1726 Feb. 7. Thomas ]5ell, Burnsall it Elizabeth Hargrave, this. 

1727 Nov. 14. Anthony Medcalfe, Burnsall it Elizabeth Black- 

burn, this. 
1727 Dec. 26. Robert Anderson, Burnsall it Mary Tomlinson, this. 
1727 Dec. 27. l-ldward Rodgers, Burnsall <t INLary Robinson, this. 

1730 Apr. 21. Jonathan Hayge, Burnsall it Mary Birch, this. 

1731 Apr. 9. Jonathan Constantine, Burnsall it Ann Younge, 


1731 Jan. 31. Marmaduke Wraythall, l^urnsall it Jano Jackson, 


1732 May 7. Richard Rol)in=on, F)urn9aU it ^lary Veritie, this. 

1733 Mar. 28. William Hebden, Burnsall it Cirace Fletcher, this. 
1733 Nov. 6. Thos. Wigglesworth. Burnsall it Rebecca Clark, 

1731 June 25. John Scelton, Burnsall, it l^lizaboth Garrs, this. 














1734 Aug. 30. Thos. Ilcbdon & Isalile Constantino, both Burnsall. 
Kobeit- Ibbotson, Burnsall it Isable Fletcher, this. 
Stephen Parkison Burnsall & Mary Deane, this. 
Henry Leyland, Burnsall iV Mary Innian, this. 
Thomas Fletclaer, Burnsall A' Elizabeth Ibbotson, 
1738 Oct. 31. William Wraythall Burnsall .V Elizabeth Dcmaiue, 

1743 Apr. 28. Thos. Kidd, this .t Mary Bootli, Burnsall. 
1743 Aug. 29. William Neyler, Burnsall tt Anne Petty, this. 
174G Apr. 7. James Middlebrough, Burnsall it Marv Wilson, this. 
174G I'eb. 10. Henry Fletcher, Burnsall & Mary Paley, this. 

1747 June 30. Pilchard Gray, Burnsall & Pachel Clarck, this. 

1748 Oct. 2. l^llias Winser, Piurnsall it Eliner Uiie, this. 

1750 Apr. 24. Joseph Sheldon, Burnsall it Eliner Dean, this. 

1751 July 28. Eobt. Tatterson, Burnsall it Margt. Nutter, this. 
1753 Feb. 25. David Parkinson, Burnsall it Anne Wellock, this. 
1755 June 5. Hob. Bitch, Burnsall it .\nn Brown, this. 

1755 June 19. John Summersgill, Burnsall it FA'iz. Ibbotson, this. 

1755 Nov. 25. Thomas Jove, this & Ann Smith, Burnsall. 

175t) Nov. 30. Kolfort Pettyt, Burnsall it Agness Gladdin, this. 

1757 Jan. 25. Richard Knowles, Burnsall it T^llen Windsor. 

1760 Jan. 23. Isaac Leech, Burnsall it l^liz. Stackhouso, this. 

17G2 Jan. 11. Pvobert Wilkinson, Burnsall it Ann Clark, this. 

17G2 Nov. 9. Piichard Blakey, Burnsall it Ann Airey, this. 

1764 Jan. 5. William Blackburn, Burnsall it Margaret Paley, 


1765 Apr. 22. Henry Herd, Buinsall it Margaret Mitchell, this. 
17G6 May 6. Mainiaduke Wharf, Burnsall it Susana Haworth. 

1766 June 10. Robert Paley, Thorp, it Mary Blakey, this. 
17G7 Mar. 2G. Richard Waller, Burnsall it Ellianer Brown, this. 
17GB Mav 10. Richard Airton, iku-nsall it Margaret Dean, this. 

1768 July 25. William Birtch, Hebden & Elizabeth Gill. Burnsall. 

1769 Jan. 9. Peter Butson, this it l-jlizabeth Wear, Burnsall. 

1770 Mar. 9. Jonathan Veritie & Dinah Malham, both Apple- 

trecwick. Lie. 

1771 Apr. 20. William Buck, this it Margaret Smith, Jkirnsall. 


1772 Feb. 3. William W^ldsworth, l^urnsall it Jane Jov, Thorp. 

1772 Apr. 27. Thos. Paley. Thresticld it Sarah Gill,' Burnsall 

(entry erasedj. 

1773 Feb. 7. William Ii)l)otson, 13urn.sall it Jane Smith, thjs. 
1773 July 19. ThomaR Jiireli, Burnsall it Ann Birch. Hebden. 

1773 Aug. 5. Richard Constantine, this it Margaret Wharfs, 

Burnsall. Lie. 

1774 Nov. 21. Wm. Rothwell, Burnsall it Mary Rathmell, 


















William Hebden i(: Ann Hudson, both Burnsall. 
James Constantino, Burnsall ('e Elizabeth Hudspith, 

William Pickord il- Isabel Karper, Appletreewick. 
Wni. Smith, Kilnsey i^' Mary Cluff, this. 
Anson Green, Kilnsey it Mary Dixon, Threshfield. 

From 1777 to 1812 no names of places are given. 


1690 May 22. Mr. Francis ]>ryers, Ilalton Gill l\: Agnes Lambert, 

1695 Sep. 15. George Fawcet, Kettlewell et Alice Wigglesworth, 

1698 Nov. 28. Michael Parker, Eilston .t Mary Preston, Litton. 
1719 June 15. Jonathan Shackleton, Eilston a- Margaret Mason, 

1733 Feb. 2. William Wilson, Burnsall .1- Mary Brook, this. 

1700 Dec. S. John Duckett, Burnsall 't Agnes Procter, tbis. 

1777 Mar. IS. David Metcalfe, Burnsall e^ Margaret Fletcher, this. 

1778 Mar. 10. John Wild, I'urnsall c^: Isabel Preston, this. Lie. 

1785 June 21. Laurence Ilolyday, Burnsall iV; Dorothy Hammond, 

this. Lie. 

1786 June 3. Emanuel Tomlinson, Buinsall cl- Ellin Wilkinson 

Hawkswick. Lie. 
1792 Dec. 11. William Stirk, Burnsall it ]iLargaret Taylor, this. 
1796 Mar. 26. John Whitaker. Burnsall & Mary Tennant, this. 
1800 Sep. 13. Henry Whitaker, Conistoti & Bella Tennant, 

Hawkswick. Lie. 
1812 Dec. 26. Joseph Horner, Burnsall I't Ann Aiiton, this. Lie. 


1723 Nov. 7. John Joy, Burnsall I'c Mary Knowles, Arnclitle. 
1781 Mar. 30. Stephen Parkinson, Burnsall iV Agnes Nickolson, 

Arncliffe. Lie. 
1743 Mar. 6. Stephen Sharp, Burnsall il- Agnas Hebden. lac. 


1683 Dec. 24. Christopher I'land, Burnsall il- Jane. 

1701 Dec. 21. Thos, Parkinson, Hetton .t- Eli/.abeth. 
1706 Oct. 1. Stcph. Kitching, liurnsall i\; Sarah. 

1741 Apr. 7. John Smith, this it- Ann Hill, Ihirnsall. Lie. 
1751 Dec. 9. Joseph Shakleton, Burnsall it Martha Braidley, 
Kirkby Malham. Lie. 


17G0 Jan. 23. Matthew Tetinant, Ikunsall it Margaret rarkinsoii, 

this. Lie. 
1765 Nov. 14. Silvester Procter, Hetton i"v: Grace Mason, this. 

Lie. ' 
1773 Nov. 2. William Dugaill, Cracoe c^t Elizabeth Throop, 

Winterburn. Lie. 
1780 Feb. 3. Anth. liepper, Hetton I'v: Sarah Parkinson, Flashy. 

1787 Jan. 23. Steph. Sharp, Burnsall & Isabell Tattersall, this. 

1789 Jan. 28. Thos. Haigreaves, Buinsall & ^largt. Hammond, 

this. Lie. 
1802 John Airton, Burnsall & FjHz. Preston, this. Lie. 


1701 Oct. 21. Steph. Mawsley, Burnsall c^ Jane Haxby, this. 
1790 May 24. George Gill, Burnsall .t- Sarah Lax, this. 

OTLEY KEGISTER, 1562—1672. 
1654 Dec. 21. Richard Bocroft, Burnsall & Issahell Wood, this. 


1711 Oct. 27. Mr. Thomas Priston, Appletreewick &: Sarah New- 
house, Leeds. 


1714 Oct. 23. William Wreathall, husbandman it Mary Brown, 

1742 Apr. 19. William Whitehead, this it Ann Titherington, 

Burnsall. Banns. 
1767 Jan. 1. William Foster, Rilston & Margaret Hodgson, this. 

1790 Jan. 6. Thomas Kitching, Threapland ct Mary Calvert, this. 

In 1691, I^Iay 3, a marriage was solemnized by " Mr. Parr, Curate of 
Burnsall, who supplied the place of Mr. Wildeman after his 
death May 30th, 1691." 



[British Museum, Add. MSS. liOCGT-S.] 
Published bv thk Yorkshike Auch.t:ological Society. 

1591. James Raynes, Kilnsoy & I'.lizabetii Taylor, Coniston — at 

159-2. Henry Younge, IjurnsalK*^ Ami , Giggleswick— at 

1595. Robert Fowler .^ Margaret Broekden, Eshton— Gargrave or 


1597. Eawrenee Richardson i.^- Elizabeth Deunison, Burnsall — at 


1598. John Foster, Rathmell Giggleswick & Ann Young, Burnsall 

^vido^v — at Burnsall.^ 
IGOO. Edward Richardson .^ Alice Ibhotson, Thorpe Burnsall— at 

1602. John Clark Sc Janet Bland, Burnsall wid. — at Burnsall.' 
1G02. GeoflVey Thompson, Burnsall S: Margaret Hardcastle, wid. 

Linton — at either.'' 

1606. John Settle, Coniston .t Margaret Frere, Kirkby Malzeard — 

at Coniston or Burnsall.' 

1607. Lancelot Taylor (or Lawrence), Carlton A: Isabel Squire, 

Burnsall — at either.* 
1607. Thomas Kitching, Cracoo Rilston cl' Ann Sponce, Kettlewell 
— at either.' 

1607. Richard Kidd, Leeds & l\[al)el Banks, Burnsall— at either."' 

1608. Simon Bolland, Kettlewell & Margaret Slinger, Coniston — 

at either. 
1008. Richard Thompson, Burnsall et Margaret Thompson, Kirkby 
^Lllham, wid. — at Kirkby Mai ham. 

1608. \Yilliam King, Burnsall .^- Margaret HuUey, Kettlewell— at 


1609. Matthew \Yoohuer, & Isabel Squire, Burnsall -at IkirnsaU.'' 

1609. Alexander Qlarke, Burnsall S: ]\[argaret Clarke, .\ddingham — 

at Addingham. 

1610. John Hirst .1 Elizabeth MurclitYe, Rilston — at Kildwick or 


1611. John I'^llis, Burnsall i*v: Jane Maskew, Gargrave — at Gargrave. 

1612. William Mammond (Mawmond?), Burnsall & Alice 

Ilannnond, All Saints I'avement, York — at All Saints. 
1612. Robert \Valkcr, Giggleswick i<: Mary Anderton, Burnsall — at 

(1) At C.ars^rave 8thSi'pt.. 1.VJ5. (-'l At P-urnsall LaDT. (3) Thomas 
Fi)-.ti.r and Aim V,"aii<,' in;ir. :it Buriis;ill l."i',is. (I) .\t Rurr.saU l«th Jiuio. 
U'.iKJ. {•)) At P.uriisall :fra Ort., llKj-i. (tl) Thoro is aii entry :it Burnsall of 
whicli only till! word •• Jfrmiy " remains. (7) .\t Biirnt^ixll 1st r>oc., lOnf.. 

(8) r.auriMioe Ta\lur was the tust master of the I'.iirnsall Grammar School. 

(9) At iliUtnn Sird June. It;o7. (Hi) At Leeds Kiih Julv, 1C>.)7. (11) At 
Hurusall I'Jth Jan., 1G08-9. (12) At Ril.ston ISth Feb., lUOU-lU. 


1612. Williaiii rulleyne, Fewston & Alice Graver, Burnsall — at 

1G13. John Preston, Kirkby Malhani & Elizabeth Wilkinson, 

Burnsall — at liurnsall. 
1G13. Matthew Wooluier, ]')urnsaU & Christobella Metcalfe, 

Thornton-in-Craven — -at Thornton. 
1G18. Kichard Whitfiekl, Kilston par. of Burnsall & Janet Sug.len, 

Keighley — at Kilston. 
1G14. William Breakes, Fewston & Alice Spurritt, Burnsall — at 

1G14. ^lichael Kidd, Burnsall i^- Jane Grange, liipon — at Eipon. 
IGlu. lluuipbry Hughes & Magdalen Eogers, Kilston — at 

Kilston. - 
1G15. Leonard Browne, Thornton it Isabel Winterburne, Burnsall, 

%Yid. — at either. 
1G15. Thonias l-eylaud, Ijinton it Elizabeth Batty, Burnsall — at 

IGIG. Kobert Fload & Martha Overs, r.urnsall — at Burnsall.* 
IGIG. Richard Frankland, Kilston iV Ann Carr, Clapham — at 

IGIG. John Weslwood iV Ann Wittendale, Kilston — at Kilston or 

IGIG. Nicholas Dunwell it Agnes Tennant, Kilston — at Kilston or 


1616. Henry Holme, Burnsall it 13orothy Ideson, Bolton Canons — 

at either. 

1617. Thomas Johnson it Susan (iregson, Burnsall — at Burnsall.- 
1617. Kobert Se)')eantson, Kirkby Malham it Joan Wharfe, 

Burnsall — at either. 
1618 July 3. Wm. Nunweeke, Brace well it Margaret Porter, 

Burnsall — at either. 
1618 July 4. Robert W'allocke, Burnsall it Agnes Wallocke, 

Kirkby iNIalham — at either.* 
1618 Oct. 15. Simon Wilkinson, Burnsall it Margery Proctor, 

Coniston — at either.'" 
1618 Nov. 20. Stephen Peart, Linton it Isabella 13ond, Burnsall 

wido\v — at either." 
1618 Dec. IS. Thomas Nussey, Burnsall it Mary Pennocke, 

Skipton — at Ski})lon.'- 
1618 Dee. PJ. William Stainet'orlh, Pateley P.ridge it Elizabeth 

Ininau, J^iunsall --at either. 

(1) .\t r.u!iis;ill Nov, lt",12. (2) .\t liiUton ISth \u^., 1G15 ; 
iiaiiii' "f \\. Ill ui I'luti; is •• l-liu)ii." (,i) .\l IJunisall Till l-'d)., ll)15-»>. (4) 
At I'liltloii 27th Juno. \C,\0. (5) .\t Kilston 2(ith July, 101(5. {(i) At Kilston 
2n<l Au.;.. IClf.. (7) At Kilston :<nl Aii','ust. KUC. (8) At Burnsall /ith May, 
ll'.17. (9) At Kurns:ill lih Julv. liil,^. (ID) At C'cniistou 8th Dec, 1">18. 
(11) At F.urn<;;vn P.'C. KUS. (12) At Skiptun 22::d iK-c, 1018— In the 
royistLT tht? iiaino is •' I'l-acocko." 


1618 Fel). G. Secjuestratioii of the fruits of a uiediety of tlie 

rectory of Buriisall, gnitited to Willi:uii Ihogdeii, 
Clk. rectoi- of the other mediety and Tliomas 
Topbaiii sen. to the use of the future Incuudjent. 

1619 Apr. 15. Christopher Wilkinson, Ijurnsall »& Isabella Tenant, 

Kirkljy ]\Ialhani — at either. 

1619 May 5. To William Ileles B.A. to teacli within the parish 
of Burnsall-in-Craveu in the Free School there. 

1619 May 25. John Faveil, Burnsall S: Anne Dawson, Carleton — 
at cither. 

1619 June 5. Leonard Gregson, Bradford Sc Anne Ellis, Burnsall 
— at Bradford. 

1619 June 29. Edmund Carr, Giggleswick ct Janet Lambert, Burn- 
sall — at Giggleswiek. 

1619 Sep. 3. Caveat against probate of will or grant of 
administration of the goods of Wm. Brogden, 
Cik. late rector of a mediety of Burnsall Church 
— on behalf of William Bi'ogden of Bracewell 
nephew (nepos) of the deceased. 

1619 Sep. 6. Commission to Wm. Webster Clk. dean of Craven 
to prove the will of Wm. Brogden Clk late 
rector of Burnsall deceased. 

1619 Feb. 7. Thomas Topham Clk. M.A. rector of a mediety of 
Linton it Martha Iloyle, Gisburne-"at either,^ 

1623. WMllim Tennant, Kirkby Malham I't Isabel Hartley, Burnsall 

— at either. 
1621. Tliomas Craven & Margaret CravtMi, Burnsall — at Burnsall." 
162'1. Richard Bearne, Burnsall i*v: Alice Afarton, Pdlston — at 


1624. Anthony Winterburn, t^ Mary Lambert, Burnsall — at 


1625. George Faveil i^- Ann Bland, Burnsall— at Burnsall.* 

1626. Henry Young. Hebden &. Elizabeth Cark-ton, Burnsall— at 

Linton or ]-5urnsall. 

1626. William Heeles, Burnsall & Isabel Faveil, Linton — at either. 

1627. Anthony Croft .*L Mary Chambers, Burnsall — there. 

1627. Thomas Man, ]>urnsall i^ Ann Cawdry, widow SKipton — at 

1627. Richard Hardcastle e't Elizabeth Lund, Burnsall — there.* 

1628. Christopht*r Procter, Gargrave ilt Dorothy Young, widow 

Burnsall — at either. '^ 

1630. William Taylor, l'>urnsall i^- Rachel Fraid<land, Skipton — at 

1632. Thomas Bayne, Kirkljy Malzeard i^ Doiothy Hebden, Burn- 
sall — at cither. 

1632. Jonah Bland I't Isabel Pearson, Burnsall — there. 

(1) Mr. Tophum was al.-;o Rootor of rUirnsiill. ('!') At Hunisall "i.'ith 
May, lf.>4. (3) .At Hil-^ton I'ith Sept.. 1624. (li At Burnsall lilst Dec, 
lC2^j. (5) At Skipton -J-Jiid Doc , 16-21. (•',) At Linton L'Stli Due, 1G:.'7. 
(7) At Burnsall 4tb Sep., 1028. 


1G33. Joliii Ixittie, Collision I'i; Isabel Lodge, Articlifie — there. 
1G33. Thotuas Eeyncrd, yeoman &, Ann ]Mackburne, spinster, 
Burnsall — there' 

1633. Francis Todd, Arnclit'fe I'i; Ellen Warde, Burnsall — at either. 
1G33. Kichard Tetinant, Inirnsall i^ Mary Dawson, St. Sampson — 

at either. 
1G34. William Tennant, au'iiculturei' Ikirnsall &, Catherine Writh, 

spinster Giggleswick — at either. 
1G31. John Atkinson, linen webster Kildwick & Ana Cowper, 

spinster, Burnsall — at either. 

1634. John Waltei', yeoman Burnsall & Eliza Hewitt spin. Linton 

at either.- 

1635. Clii'isiopher Harrison, labourer Pateley Bridge <k Mary 

Younge, spinster, Burnsall — at either. 
1635. \Yilliam 131aekburne, yeoman, Burnsall i*i: Joan Topham, 

spinster Skipton — at either." 
1635. Thomas Wilkinson, agi-iculturer Burnsall & Ann Slinger, 

Arnclit'fe- — at eitlier.'' 
1635. John Hughes, gen. I'Jurnsall ^^ Mary Piadcliffe, spinster, 

Linton Crav. — at Rilston. 

1635. Thomas Londesdale, yeoman, Burnsall iV Elizabeth B)radbury, 

spinster. Arnclit'fe — at either. 
163G. Thomas Hunter, agriculturer Burnsall iV Elizabeth Wether- 
head, spinster, Skipton — at either.-^ 

1636. Christopher Ibbotson, yeoman & Ann Hewson, spinster 

Rilston — there. 
1636. Thomas Barker, yeoman Skip)ton i\; Jane Topham, spinster 

Burnsall — theie.'' 
1636. Chi'istopher Beekwitli, yeoman Masham il' Isabel Topham, 

spinster, Burnsall — there.' 

1636. Cuthbert Waide gen., Couiston tt Agnes Bracken, spin. Arn- 

clifl'e — there. 

1637. Thomas Morehouse, Skipton l^- Ann Taylor, Rilston — at 

1637. Richard Tenant, clerk, Burnsall c'c Isabel Walker, Rilston 

widow — the re. ^ 
1637. John Boulton, wheelwright, Burnsall I't ^hirgaret Calvert, 

s[)inster Ketllewell — there. "^ 
1637. John Ayreton, agriculturer Burnsall ^*v: Grace .Ayreton, widow 

Gisburn — at B>urnsall. p' Thomas Ayreton brother gaiil 

1637. Robert Johnson, agriculturer Burnsall \ Jane Frankland, 

spinster 21 Skipton — there.'" 

(1) At P.i.inisRll 'JJml .Julv. UV.\.]. (2) At Hunisali 4lh Feb.. 1034-5. 
(.3) At, Skii.r.Mi 1st An-^ , \t>:\r). (I) .At r.uriisall i;Uh Nov., IGIJS- She 
A^'iirs. (.■)! At, I'.uriisall 11th Jiilv, lf,:3t3 (Ci) At P.urn.-iiill 2-Jiid Doc, ICSG. 

(7) At Burnsall 7th Di-c , KViC. (S) At liil-toii l:Uh June, 1(;37- Mr. 

Tcnuaiit was Jloctor of Hurnsi\ll. ('.)] at Uil.-^ton Hth Sep., 1637 — man 
culled Biltou. (10) At Skiptou li-^'uJ Jan., 1G37-S. 


1637. James ]\eytier yeoni., Bunisall i<; Jane Brigs, spin. Kitkby 

Malhani — at Burnsall. 

1G3S. John Smitlison, a^ricultui'cr Kettlowell Sc Ellen Layland, 
widow Bmiisail — tliere. 

1()38. William Deane, yeoman t't Al)igail Cocke, spinster, 30, Burn- 
sall — there. 

1638. Cliristopher Horner, labourer 30, l^urnsall I't Grace Knowles 

spin. 22, Arncliffe — there- 

1638. Anthony J-51and, agriculturer ]i>urnsall I'v: Grace BollanJ 

spinster 28 Kettlewell - there 

1639. William Winterburn, yeoman 30 ct Jane Hargrave, spinster 

23 Burn sail — there. 
1639. Williatn Tenant, yeom. Burnsall i^ Susan Waddington, spin. 

Kirk by Malbam — there. 
1639. Richard Jackman, agriculturer 24, Skipton & Jane Younge, 

spinster 13 (so) liurnsall — at Skipton.' 
1639. William Stackhowse, agriculturer 2' Giggle.swick & Margaret 

(so) Tojihan, spinster 17 Burnsall — at Giggleswick. p' 

Henry Topham agriculturer father said Elixabeth (so). 
1639. George Slinger, drover Arncliffe it Catherine Tliompson, 

spin. 18 (?16) Burnsall — at Arncliffe. 
1639. Peter Alcocke, yeoman 23 Skipton cV Ann Favell, spinster 

19 Burnsall — at Skipton. p' Thomas Alcocke brother 

of said Peter." 
1639. Richard I5arrowe, yeoman 26 it Ann Preston, spinster 23 

Burnsall — there. 
1639. John Bayne, cordwainer 26 liinton & Ann Sym, spinster 23 

Burnsall — at Linton.^ 
1639. William Thompson, agriculturer 38 Rilston Sc Mary Briggs, 

spin. 30 Skipton — there.* 
1639. William Tempest, agriculturer 22 I^inton I'v; Margaret Ayreton 

spinster 21 Jiurnsall — there. p' James Tempest 

agriculturer Thresh field.' 

1611. Richard Elsworth, agriculturer t^- Margaret Cockson, spinster 

23 Burnsall — there. "^ 

1612. Chiistopher liaucaster, clerk Rec. Bolton Craven I't Mary 

Topham spinster, Linton- at either." 

1660. Francis Stiringe, gen., late Bessingby, now Rilston, A 

France* Hughes, spinster 21, Jiurnsall — at either.* 

1661. William Topham, yeoiuan, Linton, it Alice Craven, spinster, 

Burnsall — at either. 
1661. Henry Sutliffe, clothier, 30, Sowerby, Halifax, it Grace 
Greenwood, spinster, 23 Burnsall — thert. 

(1) At 2ih1 July, lGt2. (2) At Skipton lltli Nov.. 1G30. 
(.3) At Linton ]Ot!i I'Vl)., l(;:V.l-4i). (I) At Skipton ITHiFol)., 1C:?!)-10. (If.) At 
Rilston 14tli Kl'I) , lOtl--^. (7) At Linfon IJtli Junt. ItVlJ. — She was the 
daughter ;i[ Mr. Tophuni, Kfctor of Hnnisail and Ijinton Mr. Lancastor 
succcedod to tin" nunli.'tv of JJnrn.sall on the death of liis f.ither-indaw in 
1C51, (7) At Biun.s.iil Icith Fob., lOM. \6) At liilston •21lh Nov., lOGO. 


1662. John Inniaii, yeoman, Burnsall & riiillicia Sliarpc, spinster, 

22, I'ateley Jjiid^'e — -either. 
1662. Miles Lonsdale, yeoman, ii, Church, co. Lane. & Elizabeth 

Mitchell, widow, 52, Burnsall— there. 
1662. George Gierke, yeoman, i<; Isabel Ilohnes, spinster, Burnsall 

— there.' 
1662, Robert Simpson, yeoman, Burnsall il- Mary Taylor, widow, 

Linton — either place." 

1662. Henry Currer, gen. 40, Sc Jane Garforth, tvidow 40 Garforth 

— at Burnsall. 

1663. Matthew Knowles, mercer Conistotu't ^lary Hartley, spinster 

28, Kirkby Malham — either. 
1663. Jo. Coates, yeoman, 19 Kildwick i\: pjlizal)eth Tennant, 

spinster 20 Conistone — there. 
1663. Christopher Lambert, yeoman 27 I't Elizabeth Franckland 

spinster 27 Burnsall — there^ 

1663. Eichard Mason, yeoman 25 Burnsall it Elizabeth ])aw5on, 

spinster 24 Linton — either. 

1664. William Stow, veoman 24 Gargrave Sc Margaret Howson, 

spinster 23 Burnsall — at Gargrave.* 
1604. Thomas Smith, yeoman 20 Skipton Sc Ann Procktei', spinster 

20 Burnsall — either. 
1664. Thomas Becket, yeoman 40 Linton it Elizabeth Gill, spinster 

22 Burnsall — either. 
1664. Edward Simpson, yeoman 21 Skipton it Margaret Stackers, 

spinster 22 Burnsall — there. 
1664. John Little, yeoman 24 Kilnsey it Marv Tcnnison, spinster 

22 Keyingham — there. 

1664. Thomas FJlis, agriculturer 25 it Eliza Alcocke, spinster 22 

Burnsall — there. 

1665. Thomas Kipley (?Ripley), agriculturer 45 Burnsey it Grace 

Moore, widow 40 Gargrave — there. 
1665. Robert Kinge, yeoman 48 Burnsall it Martha Ackroid, widow 

30 Linton — at Burnsall or Skipton.^ 
1665. Thomas Hird, yeoman 38 it Frances Windle, 32 Kirkby 

Malhatn- — at Arncliffe or Coniston. 
1665. Thomas Atkinson, tanner 35 Skipton it Elizabeth Beckett, 

widow 22 Burnsall — either. 

1665. Christopher Ibbotson, yeoman 24 it Mary \Vatkinson, spinster 

20 Burnsall — at Spurriergate. 
1655. William Alcocke, yeoman Ski[)ton it Ann Filsworth, spinster 
Burnsall — at Skipton or St. Michael, York. 

1666. Thomas Watson, yeoman 40 Kirkby Malzeai'd it Jane Smith, 

spinster 40 J3urnsall — there. 

(1) .At Burnsall Oct.. ICCi. (2) At Skipton 3rd Jan.. lG(V2-.3— 
Robert SiiTip'.on, Linton it Marv T;ivlcr, Km-<nv. (.1) .\t Hui!i>:ill 1st Sept., 
1G63. (4) .At Gar{,'rave 15th May, IGGl. (6) At BuriLsail 3rd April, 1665. 


16GG. John Baldwin, yeoman 28 Marton i- Ann Coilas, spinster 23 

Gisburn — there or at Biirnsall. 
16G7. Richard Wilhainson, yeoman 22 it Hanna Norton, spinster 

25 Burnsull -there.' 

16G8. Thomas IIodi,'son, yeom. 30 Skipton il- Catlierine ]'Y'rrand, 

spin., 22 l^urnsall — at either.- 
1G70. Lawrence Lawson, yeoman 25 Gijfgleswick & Agnes Foster, 

spinster 24 Settle — at Giggleswick or Burnsall. 
1G70. Robert Simm, agriculturer 2G & J3iana Blackburne, spinster 

26 l'>uriisall— there. 

1670. John .Mcoeke. agriculturer 21 & Dorothy Topham, spinster 

40 Bui iisall- -there. 
1670. William Saxton. yeoman 30 York il- Rebecca Ellis, spinster 

20 Burnsall— there.-^ 
1670. Thomas Keighley, yeoman 36 & Mary Ibbotson, spinster 32 

Rilston — at Skipton. 
1672. John Cookson, yeoman 27 Giggleswick it Ellen Loyland, 

spinster 23 Burnsall — there. 
1672. Thomas Spurret, yeoman 27 Burnsall & Mary Wilson, 

spinster 19 Linton — at Burnsall.* 
1672. Edmund Motley, gen. Kettlewell it Jane Dixon, spinster 22 

I^Iiddleham — at Burnsall or Kettlewell. 

1672. John Garforth, yeoman 28 Burnsall it Ann Tnnstall, spinster 

20 Gargrave — either. 
1G73. James Tenant, yeoman 22 Sc Ann Coulton, spinster 21 
Burnsall — there or at Bolton. 

1673. Christopher Dawson, gen. 23 Langcliffe it Margaret Craven, 

spinster 20 Burnsall — there or at Bolton. 
1673. James Mott, gen. 25 it Ann Farrand, widow 30 Skipton — 

there or at Rilston. 
1673. Thomas Carre, yeoman 28 Giggleswick it Catherine Ward, 

spinster 23 Burnsall — either. 

1673. William Stackhouse, agriculturer Ilertlington it Ann 

Knowell, spinster 25 Malton Gill — at Burnsall. 

1674. William Parkinson, yeomuu Gargrave it Martha Wade, 

widow 50 Burnsall — at (iargrave. 

1675. John Kitchin, yeomaii, 40 it Ann Taylor, spin. 34, l>urnsall — 

there or at Skipton.' 
1G75. John Clarke, tailor 2G it Elizabeth Scott, 27 Burnsall — there 

or Skipton. 
1675. George Stanoy, yeonnin 28, Kettlewell it Mary Muros, widow 

23 Rilston— at Kettlewell or Skipton."^ 
1677. James Stancy, gen. 21 Kettlewell it I'jii/.abeth Metcalfe, 

spinstiM- 20 Arnelit'te — at Burnsall or Kettlewell. 

(1) .At IUiriis;ill JikI June, IMl. (2) At Skipton -28111 April, IOCS. 
(3) At I'.iiriisall -Jsth S.-pi.. ICTl. (U At lUiriis:ill •j.Oih Sept.. It'-Tii. (.".) At 
Skipton 11th Sep. 1(m&, John Kitchin A .Ann Cookosnn Imtli of Kurnsall. 
(t)) At liilston ."itii Jan., KiTJ 6, (.iourj,'e Stoney .t Mary MoorlioUbO. 


1679. Robert Foster, fjeii. 21 Giggleswick i'^ Ann Stackhouse, spin. 

20 BurnsalU -there. 
1G79. John Shaekton, yeoman 22 it Alice Atkinson, spin. 21 

Marton — there or Burnsall. 
1679. Jonathan Constantino, agriculturer 23 i*c Frances Leyland, 

spin. 26 Coniston — at Linton or Burnsall.' 

1679. William Stakers, agriculturer 39 .t l^liza Foster, spin. 23 

Jlarlinton, Burnsall — at Burnsall. 

1680. Thomas Hammond, yeomati 50 tt Sarah Jxiteman, spin. 36 

Linton — at Burni>all.- 

1683. Thomas Wray, agriculturer 38, Long Preston l^I: Ann 

Prockter, spin. 20 l^urnsall— at Rilston.' 

1684. Sanmel Piayner, whitesmith 25 Thornthwaite & Alice 

Wigglesworth, spin. 24 Conniston in Kettlewell — at 

1691. Jo. Newsome, gen. 25 Snawden i*v: Margaret Settle, spin. 24 

Coniston — at Burnsall.'' 
1693. John Ibhitson, yeoman 29 il' Ann Lowson, spin. 21 Burnsall 

— there. 
1693. Richard Avis, carpenter 27 Yoik Sc Dorothy Iley, spin. 21 

]-5urnsall — there or Skipton. 
1693. Ralph Windle, ye<jman 27 Crake Burnsall & Ma)tha Lay- 
cock, spin. 21 Kikhvick — either. 
1693. John Overton, yeoman 24 Craven Keid & ]\Liry Chippendale, 

spin. 19 Skipton — there or Burnsall.^ 
1695. George Fawcett. yeoman 27 Kettlewell & Alice Wiglesworth, 

spin., 17 Coniston — at Ivettlewell, Burnsall. or Arnclitle." 
1702. Charles Benson, gen. 29 & Isabel West, spin. 22 Ilalton — at 

Ikirnsall or Bolton." 
J 702. Henry Petty, yeoman 25 & Mary Leyland, spin. 19 Burnsall 

— at Long Preston. 
1707. Arthur Garforth, t;umer 29 Gargrave & Isabella Carr, spin. 

22, Giggleswick— -there or Gargrave or Burnsall. 
1707. John Dun, gen. 21 Ilowden & Susan Tennant, spin. 19 

Ivildwick Craven— at Caleton(so) Coniston or Kettlewell. 

1709. Hungertord Blanshard, gen. 21 Acondi k Judith Wilson, 

spin. 21, Gargiave — at Burnsall, Rilston, or All Saints, 
North Street. 

1710. Henry Marshall, lud. sch' 31 k Margaret Stockdale, spin. 29 

liinton -there or iku'nsali or Kettlewell. 

1711. Samuel Swiie, gen. 31 k Ijleanor Jackman, spin. 30 Skipton 

— at Kildwick Carleton or liilston.'' 

(1) At Linton, l.'.tli Nov , li'.T'.l. ('2) \t Linton 5th Julv, ICSO— she 
F.atcon. (:!) .\!; Uil>U.n 4lh l-Vb., \i\s:\.\. (4) .\t I'.iirnpall 'Jih :i[ay, IdOL 
(5) At Skipton llili Juno, 1(;'J1. (f.| At- Ariii-lilTo l.'.ili Sep., IC'J5. " (7) At 
hurnsull 4th Juno, ITOJ. (S) At liilstoM lOth Dec, 171L 


The names of places in the Parish, which occur on ahnost every page, 
are not included in this list. 

A CO. MB 101, 

ADDIXGIIAM 15, 41. G3. 97. 
ARNCLIFFE -2. If,, 18, 32, 42, 51, 58, 

71, 75, InO, 101, lii2, 104. 
ASKIUC.G 12, 22. 
I'.ANKS 11. 

BAKDKN 21. 28, 45, 67, 1.8, 71, 90 
BAlinSKY 11. 
BOLTON li'3. 

B0LT0N-I-5Y-B0LEANI) 101, 203. 
BOKDEEY 2, 9, 12, 11, IS 91, 92 
BB.-VCEWEEL 93, 98. 99. 
I'.Ji.VDEOKD 47, 93, 'JO 
BUUXETFOLl) 15, IC, 17, 19, 48. 
CAREETON 11, 32, '.)G, 97, 99, 104. 
CHESTER 32, 47, 74. 
CHL'RCH 102. 

COEG.UrrH HOUSE 8, 10, GG, GS. 
COENE 93. 
COETHORF.' .50. 
CONISTON G, 10, IG, 41,77,01,92,93, 

95, 97, '.IS, 100, 1(12, U4. 
GRACOE 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 15, IG, IS, G9, 

77, 90, 92, 93, 9G. 
CRAVEN KEEL 9, 20, 3u, 31, 33, 35, 

3G, 104. 
DEXn.E 31. 
DIBHEES BlilDGE 1, 4, C, 7, IG, 17, 

45. GO. 
I)R.\U(;HT0X 11, 90. 
E.XSTBY 111. 
EMl'.S.VY 9i'. 91. 
EEWSTOX GO, 61, 98. 
G.Mil'ORTH 102. 
GAKGR-WE 4, 8 

(to, 97. 99, lii-j 
G.VTEUP 3, 17 

37, 41, 45, 4G, .54, Gl. 72. 

;i'>, G2, (". I, G7, 95, 
:, 103, lOi. 
1, 21, 27, 31, 35, 3G, 

GIGGLES WICK 39, 49, G7, 93, 97, 

100, 101, 103, 104. 
GISIiURN 99, 100, 103. 
GREENHO WHILE 7, 10, 13, 21, 2G, 

27, 28, oG, 40, 41, 43, 45, 4G, 47, 

40, 52, 54, 57, 58, GO, GG, 71 , 72, 73. 
GRIM WITH 1, 2, 4, 6, 15, 29, 31, 33, 

34, 35, 38, 40, 42, 48, 54, 57, GG, 

HALTON 91, 104. 
HALTON GILL 42, 95. 
HAMPSTHWAITE 34, 72,91, 9r.. 
HAWKSWICK 16, 95. 
HEBDEN 1, 3, 8, 11, 14, 17, 24, 31, 

86, 46, 5G, 58, 63, 66, 63, 69, 71, 

72, 78, 85, 8G, 89, 94, 99. 
HEDDON (Annandale) 58. 
HETTON 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, 18, 90, 92, 

93, 96. 
HOLES BECK 11. 12, 2G, 36, 65. 
IDLE 93. 

KEIGHLEY 20, 45, 98. 
KETTLEWELL 8, 16, 18, 20, 25, 35, 

51, 52, 55, 65, 95, 97, 100, 101, 103, 

KILDWICK 18, 39, 70, 73, 90,97, 100, 

102. 104. 
KILNSEY2, 11, 95, 102. 
KIRKBY MALHAM 2, 16, 18, 19, 27, 

29, 42, 44, 49, 65, 95, 97, 98, 99, 

101, 102. 

KIRKBY MALZEARD 5, 55, 99, 102. 
LANGERTON8, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 35, 

40, 41, 48. 
LEEDS 71. 97. 
'LINTON 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 14, IG, 17. 18, 

22—25, 27, 29, 32-35, 38, 43, 44. 

4C), 48, 51, 54, 56, 59— (".5, 07, 70, 

71, 73, 74, 85, 02-95, 97 — 104. 
LITTON 18, 93, 95. 
LONDON 82, 84. 

EONc; PliESTON 18,50,60,104. 
LYTHE 85. 



MARTON 101. 

MAsHAM 100. 


]\1II)HILL '2i, '28, 83, 35, 31), 43, 64. 


MIRKSHAW 3, 24. 31. 


NUSSEY HOUSE 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 13, 

14, 27, 33. 
OTLEY G, 4S, %. 
PATELEY BRIDGE 4, 5, 9S, 100, 

PERCIVAL IIALli 2, 20, 2G, 31. 
RAMS CLOSE 2, 5, 3. 9, 12, 14, 23, 

30, 3;"., 40, 47, 48, 56. 
RILSTON 2, 5, 8, ?, 12, 14, 48, 68, G9, 

90, 91, 93, 95—101, 103, 104. 
RIPON 4,5, 11, 16, 27, 32, 40, 44, 60, 

03, 73, 98. 
SCALE :\I1K]-: 1,9. 

SKIPTON 4, 9, 11, 12, 23, 27, 35, 44, 
50, 52, 57, 58, 59, 02, 03, 05, 67, 
70, 73, 74, 85, 90 91, 98—104. 


SOWERPA' 101. 







THREAl'LAND 8, 15, 96. 

THPtESHFIELD 16, 18, 95, 101. 


WESTGATE 33, 58. 

WEST WITTON 13, 42. 

WIG AN 88. 


WHALLEY 22, 32, 74. 

WOODEN D 3, 12, 13, 19, 47, 62, 63. 

WOODHOU&E 1, 2, 3, 0, 7, 9, 10, 
12 — 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 27,28,32, 
33, 34, 38, 41, 45—49, 62, 63, 64, 
6G, 71, 77, 78, 79. 


YORK 22, 32, 40, 42 97, 100, 102. 103, 


ACKROID. Miuth. 102. 

AIRAH (Aiiey), Aim 91 ; Frances 11 ; 

Han. 5 ; Rob. 2. 
AIRTON (Arton), Ann 95 ; Eliz. fil , 

Graco 100 ; Isab. 1, 3, 8 ; Jas. 59 ; 

Job. 2, 3, 9, 90, 100; Mar;:. 71, 

101 ; Ric. 22, 71. 94 ; Sar. 4 ; Thos. 

51, 100 ; Win. 1, 2, 3, 4, 25, 30, 39, 

ALCOCK, Ann .37, 78, 79 ; Cbr. .37, 38, 

69; Dor. 78; Ellen 4. 37 ; Job. 

1-71, 76, 103 ; llliz. 102; Marv :U3 ; 

pL't. 78, 80, 101 ; Tbos. 101 ; \\m. 

ALDERSON, Dav. 34. 
ALLOT, J..b. 8. 

ANDERSON, Pob 93; \Vm. 74. 
ANDERToN, Marv ',i7. 
ANDREW, Ric. 77"; Tbos. 37. 
ARMISTEAD (Arniitstcad), Ann 53; 

Ant. .').'>; Cbr. 52; Jane 20: Jas. 

20, 2f., 71; Mar,', .'jr, ■ Mar:b. 50, 

74 ; Win 22, 61, 74. 
AinriTAGE. Wni. 49. 
ASCOUfrir. Ric. 50. 
ASHTON, Eihv.'ti; liio. 40 ; Tbcs. 8. 

ATKINSON, Alice, 104 ; Ann 24, 26, 
46; Ant. 55; Chr. 49; Ellen 51; 
Geo. 35, 44, 50, 53, 92 ; Isab 17 ; 
Jas. 42; Jane 8; Job. 8, 70, 76, 
79, 100; Mar-:. 55, 64; Marv 
16, 90, 92; Ric". 70; Tbos. 4, 83, 

AVIS, Ric. 101. 

AYRK, Tbo. 79. 

BAILY (Baley), Cbr. 34, 42 ; Mary 91. 

BAKF:, Eliz. 28, 33 ; Isab. 25 ; Job. 
20, 25, 33, 40, 43, 46. 48; Mara. 
42; Marv 46; Rob. 28; Sar. 48.'" 

BANE. Nat. 78. 

BANKS, Mabel 97. 

BARKER. Job. 11, 52; Jon. 73 
71 ; Tbos. 56 ; Wm. 17. 

BARNARD, :\rr. 79; Wm. 79. 

BATTY, Eliz. 40, 82, 98; El 
82; Job. ;i7, 40, 41, 82, 100 
9; Marv 82; Wni. 11, 12, 33, 82. 

BARROWE, Ric. 1,)1. 

BATEMAN, Sar 104. 

liAUDEN (i^.audwain, PiikUvin), Cbr. 
37 ; Eliz. 37 ; Job. 103 ; Mary 53. 


en 41, 
; Mark 


BAYNES (Banes), A,c;n. 17; Dor. 7, 
55; Eli/. 27, lis ; Job. 3, 5, 7, 17, 
27, 28, 32, 34, 101 ; Marg. 5 ; Kob. 

32. 34 ; Thos. 9'J. ■ 
BEACH, Jon. 72. 
BEAKNE, Ann 75; llich. 0'.). ' 
BECKET, Eliz. 102; Thos. 102; \Ym. 

BECKWITH, Tiios. 'J ; Chr. 100. 
BECROET, Ann 25, 4G, 75, SO ; Barb. 

39, 40, 77, «0 ; Eliz. 3S ; Ellen 21, 

C7 ; Hen. 75 , Joh. 75 ; :\rarg. 63 ; 

Mary 40, 57, G7 ; Rich. U6; Rob. 

33; Thos. 75, 91 ; Wm. 20, 21, 25, 

33, 3S, 41, 77 70, SO. 
BEESON. Win. 44. 
BKESTING, Edw. 21 ; Martha 21. 
BELL, Ann 91; Eliz. 40. 91; Ellen 

76; Franoes 33; Jane 4G; Job. 
92 ; Mary 67 ; .Mat. 33. 40 ; Thos. 
•)3 ; Wm. 46. 

BENSON, Agn. 92; Uhas. 104; Jane 
78, 92 ; Tho. 7S, 83. 

BENTLEY, Chambers 30: Chas. 1; 
Han. 35, 52 ; Isab. 89 ; Joh. 1, 89 ; 
^Lu■v 7; Rob. .^9. 

BIERLEY, .Agn. IG : JIarg. 28. 

BINROW, Ann 83. 

BIRCH. Ann 41, 94; Eliz. '25, 45, 48, 
61, 87, 88; Ellen 47, 65; Esth. 
85 ; Geo. 88 ; Han. 36, 51 ; Hon. 
87; Isaac 47; Joh. G, 12, 17,30, 
46, GG, G8, 71, 85 ; Jon. 17, 60, 62, 
GG, GS, 73, 85, 88, 92; Jos. 35, 50, 
51, 71 ; Marv 36, 93; Rob. 22, 24. 
26, 30, 35, 47, 48, G3, 94 ; Sar. 47, 
68; Thos. 24, 25, 30, 3f., 41, 42, 43, 
45, 61, 94 ; Wm. 50. 88, 94. 

BISHOP. Grace 91; Thos. 60. 

BLACKBURN (Bhigburn), Agn. 92; 
Ann 2, 71, 100 '; I)iana 90. 10-3; 
Eliz. 4,65,93; Ellen 61 ; Hen. 90; 
John 2. 59 ; Marg. 77 ; -Marth. 71 ; 
Mary 21, 55; :\Iioh. 79 ; Nic. 5, 8. 
21; Ric. 76. 77; Rob. 15, 17. 21, 
24, 65, 90 ; Sar. 24 ; Thos. 17, 24, 
71 ; Wm. 3G, 94, lOO. 

BLAKEY (Blaekev). Eliz. 32, 38 ; Joh. 
.S8, 41. 4 1. 5u, t,:i; Jus. 73 ; Mary 
29. 63. GS, 'Ji ; l;,cli. 91 ; Thos 17, 

I!L.\NI), Anib. 79: Ann 22, 23, tJ, 59. 
65, 92, 99; Anl 9, Jul ; Barth. 75, 
76; Chr. 15, 56, 5:i, 64, 72, 95; 
Dnr 75; i;iiz. 49: Ellen 88; 
Esth. 19; Frances 76, SS ; (.Jro. 
U\ 26, V.) ; HL>t. GO; Huini.h. 75, 
77, 79; Isaac 23 ; I sab. 1, 6. 51. 61, 
75; Janet97 ; 4 I, 45. 92 ; Joh. 
5, 37. 40, 41. 50. 52. 51. 55, 56. 57, 
58, 59, Gi'. 61, 6:i, 6t, 66., GS, 6)9, 
7J, 73, 75, 78, 88; Jonah 99; 

Jonas 75 ; Jon. 84 ; Marg. 14, 35, 
43, 59, 90 ; Mary 2, 12, 13, :37, 47, 
50, 65, 75. 84 ; Mat. 6. 27, 37, 47 ; 
Reb. 70 ; Rob. S, 61. 63, G5, 09, 77, 
84 90; 23, 31, 75; Ste. 15, 
35, as ; Thos. 11, 15,36, 49. 52, 75, 

84,83; Wm. G. 8, 13. 19. 21. 23, 

25, 28, 31, 34. 35. 3S, 39, 40, 46, .50, 

65, 56,58, 63, 71,72,75,84,90. 92; 

— 5S. 
BLANSHARD, Huiigerford 104. 
BOLDEX. :\Iary 70. 
BOULTON, Joh. 100. 
BOLLANI), Ant. 49; Fawceit 52: 

Grace 101, Job. 52, 77 ; Sim 97 ; 

Wm. 49. 
BOND. Tsab. 98. 
BOLLU-M, Oiiyer 1 ; Rob. 2 ; Wm. 1, 

BOON, Aim 78, Thos. 78. 
BOOTH, Eliz. 10 ; Ellen 12 ; Tsab. 25; 

Jon. 6 ; Mary 94 ; Thos. 19, 20, 22, 

29, 48, 53. GO. 
BORROWS, Ann 78. 
BOWSKIL (Bou^^gill Busgill). Eliz. 

GG; Isab. 58: Joh. .39; Ric. 5S. 

62; Sar. 62 ; Sus. GG ; Wm. C4, 

BOWLING, Ann 77, Eliz. 10; Joh. 

77 ; Pet. 77. 
BRACEWELL, Thos. 9. 
BRADBURY. Eliz. 100. 
BRADLEY, Eliz. 01 : Kath.70; Sar. 

71 ; -Marth. 95 ; Thos. 2. 
BRACKEN, Agn. 100. 
BRAll'llWAlT, Eliz. 61 ; Joh. 59, 61. 
BRAYSHAY (Brayshow), Joh. 41, 46 ; 

Jon. 46 ; Wm'. IS 
BRIDBERRY. Rob. 40. 
BRlGCiS, Jane 101; Isab. 92; Mary 101 
BRLSCOE, Adam G5. 
BROGDEN (lUockden). Alice 79: 

.Marv 97 ; Thos. 7(;. 92 ; Wm. 76, 

BROOK. Marv 95. 
BROOKSP.ANK, Gilb. 47. 
BROTIIEKTON, A.-n. 44; Hen. :32 ; 

Jane 35; Joli. Gl, 63; Jos. 72. 
ISROCGHTON, .Marg. 8, 40; Rog. 68; 

Tims. 4. 
BROWN, Ann 22, 94 ; Dor. 61 ; Foun- 

taine 70; Eleanor 94; Jas. 14; 

Joh. 29, 35. 42. 69. 79 ; Leon. 98 ; 

Mary 9, 19, C'J, 96: P.ob. 35. 30 ; 

Rog. 55 ; Wm. 19, 47, 76. 
IUI>1';RS. Francis 95. 
BL'CK, Agn. 20. 70: Chr 32. 36; 

Geo. GG; Grace 12. GG ; Jane 3; 

Joh. 21, 33; Ric. 7. 9; Sar. 10; 

Thos. 17 ; Wid. 30, 34 ; Wm. 3, 7, 

9, 10, 12, 17, 20, 26, 30, 31, 34. 94. 


BUCKTEN, Eliz. •2'\ 

BLU.r^OCK, Thos. 55. 

BUMBY, Ann 45, 5ii, G4 ; KHz, 15, tU ; 

Job. 20, 37 ; Marv 2:',, 05 ; Ko^^ 

78; Thos. 12, 15, ''23, 45, 58, 91; 

\Vm. f.?, f4. 
BUBXl^TT, Ann 12, 20, 30. 33, 83; 

Jane 83 ; Job. 6, 7, 12, 17, 21, 22, 

26, 30, 33, 83 ; Bob. 7, 3G ; Sar. 

48; Sim. ;3G ; Tbos. 17. 48. 
BUKTON, Kliz. 32; Mr. 35; Marg. 

BUSFIELD, eTof. 24, 30, 33,38,43; 

Job. 24 ; Ric. 50 ; Sar. 30, 33, 38, 

BUTSON. ret. 04. 
BUXTON, Isab. 93. 
CAIA'ERT, Abr, 04; Ellen 61; Hen. 

58 ; Job. 32, 64 ; Nussov 58, 61, 

64, 66; Marg. 100; Mary 96; 

Thos. 16; Wni. 01. 
CAMPBELL, Duncan 62. 
CARLETON, Eliz. 99. 
CARLISLE, Ant. 3 ; Hen. 74 ; Job. 

51; :Mary 74; Thos. 2; Wm. 51, 

54, 69. 
CARR, Ann 8, 11, 7s, OS; Ecbn. 09; 

Kliz. 77 ; Isab. 104 ; Mar%- ; Mr. 

61 ; Ric. 29, 39, 40, 51, 76, 77. 78, 

80 ; Rob. 67 ; Ste. 79 ; Thos. 8, 9, 

44, 52, fi5, 56, 58, 103 ; Wm. 1-7. 

9, 10, 14, 16, 18,21, 76, 81. 
CARRINGTON, Ben. 20, 30, 31,38; 

Kliz. 41; Geo. 57, 58, 60; Jane 

57; Job. 57, 58; Katb. 20; Ste. 

30, 31, 33; Wm. 57. 
CARTMAL, Ann 60. 
CATON, Sar. 70 : Wm. 74. 
CAWDRY, Ann 90. 
CATTEKSON, Ste. 44, 47. 
CHAFFER, Job. 74. 

CHAMBERS, Cicelov 63; Marv 90. 
CHAPMAN. Job. 16. 
CHARNOCK, Marv 61. 
CHETH.VM, Mr. 4 : .Mr. Job. 5. 
CHH.]). .Murv 91 ; Thos. 63. 
CHIPPEND.U.E, A^n. 51: Ellen 

92; Isab 91 ; Marv 9i), 104 ; Tbos. 

57, 60 ; Wm. 92. 
CLAPHAM, Ann SO: ElKn 27; Jane 

13, U ; Jas. 72; Marp. 3, 9; Mat. 

6; l{icb. 77, 8»; Thos. 3, (i, 13, 

14 : Wm.9, 19, 77. 
CI-APK, Alex 07: Aliee 50; AnnOt; 

I'.liz. 90: Ceo. 102 : Job. '>'>. 'J7, 

103 ; Mar.^'. 75, 07 ; Rach. 01 ; 

lieh. 93 : Tbos. 93 : Wm 75. 
CLL'FF. Marv -.15. 
COCKIT, A-J.U. 71 ; i;ilen 51 : Job. 67 ; 

Mary 55 ; Sim. 42. 

COATS, Aciam 51 ; .\nn 58 ; Dinah 

30 ; Eliz. 50 ; Jas. 58, 59 ; Jo. 102 ; 

Marv 92. 
COCKSHOTT, Ann 17, 24, 57; Isab. 

13; Jane 57; Lvdia 5, H, 66; 

Marv 9, 50, 53 ; Tbos. 1, 49, 50, 

52, 57, 66, 6-^, 91 ; Wm. 1, 5, 9. 13, 

17, 24, 47, 52, 57. 
COCKSON. Marg. 101; Ric. 90 ; Sus. 

65 ; Tbo. 30, 77. 
COLLIER, ARn. 61; Ellen 54; Isab. 

87 ; Job. 3S, 45, 54, 57, S3 ; Marc;. 

17, 39 ; Mary 56 ; Wm. 39, 61, 87, 

COLTON, Ann 103 ; Reb. 36; Ric. 21 ; 

Thos. 77 ; Wm. 77. 
COOKE, .Abel 53; Abig. 101 ; Jas. 14; 

Jesse 53. 
COOKSON, Ann 90 ; Eliz. 4 ; Job. 103. 
CONSTANTINE, Ann 28, 85 ; Eliz. 

20, 69 ; Ellen 31, 65; Frances 25; 

Helena 85 ; Hen. 91 ; Isab. 90, 

94; Jas. 79, 95; Job. 29, 31, 32, 
39, 42, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59. 61, 67, 

69, 84 ; Job. Demaiu 85; Jon. 61, 

91, 93, 104; Marg. 10; Marv 6; 

Ric. 21, 85. 92, 94 ; Ste. 61 ; Wm. 

7, 24, 37, 30,46. 
CORKER, Ann 7, 27. 
CORLAS, Ann 103. 
CORNFORTH, Jas. 63. 
CORTICE (Ciuiice), Mercy 42; Laur. 

COWPER, Isaac 40 ; Ann 100. 
COX, Job. 6''. 

CRAKE, Jane 43; T^Iicb. 43. 
CRAVEN, Alice 101 ; Eliz. 52; Marg. 

99, 103; Phillis 50; Rob. 56; 

Thos. 90. 
CROFT, Ant. 99; Alice 98 ; Eliz. 76; 

Job 76; Marv 91. 
CROSLEY, Geo. 20. 
CROWSHAW (Crawsbev), Ann 56; 

Jos. 35, 3^, 56; ^^larj:. 38. 
CfiOWTHEK, Ann 38 : Job. 5. 16, 38. 
CURRER, Hen. 102 ; Job. IC, 18; Mr. 

CURTEES, Jcxxn 46 ; Laur. 29 
DARNHROrCH. Kliz. 29; Jas. 61; 

Jon. ,57, 61. 
DA 11 WEN, Eli:/. 5. 
D.MIWENT, Hen. 27 
DAVIDSON (Davison) Ann 50 ; Wm. 

DAVIES, Kob. 67. 
DAWSON, Ann 99; Cbr. 103: Eliz. 

102 ; .Marv MO ; Pet. 67, 73 ; Wm. 

DEAN (Deans); Alice 48; Elc.mor 

94; Eliz. 5, 3S ; J':ilen 8: Marg. 

94 ; Marv 94 ; Job. 5, 62 ; Kic. ;J8, 

45: Sus." 12; Wm. 48, 73, 101. 


DEACON. Joh. 2;s ; Jon. 23. 

DEHANE, J. 18 

DEMAIND (Demaiii), Alice 85. 00; 

Chr. S; Edw. I'J ; Ellen 83 ; Eliz. 

94 ; Geo. 39. 8S ; -Jane 74, SS, 92 ; 

Joh. 37, 4(i, 5.5. 63, 70, 85 ; Jos. 

85; Muri;. 92; Mai-y 85, SS ; Tho.s. 

16, 51. 03, 68, 72. 
DENNISON, Eliz. 97. 
DENT, p:iiz. 20. 
DICAS, Ch:ir. 47. 
DICKINSON (Dickisoti). Agn. 37 ; 

Chr. 68, 71; Mar^. 30,92; Marv 

23, 24 ; Ric. 9:J ; Tho. 23 ; Wm. 

DINSDALE, Joh. 34. 
DIXON, Geo. 52 ; I.sab. 50 ; Jane 103 ; 

Joh. 41 ; Marg. 91 ; Mary 95. 
DOBSON, Ann, 91. 
DODD, Josh. 32. 
DODGSON, Joh. 91; Marth. 53; 

Marv 35. 
DOWNS, Ant. 74 ; Eliz. 55 ; Mich. 55, 

70; Walt. 70. 
DRAKE, Magd. 34 ; Mariana 34 ; 

Mariu. 49, 93 ; M irv 18 ; Thos 27. 
DRIVER, Rog. 77. 
DUCKIT, Ann 25; Joh. 25, 37. 95; 

Rob. 31 ; Ric. 31 ; Mary 34 , Wm. 

20, 73. 
DUCKWORTH, Joh. 23. 
DUDCrEON, Joh. .vj. 
DUGDALE, Marg. 29 ; Wm. 71, 9(3. 
DUN, John 104. 
DUNWELL, Nich. 98. 
EDMUNDSON, Ifen. 70; Isah 76; 

Joh. 80; Lambert 76; Lydia 4 ; 

Marg. 78 ; Ric. 76, 78, 79 : Ralph. 

78, 80. 
EGLIN, Ant. S 
ELDSSVORTH (ElUwnrth), Alice 76 ; 

Ann 42, 77, 102 ; FannvOO ; Grace 

91; Joh. 22, 61; Mary 18; Ric. 

ELLIS. Ann 99; Eleanor 34; Ellen 

73; Eliz. 32, .33, (17 ; Isab. 34 ; 

Joh. 97; Kath. 93; Marv 32.33, 

40 ; Rob. 77. 93 : Reb. 103 ; Thos. 

H, 4l, 75, 102 ; Wm. 75. 
EMMET. Goo. 11. 
EMSLEV, Dav. 74 ; Joh. 61 ; Jos. G4, 

EWAN, Eli/.. 14, 17; Mary 4; Ric. 5; 

Wm. 5. 
FALSHAW, Rob. 10. 
FARFiAND (Ferrund), Ann 103 ; Kath. 

FAVELL, Ann 101 ; Cieo.99; Isab. 99; 

Joh. 99. 

FAWCET, Geo. 95, 104; Joh. 12, 75; 

Marth . 22 ; Ric. 35. 

Hen. 62. 64, 66; Joh. 6f . 
P'LOUD. Rob. 98. 
FLETCHER, Alice 36, 61; Ann 42 ; 

Agn. 2', 21; Edm. 16, 20, 24, 26 ; 

Eliz. 10, 41 ; Ellen 33, 34, 63; 

Goo. 1, 45; Grace 93; Hen. 94 ; 

Hug. 10, 21, 24, 27, 28, 35, 47 ; 

Isab. 60, 94 ; Jas. 26; Joh. 33. 31, 

59; Marg. 95; Marv 25, 47; Ric. 

16 ; Sar. 21, 24, 35, 52, 67 ; Thos. 

1, 3, 64, 94 ; Wm. 4, 5, 27, 28, 76. 
FLINT, Wm. 80. 
FOSTER, Agn. 103; Eliz. 104; Joh. 

97 ; Mat. 92 ; R 59 ; Rob. 93, 104 ; 

Sar. 48, 49; Wm. 49,50, 53,01, 

65. 67, 96. 
FOUNTAINE, Ann 54 ; Chr. 82 ; Ellen 

6 ; Frances 71 ; Marg. 65 ; Rob. 

16 ; Wm. 55, 71. 
FOWLER, Rob. 97. 
FRANKLAND, Ellen 19 ; Eliz. 102 

Francis 30 ; Isab. 77 ; Jane 57, 100 

Joh. 8,57, 63, 90; Jlach. 99 

Rich. 98; Samson 53; Wm. 8, 19, 

20, 24, 27, 79,92. 
FRERE. Marg. 97. 
GALE, .Mr. Thos. 10. 
GARFORTH, Arth. 104; Jane 102; 

Joh. 103 ; Rob. 67. 
GARRS, Eliz. 93. 
GEARYE, Jane 75 ; Wm. 75. 
GARTflROPE (Gawthrope), Isab. 90' 

Joh. 80 ; Marv Sii. 
GIBSON, Agn. 91'; Sus. 91. 
GILL, Ann 36, 60 ; Eliz. 94, 102 ; Geo. 

68, 90 ; Joh 30, 54, 73, 90 ; .Marg. 

79; Rob. 67 ; Sar. 54, 94 ; Thos. 9, 

36, 38, 93 ; Wm. 27, 30, 34, 56, 61, 

GLADIN (Gladwin), Agn. 94: Alice 

25 ; Wm. 46. 
GLEA[)STONE, Francis 93. 
GOREING, J. 47. 
GRANGE, Jano 98 ; Jas. 62 ; Joh. 23 : 

Wm. 62, SO. 
GRAHAM, Dor. 90. 
GRAV (Grey), Rich. 94 ; Sus. 66; 

Thos. IS, 69. 93. 
GREEN, Ann 79 ; Anson 95 ; Benson 

79; Rob. 91. 
t; RE FN WOOD, Grace 101 ; Isab. 21 ; 

Joh. 1, 19, 21 : Mary 1 ; Wm. 19. 
GR1':GSC)N, Ann 74; Ant. 54; Eliz. 

22, 73 ; Isab. 59 ; Joh. 29. 38. 42, 
69 ; lioon. 'Jd ; Marv 16 ; Mar-. 
23 ; I'hillis 64 ; Rob.' 35, 54. 59, 
67, 69, 73 ; See. 39 ; Sus. 98 ; Thos. 

23. 25. 27, 35. 38. 55 ; Wm. 67, 74. 
GREYSTONE, Eliz. 39. 


GRIKVE (Greeve), Francis 45, 49; 
\Vm. 45, 4'.1. 

CRUNDIi:, Fnmcis 7G. 

GKVMK, Sus. 0>. 

GUDGEON, Ann SG ; Job. 8G ; Hob. 

HADGATE, \Vm. 42. 

HALL, Ann 65 ; Jacob 93 ; Marv 91 ; 
Sar. 11; Tennant 48, R5 ; ThouiHsin 
G2 ; Win. 35, 45, 4S, 52,56, GK GG. 

HALLUM (Hallenie), Ann 11, 59; 
Eliz. 29 ; Jas. GS, G9 ; Job. 7. 59 : 
Rob. 50, 73; Sar. 3G ; Wm. 5, 7, 
11, 15, 38, 4(i, G9. 

IIAMAN, Job. 50. 

HAMMERTOX, Mary 18.97. 

HAMMOND, Alice 36 ; Dor. 95 ; M irg. 
9G , Tbos. 1U4. 

HANNAM, Ric. 73 ; Tbo-=. 73. 

HARDAKER, Ann 37; Jas. CU ; Ric. 
37 ; Ste. G ). 

HARDCASTLE, Gbarity 56, Eliz^ 4, 
7, 79 ; l.>al). 75 ; Jane 27 ; Job. lO ; 
Marg. 21, 76,97 ; Ric. 99 ; Rob. 4, 
51, 57, 75, 76 ; Sam. 7, 15, 93 ; Sar. 
2G, 55 ; Tlios. 4, 7, 2t^, 39, 55 ; Wm. 
4, 7, 53, 91. 

HARDESTY, Job. 60 ; Josb. 37. 

HARDY, Ann 11; Jos. 14, GO; Tbos. 

HARGREAVES (Hargroves), Ami 10, 
39. 40, 41, 53, 63 ; Ant. 77 ; Cbr. 
17, 77 ; Eliz. 53, 93 ; Emma 23, 
59; Isab. 7. 10; Francis 72; Jane 
7, 101; Job. 3, 4, 10, 13, 17,23, 
28, 33, 48, 48, G9, 77 ; Jos. 3:i, 69, 
72 ; Marv 10, 39 ; Mai. 11, 16, 28, 

04, 77; Bar. 11, 13; Tbos. 3, 48, 
49, 59, 9 I, 9G. 


HARLING, Mar;.^. t. 

HARl'ER, Eliz. 17, 1>!, 45; Grace 63; 
Isab. 95 ; Jas. 15, 20 : Job. 18, 20, 
25, 26, 2H, 32, 36, 39, 43, 45, C3, 7u; 
Jon. 28, 36 , .Major 14, 17, 18, 19, 
20, 26, 27, 31, 39, 52. 55 ; Mary 19, 
74; Rob. 17; Ste. 23, 25, 27, 29, 
47 ; Tbos. 25, 5'i. GG ; Wm. 20, 29, 
54, 55, 70, 92 

HARRISON, Ann 30, 92; Clir luo ; 
Eliz. 44; Han. 93; Job. 9 ; Martb 
CO; Sar. 39; - 92. 

HARTLEY, Ann 1; Grace 91; isab 
99 ; Jas. 91 ; Joli. G, 7G) ; Jos. 91 ; 
Josb. 18; Marv 1>^, 7t, i;i2; Sam. 

5, 6, 11, IS; Ste. 34; Wm. 50. 
HASLE{E\M, (icorge 27, 67 ; Rob. 31. 
HASEKTON (llaselLiiie), Ann 63; 

Edw. 5J : Rach. 3J ; Uic. 52, 53. 
IFAW. Wm. 4J. 

HAWKiai.)(;i:, J.-b. 40. 

HAXBY Jano 96. 

HA WLEY, Rach. 38 . Wm. 6, 33, 65. 

HAWOIiTH, Sus. 94 ; Wm. 16. 

HAYc;E, Jun. 93. 

HAYNE, Jon. 92. 

HP:AT0N, Job. 19, 12; Marg. 37 ; .-:^ar. 

HEBDEN, A,c;n. 1, 3, 30, 31, 37,77, 

95 ; Ann 12, 39, 52, 54 ; Ant. S, 

23, 3'', 33, 40, 45, 18,50,54,76; 

Dor. 99 ; Eliz. 2, 4, 19, 50. -57, 91 ; 

Ellen 2, 4, 6. 45. 49, 87 ; Geo. 50. 

51 ; Grace 6G ; Hen. 50 . Isab. 47 ; 

Jane 13, 31, 50 ; Job. 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 

12, 15, 23, 4(1, .59, 77, 86 ; Jon. 54 ; 

Marg. 2, 4 ; :\Iary 2, 8, 28, 31, .56, 

63, 79, 86; Rob. 31, 37, 44, 52, 53, 

54, 56, 59, 01, 63, 71 ; Sar. 23. 03 ; 

Silv. 12, 13, 19, 21, 23, 24, 2s. 35, 

41, 42, 45, 47, 49, 54, 74, 80. 87; 

Ste. 51 ; Tbos. 77, 79, 94 ; V.'ra. 

2, 4, 21, 31, 33, 34, 38, 45, 48. GS, 

91, 93, 95. 
HEIGH. Isab. 90; Jas. 58. 
HEELiS, Job. 90 ; W'm. 99. 
HENDERSON, Job. 58. 
HEPI'ER, Ant. 58, 96; Eliz. 5S. 
HERD, Eliz. 2G, 47, S3; Hen. 47, 49, 

51, 52, 54. 06, s4, 94; Jane 49; 

Job. 24, 20, 32, 38, 57. 66, 83, 84 ; 

Marg. 37, 52, 72; Marv S3, S4 ; 

Mat. 65 ; Sar. 32, 74 ; Ste. 24, 84 ; 

Tbos. 16, 102; Wm. 57, 84. 
HE WIT, Eliz 100 ; Geo. 92 : Hen. 81 : 

Job. 16, 18, 32. 38, 49: Tbos. L'2. 
HEYE, Dor. 104; Job. 78, 81; Rob. 

HIDE, Rob. 7. 
HEWSON, Ann 100. 
HILL, Agn. 54; Alice 79: Ann 95; 

p:iiz. 9 ; Ellen 70 ; Job. 79 ; Katb. 

90; Wm. 8, 42. 
HIND, Cbr. 8, 9, 38; Job. 8, 9. 
HINE, Ann 5 ; Cbr. 5, 12, 23, 28. 33, 

35 ; Marv 28. 
HIRST, Job." 27. 
HITCHING, Eliz. 73: Job. oo, 73. 

91 ; Marv 15 ; Sus. 73 ; Tbos. 73. 
HODGSON, Alice 71: Ann 22: Ant. 

9, 57 ; Ellen 45 ; Job. 4, 6. 21. 54, 

57, 59, 01, 64, 68, Gd, 71 ; Marg. 6 

44, 9G; Marv 32 : Rob. 51, OS; 

Tbos. 61, 1(13"; Wm. Gl. 
I10E(;aTE, Ann 31 ; Cbas. 31 ; Job. 

20, 31, 32,51 : Ste. 32. 
HOLD. Job. 21 : Smitb 21. 
nOLDl'.N. Isab. 76 
lloEDSWORTH. Job. G5. 
HOLIDAY, Cutb. 31 : Eliz. 27; Laur. 

72. 95. 
HOLMES. Agn. 65. 90; Ann 92; 

Ellen 71 ; Hen. 98; I.^ab. 19. 47, 

102; Job. 3, 12, 13, 63, CO, 69, 71, 


73, 74, 88; Jud. 92; Mnrv 88. 91 ; 
Ric. Gl ; Sar. 73, 8S, 90 ; Thos. 
36; Wm. 3, 12, lo. 19, '20, 22, -JS. 
24, 25, 27, 29, ;!0, 31, 32, 34, 35, 
3(), 37, 38, GC, 91. 
HOLT, -Ann 2G ; Aut. 40, 43, 54 ; Eliz. 
43 ; Isab. GO ; Jane ^7 ; Jem. 3G ; 
Joh. 10, 13, 26, 27, 28, 36, 40, 54, 
57 ; Luke 2('. ; Mary 10 ; Sim. 43 ; 
Thos. 43 ; Wm. 20. 27, 28. 
HORNKK, A<;ii. 17. 19. 21. 24, :'G. 28; 
Ann 12, 2G ; Chr. 9J, 101; KHz. 
6, 9. 17, 59; fJsth. 40; Geo. 51, 
58; L>ab 26: Ja=;. 26, GS; Joh. 6, 
9, 42, 79; Jos. 9-3; Lydia 45; 
Miirg. 17, 19: Marv 7, "67 ; Kic. 
51; Ste. 31,72; Thos. 1, 21, 24, 
43, 45, 49, 59 ; Wm. 1, 5, 7, 12, 17, 
26, 31, 40, ').S. 68. 66, CS, 72. 
HOKSKFIELD, Agn. 12; Jo.sias 69; 

Wm. IS. 
HORSKMAN, Eliz. 49. 
HOUGHT, Murv 46. 
HOYLE, Marlh. 99. 
HOWSON. Jane 79 ; Joh. 7, 10, 13; 
Marg. 102; Maw 13, 'J3 ; Rob. 10 ; 
Thos. 7. 
HUDSON, Ann 95 ; l;ab. GS ; Jane 3, 
47 ; Joh. 3, 24; Jos. 70, 71, 72 ; 
Marv 72; Wm. 8. 
HUDSriTH iHadsmiih). Eliz. 47, 95; 

IVab. 28: Ric. 28. C6; Wm. 43. 
HUGHES, Frances, 101 ; Humph. 98; 

Joh. 100. 
HUGGINSON, Dor. 91 ; Thos. 67. 
HULLEY, Marg. 'J7. 
HUNTER, Agn. 76: Tho. 100. 
HUUCLIFFE, Eliz. 97. 
HURTLEY, Jane 62 ; Jo.. 62 ; Marg. 


HYMAN, Jos. 43 ; Josh. 39 ; Marv 43. 

IBBOTSON, Agu. S, 6, 36, 63 ; Alice 

97; Ann 16, :^5. 79 ; Ant. 5, 6, 9, 

16, 30, 43, 79 ; Rarb. 23 ; Chr. 100, 

102 ; Eliz. 3, 22, 94 ; Geo. 14, 18, 

30, 31, S6 ; Grace 37, 41 ; Hen. 

25,r>0; Lsab. 16; Joh. 92, 101; Mary 

103; Marg. 6, 16, 36, 64; Ric. 

91 ; Rob. 6, 16. 16, 30, 39. 43, 44, 

49, 55, 59. 70, 79, 94 ; Sar. 31 ; 

Sus. 92; Thos. 11. 12 

49, 73, 94. 

IDESON, Chas. 6-^ : Dor. 

72 ; Sr|uire 72. 
II,LIN(;W01irH, Marv 2. 
INJIAN, Agn. 25: Ann 3. 20, 23. 32, 
65, 80; Ant. 21 ; Chr. 57 77 ; 
Dor. 69, 72; Edw. ■>, 7, 8, 16. 22, 
43, 46, 56, 57, 72 ; Eliz. 5, 9, 38, 93 ; 
Ellen 8, 28, 77; Esth. 45. 52; 
Frances 75 r Geo. 15; Han. 62; 
Hen. 15, 17, 21, 24. Gl ; Jane 17, 




20. G6 ; Jas. 36, 43 ; John 5, 10, 
17, 18, 19, 23, 31. 38, 41, 42. .60, 62, 
56, 60, 61, 62, m, 69, 7.S, 80, 90, 
102; Mabel 6 ; Marg. 28, 63, 61, 
(;6, 72; Marlh.5(i; Mary 7. 23, 26, 
65, 94 ; Mat. 33 ; Pet. 90 ; Randall 
25, 32. 43, 46, 62, 72 ; Randolph 
90; Ric. 32 ; Rob. G, 11, 15. 18, 
23, 26, 28, 29, 33, 40, 41. 45, 48, ,62, 
53, 55, 57, 59, 65, 66. 72, 75, 77, 87 ; 
Sar. 18, 48 ; Thos. 2, 3, 5, 11, 12, 
13, 15, 17, 28, 38, 40, 41, 42, 47, 92 ; 
Wm. 2, 14, 16, IS, 29, 33, 59, 70, 
80, 90. 

IVESON, Chr. 51; Hen. 2, 3, 5, 91; 
Ingram 2, 40, 41, 41, Job. 77. 

JACKMAN, Ann 49; Frances 90; 
Jane 76; Marg. 48, Ric. 101. 

JACKSON, Eliz. 40 ; Jane 93 ; Thos. 
15 : Elinor 104. 


JENKINSON, Mat. 91 . Wm. 91. 

JENNINGS, Hugh 44 ; Jos. 91 ; Sar. 
61 ; Wm. 73. 

JEWITT. Wm. 44. 

JOHNSON, Alice 78 ; Chr. 52. 76. 77, 
78 ; Eliz. 3, 90 ; Isab. 90 ; Joh. 76 ; 
Rob. 100; Sam 90; Thos. 42, 98. 

JOY, Agn. 26, 56; Alice 92; Ann 40, 
70, 86 ; Ant. 37, 39, 41 ; Chr. 2, 5, 
21,50; Graces, 14; Jane94; Jas. 
72; Joh. 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 12, 16, 17, 
19, 86, 95 ; Marg. 9 ; Marv :^1. 64, 

56, 65 ; Mich. 72 ; Rob. 11, 54, 72 ; 
Sns. 11 ; Thos. 1, 5, 23, 24, 26. 27, 
30, 37, 18, 51, 52, 53, 56, 86, 94 : 
Wm. 8, 9. 

JURB, Mr. Rob. 9. 

KAY, Ann 64 ; Ellen 64 ; Jane 56, 64 ; 

Joh. 13, 48, 92, 93; Pet. 8, 13; 

Rob. 22. 39-47, 49-56, 58-74, 83. 
KAYLEY, Luke 91. 
KELSALL, Ann 52; Eliz. 52. 
KENDAL, Edni. 60; Edw. 4, 40, 

56 : Marv 60, 91. 
KEY, Marv 79. 
KIDD, Alice 27 ; Agn. 80 ; .Ann 18. 62, 

66; Eliz. 69; Ellen 10; Frances 

'S ; Isab. 3, 68 ; Jane 70; Joan 77; 

Joh. 10, 16, 5t;, 71, 76 ; Martli. 62. 

64 ; Marv 60, 66; Mich. 98; Rich. 

97; T. 64 ; Tim. 15; Thos. 16, 50, 

57. 63, 66, CO, 78, 91 
KIGHLEY, Joh. 76 ; Marg. 48 ; Thos. 

103; Wm. 20. 
KING, Ann 51,78; p:aster 75; Joh. 

38, 62; M.irv 8, 76. S3; Nich: 76; 

Rob. 102; Thos, 76; Wm. 8,38, 

80. 83, 97. 
KIl'LEY. Thos. 102. 
KUiK, Mary 39. 


KTRKLEY, Edw. 87; Han. 87; 

Marth. 87; Marv 87; Rob. 87; 

Siir. 87 ; Thos. 87. 
KIUTON, Marg. 48: Hicli. 48. 
KITCHING, Ann 29; Chr. 12, Q9, 31, 

4G, 55; Eliz. 71 ; Job. 35, fiS, 90, 

103 ; Marv, 12, 14 ; Nic. 3o. 11 ; 

Ste. 2, li. 12, 95; Sus. 61. Go; 

Thos. 24, 96, 97 ; Win. 2. 
KNIGHT, Ann 62. 
KNOWLOSOX, Jane 79. 
KNOWE.LL, Ann 103. 
KNOWLES, Agn. 47 ; Ann 16 ; Chr. 

31 ; Dor. 4S ; Eliz. 12. 47, 48; 

Ellen 32, 69; Gn<cc 101; Hon. 34, 

36, 43, 48. 49, oS, 67, 69, 74 ; Jas. 

12. 44 ; Job. 34 ; Marv 43, 44, 95 ; 

Mat. 1-61. 102 ; Ric. 25. 94 ; Sam. 

92 ; Ste. 22, 34, 45 ; Thos. 29, 69, 

91 ; Toma.sin 55. 
LAMBERT, Aqn. 95 : Chr. 102 ; Janet 

99; Mary 99; Ric. 58. 
LANCASTER. Chr. 76, 101. 
LASSELS, Ann 79 ; Geo. 26: Jas. 26; 

\Vm. 79. 
LASSEY, Ann 5 ; Esth. 7 ; Fannv 19 ; 

Geo. 3, 7, 10, 16, 17, 19 ; The. 10 : 

Wm. 5, 76. 
LATHAM, A-n. 66; Hen. 69; Wm. 

66, 69. 
LAW, Eliz. 65; Thos. 07; Wm. 61. 
LAWSON, Eliz. 74; Laur. 103; Wm. 

LAX, Sar. 96. 

LAYCOCK, Marg. 14; Marth. 104. 
LEE, FAiz. 67 ; lian. 45 ; Isab. 75 ; 

Jeff. 75 ; Joh. 65 ; Mary 46. 
LEECH, Isaac 22, 32, 40,' 43, 45, 46, 

48, 5?, 94; Thos. 4S; Wm. 55, 67. 
LEEMING, Eliz. 68: Isab. 63; Joh. 

45; Marth. 11. 72; Sar. 61 ; Thos. 

LEYLAND (Lelen), Ann 93 ; Eliz. 77 

Ellen 51, 101 ; Francos 93, 104 

Francis 18 ; Hen." 31, 92, 93, '.14 

Joh. 4, 8. 65, 68, 75, 92 ; Marg 

28, 92 ; Marv 51, 58, 76, 104 

Rob 75 ; Thos 76, 98. 
LIGHTFOOT, Isab. 76; Tho. 79, 92. 
LISTER. Ann 91. 
LILLY, Isab. 16; Joh. 6. 
LITTLE, Joh. 102. 
LOMAX. Marv >!S!. 
LONG BOTTOM, Abr. 41,74: Eliz 

74 ; Rob. 62. 
LODGE, l?ab. 100. 
LONGFELLOW, Eli:'.. 3 ; Tho. 79. 
LONGSTUOTil, Marv 29. 
LONGTlii^iX, Ann 72; Thos. 72. 
LONSDALE, Miles 102; Mr. C. 10 

Tho. UXJ. 
LOWCOCK, Eman. C9 ; Wm. 6. 

LOWRON, Ann 104. 

LOWIS, Mr. Edm. 13. 

LOYLAND, Ellen lii3. 

LUDLAM, Eliz. 22 ; Thos. 45, 59; 

Wm. 45. 
LUND, Eliz. 99. 
LUPTON, Brid. 66; Isab. 54; Joh. 

37, 39, 49, 50, 54. 79. 
LYSTER, Geo. 67 ; Joh. 5, 57. 
MACHAM, Rob. 1. 
MACLACHL.\N, Dan. 62, 70. 
MALHAM, Ann 61, 77; Chr. 35, 47, 

48. 54, 55, 69, 78; Dinah 94 ; 

Eliz. 8. 79 ; Ellen 52, 58 ; Isab. 

2, 7, 9, 31 ; Jane 69 ; Jas. 2, 

3, 31, 41, 90 : Joh. 10, 24, 26. 29, 

34, 36, 39, 49, 52, 57, 58, 62, 63 ; 
Jon. 79 ; Magd. 26, 56 ; Marv 7, 

35, 55, 73 ; Mat. 4 ; Rob. 2, 3, 4, 
7, 9, ir, 13, 14, 24, 26, 76; Walr,. 
14 : Thos. 36, 43, 62, 53, 60, 62, 

63 ; Wm. 22, 54. 
MALLISON, Chr. 6, 53, 62 ; Joh. 22 ; 

Mary 22, 53 ; Rob. 41 ; Wm. 70. 
MAMMOND, Wm. 97. 
MANGHAM, Frances 16; Jane 93 ; 

Marv 93. 
MAN, Thos. 99. 
MARTON, Alice 99. 
MARSHALL, Ann 93; Hen. 104; 

Jilarth. 12. 
MASKEW, Jane 97. 
MASLAND, Ellen 24 ; Rob. 4. 
MASON, Agn. 48, 51; Alice 91 ; Ann 

66; Chiney 12; Eliz. 51, 55; 

Ellen 5 : Francis 43 ; Grace 96 ; 

Isab. 41. 68 ; Jane 18 ; Joh. 43, 4S, 

51, 55. 69; Marg. 95: Mary 1, 

22, 91 ; Mat. 15, 5S, 66, 68 : Ric. 

1, 4, 5, 12, 15, 57, 63, 66, G'J, 72, 

102; Siis. 12, 72; Thos 44,62,53, 

61, 63. 

MAUDSLEY, Ann 33 ; Chr. 3, 24, 34 ; 

Ellen 4, 41 ; Geo. 49 ; Jas. 1; 

.lane 11. 39; Mary 10; Rob. 1. 4, 

7, 10, 11, 12, 24, 32, 33, 41. 53, 54 ; 

Ste. 7, in, 96 ; Sus. 11 ; Thos. 10, 

MAUSSON, The.s. 90. 
MEDAM, Joh. 46. 
MERCER, Joh. 34, 37. 
METCALF, Alex. 70, 71 ; Ann .36. 64. 

79 ; Ant. 2, 19, 79, 83, 93 ; Dav. 

64 71, 95: Eliz. 52, S3. 103 ; 
Isab. 44. 55 : Mat 60. 79 ; Mr. J. 
12; Thos. 18, 6L 70, 78. 

MIDDLEBROOK (Middlebroiigh), 
ChristobclUi 98; Geo. 49; Juno 
60; Jas. 66, 94 ; Joh. 26, 31, 3t, 

62, 66, 70. 


MIERS, Dav. 92 ; Joh. GS ; ^furg. 50 : 

Win. 4S G:S. 
MILNKR, ^r;lrth. HI ; Ric. 1, 31, SG. 
MINIKIN, Hon. -20; Jas. G'J ; Marv 14. 
MITCHELL, Eliz. ln'2 ; Isab. 73; 

Joh. iii; Marg. i'4 ; Rob. 54; 

Thos. 44, 51, 57; Wna 57. 
MONDAY, (Jhr. CI ; Eliz. 25 : Fanny 

40 ; Jas. 22, 25, 3i, 33, 35, 44. 45, 

51, 57, 04 ; Mary 35 ; Thos. 30, 33, 

51 ; Wni. 45. 
MOOR, Man- 71 ; Grace 10-2. 
MUORHOU.^E, Marv 103 : Thos. 100. 
MORRIL, Mat. 05 ; \Vm. C. 
MORPPIIT, Ai;u. 5, 52 ; Eliz. 40 ; Jane 

59 ; Joh. .33, 40, 45, 48. 52, 54, 59 ; 

Jos. 33; Marg. 45; Tlios. 14. 
MOSELEY, Marg. 90. 
MOSS, Eliz 31. 
MOTLEY, Edm. 103. 
MOTT, Jas. 103. 
MOYLS, Eliz. 10. 
MOYSHOTT, Joh. 30. 
MURVEL, Pet. 93. 
MUSGROVE, Ann '24 ; Nic. 20 ; Sar. 

20; Thos. 21. 
NAYLOR, Chr. G2-GS ; Eliz. 38, 41, 

53; Isab. IS; Ja.s. HO, SO; Joh. 

4, S, 43 : Marv 13, GO; Reb. 24; 
Sar. IS, GO ; Thos. 20, 24, 3c, 52 ; 
\Ym. 8, 13, 18, 23, 3.i, 35, 41, 5'2, 

05, GO, 94. 

NEEDHAM, Ben. 13, 14 ; Edin. 7, 11, 

13, 14, 17, 21 ; Eliz. 17; Geo. 18; 

Isaiah 17 : Tamar 11 ; Thos. 7. 
NELSON, Eliz. 29 ; Jane 15 ; Jos. 

27 ; Mary 18, 19 ; Stackhouse 28, 

29; Thos. 23; Wm. 15, 18,19, 23, 

28, 29. 
NEWSOME, Jo. 104. 
NEWBOLD, Wm. 27. 
NEWHOi:SE, Sar. 9i>. 
NICHOLSON, Agn. 95; Dor. 40 ; Joh. 

32 ; Rob. 32. 
NORTON, Han. 103. 
NORTHEN, Marth. 37. 
NUSSEY, Hen. 14; Ellen 91; Frances 

78 ; Marv 70, 91 ; Tho.s. 7G, 90, 98 ; 

Wni. 77. 90. 
NUTTER, Marg. 94. 
OLDFIELD, Ann 91; Dor. 55; 

Francis 90 ; Marv S. 
OLIVER, Marg. 5. 
OVKRKNI), Ann 19: Wui. 18. 
OVKRTON, Joh. Oo, 104. 
OVINGTON, Eleanor 31 ; EUcti 11; 

Francis 44; Hen. 31, 39, 42, 44, 

OVERS, Marth. 9S. 
OVINS, Thus. 25. 
PADGETT, Ann 10, 91, 92. 

PAITFIELD, Alice 72. 

PALEY, .\lico 57 ; Ann 52 ; Catterson 

44; Jas. 52; Jane CO; .Marg. 94; 

Mary, 94 ; Rob. 94 ; Sar. 71 ; 

Thos. 54, 94; Wm. 47, 51, 52, 53, 
55, 57, 00, 01, 63. 
PARCIVAL, Joh. 14, 17 ; Jos. 32. 
PARK, Francis 3; Kath. 13; Marv 

13; Rob. 7; Wm. 3, 12. 
PARKER, Eliz. 6, 9, 20 ; Hen. 14, 15, 

17, 24, 28, 30, 38, 41, 40 ; Marv 3, 
10, 40, 78 , Mat. 28, .38 ; Mich. 95 ; 
Ric. 27, 29; Sar. 3 ; Sus. 10; 
Thos. 3, 6, 9, 16, 17, 30, 47, 51, 54, 
58, 67, 77, SO, 100 ; Wm 9, 10, 24, 
28, 30, 60, 77, 78. 

PARKINSON, Agu. 67; Ann. 47; 
Dav. 94 ; p]liz. 09 ; Isab. 50; Joh. 
35, 42, 47 ; Marg. 42, 49, 90 ; Marv 

18, 42, 44 ; Pet. 74 ; Sar. 90 ; Sim'. 
50, 69; Ste. 94, 95; Sus. 9; Thos. 
95 ; Wm. 62, 103. 

PARR, Mr. 90. 



PENNOCK, Marv 98. 

PAWSON, Agn 9; Eliz. 4; Joh. 22, 

37, 39, 45 ; Mary 51 ; ISIat. 13 ; 

Pet, 53 ; Sar. 21 ; Thos. 3, 13, 20, 

26, 39, 45; Wm. 3, 21. 
PEACOCK, Agn. 30, 34 ; Eliz. 40 ; 

Jon. 35 ; Jane 23 ; ^lary 90, 98 ; 

Thos. 30, 34, 35, 40. 
PEARSON, Isab. 99 ; Jas. 7 ; Jane 49 ; 

Joh. 33, 40, 70 ; Marg. 41 ; Marv 

51 ; Pet. 53 ; Thos. 2 ; Wm. 22, 

20, 28, 33, 41, 49. 
PEART, Geo. 25, 27, 30, 40, 49, 57, 07 ; 

Joh. 5, 30 ; Mary 40, 71 ; Ste. 98 ; 

Thos. 57 ; Wm. 49. 
PEDI;EY, Emas 47; Jos. 47, 49; 

Luke 74 ; Marg. 60 ; Mary 73 ; 

Pet. 49. 
PEMPERTON, Mat. 73; Thos. 73. 
PETTY, Alice 91 ; Ann 54, 94 Joh. 

67; Hen. 104: Luke 44; Mary 

52: Ric. 47; Thos 25; Wm. 51, 

52 54. 
PETYT, Ann 70; Rob. 25, 94. 
PEVIL, Jo.s. 45 ; Mark 45 ; Pet. 45. 
PEWSPERTON, Thos. 58. 
PHILLIl'S, Aim 07. 
PICKARD, Ann 71 ; Chr. 35 ; Eliz. 

54, 71 ; Jane 92 ; Jas. 40, 66 ; 

Joh. 21, 47; Marv 28 ; Ric. 21. 28, 

;S5, 40, 47, 73 ; Wm. 13. 71, 95. 
PICKERIN, Alice 9l ; Joh. 55, 58; 

Marv 5S. 
PlCKEIiSGILL, Ann 15. 04; Eliz. 

87; Jane 47, 55; Joh. 35, 51; 

Marg. 93; Mary 31, 33, 45; 


Phillis 4G; Ric. 27 ; Thos. 29, 31, 
33, 38, 45, 47; Wm. 3S, 64, 71, 87. 
PICKr.ES, Jane G3 ; ^SLirg. CO. 
POLLARD, Hon. 54 ; Joh. 73. 
POOLER, Jane G. 
POllTKR, Mari?. 98 ; Wm. 53. 
POUND, Mony 7S. 
PRATT, Ann 11 ; Geo. "23 ; Jane 23. 
PREST, Jas. 55. 

PRESTON, Agn. 22 ; Ann 27, 51, 101 ; 
Eliz. 96; Ellon G; L?ab. 95: Joh. 
35,98; Laur. 19; :>Iary 95 ; Thos. 
9G: Wm. 11, 5S. 
PRIEST, Walt. 35, 37, 39, 40, 42, 46. 
PRIOR, Wm. 78, 79. 
PROCTER, Agn. 10, 37, 95; Ann G, 
19, G2, 80, 102, 104; Chr. 99; 
Eliz. 93; Ellen 15, 20; Grace 70; 
Isab. 46 ; Jas. 7, 46 ; Joh. 2G. 51 ; 
Marg. 2, 52, 67; :\Iaij. 98; IMary 
16; Mat. 65, 71; R. 70; Ric. 22, 
25, 52, 62, 67, 91; Rob. IS, 46; 
Rog. 18 ; Sar. 2 ; Silv. 96 ; Ste. 
2, G, 7, 10, 15, 19, 20, 21, 26 ; Thos. 
25, 4G, 52, 59, 70, 76. 
RAMSDEN, Wm. 90. 
RANSON, Ann 7'"., 92; Hen. 28, 7G ; 

Joh. 78 ; Isab. 28 ; Tho. 78. 
RATCLIFFE, Mary 93, 100. 
R.\THMELL. Ellen 7G ; Jane 6, 93; 

Joh. GO; Mary 94; Thos. 20. 
RAWSON, Mat. 18; Thos. IS. 
RAYNER, Jas. 101 ; Sam. 104 
READ, Geo. 61 ; Jane 27, 55 ; Joh. 53 ; 
Thos. 30, 37, 43, 53, 55, 66, 68, 92 ; 
Wm. 48, 61, 67. 
REDAH (Rcody), Joh. 42; Marg. 36. 
REY, Joh. 75; Thos. 75. 
REYNARD, Ann 6; Eliz. 4 ; Marv 9; 
Nich. 2; Sar. 10; Tho. ICO; 
Wm. 9. 
RHENALD, Alex, 13. 
RICHARD, Sar. 14. 
RICHARDSON (Richoson) Alice 79; 
PJdw. 97; Isab. 13; J. .^)i ; Joh. 
11; Laur. 97; Lane. 79; Marg. 
75 ; Wm. 75. 
RICHMOND, Wm. 52 ; Thos. 91. 
RICliOFT, Marg. 90. 
RIDLEY, Martin 1 ; Wm. 1, 23, 32, 

RIPLEY, Kab. 44; Jas. IS; Joh. 47; 

Thos. 102. 
ROBERTS, Isab. 92. 
ROBINSON, Ann GG, 93; Edm. 22; 
Edw. 51, 74; Eliz, 67, 70; Hen. 
61,74; Juno 42; Jas. 37 ; Jor. 15; 
Joh. 9, 55, GO, 72, Sii ; Lydia 41 ; 

Metcalfe 15; Mary 32, 47, 66, 68. 
93 ; Rich. 22, 93 ; "Thos. 92 ; Wm- 
RODWELL (Rothcl), Sar. 48; Thos. 
45 ; Wm. 14, 45, 48, 94. 

ROGERS, Ann 41; Edw. 93 ; Eliz. 9, 

42 ; Joh. 42 ; Magd. 98. 
ROOTH, Chr. 76. 
ROYES, Agn. 7; Ste. 7. 
RYCROFT, Joh. i. 
RYLEY, Eliz. 38 ; Isab. 38 ; Joh. 37 ; 

Mr. J. 12 ; :!\Iarg. 70. 
SAMPSON, Eliz. 38; Joh. 38; Mary 

SANDERSON, Joh. 24. 
SAVAGE, Joh. 61, 64 ; Sar. 28. 
SAVILL, Rob. 78; Joh. 79. 
i SAXTON, Wm. 103. 
I SCAFE, Joh. 59; Jos. 59. 
1 SCOFIELD, J. 72 ; Marg. 69. 
I SCOTT, Eliz. 103; Ellen 6; Geo. 72, 
I 74: Joh. 23, 44; Jos. 10; Kath. 

I 90; xMark 37; Preston 23; Ric. 

i 91 ; Sar. 10. 

; SERGEANTSON, Rob. 98 ; Thos. 91 ; 

Wm. 70. 
: SETTLE, Joh. 97 ; Marg. 104. 
I SHACKLETON, Agn. f,0 ; Ann 17; 
Eliz. 13; Esth. 21; Jane 26; 
Jon. 22, 95 ; Jos. 90, 95 ; ^larg. 2, 
I 22; Marth. 33; Rob. 60; Wm. 

13, 17, 21, 26, 33. 
SHACKTON, Joh. 101. 
SHARP, Eliz. 26 ; Geo. 79 ; Phillicia 
102 ; Rob, 62, 69, 70 ; Ste. 95, 9G; 
Wm. 11, 70. 
: SHAW, Hel. 78 ; Tho. 78. 

SHEEPSHANKS, Ellen 93 ; W. 61. 
SHELDEN, Ann 77, 79; Jane 49; 
Joan 10 ; Joh. 75 ; Jos. 3, G7, 94 ; 
Marg. 77, 78 ; Wm. 3, 77, 78, 93. 
SHIERS, Bon. 64 ; Eman. 64, 73 ; 

Joh. 49; Thos. 73. 
SHUTTLE WORTH, Bern. 36, 42. 
SIDGWICK, Marg. 91; Leon. 91; 

Eliz. 93. 
SIMPSON, Agn. 36; Ann 19, 56,93; 
Ant. 16, 19, 49 ; Ben. 35 ; Brid. 
23 ; Chr. 26, 28 ; Edw. 102 ; Eliz. 
48; Ellen 49, 90; Frances 90; 
Hen. 15. 23, 30, ^.[y, 41 ; Israel 26, 
28, 30, 30 ; .lane 49, 72; Joh. 27, 
47 ; Jos. 6 ; Marg. 16 : Marv 30 ; 
^lat 43 ; Pet. 63 ; Rob. 77," 102 ; 
Sar. 23, 41; Thoma.Mii 70; Thos. 
27, 30, 34, 43, 48, 49 ; Wm. 27, 34, 
49, 55, 77. 


SKELTON, Ann 2, 10 ; Hen. 8, 10, 13, 
I'J; Joli. ;^, 93; Jos. I'J ; Mary 8, 
14; Rob. 2, G. 

SLATFCK. Eliz. 10; Ilic. 10. 

SLINGER, Ann loo; Eliz. 11; Cloo. 
101 ; Mar^'. !)7 ; Ric. '-'O, 24 ; Rob. 

SMAliL, Jos. Atwell G"). 

S.MITH, A^ni. -JO, 32, S.5 ; Ann .5, IG, 
21, '23, 43, 94 ; Ben. 16, 42. 47, 52; 
Chr. 37, 50 ; Eliz. 42, 4 4. 93 ; 
Ellei) 14, 43: Esch. 42; Frances 
3 ; Geo. 5G, 6'?, GO ; Hen. 7 ; Jane 
47, 94, 102; Ja.s. 10, 14, 44, 57; 
Job. 6, 29. 3->, 95 ; Marg. 13, 4G, 
50, 53, 94 ; Marth. 1 ; Marv 4G, GO, 
62, 74, 91, 92; Rostern 52; Sam 
15; Thos. 25, 29. 32, 35, -40, 41, 
4G, 51, 53, 56, 57. ^8. 60, 62, G9, 71, 
7;!, 75, 11(2; Wm. 7. 9. 13, 14, 21, 
25, 29, 32, 37, 41, 50, 54, 59, 73, 
85, 95, 

SMITHSON, Job. 101. 

SMITHIES, Hen. 17 ; Job. 17 

SNEEL. Marv 90. 

Sl'EXCE. Ann 4G, 97. 

SPENCER, Jane 91 ; Josh. 72 ; Mary 
74 ; Thos. 5. 

SPURRIT, Aon. 13; Ali'-c 98; Ann 
48 ; Ellen 5, 13. 27 : Isab. 47 ; 
Jas. 5: Job. 47, 49: Thor. 75, 103. 

SQUIRE, Lsab. 97. 

STACKHOUSE. Aqn. 19 ; Ann 11, 93, 
104 ; Dinah 15, 1^, 43; Eliz. 12, 
13, 32, 61, 94 ; Jane 11 ; Job. 3, 
13, 37, 39, 40, 42, 43, -47. Gl ; Marg. 
18, 63 ; Marv 3 ; Rich. 76 : Sus. 
Thos. 10. Il,"l2, 15, 18, 19, 21, 25, 
34, 41, 42, 43; Wm. 70, 77, 78, 
101. 103. 

STACKERS. Mar^;. 102; Wm. 104. 

STAINFOP.TH, Geo. 4 ; Wm. 98. 

STANEY, Jas. 103; Geo. 103. 


STAW, Cliaritv 51 ; Jane 36. 

STEVENSON, Elinor 25; Marg. 63. 

STIRINGE, Francis 101. 

STI1!K, Job. 39 ; Wm. 'J5. 

STOCKDAEE, Aj:n. 72; Aim 44, 90; 
Eliz. 59, 65, 72 ; Hen. 23, 27. 33; 
42, 55 ; Jane, 3, 4, 27. 43, 62, 72, 
92 ; Jer. 30; Joan 12; Jos. 4 ; 
Job. 12, 33, 60. 71 ; Lucy 16, 17, 
Mar;,'. 29, 101; Marv 14, 42, 58 
59; Marlb. 1; Ric. 73; Sus. 30; 
Thos. 2G ; Wm 4, 7, 12, 16. 17. 26, 
55. 5S. .59, CO. 62, 6.?. 71, 72. 

STONE Y, Chr. 75: Diana 51; Eliz. 
43; Jane 69: Rob. 11; Thos. 43. 

STOREY. Hon. 73; Job. 58, 74 ; Mat. 
12, 37 ; lialph 73. 

STOTT, Aqn. 90; Marv .38, 62; Ric. 
24; Sar. 24, 34 ; Wm. 55. 

STOW, Wm, 102. 

STOYLES, Job. 70. 

STUBP,, Job. 69. 

SUGDEN, Janet 98. 

SUMMERS, Mar.v. 7G ; P.alpb 34. 

SUMMERSKILL (Snmmersgill), Actn 
17, 26, 30, 31, 72; Chr. 3, K!. G4 
70. 92 ; Eliz. 37 ; Elinor 58 ; Ellen 
35, .38, 41; Hen. 30, 34, 35, 36 
Isab. 43, 46; Jas. 43, 51, 91 
Jane IS, 51, 86; Job. 3, 6, II, 22 
24, 26, 31, 33, 35, 3G, 37, 38, 40, 41 
43, 40, 48, 49, 51, 64, 67, 6S, 69, 72 
94; Lvdia32; Marv 11. 22, 43, 56 
62; Mich. 6 ; Rob. 27, 28, 31, 33 
.35, 40, 46, 51, 54, 62, 69 ; Thos 
17, 62 ; Wm. 36, 40. 

SUNTER. Jas. 73, 

SUTLIFEE, Hen. 101. 

SUTTON, P.rid. 69. 

SWAINSON, Jon. 51. 

SWALE, Ellen 9 : Jas. 9. 

SWIRE. Ellen 17, 45; Job. S, 38; 
Ric. 22 ; Sam. 104 ; Thcs. 8. 10. 
12, 17. 23. 29, 30, 31, 45, 48, 50. 51, 
53. 92 ; Wm. 10. 

SY'MM (Sim), Ann 101; Ellen 90; 
Grace 93 : Rob. 90, 93, 103 ; Thos. 
77. 79 ; Wm. 79. 

TASCALD, Job. 76; Wm. 76. 

T.\TfIAM, Geo. 92. 

TATTERSALL, Chr. 84; Isab. 90; 
Job. 44, 69 ; Rob. 44 ; Sus. 67, S4 ; 
Thos. 61. 72, 91. 

TATTERSON. Eliz. 33; Geo. 33,43; 
Han. 43; Job. 36, 41; Marg. 42; 
Marv 20, 41 ; Pat. 43 ; Ric. 51 ; 
Rob! 94. 

TAYLOR, Agn. 90: Ann 100, 103; 
Ant. 65, 90 ; Chr. 8 ; Eliz. 97 ; 
Laur 97 ; Marv 102 ; Wm. 99. 

TEASDIL. Rog 14. 

TEilPEST. Jas. 101; Mich. 73; Wm. 

TENNANT. Agn. 98 ; Ann 25, 38. 41 ; 
Eliz. 93. 102 ; Ellen 14 ; Giles 47 ; 
Han. 42 ; Isab. 95, 99 ; Jane 91 : 
Jas. 8. 11. 12, 14. 16. 22. 75, 76. 
80. C3. 103 ; Job. 9. 47. 93 ; Mary 
95; Mat. 42. 9(i ; Mr. 11; Nich. 
92; Ric. 38. 100; Sus. 104: 
Tom:)sin 40; Wm. 99, 100. 101. 

TENNISON, Marv 102. 

THACKEUEY. J'anc64. 

THOMAS. Chr. 36. 37; Kie, 74. 

THOMPSON. Ann 19, 20. 79. 92 ; Ant. 
1. 4, 21 ; Edw. 22: Eliz. 92 : Geo. 
61. 92 ; Gooff. 97 ; Isab. 27 ; Ji-h 
20, 21, 27, 33; Jane 1 ; Jos. 20. 39 
79 ; Kath. 101 ; Marth. 71 ; Maith" 


71; Marg. 97; ?>5ary 1, 3, 45; 

Rog. 78; Rich. 97; Sur. 1, 3; 

Thos. 7(5, 79; \Vm. 1-S, 15, 20, 33, 

47, 59.61, 71, SO, 101. 
THORNliER, Thos, 52. 
THORNTON, Agn. 13, 17, 36; Ann 

17; Ant. 33; Dor. 7S ; Eliz. 35, 

38 ; Jane 13, 20; Joh. 7, 10, 13, 17, 

19, 20, 23, 33, 35, 3S, 4G, 78 ; Luke 

12. 13; Sar. 7; Thos. -16; Wm. 

10, 12, 17, 23. 
THROUP, Agn. 70 ; Eliz. 96 ; Joh. 

36; Mat. 46, 70, 71, 79. 
TINLEY, Wm. 21. 
TIPLADY, Ellen 92. 
TODD, Erancis ICO. 
TOMLIN, Joh. GO ; Mary CS, 69, 92 ; 

Thos. 51, G3, G9. 
TOMLINSON, Chr. 73, 74 ; Eman. 70, 

95 ; Joh. 34, 44, 5S, GO, 62, 76, 91 ; 

Marv 11, 93 ; \Ym. 73 
TOPHAM, Abr. 2;'i ; Dor. 103; Eliz. 

101 ; Hen. 101 ; Humi.h. 25 ; Isab. 

100 : Jane 100 ; Joan 100 ; Joh. 

8C ; Marg. 101 ; Marv 101 ; Mr. 

11 ; Tho. 99; \Vm. 4o,' 77, 101. 
TOWER, Marth. 29. 
TUNSTALL, Ann 103. 
TROTTER, Marv 15. 
TULLAN, Wm. 90. 
UNE, Elinor 94. 
URAND, Alice 93. 
VEATIE (PVeritie), Sam 75; Wm. 

VERITIE, Agn. 72; Joh. 53, 62,71; 

Jon. 53, 72, 94 ; Mary 93 ; Walt. 

62,71 ; Wm. 70, 72. 
WADDILOVE, Alice S2 ; Ann 71, 72, 

82; Han. 82; Joh. S2 ; Jos. 28, 

91; ^larth. 65; Marv 32; Rob. 

28, 53 ; Sar. 49. 51, 5S ; Thos. 49, 

50, 51, 53, 71, 82. 
WADE, Cuth. 100: Marth. 103. 
WADSWORTH, Alex. C9 ; Eliz. 61 ; 

Ellen IS; Jane 66, 68. 69; Job. 

55, 57. 59, 66 ; Wm. 15, 18, 36, 55, 

67, 59, 61, 60, fN, 09, 91. 
WAITE, Ann Go, 71 ; Hen. 70; Jas. 

28; Joh. 20, 24, 2-^, 35, 36, 43; 

Marg. 43, 72 ; .Marv 35, 36 ; Ric. 

18; Sar GO, G9 ; Tho.s. 20, 64 66, 

69, 71, 72. 
WALKER, Ann 35; Eliz. 39; E.«;tb. 

72 ; Han. 30; l-.ii.. 10' ) ; Jer. 6G ; 

Jon. 65, 72; Rob. 97 ; Wm. 56. 
WALLI'.R, liich. 94. 
WALSH, Ann 2.S; Dinah 20; Frances 

91 ; Jos. 2S, 91 ; Marg. IG. 
WALTER. Joh. 100. 

WARD, Agn. 74; Ann 35, 73; Eliz. 

40; Ellen 63, loO ; Francis 41; 

Hen. 93 ; Jane 92 ; Jas. 58 ; Kath. 

103 ; Nat. 35, 40, 45 ; Ric 45, 62 ; 

Sar. 14, 62. 
WATSON, Alice 88 ; Ann 39 ; Chr. 37, 

S8 ; Domain 8S; Thos. 88, 92, 102. 
WATTER (Waters). Agn. 76 ; Joh. 90 ; 

Mat. 77 : Wm. 77. 
WATKINSON, Kath. 90 ; Mary 102. 
WAY, W. 72. 
WATERHOUSE, Ann 69; Hau. 19; 

Joh. 59, 69 ; Jos. 74. 
WEARE, Dav. 35 ; Eliz. 94. 
WEARING. Alex. 54. 
WEATHERHEAD, Asn.8; Ann 35; 

Chr. 29, 32, 35, 40; Eliz. 100; 

Joh. 40; Sar. 15; Thos. 4. 
WELLOCK (Wallock), Ann 94 ; Agn. 

98 : Bus. 91 ; Rob. 98; Wra. 92. 
WEST, Ann 92 ; Isab. 104 ; Joh. 73 ; 

Jos. 57 ; Ric. 61, 68, 72 ; Sus. 64 ; 

Thos. 58; Wm. 75. 
WEBSTER, Wm. 99. 
WESTALL, Wm. 36. 
WP:STUN, Marv 74. 
WESTWOOD, Ann IS ; Brid. 92 ; Joh. 

WHARFE, Ben 22; Joan 98 ; Joh. 73 ; 

Jud. 92 ; Marg. 94 ; Marm. 94 ; 

Ric. 65, 74 ; Thos. 62. 
WHARTON, Agn. 63 ; Jns. 75 ; Mary 

55 ; Wm. 75. 
WHITAKER, Ann 62, 92; Eliz. 7. 8, 

i;;, 58 ; Ellen 20 . p]mma 66 ; 

Frances 35, 41 ; Geo. 4. 6, 7, 10, 

40, 56 ; Grace 12 ; Hen. 2, 71, 95 ; 

Jas. 20, 26, 31, 32. 35, 40, 41, 46. 

48, 60, 64, 91 ; Jane 2, 37 ; Joh. 

10, 61, 63. 65, 67, 72, 95 ; Jos. 1,2, 
6, 7, 13, 23, 31, 57, 59, 61, 62, 63, 
64, 66, 71 , Marg. 4, 13, 26, IdO, 58, 
70, 71, 73, 92 ; Marv 1. 23, 29, 53, 
64,91 ; Sar. 38, 40,' 55, 72 ; Thos. 

11, 12, 19, 23, 30, 32, 33, 38, 48; 
Wm. 29. 66, 91. 


WHITE, Edw. 49 ; Joh. 61 ; Marg. 37 ; 

Rob. 37. 
W^H1T1:L0GK. Marv 13, 14 ; Sus. 13. 
WHITEOAK, Joh. 23; Jos. IS. 23; 

Mar..;. 40. 
WHITllSACK, Tho. 70. 
WHITLEY, Francis 41, 47 ; Isab. 47. 
WIGCiAN (Wigon), Jos. 67; Nich. 93. 
WIGGLESWORTH, Alice 95, 104; 

Geo. 4 ; Rich. 93 ; Ste. 47 ; Thos. 

93 ; Wm. 5t. 
WILCOCK, Ric. 39. 
WILD, Joh. 95. 
WILDEMAN, Mr. 96. 


WILKINS, Will. 55. 

WILKIN-ON, Alice GO. 7G ; Ami G'J, 

79; Chr. 'J'J; Claudius 4G ; Elli.-u 

05 ; VAiz. AS, 9S ; Hen. G7 ; Hodg- 
son 2G, 33, 43, 6S ; June 79 ; Joh. 

29, 62, 70, 74, 75; Marth. 80. 

Mary 3S, 73; Mat. 21; Mr. 59; 

Ric. 75 ; Rob. 94 ; Ste. 51 ; Sus. 

G4 ; Sim 93; Thos. 9, 59, 71, 100; 

\Vm. 23, 2G, 30, 33, 38, 43, 4G, 48, 

55, G4, GO. 
WILLIAMSON. KHz. 70; Ric. 103; 

Sar. 07 ; Win. 7G. 
WILSON, Eliz. GO, GS, 72, 01 ; Ellen 

71 ; Jas. 03 ; Joh. «'.5-74 ; Jud. 

104 ; Marg. 17, G7 ; Mary IG, 27, 

32, 75, 01, 103; Sar. 50; Thos. 

27 ; Wm. 14, IG, 38, 95. 
WILSTROP, Joh. 56. 
WINDER, Eliz. 30. 
WINDLE. Jas. 42, 74; Frances 102; 

Ralph 104. 
WINDRA, Christiana 42. 
WINDSOR, Elias 21, 31, 94; Elien 

2.:;, 91 ; Han. 9, 21 ; Joh. 9, 21, 29, 

71 ; Sam. 2'J, 31. 
WINN, Wm. 71. 
WINSLEY, Alice G7. 
W^NTERBURN, Ant. 99; Eliz 21; 

Esth. 21, 22 ; Isab. 98 ; Grace 52 ; 

Marg. 79 ; Thos. 75 ; Wm. 60, 69, 

75, 79, 101. 
WIPER, Ja^. 35 ; Joh. 35. 
WISE, Thos 65. 

WOOD. Ann 54 ; Isab. OG ; Jos. 39, 

Marg. 5'). 57 ; Marth. C7 ; ]\ic. 4 1; 

54, 55, 57, 58. 
WOODSPITII (? Hoodspith), Eliz. 20; 

Ric. 20. 
WOODWARD, Jas. 37. 
WOOLKR, Jas. 3G. 
WOOL.MER, Mat. 97, 9s. 
WRATHALL (Wrathcr), Ann 59,87; 

llUz. 5, 51, 7G, 81 ; Hen. 1, 2, 8; 

Jane 46, 72 : Joh. 3, 15, 48 ; Jon. 

2; Jo.s. 5; Lupton 1, 86; Lvdii. 

21; Maim. 54, 93; Marv 15." 2G, 

48, 74, 84, SG ; Mat. 17; Nidi. 87 ; 

Ric. 44, 87; Rob. 3, 7, R), 15. 17, 

21, 24, 45, 48, 64, 5G, 57, 79 ; Stc. 

74 ; Sus. 51, 54, 84 ; Tho.s. 13. 78 ; 

Wm. 1, 3, 10, 26, 42. 43, 45, 47, 

48, 49, 61, 51, 63, 74, 79, 84, 86, 87, 

94, 96. 
WRAY, Geo. 28; Tho. 104. 
WRIGHT, Joh 37.74 ; Sam. 78 ; Thos. 

WRITH. Kath. 100. 
YEATES, Mr. 4, 8, 35. 
YOUNG, Agn. 4,44; .\nn 11. 20, 93, 

97 , Dav. 77. 78 ; Dor. 99 ; Eliz. 

511; Han. 63, 78; Hen 17, 99; 

Jane 77, 101 ; Jon. 4, (, 12, 3 ', 31, 

50, 55, 57, 61, 66, 75, 77, 80 ; Joh. 

86. 02; Marg. 57, 76; Major 78; 

Marv 8, 20, 41, 54. 61. 66. 73' 85, 

100 ;' JLat. 3 ; Rob. S, 26 ; Thos. 31, 

54, 63, 65, 75, 76, 73, 93 ; Wm. 6, 

41, 50, 63, 55, 78, 79, 85.